Month: August 2012

Car Rentals

Those individuals or professionals who want to accede to a vehicle in good general state and that she has been maintained and repaired in official services of the authorized mark or factories, are a good opportunity for them the cars of occasion of renting. The total of kilometers realised in the occasion cars renting, usually is not high, being able to more always make still many in accordance with the motor and corresponding piston displacement. The departments of vehicle of occasion of the companies of renting and the professionals of sale of occasion vehicles, are those that are normally in charge to commercialize the cars of occasion of renting. When soliciing information, is very advisable to ask questions as the book of revisions updated, the correct kilometrage and them inspection of itv to the day, as well as the formulas of financing available and the period of guarantee for the car. Another variant, is the denominated Rent-Back, that consists of the acquisition on the part of the company of renting of the vehicles property of company-client by an amount that usually is the reduced value of acquisition amortizations. When a company wants to transfer its fleet of cars in property to renting to release assets of the balance and to accede to a capital injection that can destine to own investments of its business, the denominated Rent-Back does. Including in this quota the corresponding costs of maintenance, insurance, tires, attendance in highway and other services additions, the company of renting will be able to buy the cars in property and will complete the Rent-Back having calculated the quota of renting based on and the kilometers of the time of hiring. This supposes a series of advantages as the elimination of the administrative management of the fleet, the conversion of variable expenses to fixed and avoids disadvantages futures as they are the obsolescence of the vehicles and its difficult sale in the market of second hand.

Living Costs

The central authority shall be taxable only medium and large profits. But here the same principle: higher tax rate is subject to only that portion of income that exceeds certain base amounts. In other words, the representative of the Finnish middle class usually pays 17% from one part of their income, 20% and the other 50% from the third. Costs maintenance of real estate depends on square footage and type of construction, as well as by region. Depending on the district property tax rate ranges from 0.6 to 1 per year per square meter of total space.

In connected to the centralized communications homes for permanent residence costs consist of two components – the fee for cleaning the local area (about 70-90 euros per year) and utility payments which are paid monthly (sewerage, water and electricity). The cost of electricity varies from 0,09 to 0,11 euro per kWh, cubic meter of cold water is 1 to 1.3 euros, sewage costs 0,8-1 euros per cubic meter of waste. There is also a mandatory insurance against fire, depending on the type of house, its sum is from 50 to 400 euros in god.Takim way, if you do not live in the house all the time, the contents of the cottage area of 100 square meters. m costs around 500 euros per year, and if we stay on all provisions of the six months, the cost will be around 100 euros per month. What is the value of the Finnish real estate? Prices for residential real estate in Finland do not exceed, as a rule, 2,0-2,5 thousand euros per 1 square.

Realtors Office Transaction

Deciding to buy or sell real estate, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of this case and postaratsyaprinyat right decision to conduct the transaction. Any real estate transaction conducted in person and without mediators – it slippery and sometimes unsafe. Proschevsego and more reliable to rely on an experienced Realtor who will deal otnachala to the end, will see to correct documentation and are not dopustitobmana by your partner in the transaction. Services real estate kontornedeshevy, but they disproportionate to the value of the housing that when unscrupulous partner or facilitator. Activities of real estate offices Russian Federation, which virtually guarantees uspehlyuboy transaction by means of these professionals. And yet you must make sure authorizations (license and etc.) on rieltorskuyudeyatelnost before you trust anyone else. Remember that the contract relating to your property should be available to you-that is, any real estate firms must provide transparency of the transaction. Delorieltora ends only when you get the documents on ownership of the right of property or money.

The Voluntary Energy Certificate

Just as in washing machines but also cars is important for a long time ago, how environmentally friendly the devices or in which pollutant class (EU1, 2, 3 or 4) they are, so the energy efficiency of homes and buildings will soon become an important decision criterion when buying or rental of a property. The energy will grow accordingly in the near future in the real estate market as an important tool in the competition and establish itself. The Energy Regulation, in short EnEv is, since your first edition in February 2002, the central element of the energy and climate policy in Germany. With the new edition of 1/10/2007 Now that the guidelines for apartments, single-family houses and apartment buildings. Here, the energy-political demands on the state of the art to be adjusted.

The main points of importance: The energy needs during the construction, sale or rental of a building are to be submitted, with the first energy certificates are from 01.07.2008 to issue compulsory. Pending by 01.10.2008 it is allowed for all buildings .Freely between demand-or energy certificates to means that will be assessed independently of the location of the existing buildings and plant under construction technology and energy-related aspects. The Energy based on the actual energy of each occupant of the property. The data for energy consumption are taken from the billing of heating costs by heating regulation for the whole building or from the accounts for the energy suppliers. For three consecutive billing periods, this will calculate the average. The corresponding issuing of energy for use by specially legitimated persons. The legitimate professions ranging from architects to master craftsman with the additional qualification for building energy.

The Bathroom

Particularly welcome if the toilet will be installed a small washbasin. This layout of the bathroom and the toilet is considered the optimum by the criterion of price / performance. It is important that the project home on a maximum eliminates the "dead" zone. This is an area of the premises, which is not possible to give a special functional significance, and it is not meaningful for decoration premises. Exclusion of such useless areas of the project, essentially optimizing the cost of building a house. Can this item be considered especially important to find balance in the equation of cost. Typically, such "Dead" zones are areas of different corridors, corridors and passageways. Therefore, in recent times, when speaking about the housing economy class, then consider a reasonable cost-optimal area hallway (about 8.6 m2) which opens into the entrance hall seating for general use, from which there are entrances to the various individual rooms.

In this case the role of the corridor, passing rooms to play the hall itself. Then it is not necessary to increase the area Houses for corridors and assemble, and to trim an additional internal .Vot example of such a space planning. A two-storey or bungalow? Argued that the two-storey house advantageous for the cost of construction compared with the one-story house, since each of the floors have a common foundation and a common roof. This view is only partly true. This rule is well justified only in the case of houses with a total residential area over 150 m2.