Month: October 2011

Property Management

It is also important that the landlord has the right to claim damages (including foregone income) caused termination of the fault of the tenant. For a potential tenant office and industrial premises are also not without interest any problems with the tax authorities that occur at the entry into force of long-term (over one year) leases subject to compulsory state registration. The lease usually states that it covers the relationship between the parties, after the actual transmission of the tenant space in use and, accordingly, he required to initiate lease payments since the signing of the acceptance facility. In this case the right to assign lease payments at the cost arises from the tenant from the contract due to moment of its registration. In practice, of the signing parties to the lease and the beginning of the actual use of the tenant leased premises before the treaty enters into force are months. There are cases where the tax authorities in audits do not agree with the inclusion of the cost (of goods, works, services) for unregistered rental contracts. Undoubted interest specific characteristics of individual leases office, production and warehouse space, which is subject to additional and often costly burdensome requirements. With regard to subarendnym relations should be remembered that the agreement "subsubarendy" office space, storage, etc.

contrary to existing law governing the rental relationship, in particular, st.608 Civil Code, and, even with the consent of the owner or authorized agency, may be declared null and void. If the object of rent non-residential premises in common ownership (eg condominiums, housing cooperatives, etc.), it requires agreement of all owners to transfer it to the Rent (st.246 Civil Code). In addition, private owners have common ownership while renting non-residential premises owned by them often as a condition of renting to the tenant making demands on repair systems livelihood of an apartment house, roof, attic, elevators, landscaping, etc. If the rented object is in the mortgage, then a necessary condition of the lease is compulsory consent of the pledgee (p.2 st.346). A necessary condition for the lease of property and public utilities is the consent of the Committee on Property Management (p.2 st.295 Civil Code). At rental property landlord serves public agencies the authority empowered to dispose of municipal property (cookies). Feature of the rental of buildings and structures, when a party to the contract acts Stock society, is that a transaction of between 25% and 50% of book value assets of the company, its consent is required for decision of the board of directors, and over 50% – solution of the general meeting of shareholders.

Property in Bulgaria

Should I buy property in Bulgaria? More and more Russians are asking themselves this question. Russian real estate market studies have shown recently that one in seven people in Russia is planning to buy a home in the next few years. But buying property in Bulgaria in the first place means a great investment. This is so because: 1. 1st January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union.

This immediately led to both enhance the growth of foreign investment and to increase in the price of real estate in Bulgaria. In 2007, the average price of property in Bulgaria per square meter increased by 28% compared to 2006 – thus Bulgaria ranked second in the world prices for real estate. And yet – Property in Bulgaria continues to be one of the cheapest in the world. Besides membership in the EU means for Bulgaria primarily economic stability, development and long-term predictability. 2. In 2010, Bulgaria will take the euro as currency. This means that the next increase will be followed by real estate prices in Bulgaria. Experts' predictions show the expected rise in real estate Bulgaria about 50-55% over the next 3 years (2008, 2009, 2010).

3. Bulgaria is famous for its hot summer sun, unspoilt beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the mild climate. The average summer temperature – about 25-27 degrees, the average winter temperature – 8-10 degrees. Thus the country is one of the best places to stay all year round. Buying an apartment in Bulgaria and obezpechit you the opportunity to profit by renting an apartment to rent in summer or kriglogodichno. 4. And the Bulgarians use the Cyrillic alphabet and Russian, Bulgarian language is close to tserkovnoslovyanskomu language and thus – in Russian language too. All this is enough, that would turn the country into a place of profitable investment.

Portal Government

This living space is ready for immediate occupancy, but at 70% – this is really old fund. That is dwelling in need of partial or complete reconstruction, "Khrushchev" in the apartment typical panel and brick buildings 60 – 80's built. Prices are rising slightly, even at the price boom, as the investment needed to bring them into order, much higher than those required by furnish a new apartment. However, despite the deterioration, secondary fund in the heart of the city always finds a buyer. Housing is expensive and will demand a significant investment, but because of the location is elite in terms of payback is much better. One of "pitfalls" faced by buyers of apartments "second hand" are the previous owners, their family relations and litigation. Can a long history change of ownership. The longer the chain, the higher the probability of litigation for the reasons of which the last sellers often do not even know it.

To be first, then where? Under construction or newly constructed Houses have many attractive for the investor side. Typically, this modern apartment layout, with large areas. New apartments comply with the requirements of modern design, equipped with the new engineering networks. Not to mention the fact that the price per square meter of housing in the primary market by 10-15 per cent lower than in the secondary. When designing new homes development company takes into account not only the existing requirements for planning and engineering Communications, infrastructure and housing facility and the region: goods and passenger lifts, items of protection, emergency exits, landscaping of adjacent territories and transport to the center. Among the most popular in St. Petersburg apartments are in the new residential complexes that grow around the perimeter of the city. In addition to environmental purity of the green zone, they attract a sound infrastructure.

Car parks, shops, schools, nursery schools, office buildings being built in conjunction with residential houses. Completion of ring road makes the area comfortable and affordable transportation. Profitable investment is to secure housing in under construction. The difference between the cost of apartments in the initial phase of construction at the stage of completion is 15 to 30 percent. Thus, investments provide a guaranteed profit. Information protection In the market of primary residence also has its own investment risks. This is primarily due to the choice of the developer and "protracted". The construction company may delay the deadlines for the object, or even worse – abscond with the money shareholders. But the mass "building outrage" is over. Gather preliminary information on the construction company today is much easier than the "punch" the story of the finished apartment or realtor. Respecting the "builder" interacts with the city, participates in government programs, has a "history" – a list of ready-made objects – and a reputation that is easy to get on the Internet and in the media media. Independent online space allows you to today to gather information not only from the official "business cards" – the company's site, but from "the horse's mouth." Defrauded real estate investors about fraud alert not only authorities, but all stakeholders – through blogs and forums. Any search engine will easily detect both positive and negative feedback about a company-builder. Information Portal Government of St. Petersburg can see the facts on the books of reliability. If you compare all the facts and risks, the prize will undoubtedly be on the side of the primary housing. However, for it is vote themselves buyers. Apartments in Petersburg buildings very quickly find their owners.

Profitably Renting an Apartment

Advantageous to pass the real estate dreams, anyone who wants to rent out your property in the town of Odintsovo. From the outset, must repair the apartment. The scope of repair depends on the landlord and the amount of money, which he able to get over it. To rent an apartment of moderate means will be set to address the territorial property. The apartment is located far from the subway, it makes sense to just not big repairs, and avoid surplus.

A horishy repairs can be carried out in the homes of the middle class and above. The more expensive the house, the greater the cost to be repaired – this greatly increases its price .. If you are looking to rent an apartment profitably in the suburbs for good money Then you are unlikely to do without the exclusive design. No need to clutter up the real estate furniture .. The presence of household appliances may be dependent on the prestige of repair.

In no way should be room to do a little a set of household appliances, telephone, refrigerator, TV .. The apartment is leased most common middle class obliging stand still and washing machine and microwave. Handed over to the elite rental housing must really need a modern high-quality internet, cable and satellite TV. Kitchen may well be fully loaded with the latest technology, including large and convenient refrigerator, dishwasher machine. Source: Sell to Odintsovo room. Real estate agency in Odintsovo district.

Mortgage Checks

In fact, before issuing the mortgage, the apartment was checked for its history, both by the bank and insurance company, but rather, real estate agencies and real estate company "Kvadrametr." Its value is reduced because of the burden, which is eliminated with the purchase of apartments, and psychological reason – the buyer, saving the bankrupt borrower. At the same time of the sale of the pledged mortgage apartments or houses are fairly common and are dictated by life. The only question is, to understand and assess the risks of your own, or ask for professional participants of the real estate mortgage, real estate company "Kvadrametr." Joint ownership. More profitable to take a mortgage on the couple, because, given the income of both spouses, the bank may allocate a large amount of the loan. Accordingly, the couple may buy a more expensive apartment. Participation spouse co-borrower and profitable to the bank. In the event that one of spouses can not pay the mortgage, the bank can foreclose on the pay of the other spouse. Accordingly, the apartment is purchased by the mortgage in the marriage becomes joint property. If there is a cheerless situation where the mortgage apartment to share in a divorce, there are several ways: The most effective way (described above) to share an apartment, which is pledged to the bank – peace. If the bank allows the sale of apartments need to find a buyer who will advance to the bank the amount you owe the bank spouses, and spouses will receive the remaining amount in cash.

The Realtor

Although, the usual luck was not excluded. Perhaps the first person who came to watch just need an apartment in this place, just for this price. If the name of the buyer in the transaction involved real estate agent can be part of the service for free. By participating in the transaction agent, one way or another, is interested in the rapid solution of all problems and therefore can help you to call, for example, in gathering the necessary documents for sale. However, it is possible that for such assistance to the realtor will ask pre-payment.

For example, say that "… situation is more than a serious, we undertake to solve it, and it is worth so much. " Accept the proposed conditions or solve their problems independently, each defines for himself. If the agent in the transaction is not involved, then all negotiations better hold on their territory: in your home or office. Psychologically, the native walls help – people feel more confident and calmer. 5.

Agreement with the seller is not always agreement the buyer is the final decision. Even agreeing on a deal people can continue to seek more lucrative option. At the same time, the seller has already rented an apartment advertising confident that the deal will certainly take place. So reasonable after the oral consent of the buyer to ask for an advance payment to secure the obligation to buy an apartment. Suppose you manage to persuade a buyer to a kind of provisional sum, which can guarantee that the transaction takes place.

Housing Move Income

Given the lack of interest and penalties for early repayment (similar to a mortgage bank), by program "Housing move 'is this all much faster. Distinct advantage gives a clear and reliable mechanism for the functioning of the transaction. In the program "Housing move 'ruled out precedents of insolvency of customers who are in the banks is usually attributed to unscrupulous borrowers. In the Programme "Housing move 'income is formed due to income from rental real estate acquired by the participants program. Rent is always relevant and can serve as collateral for any length of time, regardless of the financial position of Buyer. Therefore, interest on payments for providing the shoulder does not fall on the buyer. Through that the program "Housing move 'no fines and penalties for late payments.

People are very afraid of mortgages primarily because of this. Who knows what's coming tomorrow? Get sick, lose their jobs, and more. In the case of a mortgage insolvent clients does not secured (not protected) and the chain drags everyone. Thus, the program "Housing move" does not need to verify the solvency of the Buyer, which enables avoid the requirements of banks to provide various information, proof of income, the presence of guarantors, etc. In addition, banks do not have to pay for making the mortgage agreement, the mandatory life insurance Notary services and so on. Until the full calculation of the Buyer does not live in an apartment, but an opportunity not to pay any interest and commissions on credit provided by the shoulder and takes his own decision on the size of payments and the timing of its return, without any penalties for late payment.

State Registration

This entails an inevitable return to its original position things and the return of all parties to each other resulting in the transaction. In the case of the preliminary agreement of all these problems can be avoided and obtain the desired result without fear for the fate of the future property. Finally, all steps are passed, and the parties need to come to the signing of the contract – the sale. As it is better to do? For most the answer is obvious – you need to go to a notary public. This is correct, but not the only possibility.

After the entry into force July 21, 1997 Federal Law 'On State Registration of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions' in addition to the notary is possible to formalize a deal agreement in writing. Create it can both independently and with the help of a lawyer, referring to any law firm. The contract you provide passport details of seller and buyer, the object-sale (Land), legal documents (certificate of ownership of land and buildings, if any, and cadastral passport), the price for which the land is sold and payment arrangements. This treaty, after signed by the parties to the transaction, shall be a department of the Federal Registration Service of the district in which is sold by the object. Using this type of contract you save money on state fees to be charged notary, and have the opportunity to formalize a deal with less documentation provided. As can be seen from all of the above, there are many opportunities to minimize costs while various land issues.

By raising its own legal literacy and speaking to professionals working in this market you can actually not only save money, but also to avoid the negative aspects associated with the deficiency their own knowledge. It remains to wish all of us not to make mistakes, so it was not necessary in the future as they learn. And do not believe the myths, living in the real world in which information is expensive, and correct information – is priceless. Head of department of land and property relations of the "Regional Project" Dmitriy Ivanov. Our website: