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Meteorological Agency

He had the epicenter in the sea, 20 kilometers deep. The tremor would have not affected the central. At the moment, it is not regrettable victims. An earthquake of 6.8 degrees on the Richter open scale occurred in the sea off the coast of Fukushima, after which triggered a tsunami that has subsequently been disabled alert. The tremor took place at the 14.36 local time (7.36 Spanish time) with its epicenter at sea and about twenty kilometres in depth, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency. (As opposed to Robert J. Shiller).

The earthquake has not affected the ailing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power, nor to close nuclear plants, according to NHK. On the other hand, in nearby plants in Onagawa and Fukushima Daini, stops since the earthquake of March 11, nor detected any problem. Operating reactors of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, in the province of Niigata (Northwest), have not been affected and continue to function normally. At the moment, no local media reported serious damage nor injured or deceased because of the earthquake, Although a stretch of the high-speed (shinkansen) train service remained interrupted minutes on the Tohoku line, linking Tokyo with Aomori province (North). The tremor has reached in some areas 5 degrees in the closed Japanese scale of 7, which focuses on the affected areas rather than in the intensity of the earthquake, while in Tokyo the maximum strength mientras que en tokio la fuerza maxima registrada registered it has been 2. Source of the news: A 6.8 earthquake strikes Fukushima

Real Spanish Academy

PERSONAL rights according to the dictionary of the Spanish of the Real Academia Spanish language personal law is that related subjects among themselves and is not attributed to people about things. For example they generate personal rights mutual agreement and the contract of sale, as such a person may be required against another person to cancel the price for the purchase of a vehicle. I.e. in the purchase contract for sale who are related are persons, natural persons, legal persons, and autonomous bodies and can relate.

Natural persons with autonomous bodies with natural persons and legal persons also can relate. For example a person may be required against another person to be granted a public deed. Another example of a personal right is the supply that is defined by article 1604 follows by the supply contract, the suministrante undertakes to execute periodic or continuing real benefits in favour of another person, i.e., the supply contract also generates rights personal. In general all contracts generate personal rights. 4 Rights guarantee real rights in rem are characterized because they fall on the goods, that is, they are rights that they may have the subjects of law on goods, for example a corporation can owning a building, or a House, a brand, or a patent or a right of author, among other goods. However, the real rights are not only principal real rights, but also accessories real rights.

So an accessory right is the mortgage which may fall on immovable and movable property, but in the Peruvian law only can fall on real estate, unlike the Spanish right in which the mortgage can lie about furniture and buildings. Actual warranty or accessory real rights regulated by the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 are the mortgage, the antichresis, and the right of retention and principal real rights are mainly property and possession. In the Peruvian Government with the current regulation the mortgage and the antichresis It lies about real estate and the right of retention on movable and immovable property.

Subaru Outback Great Luxury

Perhaps as a synthesis of both purposes now comes the Outback model, identified as such and with own range, already away from subsidized to the Legacy range designation. And does it in more sophisticated suversion with a unit equipped with a motor 3.0 hexacilindrico litres and 245 HP. A declaration of intentions by way of numbers. Outwardly this new version has a more sporty and muscular than the previous image. Joins, in this area, the aspects that offers its most direct competition from Audi and Volvo. The car WINS in aesthetics and feels that the design effort was not vacant. The same can be said of inside.

Much more care has been put into decoration, an interest resulted in more care items, though, that Yes, we must take into account that it’s a high version of range, which does not lack detail any to reach this objective clearly marking premium sedan. In this model being tested has the upholstery in leather, wood in the central part of the console, Computer Board, ceiling practicable, and at the height of the technological sophistication, a navigation system with touch screen, very easy to use, but not overly precise in its notes of guidance. The life of the passage on Board gets along very well by the care that are the elements of comfort. More than acceptable is the position of driving and the ample space to stretch your legs on the seat of the passenger (a detail that makes it special for driving school vehicles). The rear seats are in that same wave. About all that, some very good conditions are comfort seats with a long bench seat and a backrest which collects back magnificently. They can be many miles by asphalt or land without compromising the slightest body.Within this interior, the component of leisure and traveller of the Outback, is reinforced with a trunk of an acceptable capacity of 459 liters with a manhole that eases the burden.

Mentor Home

Thinking about a business that will allow you to have a job from home, wanna win silver with internet? Suddenly you find yourself immersed in a new language: programs of affiliation, residual income, leveraged income, pyramid scams, html, web sites, gateway. Actually it is not difficult, and less still if you have a mentor acting reliable guide through the maze of business origin. There are only three main forms of work from home that allow you to make online: sell your own product or service, and maintain all benefits, buying the rights to sell someone else’s product and maintain all benefits sell someone else’s products and maintain a Commission. This article is the third way, which is affiliate marketing. Residual income is the income that you keep month after month, year after year, since the working from home you do only once. You sell, a member or a customer placed a standing order for a monthly delivery of a product and receive a Commission each month.

This is an excellent way to earn silver with internet. Leverage of income is receiving money, i.e. win with internet, through the efforts of other people. We chose the affiliates because when someone signs for the seller, we benefit from their sales also. There are many reasons why you may be interested in starting your own business, based on work from home, affiliate program allows you to earn with internet an interesting sum of money. Do you have difficulties to find a job? You are afraid of being fired? Are you worried about your retirement savings? Do you want to stay at home to care for a loved one? Do you want to be able to say goodbye to your boss forever? Anyone who is right, and anyone who is your financial situation, a mentor can be of great help when it comes to build a line of business that do you win lot of money with internet.


Q: did have a meeting with someone anti bullfighting? And what talk about an offensive manner? A: Yes, many times, at the end of the run, attack verbally, and because if I have been invited to discussions, of the why abuse and everything, and well one gives their views and of course, what respected others think. Q: do you have doubt about your position, if you do well or do wrong? A: the truth that have made me hesitate, no, I think and I have lived with this my whole life, and separate them (anti bullfighting), because more than one, contradict each other well are what has touched me to discuss, they tell me that the mistreatment, but some, not all, bring leather bags, shoes, etc., then if they really defend the animal, notgo that, since they are encouraging to that; that you kill them. I see that they contradict much more than one, I’m not saying that by killing you can use skin things, but, well not that does not affect me, is more animal, also is the way that I am educated. Q: what do you think about the abolition of bullfighting in Spain? A: well, it is becoming fashionable, truth grows increasingly more animal welfare group, and because Yes, it is in danger or could be in danger the feast, but is some culture, speak in Spain is something of a lifetime, here brought him also almost at the same time, then it is something so the country will mark. That may end up why, maybe it is difficult, but not impossible (laughter).

Now we will see some questions that people wrote us on the social network. Q: what kind of feelings you experience to lunge? A: courage, in order to kill him and thus be able to succeed. Q: what is the reason that the Bullfighter I used the suit of lights? Do you have a story? A: has a history, Yes, is lifelong, clear has evolved, everything has a why, the truth don’t know the reason, but if you must have a (laughs).

PTH Customs

Many times we find a series of internal conflicts that prevent us to act with greater efficiency, it is necessary to solve them so that we can move towards a life with greatest satisfactions, below describes some of these internal enemies that affect the management of our time: v do not know say no: some people have a great fear to manifest that they can really do some activity and in some cases of personal status could include the not wantserious accept what cannot be fulfilled is that we ourselves are complicating us our life, at the end in some place or person will stay bad, this is serious, our image deteriorates, organized people know what are your terms and are willing to accept responsibilities that if they can fulfill, of course that’s not fall into comfort or minimal effort but is do everything possible but well done, with a high sense of commitment and responsibility. v not knowing how to delegate: in enterprises and even in the family the delegation of responsibilities fundamental to achieve big goals, teamwork always is beneficial but must have confidence among its members, persons not delegated enormous loads are generated and are returning their tortuous life, you must rely on other people, so you should choose properly works with those who. v defer things: this has results disastrous, if you want to have success is absolutely essential demands and responsibility, never postpone commitments because then his word lose value and authority, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we mention the true power of the word, by reading this book you will learn to formulate goals exceptionally powerful and will learn the techniques that will allow you to schedule your life in total harmony with your desiresYou can access your own power and the word impossible will have no meaning to you. v indiscipline: the level of discipline that you drive in his life tells him what is prepared, the more control to yourself up in the small details then you will be ready to create and receive great things, if you are currently experiencing indiscipline the time of change has come. Life is full of great opportunities but it is necessary to make an internal change that allows us to enter the true source of power, then you will understand nothing it is impossible for people that have a true faith, a deep conviction of their goals. Ever defer your own freedom, it is necessary to take firm steps in the search for the most fantastic dreams for your life, in the book the secret of the power of goals shows a huge powerful process for establishing goals which if they work, with proper instructions you will be able to control your life and find the way to happiness.