Month: October 2013


Q: did have a meeting with someone anti bullfighting? And what talk about an offensive manner? A: Yes, many times, at the end of the run, attack verbally, and because if I have been invited to discussions, of the why abuse and everything, and well one gives their views and of course, what respected others think. Q: do you have doubt about your position, if you do well or do wrong? A: the truth that have made me hesitate, no, I think and I have lived with this my whole life, and separate them (anti bullfighting), because more than one, contradict each other well are what has touched me to discuss, they tell me that the mistreatment, but some, not all, bring leather bags, shoes, etc., then if they really defend the animal, notgo that, since they are encouraging to that; that you kill them. I see that they contradict much more than one, I’m not saying that by killing you can use skin things, but, well not that does not affect me, is more animal, also is the way that I am educated. Q: what do you think about the abolition of bullfighting in Spain? A: well, it is becoming fashionable, truth grows increasingly more animal welfare group, and because Yes, it is in danger or could be in danger the feast, but is some culture, speak in Spain is something of a lifetime, here brought him also almost at the same time, then it is something so the country will mark. That may end up why, maybe it is difficult, but not impossible (laughter).

Now we will see some questions that people wrote us on the social network. Q: what kind of feelings you experience to lunge? A: courage, in order to kill him and thus be able to succeed. Q: what is the reason that the Bullfighter I used the suit of lights? Do you have a story? A: has a history, Yes, is lifelong, clear has evolved, everything has a why, the truth don’t know the reason, but if you must have a (laughs).

PTH Customs

Many times we find a series of internal conflicts that prevent us to act with greater efficiency, it is necessary to solve them so that we can move towards a life with greatest satisfactions, below describes some of these internal enemies that affect the management of our time: v do not know say no: some people have a great fear to manifest that they can really do some activity and in some cases of personal status could include the not wantserious accept what cannot be fulfilled is that we ourselves are complicating us our life, at the end in some place or person will stay bad, this is serious, our image deteriorates, organized people know what are your terms and are willing to accept responsibilities that if they can fulfill, of course that’s not fall into comfort or minimal effort but is do everything possible but well done, with a high sense of commitment and responsibility. v not knowing how to delegate: in enterprises and even in the family the delegation of responsibilities fundamental to achieve big goals, teamwork always is beneficial but must have confidence among its members, persons not delegated enormous loads are generated and are returning their tortuous life, you must rely on other people, so you should choose properly works with those who. v defer things: this has results disastrous, if you want to have success is absolutely essential demands and responsibility, never postpone commitments because then his word lose value and authority, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we mention the true power of the word, by reading this book you will learn to formulate goals exceptionally powerful and will learn the techniques that will allow you to schedule your life in total harmony with your desiresYou can access your own power and the word impossible will have no meaning to you. v indiscipline: the level of discipline that you drive in his life tells him what is prepared, the more control to yourself up in the small details then you will be ready to create and receive great things, if you are currently experiencing indiscipline the time of change has come. Life is full of great opportunities but it is necessary to make an internal change that allows us to enter the true source of power, then you will understand nothing it is impossible for people that have a true faith, a deep conviction of their goals. Ever defer your own freedom, it is necessary to take firm steps in the search for the most fantastic dreams for your life, in the book the secret of the power of goals shows a huge powerful process for establishing goals which if they work, with proper instructions you will be able to control your life and find the way to happiness.

Felipe Brihuega

According to the organic law of the disciplinary regime of the national police, the punishment which can be imposed for serious misconduct is the suspension of functions from five days to three months. The initiation of the dossier represents the beginning of a procedure that includes decision of Declaration of the agents investigated and the practice of any other test that is considered necessary, after which the designated trainer will formulate the corresponding statement of objections. In it, and if you appreciate disciplinary infractions, will reflect all and each one of the punishable facts, with its possible legal qualification as well as sanctions that may apply, as it collects the aforementioned disciplinary regime. The expedientado will then have ten days to reply and propose to turn the practice tests. There were people who were He overreached with the riot police, the general Secretary of the Unified Trade Union of policemen (SUP), Felipe Brihuega, said that it considered that the Ministry of the Interior has given in to media pressure and added that there were also people who overreached with agents. In his opinion, it is not justifiable, but it is understandable that at any given time there have been agents that have been able to exceed as a result of having been subjected to insults, humiliation, spitting, etc. The police also have videos of people who overstep the bounds with agents. It spits them or be mea them, has secured Brihuega, at the time you ordered that those images are also removed and has asked why to pressure media not defends the policemen in another way.

They want to stifle public opinion, it has been claimed. The representative of the SUP has concluded by pointing out that the Ministry of the Interior this topic has gone hands, and before the media pressure, this is what has happened to him. For his part, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Confederation Espanola de police (CEP), Lorenzo Nebrera, said Interior has made a cowardly decision and has put at the disposal of the police the judicial Cabinet of the syndicated. How easy is what has made the police has instances of the Ministry and the PSOE, which is who this witch hunt has begun, said Nebrera, which has been described as surprising this decision after three months in which is has been violating the law on Assembly and demonstration in the streets of Madrid.The delegation of the Government has enabled they vejen, provoke and even false complaints against officers, said the Union representative, has lamented that the authorization for the passage of the secular March through the Puerta del Sol finished translating this decision. Source of the news: Expedientan to three riot police by “overreach” in police charges after secular

Valencia Street Circuit

The Spaniard faces the European Grand Prix with options to overcome. Remember the last Grand Prix in Valencia with bad taste in the mouth. He believes that improvement in the last two races places them among the best. The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has declared four days before the start the European Grand Prix, at the Valencia Street Circuit, that his team has already clearly demonstrated in the last two races that has the potential to win. In a few days starts the weekend of the Grand Prix of Europe, the second race of the season which takes place in Spain. It is a very important appointment for the Scuderia Ferrari and me. It will be a new opportunity to run in front of my audience, writes Alonso in his journal on the website of the Italian team. The truth is that I haven’t been very lucky the times that this test was played at the Valencia Street Circuit, especially last year, when, despite having a very competitive car, I ended up in eighth place.

Everyone remembers of what What happened when the safety car came out, but already not worth the return to the matter, recalled Alonso. Last year, the Spanish champion was Valencia with an eighth position after a controversial departure from the safety car which gave to the fret with the work of Alonso and benefited the British Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). The exit of the safety car at Valencia, motivated by an accident at the Australian Mark Webber (Red Bull), resulted in a series of nonsense that directly influenced the performance of Alonso, who happened to be in the middle of traffic on a circuit with little chance to advance of his struggle with Hamilton for second place. I’ve always thought that bad luck and good luck are compensated at the end of the season, and perhaps this unwritten law serves also for racing.

Excellent Renovation

Place of residence of each person has the appropriate value is not small, certainly in this place – Moscow. In particular, in the embodiment, if Moscow has its own home or business. However just listed will not be able to fully ensure the person happy. Weighty significance in this case will definitely also be that the situation will become immediately surround you like a man. For example, for your any normal person would include a huge difference in the life situation in his own apartment, namely the necessary repairs in the apartment, which is available anywhere besides furniture and finding himself a residential area of his apartment. In an embodiment, if, for example, district of residence to pick up not in any event is available, then make certain repairs and to buy modern high quality furniture, simply, can each person. At the same time want to select the repair of apartments, must consist of a very important individual items. Specifically in the list, they will form the volume of work necessary, the definition of demand estimates building materials, as well as breaching all the necessary work to skilled workers.

Certainly due to this joint action as a result can be hoped for the best possible relationship price / quality demanded by any repair, completely regardless of the desire to perform cosmetic, euros or euro-lux required repairs. Strictly speaking, the renovation of apartments in Moscow, in the version with proper approach to is such a problem does not come out more expensive than in another, or any area of our country, although it is fully realistic to hope for the most successful outcome, if obviously will take into account the above mentioned specific conditions. That the required repairs in the real world was precisely the factors identified which may well be able to make the life of any resident of the capital are much happier and more interesting, it is important to all of a specialist. To meet this organization, namely it will meet all relevant work, starting with a plan of project all the required relevant work and of course ending the professional became a reality, it is quite possible with the help of the Internet by logging on to a dedicated Web site. Specifically, it is available available not solely to find out the price of the services, but also to learn all of the existing demanded the nuances of the upcoming demanded repairs. Specifically, we can say, repair of office in the capital, also will challenge the result if we refer to such a company.

As a result, after completion of all necessary works, Absolutely any office will be not only presentable, but certainly modern and certainly convenient, but directly to two time a mandatory event will affect the performance in full of all staff and naturally on the profitability of the enterprise. Regardless because, where it planned to carry out repairs demanded, in his own apartment or office, as it were highly qualified this here organization will definitely be drafted popular works, fully-agreed with the owner, taking into account not only just all the wishes, but on the basis of cash real opportunities owner of the premises. Definitely in the performance, in principle, all the necessary work will be used exclusively uniquely high quality building materials. Specifically, due to the fact that, in general, all work is absolutely performed by professional specialists, as well as the fact that the qualitative construction materials for virtually all work performed has demanded a special guarantee of quality.