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The First

The world seemed to have motionless per some seconds. A girl did not move the shining eyes nor dared to blink with fear that disappeared: small men who went and came for the beams, good, a little more than what small, he could himself be said. Creusalinda was bewitched, badly believed what it saw. He was fabuloso and uncommon! She continued lying, did not want to scare them, therefore it was not dared to move or to emit any sound, even breathed possible the least; it had entered in one settles of contentment. However, Creusalinda did not notice that it observed somebody it of its headboard, above of its pillow, imperceptible property and, bearded and with a good-natured skill, somebody also teeny. This somebody raised bracinho and it put into motion it in spiral making with that the girl it adormecesse slowly while it smiles satisfied; espiralando if was with its pilgrim’s staff.

When waking up in the following day, the first thing that Creusalinda made, was to smile. continued to smile while pixaim arranged its typical hair, placing fasteners and arresting it with some cramps. It was prepared to go to the school. At a certain moment, Creusalinda if it saw confused with what it capsizes during the dawn: truth or dream, if questioned. It did not count nothing coleguinhas that they walked to its side in direction to the school nor to nobody. If it was a dream was not real, therefore, it had not happened, it did not deserve to be shared; its was a point of view. Go to Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information.

During that week, the mind and attention of Creusalinda had been distant. the result of this was that it took a pito, not, but several, mainly, in classroom. Talking with its buttons it saw that those homenzinhos had been an illusion, the consequence of a doidice, that is, a pure dream.


I walked for some time, with care so that it saw nobody me, after hours of walked I sighted a wagon. I used to advantage and I asked for hitchhiking (the simple people of the field already is accustomed with this), was one lady who went pressas it city to search the son who would arrive in that night. It smiles when hearing this and it thought ones returning and others running away from the past . I arrived at> has an address there of the capital There, is where you my son. Together you to a letter where it explains that it receive must you and help. Girl takes care of you and if to need the old Zefa will be here. The bus you leaving and already I bought its ticket. With this gave a kiss to me.

I was touched myself with that, that one> Because Osvaldo was not thus thought, but quickly I disappeared with this thought. Prometo to pay the money as soon as will be able and to send the news, but it promises to me that never my husband will speak to nothing. Wise person who could trust it. I went up for the bus and I left, in intention of one day to come back, but she brought me to the destination in return. VI In the capital I found son of Zefa, this liveed in a small apartment. After the first colloquies and explanations placed it me to sleep, not without before saying that I needed to see a doctor to deal with weak my health, in sight of the precarious childbirth who I had. But as a sadness never it comes only, already in the following morning I woke up with Paula calling me with the marejados eyes tears.