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Height Sensor

The recommended mounting height sensor with a standard lens from 2 to 2.4 m above the floor. Robert J. Shiller may help you with your research. Sensors with a lens of “curtain” have coverage 120 gr. installed on the ceiling or wall, and serve mainly to “cut off” window and door openings. Sensors with a lens of “corridor” formed a narrow, long and 30 – 40 and even up to 100 m zone of control, the height of the installation of about 1 m. For the “long range” sensors require accurate alignment. Installation and configuration of sensors. Properly mounted sensor must cover the maximum area of the alleged invasion, furniture, curtains, doors, etc.

should not be escape the control zone sensor. Keep in mind that the lowest sensitivity in the sensor will be when a person goes straight at him, and the largest package crosses the control zone, perpendicular or at an angle. That reduce the likelihood of false positives, do not send probes to the sources of heat, batteries, etc. convection of air entering from the street into the room, just not desirable, because – for the temperature difference, there may be false operation, is also not recommended to place (install) the sensor unit in the vicinity of GSM alarm, since the radiation from the phone while his work may be false positives. It is desirable to have the sensor on the block signaling at least 1 meter. Sensitivity of the sensor can also be affected by direct sunlight on the lens sensor.

When mounting the sensor should not touch the mirror pyroelement hands, as in a mirror are traces, it also reduces the sensitivity of the sensor. As a rule, a fee in the sensor housing can be adjusted, it needs to release the screw that secures the card by sliding it up, the area controlled by the sensor is shifted closer to the sensor, and lowering the fee zone remote. Alarm active infrared barriers principle of this group of sensors next; transmitter emits infrared pulses of a certain frequency, the receiver, in turn, receives these pulses, strengthens them and gives to the reader, which tracks the number of them. Ate in the range of the sensor appears barrier, and part of the pulse does not reach the receiver, the alarm will be triggered. Typically, the barriers are paired, that is, in one case two transmitters, two receivers in the other, arranged vertically above each other at no great distance. This is done to reduce the probability of false alarm, the sensor will work only if on both channels when a wake-up signal. The transmitter and receiver are mounted so that they were located on one axis and the alignment sensor, you should try to get as much signal on the receiver, and record blocks in this position. This type of sensor is not seldom used as fire detectors, infrared barriers by setting the ceiling. Usually it is large in size and height of the room, where it is not possible or not advisable the use of smoke detectors. When ignited in the room, the smoke blocks the infrared pulses sent by the transmitter, the receiver does not receive them, in connection with what and triggers an alarm.

Apple Iphone

Description and review of Apple iPhone 3GS 32GBv online store SoMarkets.narod.ru Here is the third version of the legendary phone Apple Iphone 3G S 32Gb. This is an updated version in 2009 with a 32 Gb flash memory, a new advanced camera, shoot video clips at 30 frames per second, support for HSDPA, a faster processor and a capacious battery. The phone is made in the form factor – candybar with no protruding elements. The first version of the phone made a kind of revolution in the market mobile devices. Iphone 3Gs continues the tradition of ancestor. Otherwise, the model has retained all the features of the ancestor. This is an original design, in which there are no protruding elements, even buttons. Button so do all one.

The huge touch screen (the pride of Apple Iphone 3GS 32Gb), controlled by the fingers (and manage them – a great pleasure to realize multiple screen touch, a touch of different lengths, etc.) and, of course, beautiful operating system from Apple, which impresses with the grace and ease of use. Housing iPhone 3G S is a mixture of conciseness and elegance. Slim, regular shape, with rounded corners. Absolutely monochrome painting (not including metal edging around the perimeter), which gives the phone a monolithic areolas and concentration. Here you do not see any neon inserts, or layers of the same type of plastic on the other. All possible simple and yet stylish. Not for nothing that this model is the first image. Generally, as you know, all products of Apple to treat any and buy it more often as a stylish gadget status.

Memory Cards

Availability (connectivity) memory card to store photos, videos, etc. There are several types of memory cards used in mobile phones. MultiMediCard (MMC) card format mmc has a small size – 24h32h1, 4 mm. Jointly developed by SanDisk and Siemens. mmc has a memory controller and has a high compatibility with devices of various types. Reduced-Size MultiMediCard (RS-MMC) memory card, which is half the length of a standard card mmc. Its dimensions are 24x18x1, 4 mm, and weight – about 6 g, all other characteristics did not differ from the mmc. To ensure compatibility with existing standard mmc cards using the RS-MMC adapter needed.

Secure Digital Card (SD Card) Supports companies SanDisk, Panasonis and Toshiba. In size and characteristics are very similar to the mmc, only slightly thicker. The main difference from mmc – copyright protection technology: the card has a cryptographic from unauthorized copying, enhanced data protection against accidental erasure or destruction. (mini SD) Flash Card new standard miniSD. From standard cards Secure Digital (32h24h2.1 mm) are smaller 21.5h 20h1.4 mm.

To ensure the card in devices with conventional SD-card slot, an adapter is provided. Memory Stick (MS) This Standard memory is developed and maintained by Sony. Card dimensions – 21,5 h50h2, 8 mm. Housing is strong enough. At the moment – it is the most expensive memory of all presented. Based on ms Sony Company has developed a miniature memory module, called the Memory Stick Duo (MSD), whose dimensions are 20h31h1, 6 mm.

Cadiz Housing

In the cities of Cadiz, Huelva and Seville, were evacuated numerous headquarters, housing … but fortunately, in this case, only produced cracks in some buildings. On June 30, 2007, an earthquake of intensity 4.4 on the Richter scale, occurred at 5:53 pm with its epicenter in Moron de la Frontera (Sevilla), feeling in Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Sevilla, which also caused the evacuation of several buildings and caused multiple calls to 112. On July 5, 2007, in Carboneras (Almeria) sank a coal chute, about a group of eight workers, with a tragic toll of four dead and four injured workers. Generally, any sinking or sliding for any reason there is a possibility of people still buried alive, which urgently require half demonstrably rapid detection and effective (Method Chest) to carry out their search and rescue, in time before the occurrence of death from various causes clinics. All Dog Rescue Units existing in the autonomous community of Andalusia (UCR Fire Department of the City of Malaga, UCR Fire Consortium Huelva, UCR Fire Department of the City of Huelva, UCR Consortium Cadiz Fire , UCR Fire Department of the City of Granada, UCR Fire Department of the Municipality of Cordova, Fire Consortium and the Fire Department UCR Seville City Council) have been formally trained, assessed and certified training program and intervention Method Chest, with official results proved very positive and conducting the courses regulated by the relevant official Service Training Section Fire Fighting and Rescue of HE. Seville City Centre and also officially signed with the School of Public Security of Andalusia, such as ESPAM, School of Public Safety of the City of Malaga School Fire Training Consortium of Cadiz. .