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The Spanish Association Against Noise Polution

The Spanish Association Against Noise Pollution (AECOR) continues its efforts to disseminate information on the CTE DB-HR, this time in the province of Caceres. The manager explained, in this fourth day, this document provides interesting developments in acoustics, is Juan Frias AECOR secretary. Frias has informed not only of these innovations compared to previous legislation, but the benefits that the DB-HR leads, increasing the acoustic quality in Construction. “The DB-HR is a necessary step towards comfort in housing and quality of life. Swarmed by offers, Expert on growth strategy is currently assessing future choices. Its implementation is quite feasible in our country and meet the key aspects that should have regulations for their implementation, ie their application is possible because the requirements are not excessive, solutions and tools necessary for their implementation are known and available on the market, “said Juan Frias.

The DB-HR establishes minimum conditions for design, construction, maintenance and use of buildings to reduce discomfort or disease generated by noise. One of the main novelties of this paper is that verification is possible in situ, by measuring the work completed by accredited laboratories, the airborne sound insulation in both walls as partitions between dwellings and noise isolation impact elements of horizontal separation between dwellings, and the reverberation time in the enclosures as required. To AECOR, the CTE is the most effective response to the demand that the company has been doing for several years, in terms of sound quality.

Communitarian Agency

Here, two aspects must be considered. First, the role of communitarian agency played by the places of fetichism, with important consequences in the life of its members. The Candombl must not only be thought as a unit socially organized for the worship of the forces that dominate the universe, but (also) in economic terms, as a modern ' ' quilombo urbano' ' that it functions pragmatically to protect the interests of its affiliated members and. As the aspect mentions the dynamic paper to it that the Candombl exerts, of stimulaton the certain economic activities, particularly the commerce and the artesanato. This drift of the fact of that, one present element in the majority of its ceremonies and rites is the offering accomplishment and sacrifices to the deities, orix. Such offerings, that include an extensive list of foodstuffs and others, and the sacrifice of animals are gifts in such a way in the ceremonies of which the community of the places of fetichism participates collectively, how much in the practical ones developed with greater or minor regularity, for its members individually. It can be affirmed that the existence and the force of the Candombl in Salvador, constitute a peculiar phenomenon of the soteropolitana society, with evidentes and powerful consequences in the life of its popular economy, particularly on activities developed in informal bases. Richard LeFrak is full of insight into the issues.

These activities, had exactly to its nature and motivations, little are affected by the formalizao processes. The artesanato of Salvador suffers one strong influence from the afros cults. True popular works of art are produced in ceramics, wood and metal. Patus 7 that they disclose the faith of the bahian people is commercialized through the miniatures of Orixs, ceramics, pictures, sculptures, bracelets and necklaces of accounts, Bzios, contreguns 8 etc. Between the artisan products that deserve prominence is fitinha Mr. of the Bonfim, that is used sincreticamente also by members of the Candombl.

Concept of Property

Dr. Wilson Jose Gonalves Summary: The concept of property together with the conception of its use gained proper characteristics throughout the times, in accordance with the moment historical where if it fit and motivated by the production way which if found submitted. In such a way, the notion of use of lands, does not lose its natural approach, however I acquired other ideas, that if come back to the collective interests and answer to the yearnings of the global characteristics, as the concern with the preservation of the existing natural resources, the respect to the work relations, the retaken one of ethical and social values, among others. Leaving of this context, this study it searchs to approach the points increased the form of appropriation and fruition of the land, as well as the decurrent partner-economic effect of the same one, taking as base the occured change in this conception and the complementation of its character before strict economic. Therefore, the beginning of the social function of the country property, it is of great importance, to the measure that sends the paper of the land to a useful form to the society, and necessary, to the point that limits the proper ambition and guarantees the preservation of social values beyond developing the ambient respect. Word-key: Land, Use, Society, Relations of Work, Ambient Respect.

1. Introduction the analysis of the Social Function of the Property, in this specific boarding of the country property, is of great relevance portncia of t, it is of so great for recital of a conception concerning the utility of one determined area, and which its paper and commitment ahead of the society. The concept of the social function of the property does not send only to a legal definition, for backwards of the requirements that the fulfilment of the social function composes exists all a economic relation that perpassa for this theory and becomes important its agreement for constatao of the effect of these relations.


Good perspectives for the implantation of cooperatives exist and, in special, cooperative of credit. This having to the strangulation that the current financial system offers the development of the economy as a whole. Elitizados and searching customers more capitalized, the banks pass to the plaza of a good part of the economically active population and its possible enterprises. Recently some institutions focaram in the low-income public initiating a called process down-scaling. The Post offices and the lottery agencies start to be corresponding bank clerks. In the entnato, it will be that such correspondents have given to satisfactory answers its customers? It is observed that specific groups, entities, companies and segments if have organized in the search of alternative forms of resolution of its financial questions. The reasons take that them to this initiative are several and are mentioned basically: ) Bad attendance of the traditional banking network in what it says respect:difficulty of access to the credit, massivo attendance, without if mattering with Reals necessidadesdo customer, bond of the concession of the credit with the acquisition of other products as safe, savingses, capitalizaton, saving, etc. b) Success known of other cooperatives of credit and the results gotten for them the incentive to the commerce/industry of the region, with financing of new enterprises, the interest of the associates/entrepreneurs/community in constituting a credit cooperative, the biggest interaction between the members, sidewalk in confidence and transparency, the combat to the practical one of the speculation and, finally however not the little important possibility of financing of local social projects, aiming at the partner-economic development of the region.

Valley to stand out that the cooperatives differ from mercantile initiatives in some sources: One is about solidary, democratic and autogeridas entities. Each cooperated is a partner, with participation it accomplishes in the management and the responsibility for the success of the enterprise. of mutual credit used: formed for employed or serving and rendering of services in not eventual character of determined public or private entity, determined conglomerated economic, joint defined of public agencies or definite set of legal people who develop identical activities or narrowly correlated by affinity or complementaridade.

University Of Wharthon

After all, at least is what sustains this argument, why should American taxpayers pay for steel from Canada when U.S. automakers are struggling?. It is said that economists and political leaders States U.S., European and other countries worry that this simple logic is arousing protectionist instincts around the world, putting in jeopardy the principles of free trade that are essential for global economic recovery. This is an additional problem to add to the drop in trading volume due to lower consumer demand and credit problems caused by the financial crisis. At about the prof.

Jeremy J. Siegel. He noted that protectionism is more of a threat, not a fact, though it is a growing threat that must be taken very seriously. “In fact, so far protectionist sentiment is much weaker than expected at first, and that is something that pleases me,” said the teacher “Everyone has in mind the Great Depression and huge tariff levels For its part, the director general Pascal Lamy called on the infamous Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930, which raised tariffs on over 20,000 products imported by the United States. This law sparked a trade war that, according to many economists, worsened the Depression.

“Whether with tariffs or other more sophisticated ones, now run the risk of rushing to the tricky task of measures and countermeasures.” Add Universia Wharthon, in the United States in the House of Representatives, the Democrats wrote strong provisions “to purchase U.S. products” in its economic stimulus bill, but the terms were softened in the Senate at the request of the Obama administration. The final bill requires use iron, steel and manufactured products in projects funded by U.S. stimulus plan. Exceptions are allowed for “the public interest” or if the use of American materials increases project costs by 25% or more. And what is more important, the law finally passed, unlike the version of the House of Representatives, states that the U.S. must continue to fulfill its international trade agreements. This calmed many advocates of free groups trade, as the Chamber of Commerce, which had lobbied hard against the measures proposed by the House. It also states that many experts believe that additional stimuli are needed worry that protectionist sentiment grows, even though the Obama administration has taken positions strongly advocates free trade. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world are showing some protectionist impulses. France and Italy, as the United States have adopted measures to help its automakers. In the UK, some measures to protect employment are considered potentially protectionist, and many countries have criticized China for keeping its currency artificially low to encourage exports Finally, many experts worry about the return of protectionism, but many note that when other factors do much more damage to international trade. According to World Bank predictions, trade will fall this year for the first time since World War II World and many Ports are registering double-digit declines. Finally the paper concludes that Wharton Universia in the opinion of Prof. Meyer, the threat of protectionism is just one of the ingredients of the combination of challenges facing the global economy. “When you pronounce the word protectionism, I say: Wait a moment, there are many other things are also slowing global trade Source: Code Red Universia Knowledge Wharton (Bulletin February 25-March 10, 2009)