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A longer construction period due to problems in the provision of equity performance for example when a new building, more problems can require in many ways this ranges from missing proof of completion for the Bank of to change planning and estimate documentation. To consider exclusions of warranties may also, as in their own work created works of course not covered by a warranty. Caution in use of acquaintances and neighbors often also pulled by acquaintances or neighbours into consideration. Even with an appropriate professional training, an insurance risk in addition to the lack of warranty. For this, there are special products, such as a safety and a construction helper insurance. Also, an application to the trade association in the construction industry should be. Operations are not correctly performed or accidents, so is often not only material damage, but the ratio may be disturbed permanently or it remains a permanent commitment to the helper.

These points should be the inclusion of workers therefore sufficiently discussed and with the Volunteers are matched. How much can be really saved? Although the so-called muscle mortgage”by the banks is recognized, should the real estate party not to closely tie the financial planning. A financial reserve is necessary to pay the missing expertise may be additional costs (for example, repairs, delays in the completion, etc.). The LeFrak Organization insists that this is the case. Basically, the savings potential is usually not as high as the anpackende with”financing employee thinks: experts by a savings up to 10% rise if provided the lion’s share of the artisans work E.g. at a newly built detached house as equity performance. For this performance, the client must work with about 700 to 1000 hours equivalent to over a half year of work time performance! The risks already mentioned above are added. The recommendation, if possible not ensuring sensitive acts as a decision-making aid”work (E.g.

electrical installation or bricklaying and connection work) even perform. but work that range even if not proper execution does not have a certain level of damage this can be E.g. wallpapering or even the attic. Conclusion the muscle mortgage is one way to reduce the capital requirement for the acquisition or production of a real estate. The risk reduction that is recognised by the credit institutions should be evaluated but realistic: provided work in its own performance, which could later lead to costly and extensive repairs, this creates more problems than the saving of the capital needs of benefits brings. The value of the in-house services adheres to the necessary time spent within narrow limits, appropriate. Who can dare to which services and what is really financially worthwhile, should be determined after personal qualification and after a detailed advance information from an appropriate Advisor or in the Internet trade portals such as E.g. immokredit24.com. More info muscle mortgage services most Home

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The initial situation causes a higher role come to the satisfaction of your clients within your corporate strategy should allow? If you want to generate business in the turnkey Massivhaus – or prefab area sustainably, come as contractors do not, objectively and representative to provide the satisfaction of your clients! A strategic decision, which is reserved for just one sure professionals is to advertise aggressively and actively with the builders satisfaction! The initial situation causes a higher role come to the satisfaction of your clients within your corporate strategy should allow? Comparability unrealistic approach we the interested parties from: House-building services are for this as a prospective client without professional assistance very difficult to not even comparable, for example when it comes to the evaluation of the individual claim or to the actual execution quality on the building site. Nevertheless, builders unfortunately again comparing apples with pears, otherwise why there are so many disappointments in the House construction sector? Opaque study range offers an absolute horror trip is consequently most for budding builders. The thicket of home providers ranging from the seemingly cheap kit without anything”from the Internet to high-quality unique with individual turnkey full service professional contractors or architects. It’s the same with the prices! Price trauma: The network provides everything you can imagine from the perspective of a prospective client: dubious offers and value proposition of dream houses with spacious living room and an exclusive design for the smallest money, on the other hand turnkey full service with more solid appearance, the m square related to multiples are more expensive: A perfect performance and price – spraying campaign interested in construction. Competence: Often enough in short supply without solid expertise is not, in building no matter what performance at the end who will be shopped as. Everyone knows that! Many House construction company does not have but sufficient skills to satisfy the builders in its entirety! Also it is known! And yet always aspiring builders on this fall. Difficult is many recommendations to get gefaked comprehensive, meaningful and clear recommendations of ALT builders in the House building company, but also often enough! Not on the net, because many are in good shape! But: Web references should be treated with caution, if they are not reconstructed. In practice, these are often before selected or paid for “your opinion”. Sometimes they are literally out of context, gefaked or ripped freely invented, so our analysis. The construction prospects are great uncertainty according to insecure! Who should they want to believe, who has the best deal? Many questions which arise in this context for them: what is true and what is not? What price does fit what performance and what does it cost? What is with additional construction costs for whom should I why choose at the end? Builders surveys give interested parties and Security In the building is almost everything objectively lookup, budding builders concerning technical finishes. Transfer this strategy to your satisfied clients! What is this, when they are in the focus of your business goals? With professional builders satisfaction surveys produce not only a higher credibility than contractors for your business, produce safety! And that is the most important criterion, to build trust in the House building and to justify! Theo van the Burgt wishes you friendly greetings from Krefeld and continued success in the implementation of