Month: September 2018

Venezuelan Integration

In Venezuela, there is a concern that the state’s integration with the university has left much to be said for many years, monitoring has been neglected, integration of universities to government programs, the role of these for the guarantee to justify the reason for their existence and use them properly for the good of the country. Many national universities, specifically the public to which we are embedded, unfortunately, have become the preserve of powerful groups, where some still, there are lots of political parties the control, which are kept for years, select their authorities, teachers, administrative staff and to workers, leaving much to say about their results, the commitment to ensure academic excellence, professional consonant with the requirements that this requires more prevalent individual interests of the group, that of the community and more so, in a context of turbulence, uncertain, risky in political, economic, social, cultural, like the one facing, especially when the new government under management Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez is fully identified in leading the country toward what he called the new socialism of the XXI Century.

Definitely in the universities is manifested bad management, leaving much to say its functionality in all aspects, administrative, academic, teacher, has given way to that currently are not available with the appropriate operation is needed, particularly its professional graduates , where one sees the addition of the plant deuce their teachers, teachers needed to face reality, to the characteristics of a scenario of uncertainty, turbulent, risky as the current to which reference has been made, where it is necessary to have professionals who are able to meet the challenges, make way for necessary changes that lead to confidence is restored, appears democratic balance, the stage where they can safely provide the necessary knowledge for all what you enjoy living in Venezuela, supporting anything that benefits the social, cultural, housing, and health and education. .

Memory Cards

Availability (connectivity) memory card to store photos, videos, etc. There are several types of memory cards used in mobile phones. MultiMediCard (MMC) card format mmc has a small size – 24h32h1, 4 mm. Jointly developed by SanDisk and Siemens. mmc has a memory controller and has a high compatibility with devices of various types. Reduced-Size MultiMediCard (RS-MMC) memory card, which is half the length of a standard card mmc. Its dimensions are 24x18x1, 4 mm, and weight – about 6 g, all other characteristics did not differ from the mmc. To ensure compatibility with existing standard mmc cards using the RS-MMC adapter needed.

Secure Digital Card (SD Card) Supports companies SanDisk, Panasonis and Toshiba. In size and characteristics are very similar to the mmc, only slightly thicker. The main difference from mmc – copyright protection technology: the card has a cryptographic from unauthorized copying, enhanced data protection against accidental erasure or destruction. (mini SD) Flash Card new standard miniSD. From standard cards Secure Digital (32h24h2.1 mm) are smaller 21.5h 20h1.4 mm.

To ensure the card in devices with conventional SD-card slot, an adapter is provided. Memory Stick (MS) This Standard memory is developed and maintained by Sony. Card dimensions – 21,5 h50h2, 8 mm. Housing is strong enough. At the moment – it is the most expensive memory of all presented. Based on ms Sony Company has developed a miniature memory module, called the Memory Stick Duo (MSD), whose dimensions are 20h31h1, 6 mm.

Work Area In Your Bedroom

Integrate a workspace in your bedroom is a very good idea if we take into account that this atmosphere of the House is personal and private, so you can stay safe from the usual movement of a housing in which several people live there, and thus dedicate yourself to these tasks with the necessary tranquility. To enable a work in your room area you must take into account that minimum space for it to be comfortable is 4 square meters, one smaller space can create a feeling of oppression, very negative in these cases. A good alternative to few meters is to have unabalda or shelf as a table. It always includes a space to store papers, books and documents in such a way that does not accumulate creating disorder. Vertical storage has the advantage of not subtract meters, a chest of drawers that you can store under the table is an essential element, it helps you to save space. One table folding tray or a small table with wheels, it can be a very useful auxiliary furniture when you need an extra area of support and desktop proves insufficient.

Techniques of decoration of which we have spoken on multiple occasions will help you integrate more and better these environments: choose the same materials for the furniture, employs the same prints and colours in cushions, lamps and other accessories. Remember that in shared spaces of this kind it is important that the lighting of the work area is not annoying for the bed area. You can opt for lamps of different forms and levels of light for each space, thus will have points of extra light your rest area, for both your place of work. Original author and source of the article

Floor Coverings In Interior Design

The modern interior is inconceivable without good sex. Ideally, the feet have a warm, practical coverage, which also emphasizes the overall design concept. Therefore, no repair in the new apartment will not be without it selection and installation. When choosing a floor covering in the development, in the first place should be based on its functionality. It is worth paying attention to characteristics such as sound insulation, heat transfer, durability and moisture.

Quality material with good sound insulation will minimize the sounds that could disturb the neighbors downstairs. The interior of this floor you will move almost silently, He also will delay the sound from loud conversation, the tv, and music. Parameter heat will affect how warm will the floor, whether it is possible for him to walk barefoot, crawling baby. Parameter wear coating chosen for places terrain: a corridor, hallway, kitchen. Parameter of moisture is important in areas with high humidity and in the hallway where you walk after the street in a dirty and sometimes wet shoes. Such coating should not be afraid of any spilled water on it or high humidity.

Before any repairs should mark on the plan design, interior design flat trajectory of family members. This will help identify the most parts subject to wear. Typically, these include the flooring in hallways, corridors and kitchen area along the cooking. In such areas need coverage, particularly resistant to abrasion. It is also necessary to take into account the existence of domestic animals. Must identify where it will run the way a dog while you are driving her to the bathroom to wash the feet after walking in the rain. It is worth paying attention to the joints of different flooring, such as between the tile and parquet or solid wood. If possible, avoid using the T-shaped nut. Better placed at the junction of cork transition, pre-colored floor. Cracking and desiccation parquet or solid wood – normal for a natural material phenomenon associated with changes in temperature and humidity. Cork transition at the same time play the role of the compensator. In our projects we try to use materials such as parquet and solid wood, laminate, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and microcement. Therefore, in a series of articles on flooring, we will consider their advantages, disadvantages and some particular installation.

Xango Business

In this article I’ll tell why Xango business and its compensation plan, simply I conquered! When you enter a company’s marketing network, you start an adventure of trust, credibility and love; above all love. Normally your relationship with the company in which you’re ends up being total marital fidelity, so much that the great excitement of infatuation you have, is part of what keeps you firmly in the challenges that arise when building your network. In this article I will discuss some benefits that gives us this MLM company in terms of royalties economic and human labor which is what more I loved deXango. It seems that the founders of this business already knew this, and not only left partners to seek love from their own motivations, but contributed significantly with delicious chocolates and details to keep alive the fire of passion. Chocolate gives you energy and power to start your business, so there is the first way in which you pay Weekly! Amazing, really?. This is our Power Start. Everytime sign next Friday of that week to a partner, the company pays you 30% of your initial order, that means you start to receive money from the time you enter. That motivates anyone to who continue.

In fact, this generates great stability in networks since people not take months to receive their commissions early and thus the emotion remains fresh and bubbly. Then, Xango gives you beautiful flowers every month, with a compensation plan that is clear and transparent from the beginning, there is no any entanglement in percentages, which for me, has been very important, because from the start I was told exactly how much would I pay when you reach each level. To qualify, I must achieve that every Member of my Xango Group grows. This is very human and is a true team work, where the focus is on helping the other. Comes the surprise detail: dynamic understanding, which ensures that when someone does not buy or you qualify, the money where it belongs not keeps it company but that system begins to find who in the line of sponsorship meets the requirement, until you find a dealer and pay it; Xango is not left with nothing. And the wedding ring is the Global Pull, because when you get to premier, they’re going to give every three months a portion of 3% of earnings worldwide work! on computer Everyone be interested that many arrive at that range, we should, and then we are happy for the victories of others. But this is not all, the best part comes when you realize that the key to success is to give and that the company in which you find yourself has been concerned from the outset on the other hand, not only because distributor earn well and to feel comfortable with what does, but because it can help the most needy and why they created what for me are the children of the company, those who bring the bread under the arm: the Xango Goodnes foundation, a meal-Pack that enables power to 35 children from Africa and that does not compare with anything. It is as well as say you Yes to Xango when first arrives at your door to ask for your hand to start the journey of creating networks together and then, at every moment, come back to say yes, that every detail falls you more. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online.