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Exhibitor Welcome

Health and environmental days Essenbach in Landshut on 23-24 November 2013 all about promising and alternative pathways to health and the environment will turn in the Landshut Essenbach Eskara Hall. The fair successfully in Dingolfing and Landau established health and environmental days now, for the first time held in Essen, Germany. Interested exhibitors are invited to participate with their stand and lecture. The trade fair organised by the Center for the cure of Landau is committed to connect the issues of alternative healing methods, esoteric, wellness, medicine, environment and nature. Because all of these areas should give us a better life.

At the fair, it is therefore to present a wide range of successful methods for health and wellness, as well as environmental protection. In the stands, there will be information for visitors to healthy life and living, nutrition, cosmetics, physiotherapy, lifestyle, energy work and more. In the area of environment should exhibitors with alternative energy, solar, photovoltaics, water. Electro-smog checks and other offers to be represented. To make a vibrant and exciting for visitors to the fair, the trade fair for all exhibitors is open. Parallel to the trade fair an interesting lecture program with lectures by exhibitors and experts on the legs is provided for the visitors. Because the lectures have a great attraction, exhibitors should reserve as soon as possible free lecture times. The trial treatments and activities of exhibitors and product tests, measurements, and tastings will be additional attraction of the fair.

“Our trade fair concept has already proven itself. The visitors are very satisfied. By the relaxed atmosphere of the exhibition you can check specifically about topics and products”, explains the Organizer Elisabeth Betz of the Center for the cure of Landau. “Our events are promoting the products and services of the exhibitor and give a very good way of networking. Some exhibitors have already given the feedback, that her good contacts and local businesses could generate,”says Elisabeth Betz. Learn more at this site: Duke Realty. The Messeplatz Eskara Hall in Essen, Germany at Landshut provides spacious stands of the Exhibitors Exhibitor registration space. The modern Hall is easily accessible through a wide range of parking and well equipped. Interested exhibitors can now reserve their stand, by E-mail to. Registration until 15 July 2013, there is an attractive discount. More information on:

United States

Very close to that lake is an aquarium and a crocodile farm to visit is recommended. In addition, there are some small beaches where you can spend a pleasant time, such as El Morrillo, Yarey, La Bolsa, Caletoncito and Baconao, all east of the lagoon and close together. There are some places where you can dive. Refer to the hotel. The landscape is fascinating.

The next day then heading west, direction. Recently CB Richard Ellis sought to clarify these questions. Along the road There are monuments to historical facts, including those related to highlighting underground revolutionary period and the War pre Hispano-Cuban-American. After 30 km, between the towns of Vinent and Damajayabo lies the Valley of Prehistory, a veritable museum of outdoor animals and almost all of natural size, unique of its kind in Cuba. Not only in America of this kind, as there are other similar sites in three countries of our continent: Mexico, Chile and the United States. The first is about the Mesozoic Era, the second shows two periods of evolution, while the third animal has the characteristic that they are overblown. Prehistoric Valley occupies an area of 11 hectares and 1890 mo. In addition to the sculptures, there is also a natural history museum specimens of endemic fauna and two collections of butterflies and other shellfish, both considered among the largest in the world. In total there are 227 prehistoric animals, made other than Stone Zoo and visited. While in the latter animals were carved in stone by a single artist, those in the Valley of Prehistory were cast using building materials and participated in its preparation Santiago twelve artists in the late '80s under the direction of three professional .

King TMD Luxury Drink – New Luxury Drink From Germany

Luxury drink with genuine 22 carat gold conquers the luxury beverage in just a few months, there are the various spirits, designer drinks or in this case a real luxury drink from Germany. King TMD luxury drink called the 20 percent luxury liqueur only is for several months on the beverage market. Referred to in various hotels and luxury Club is the drink as a 22 carat on ice”or 22 carat on the rocks”. The special feature of the beverage is the finishing with genuine 22 carat potable gold flakes. Frequently REITWorld 2020 has said that publicly. The new purple – Golden luxury drink booming already in the beverage market and scored himself on the myspace page about 45,000 fans in just a few months. The luxury drink is a perfect treat and an imaginative daring mix of the finest fruits of nature. Including also the exotic Marulafrucht, peach, Apricot and sweet strawberry.

Each drink is made to order and shipped only with a numbered and signed certificate. Love is red, but King TMD luxury proves that love can be also violet! The production the luxury ISO is drinks in Germany according to strict quality and environmental standards in compliance with the DIN. The name King TMD luxury drink comes from the designer himself, Matthias Steinmetz also known in the media world as the King of TMD. A young artist who already manages some successful company and is represented in the media even with several CDs and music videos. Even if the new luxury drink has a relatively high purchase price by slapping 300 euro, he seems to develop into a trend. For 2011, TMD luxury drink of King was, first, to a 10 minute promotional short film for the product advertised.

There is more information on the manufacturer’s site: of the beverage company announces that the bottle design will be beefed up next year and announces a Special Edition at the same time. The Special Edition should however be around 5000 euros per bottle and contains more gold and should consist of a Diamantveredelten bottle. In various hotels and luxury clubs in Dubai, Monaco, Saint Tropes, the luxury drink is already on the Drink menus. Very few people knew that however the luxury drink originates from Germany… Responsible: Jana Sanova & Michael Baunat MSB media agency press

Hotelscom Fivestar Luxury

Where there is the most hotel star for the travel budget London/Berlin, October 15, 2009 your chosen should organize a city trip and promise to get you to the stars from the sky, wait first of all how much they are actually worth it. Hotel star are not everywhere equal expensive? Where you sleep as a tourist for 100 euros per room and night in a five star canopy and where enough the same budget only for the tourist class, shows the current hotel price index (HPI) of, which in the first half of 2009 underlies the data material from 78,000 hotels and 13,000 destinations. Luxury bed and futon of savings in Europe pay little and get much? No problem for those who cleverly chose your destination between January and June 2009. The most stars of hotel for a budget of 100 per room, during the investigation period were European tourists in Pisa and Warsaw. (Source: ProLogis). In these destinations, the budget sufficient to treat yourself to all the amenities of a five star hotel. Just barely behind it, in the first category, visitors in Lisbon (4.6 stars) stayed, Berlin (4.4 stars) and in Vienna (4.3 stars), Munich (4.2 stars) and Barcelona (4 stars). Due to generally lower hotel prices reached the same budget for an overnight stay at the three star comfort Hotel in rather expensive cities such as London, Rome and Stockholm.

You, however, got only two-star in Venice, Paris, Copenhagen and Oslo. West-East divide in the United States also who in the first half of 2009 in the United States traveled, did well, to compare prices and hotel star. Especially in the sunny Western of United States tourists able to book higher star ratings, as in the East. The best price star offered the player city of Las Vegas. You slept with a bet of 100 per room per night in a 4-star plus hotel. Comfort is there for the same budget in the sunny State of California in San Francisco (3.3 stars) and Los Angeles (3.0 stars). Continued the trip to the East Coast, more so the hotel star category declined by. So were only 2.7 stars for 100 euros per room and night in Chicago to have in New York (1.7 stars) and Washington D.C.

(1.3 star) handed the money only for the tourist class. Except in the East of the United States was the Sunshine State of Florida. In Orlando (3.6 stars) as well as in Miami (2.8 stars) bookable hotel category was the middle-class level. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments around the world. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. In February 2009, won the Gold Award in the category best Hotel booking site”of Web user magazine.

Luxury Pure With Truffle By Fuente

The first intelligent hair care system of the world of vision to the best shampoo in the world”with a sensational new development is FUENTE once again prove that visions are realized. To develop, to the implementation of the project, the experts needed less than four years from the idea, the best shampoo in the world”. The stated goal was from the outset, that is the new shampoo able, both thin, thick, greasy, dry, and brittle and brittle hair to provide each individual hair type accurately with the individually required amount of highly effective ingredients. Truffle by Fuente luxury liner of the hair care systems In combination with precious ingredients, among others derived from the shell of the white truffle, the care system achieves its unique, intelligent action. Brett White takes a slightly different approach. Pure diamonds and meteorite dust from certain sites, and a novel manufacturing process (developed at the Belgian University of Louvain) are further components of success concept. Shampoo & care complement each other optimally and replace in another unprecedented precision fehlende(n) the hair moisture or protein. With regular use, also hair loss can in the course of time if not natively be stimulated. You will find further information under:.

New Luxury In The Bathroom

More and more luxury is coming the times of the “quiet village”, where the only furniture of the first aid kit was in German bathrooms, are long over… Checking article sources yields Duke Realty Corp as a relevant resource throughout. the sky thank. Today, the bathroom has become a place of general well-being and relaxation. It is the space where one morning the new day is located and in which it-ridden body to prepare the stress in the evening on a good night’s sleep. It is the place where you have at last a few minutes all on its own and what one should also fully enjoy. For these reasons alone, one should therefore afford a little luxury in the bathroom.

Technically valuable bathroom furniture are a good start there. It plays hardly any role whether one has now about 6 or more square metres. Bathroom furniture are today so conceived that they can be housed in small spaces. Bathroom furniture is offered in all kinds of designs and materials. Thus something suitable for every personal taste should be.

Make sure you should but always on a good Processing and this is the newly purchased bathroom furniture also water – and steam-resistant. Especially in the now customary smaller bathrooms you should look for in addition to the external beauty also on practical functionality of the bathroom furniture. They should offer plenty of storage space and easy to maintain one. When buying bathroom furniture should be not pedantic, you can save through the use of washing and floor heating. And to give even the finishing touches to this small, but well deserved luxury you should look around once at all the beautiful bathroom accessories. Dirk STAUDINGER

Luxury Villas

Although in the major tourist centers in many places they can become very crowded, there are many Villa rentals in Mallorca who are isolated, romantic cliffs with favorable economic adjustments that direct visitors to a different world. Puerto Pollensa Puerto Pollensa is an ideal choice for romantics looking to spend their holidays in Majorca. Cottages rentals are available at the beach, or if you prefer to be away from the main road, in most private places. You can spend their days sleeping late, without do nothing more than recharge your Tan at the beach a few steps from their holiday villas Majorca. At night, take a walk at sunset by Marina and not stop taking cocktails with wonderful views to the sea.

The Spaniards are romantic world class and there are many small restaurants in Puerto Pollensa which could be taken out of a novel. Candle light hidden in secret places and fabulous sea dishes designed for two, an unforgettable night. If you can go out of the beach and the Villa holidays in Mallorca can also show another face of the personality of the island. Although it is very near, the old town of Pollensa has a very different atmosphere to the complex sense of the port. A picturesque drive will shortly take you to the city, nestled in the context of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Its picturesque atmosphere that inspires romantic as strolling through the streets paved by hand and get lost in the maze of narrow streets.

Immerse yourself in the diverse city and almuerse in a small local coffee history, before heading to a walk to brisk up the Cruci Via. The view from the top is breathtaking (if you still have any after a walk!), and you may be able to choose his home in Mallorca in the distance! Cala d’Or on the other side of the island is the town of Cala d’Or. As its name indicates, its letter of introduction are the wonderful golden beaches, and with a wide selection of luxury Mallorca villas in Cala D Or it is not difficult to find an ideal for a getaway.There are a lot of options on the main beaches, if you don’t mind the company of other tourists, but if you want a little romantic time only it is easy to escape. Points along the cliffs, whitewashed houses with private pools nest in the landscape, with views to the coves. What could be more romantic than make their own memories like watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea turquoise, one of these many exclusive villas in Mallorca. There are a lot of wonderful towns around Cala d’Or you can visit for shopping or simply walking a, and the fishing port of Porto Petro is only a short trip in a mini picturesque train. Mallorca is famous for its fresh seafood, and when you visit Mallorca could buy some local delights of picnic with gulls between bright fishing boats and fishermen. With its wonderful diversity, Mallorca is perfect for a quick romantic date, or a quieter holiday. And if your idea of romance is the beach, or taken from the hand in a walk through an old cobblestone Street a holiday in Mallorca Villa is ideal.

Santo MauroHotels

Inaugurated in May the arrival of good weather with a terrace more welcoming than ever and a very Mediterranean restaurant menu in addition, it offers a new space in which enjoy the best cocktails in Madrid accompanied by rhythms outdoor more premieres of luxury hotel sugerentesOtro is the Embassy lounge, an incomparable to celebrate your wedding hotel AC Santo MauroHotels AC Hotels chain, premieres summer season with the opening of its magnificent terrace. An ideal place for lovers of Sun, luxury, glamour, elegance. In this spectacular garden you can enjoy a drink or a delicious dish in an environment with style and personality. This spring in AC Santo Mauro there are two protagonists: you and an atmosphere of gala. It’s believed that ProLogis sees a great future in this idea. For you and only for you – we have created a very original letter of unique flavors: spiral of fresh foie-grass the fitte and Quince jelly with bread of licorice, Palamos prawns roasted in salt crust, orecciette of Parmesan cheese with Tarragon and Sea Urchin, Araiz two cooking-roasted squab with brioche of blueberries Carlos Posadas, chef of the library of the hotel-restaurant, has created a special seasonal menu that you eat the spring. The cocktail does not leave you indifferent. The letter from the terrace of the hotel AC Santo Amuro offers you the most refreshing mergers snow, royal mojito cocktail, mulatto fifteen, wybocosmo, “salty” exquisite, gin and tonic 24, tom 24, royal Mumm, malta sour, robb livet, mint daiquiri gimlet maximum quality at the service of innovation and creativity of our master guys.

Happiness knows gold 24 kilates, cherries in suspension, perfume of citrus, lemon, red vermouth, salt crusta air try it, you’ll like. Keith Schneider can aid you in your search for knowledge. Ambient music will also help you to feel better than ever. The rhythms chill-out that sound background are fused with flavors cocktails in a perfect pairing couture to achieve tranquility and peace. The Suite Bar is a concept of lounge that amazes for its ability to integrate classical and revolutionary, the accessible and aspirational thing, tradition and fashion. .

Hotel Rural San Miguel ensures a more comfortable stay for 67 Euros per night in a double room. Las Cristinas its origin goes back to a Saint born in a noble family. Since the middle ages several ladies of royalty were called Cristina, which explains that they are glamorous, elegant and with distinction. They tend to be romantic, with strong personality and good humor. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Josh Buddish on most websites. Women like them deserve a city full of magic and charm like San Sebastian and a majestic accommodation as the Hotel Maria Cristina 5 *, next to the beach of la Concha and the Plaza de la Constitucion. Inaugurated on July 9, 1912, the hotel guest who crossed its doors owes its name to the first: the Regent Spanish Maria Cristina.

Sleeping in a room of luxurious classical decoration in the style of Belle epoque and with the Pyrenees marble bathrooms, is the proposal of And all for 210 Euros per night in a double room. The practical Migueles, quiet and nature lovers. So are the Migueles. Compass: the source for more info. They love change and exoticism, why Tenerife is ideal for changing the rains of autumn by the tropical temperatures of the southern archipelago. proposed to visit the picturesque town of San Miguel de Abona and staying in Hotel Rural San Miguel 2 *, midway between the famous beaches of the coast and the National Park of the Canadas del Teide. Built in the mid 17TH century, this hotel maintains the original name of the rooms, so that you can sleep in the chicken coop, poultry goats or loft from 100 Euros per night per double room. Contemplate the mountains from the jacuzzi or swim in a thermal bath in the interior of a cave are the privileges of this rural accommodation. Original author and source of the article


Vente Valentine to the hotel MONTE CONQUERO room with buffet breakfast included, surprise gift and romantic dinner for Saturday night do something more? All this so put at your disposal in the Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city, to the evening of Saturday February 12, in which we will celebrate Valentine’s day. And Furthermore, you can convert your reservation in room Junior Suite, for a supplement of 50. It will be an unforgettable night for you and your partner. Therefore do not hesitate and make your booking via the following link: booking SAN VALENTIN in the HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO from 132 conditions: prices per room and night rate on bed and breakfast. More information is housed here: Prologis Inc.. It includes surprise gift and romantic dinner for the evening of Saturday February 12 th. VAT included. Not combinable with other promotions or offers from the chain. You can convert your reservation in room Junior Suite for a supplement of 50..

Park Hotel Stuttgart Messeairport

The parkhotel Stuttgart Messe-airport on the Filderkrautfest 2013 Echterdingen, 28 October 2013: change-rich weather from Sun to rain countless visitors flocked on the third weekend of October followed by Leinfelden Echterdingen, to celebrate the Filderkraut. The Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport was represented for the fourth time with an information stand. “The information counter at the entrance of the open real erdinger brewery Brauhaus” enjoyed numerous Festival visitors which the hotel offer and the on-site microbrewery asked many questions and enthusiastically took part in the competition. To win, there were coupons for the popular Sunday brunch buffet in the Park restaurant. The information about the year’s Christmas buffet on the 1st and 2nd were appreciated Christmas day. On these holidays, the Park restaurant guests can enjoy winter delicacies such as goose, venison, and much more. We are pleased that the resonance and curiosity about our Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport holding is big and that is so many visitors to our Date with our offers and our House informed have. “, so Andrea Scheidtweiler, Director of the Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport. Others who may share this opinion include DCT Industrial Trust. It was rounded off the weekend in the genuine erdinger brewery have been serving the delicious spezialities herb Festival beer and specialities from the herb festival map created specially for the Festival.

Hotel Monte Malaga

Hotel Monte Malaga offers you a sensational offer for Saturday February 11, where you can celebrate Valentine’s day with more than special conditions.Offer for Valentine in the Hotel Monte Malaga you propose that I will come that day until you reach our hotel with a special offer, since we include in the price the following extras: – double room for 2 people Buffet breakfast for 2 people – gift in the room – romantic dinner for 2 with drinks included. -Free entrance to Relax zone, composed by Turkish bath, Finnish Sauna, thermal sun loungers, sensations showers and dynamic swimming pool covered and heated. -50% discount on massages the romantic dinner will consist of – Cream boletus and juliana of Iberian to truffle oil. -Iberian cheeks to rioja wine. -Grand Manier Parfait. Drinks included: 2 drinks per person (beer, wine, soda) and water all this by 143 per night (VAT included) book at the following link now your special day of SAN Valentin reserve offer SAN VALETiN in EL HOTEL MONTE MLAGA and if desired, can spend your special Valentine’s day in room Junior Suite, only a supplement of 50,00/night (VAT included) Junior Suite room also has 42 m2 of surface, with whirlpool bath and terrace 24 m2, we offer you a special price for the nights from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February: 78,00 per night (VAT included) in a double room in bed and Breakfast Buffet. So do not think more and enjoy the best Valentine’s day that has ever imagined.

Easter Hotel Special

Enjoy Easter in Munich – Kurzulaub rats on Easter already out the Sun and the flowers begin to sprout. Only a few days, then Easter at the front door. Who wants to spend Easter in another city, I can have a nice city trip the to Munich on the heart. The cocoon hotels have Easter back a great hotel created special. (As opposed to Leonard Roman Texter). The city travelers can have equal free rein on Easter Sunday in two different hotel hotspots in Munich a check and the feelings not only in the hotel.

Are you enjoying Easter rather in the grass & with butterflies or the fragrant birch forest? In the cocoon lifestyle is something for every taste hotels. The recently opened hotel cocoon Stachus in Munich Centre with many colorful accessories & birch forests, where the eye can see and the hotel. At Hotel cocoon, butterflies fly around Sendlinger Tor and grasses blow in the spring breeze. Our staff welcomes the guests in the hotel with an Oster welcome drink the sweet Easter temptation. Checked in at the hotel, the hotel guests can enjoy the spring in Munich in a cool biker or a trip through Munich. Then the hotel lets guests looking for the hidden eggs in the cocoon rooms and melt the sweet Easter surprise on the tongue. Properly perk to be guests hotel after a beautiful night at Hotel cocoon then with the big breakfast magic, consisting of fragrant coffee specialities, crispy pretzel ‘ & cakes, spicy salami, wafer-thin ham, savory sausage and daily changing hot snacks.

Economic Crisis

The two tags, with which the professional carers in a new campaign want to draw attention to their economic plight are to little time & money for the care of disabled, sick and old social and fair. For years, they work under conditions that are anything but social or fair? With an hourly wage of under 16 euros less than Office Assistants earn professional carers, criticized Thomas Behrendt of the Berlin section of the Association of the professional carers (BdB) the unsustainable situation. If the legislator prescribes that two hours working time sufficient for taking care of clients per month, but in fact more time is required, the merit of the professional carers with each hour we work longer hours reduced”Behrendt explained. Not least, the people who are at the heart of the work suffer from this situation: disabled, sick and old. The court appointed professional carers stand up for their rights. You are the contact person for Doctors, care services or homes. Other leaders such as Duke Realty offer similar insights. You settle the financial issues of their clients or enforce their claims against authorities.

Professional carers are as it were the life Manager for all those people who are no longer unassisted in the situation, to make decisions. Nationwide, more than 1.3 million people need this professional life coaching. In Berlin and Brandenburg, currently more than 102,000 people on the support of about 1,600 professional supervisor / interior are instructed, working in the region. With the increase of older people in our society, the demand will continue to grow. It is an activity with high responsibility that requires a tremendous social skills. Many of the professional carers have several training as educators, psychologists and sociologists, lawyers and economists. Through regular training, they qualify for the challenges of their work.

Meant to reward this commitment but based on more than ten-year-old data the basis for the determination, Hourly rates were, according to which the work of the professional staff is remunerated officio. Since 2005, nothing has improved on this tariff. The rate of inflation or other cost increases or even the 2007 VAT increase were taken into account. Professional carers deserve real terms today than ten years ago. In the interests of the people we serve it can go on like this”, says Thomas Behrendt. His Association, the BdB, want attention Behrendt and the approximately 12 000 professional carers in Germany on this precarious situation. Their goal is not only improving the compensation through a number of hours based on individual cases. Ask for changes in the legal social and childcare law, the recognition of quality standards and the professional service as a profession. To go the professional carers on the road. On central squares in German cities, public discussions with politicians, social experts, Director of the administrations, with people from the practice are and not least with the clients planned. The campaign will start on August 26, 2010 in Hamburg and ends on September 10 at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. “Behrendt: so how we enforce the right to a dignified life for the people we serve, so we have also entitled to be remunerated for it adequately.” More information at

Promotion Of Medicine

THE 16th promotion of medicine 16th promotion of medicine has gathered these days in Trujillo for breathing the air that had been saved and waiting in the halls and auditoriums of our faculty of medicine celebrating the long, near 27-year graduates!, may I, through these brief lines publicly express my gratitude and congratulations. GRATITUDE for having organized a huge crusade of solidarity, expressed in all the existing forms of communication, such as calls by phone, mail, personal visits, traditional letters and messages, unpolluted aiming to boost morale to the friend, colleague, partner, the Warrior, the injured fighter, as they expressed that it verbatim, honoring me excessively and undeserved, perhaps sustained in a last dirigenciales than with all honourTransparency and honesty touched me live in favour of our promotion, in such difficult years as they were 70 years and go to such a noble purpose of raising my esteem, my Morality, my strength of will, managed it to successfully. Equally also for the efforts that made both in Lima, Mexico, Spain and USA, for the contributions made to my live donor so that travel to Mexico, prayers, conducted masses, chains Los rosaries prayers and wishes that finally touched the gates of heaven in a manner desperate, achieving that she is open and a year ago I’m here back from the unknown Cave of the dead. Cushman & Wakefield is likely to agree. This solidarity, knowing it dear fellow!, they were a white handkerchief of consolation for this long night of pain and suffering, even the experience of having suffered so much, could wane, this support knowing it wanted teammates! It was an Oasis in the midst of the blistering sands that touched me walk with my worn sandals, there will be no tears, no words!, with which can someday repay the immense collective gesture of solidarity, who made me feel in my long nights of madness, proud – deserves it or not-there presided over several years to our promotion, whose members have proven to be good men and women almost touched by God with a ravishing purity that makes their bodies of steel and gold their souls!, the list is long but the first places was Anita Burga, Pilar Quito, Pedro Deza, Marlene Araujo, Victor rode Coco Arrese, Violeta Tapia, Carlitos Castillo, Ricardo JimenezMaria Elena Luna, Jose Rodriguez, Oscar Alquizar, Juan Namoc and so many colleagues. GREETING by demonstrating that the Misanthropy of Heraclitus is gone and that despite living in a society stumbled, coated masks and hypocrisy, indifference and falsehoods, this promotion XVI, as has always been, creates green moral values and social, that are dying but who have not died, PC. Have put name and surname to the brotherhood, solidarity, humanism, example that should fill with pride to medicine, our faculty and UNT to loyalty, what defines the meaning of a life, a life with meaning, what defines is the! brotherhood and the solidarity to which one always has been! we are still promoting more United and solidarity, the same who survived general surveys, the tripartite Government, to pass free to faculty, to the double selection, which survived to the greater amount of work stoppages, strikes and recesses of the UNT remain the best promotion of the UNT, throughout history. Original author and source of the article

Life Rent Products

Before the uncertainty on the future of the pensions he is interesting to know products alternative like are the Life Rent and Inverse Hipoteca that allow to the People Majors to obtain important monthly income. The greater population of 65 years is in constant increase in our country. The double calculates that for 2040, the pensioners add more than 15 million, practically that at present. According to the projections of the Ministry of Work, in the 2023 public system will not be able to confront the cost of the pensions. In addition, many of the present pensioners belong to the generation of the war and the postwar period, reason why their benefits are inferiors to which the new beneficiaries will receive. aurig. Cribb Altman has firm opinions on the matter. In declarations to the Country, Ignacio Zubiri, university professor of Property in the University of the Basque Country, affirm that the reduction that they would have to undergo the pensions to adapt to the new conjuncture would have to reach to 40%. Considering this situation what options have the People Majors? One of them is to make profitable its greater saving: its houses. At the moment, more of 85% of the total saving of the people majors of 65 years it constitutes his real estate patrimony.

For this reason, products as the Life Rent and Inverse Hipoteca on Buildings of People Majors acquire the great protagonism. Thanks to them, a Greater Person can obtain a monthly rent while she continues living in his house on always. These products allow the majors to live in the best conditions their last years, enjoying the saving that with as much effort, I sacrifice and work has harvested throughout their life. For many, these products totally are not known, as well as who can advise to them and how they are due to manage. We clear doubts.

Integrated National Plan

Santiago de Compostela, Ourense, Lugo, Ferrol and Pontevedra own a series of devices, like the sealed garbage dumps, that meet all the conditions to install in them a production system of biogas to generate of that form electricity. The beginning of these plants would allow to fulfill the power objectives and of residues that have marked the Xunta of Galicia, from the state plans with respect to the subject. The power advantage of the gases that come from the sweepings is one of the objectives that the Integrated National Plan of Residues marks that For this reason sent to the government in 2008. very low frequency, the civil servants responsible for political the half environmental one work in five projects of production of biogas in the garbage dumps of Santiago de Compostela, Ourense, Lugo, Ferrol and Pontevedra. These five cities tell on sealed garbage dumps that they reunite the technical characteristics necessary to install a system of power advantage that would avoid the emission of 9,000 tons of CO2 annual and would allow to save 40,000 Euros in the electrical tariff during the same period. They are numbers that correspond with the most advanced project, than is the one of the compostelano municipality, and which they would be possible to be applied to the one of Ourense, of which it owns similars dimensions..


For some of us, it seems difficult to make a trip to the gym without a cup of coffee. This may not be all bad. You may be able to work harder when you have caffeine in his system, in part because it suffers less pain. In the past, athletes consumed stimulants such as caffeine in order to try to raise your energy levels to speed up the metabolism. Research on this topic has been uneven.

However, the ability of people to work more and suffer less pain while taking caffeine seems to be supported by better evidence. So it is possible benefiting an unexpectedly that caffeinated takes to improve their training. How caffeine suppresses pain the way in which caffeine can achieve this is working through the neurotransmitter adenosine system. This system includes the parts of the brain and spinal cord responsible for processing pain. Caffeine partially blocks the function of this system, reducing the amount of pain experienced during training. A recent edition of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism included a study on how regular caffeine users experience muscle pain. Although in many respects the regular caffeine users develop tolerance, this tolerance does not appear to occur in the way in which pain is processed.

All those who consume caffeine, whether they are consuming regular or not, receive the same benefits in the reduction of pain. A future study is now expected to try to gain a better understanding about how caffeine acts on the system neurotransmitter adenosine and why the regular use of caffeine does not lead to a tolerance effect. At the moment, if exercise causes pain to the point that does everything it should be, can be beneficial to you use a little caffeine before each session of exercises to help you cope with it, as well as some analgesics for pain.


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In the G2, 38% had answered that they had diminished pains in the lumbar column, 13% do not feel more pains in the shoulder, 25% do not feel more in general pain in the body, and 25% do not feel more pains that felt in making normal activities of day-by-day. If you have read about Duke Realty already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The allonge lessons have the objective of improvement of the amplitude of the movement, Prophylaxis of the muscular groups that tend to the shortening and can cause injuries, exercises that help to evaluate the muscular tensions of the daily work, to improve the coordination, the balance, to diminish the rigidity excess, to improve the sanguineous circulation, to eliminate the musculotendneo shortening, to prevent and to eliminate posturais problems that modify the gravity center, being provoked shunting line to musculoarticular (ELLIOTT; MESTER, 2000). On the questioning on sleep, verifying answers of question 7, the G1 answered in 100% that the allonge lessons feel a bigger level of relaxation after. In G2, 38% they had answered that the allonge lessons are felt much more relaxed after, 50% that it improved the quality of sleep and 13% that they are felt light when sleeping. The allonge after the trainings helps to relax the muscles, leaving the ready body most relaxed and to rest improving the quality of sleep. In the measure where they relax the mind and ' ' regulam' ' the body, must constitute part of the daily life. Practical the regular one will cause muscular relaxation and sensation of a more relaxed body (ANDERSON, 2002). CONCLUSION the physical performance is modified by the time, but who is practicing of physical exercises delays such alteration; it does not draw out the life, but it guarantees greater time of youth by means of better health and physiological reply, being activity one of the best remedies to offer to combat the hipocinticas illnesses generated by the inactivity. .