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Pampering. Caring For Normal Skin

Looks like normal skin? Solid color, the lack of pigmentation, skin clean without and pimples, pores are not enlarged, the skin soft to the touch, does not retain moisture and therefore do not wrinkle. Just do not think that this skin care is not required. If you do not have skin care, it can turn from normal skin in dry or oily. Any type of skin begins to age, neglect, after twenty five years. Normal skin – very rare, so take care of it and Maintain properly. She takes very good sunbathing, washing with soap, not shiny and does not flake.

Therefore, when caring for normal skin type you have no problems. Purification. At first wash. Learn how right to do so. Need soft water, so the normal tap will not work. Boil water and let it sit for at least one hour, no less.

Just soften the water, you can use baking soda in a ratio of one liter of water at 0,5 tea baking soda. The water temperature should not be too high or low. If you wash with hot water, the skin becomes worse endure the cold and lose tone. And the cold water and peel off the skin dries. Choose soap with the addition of natural ingredients. /a> has firm opinions on the matter. What happens to the skin when washing? Flakes of old skin swell and exfoliate properly washing with dust and sweat. How to wash? During the water treatment and stroke pat face – it helps to cleanse the skin, increases circulation and improves tone facial muscles. Cleansing Lotion, use twice a day, it takes a good soap residue and dirt. Keep in mind that it is better acquire a series of cleansing and moisturizing products of one firm, then they will complement each other, and certainly give a positive result. Tonic for normal skin should be on such herbs as chamomile, lavender, rose, orange flowers. Moisten a cotton disc and spend carefully in the face of the massage lines. Hydration. Regularly pamper your face moisturizer with light texture. And no greasy creams, clogging the pores. Once a week for applying the cream must remember about light facial massage. Facials. Mask – is dressing for the face, it is necessary for each type of skin twice a week. Suitable for normal skin Mask of blue clay. In winter, the skin should to help cope with negative factors – make moisturizing mask. Steam bath. Weekly hold for a while, a few minutes, a person over the steam-bath of chamomile and sage – is not only a clear pores, but necessarily increase the immune system. Before going to bed will certainly give the skin a rest, do not apply cream or lotion, will be sufficient and tonic.