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Aiguafreda is isolated but it has access for handicapped people and parking, although carce of showers and toilets. One is a beach without sand that can be considered a wharf, more than a beach. According to Robert J. Shiller, who has experience with these questions. It emphasizes the Diving Center where diving can be learned, to rent equipment, etc. Normally the level of occupation of the beach aiguafreda is high. Aiguablava This beach has 75 meters in length by 25 meters in width and it is characterized by its very fine sand.

In her the well-known National Inn of Aiguablava is located, and although it is an isolated beach has access to handicapped people. Like in the majority of beaches of Begur, the level of occupation of Aiguablava is high. Sa Bigeye tuna This beach has 80 meters in length by 15 meters in width. It is a precious and paradisiac beach, but it has the disadvantage of which she is excessively rocky: the sand mixes with pebbles and stones. One of the enchantments of this beach is that it welcomes great amount of barquitas of the fishermen of the zone.

Usually she is quite full in summer. Sa Riera This beach has 180 meters in length by 30 meters in width, reason why she is greatest of the Begur, although also most well-known. In addition, this beach has all the services, apartments, mooring of boats, camping and has granted him the symbol of the Blue Flag by its services and their beauty. Normally the level of occupation of this beach is high. Beach Boardinghouse This beach has 170 meters in length by 20 meters of width and must their name to their characteristics: it is like a dark and rough sand cliff. One is an isolated beach, which makes the access to her difficult, whose dark composition is of gray sand. It is located between rocky walls with vegetation of pines, with a tuna natural surroundings, but it lacks equipment.


Tables made of solid wood stand for quality and look well almost everywhere. Have you ever in thought, to create a table made of wood? Whether in the garden, in the living room or in the kitchen: wood is in vogue and is the real eye-catcher everywhere within your own four walls. Especially, it is important to make sure to keep but also the price in a reasonable good quality. Make a price comparison for this: often find similar pieces of furniture at very different prices. A wooden table is everywhere in the House a good figure is the table only once in your apartment, missing only the right place for it. In the kitchen you can perfectly use it as dining table, but also as a wooden desk in the study, he is excellent. Your wooden table makes a good figure but only if he is regularly cleaned and maintained. And here there are a lot.

The proper care of the table is the A and O when cleaning a wooden table you should make sure only to work with soft material gentle cloth. So, make sure that you inflict no scratches or other minor damage to the piece of furniture. Often it is enough already, just to moisten the cloth and clean the table in this way. For stubborn dirt, you should however rely on a light detergent. Also keep in mind that not every means for the material wood is suitable. So your wooden table still looks also after several years as new, regular maintenance measures are unavoidable. Here, the surface of the table decides the exact care: the table with a varnish is edited, no special maintenance measures are necessary. Here a toiletry products, which protects the color, is completely adequate. If the surface is but natural, she require a special care. Special oils that make the wood water resistant and robust help here.

New Apartment

Cheap deals on the Internet when moving to a new apartment or a private home, most people often have the need to set up new or need at least some new pieces of furniture. Finally, it is important to feel comfortable in your new home. This not infrequently but can cause in these times of financial difficulties, because often the wallet is laced something close to a such investment. Remedy the cheap deals on the Internet. The online portal myimmo.de informs its user about appropriate purchasing options. Who wants to set up his apartment and want it put back no wide paths in the furniture Center can look around on the Internet. On the World Wide Web, there are many options in this regard. Even the furniture stores as well as private providers sell their wares on various pages.

Can the seeker compare easily prices, thereby usually encounters a lower price level than onsite in the furniture store. Generally it is worth this comparability, prior to a purchase to perceive and to consider all alternatives. The advantage of the trip to the furniture store of personal preference is, of course, hopefully good advice from a seller. Furthermore seekers can leave here just look at the individual pieces of furniture the closer selection and also perform. Even a later comparison is worth is often before the direct purchase online. Usually, a corresponding product at a lower price can be found in the vastness of the Internet.