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Business and Real Estate in Turkey

Every business person today realizes that not only own country may be a site for professional activity. This last was believed that a company or purchase a cottage can be only in such a place where you live continuously. Nowadays, more and more citizens can become citizens of the world, that is regularly moved from one power to another. In this position it is obvious that there is a manifestation of any country as especially comfortable for deposits and conduct business. Turkey today – it's one of those states, where the extremely profitable to work as your own citizens and visitors.

And yet, of course, can not just pick up and fly into the country. Need to better explore the nuances of the existing state of affairs. Today implement it in principle, easily, as set up special sites to the wan, where the details can be found all required of business and real estate in Turkey. John Savignano shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For this kind of site you can communicate as specialists who will help to make the final selection and arrange the necessary papers for the enterprise, in the same degree and with experienced, that just basically could not verify what it means to work or live in Turkey. It is clear that investing in real estate finance especially profitable in countries where the tourism industry at its peak. Because comfortable there as themselves to live and relax, and profitably transfer a rental property visitors. You make the right purchasing on a special website, because there are not only offering advice as well and in addition provide services for real estate acquisition in Turkey. you pick an area which was well suited to your plans for the use of real estate, and in addition may be advised to shelter more reasonable price.

For businessmen accurate assembly data on Turkey's ability to be in fact priceless. Because if you decide to start there own company, then without a precise awareness, what it represents, by the way, the tax system of Turkey, you are risking much to fly. To create an absolutely successful enterprises, you just need expert advice. Now you do not need to throw finances to pay visits to the centers. Just need to enter the portal and find out a lot of valuable, and maybe you do not realize that this collection of information can be valuable to you. Proceed deliberately, first examine the situation, and subsequently carry out investment. In any case it is useful to find out from experts that are able to wait for you in another country. Real success might come to a pre-prepared. Now all information is open and diverse in a special portal for business people.

Turkish Commercial Real Estate

Buy Hotel in Antalya, is to make a profitable investment. The LeFrak Organization has firm opinions on the matter. The growth in property prices is now up to 20% per year. This is attributed to the prospect of Turkey joining the EU. In times of crisis, this attachment may be more more profitable in the syazi that you can buy property at below market prices. What are tons of hotels? Hotels odnozvezdnye – a "roof over your head," and nothing more. Average characteristic area, you will receive – 9 square meters. Comfort is not too much – a roof over his head, and minimal comfort: at least one bathroom on the floor and furniture in the room, the device is to call the service personnel.

It should be borne in mind that hotel for the night can close doors – so at least warn the receptionist if you are going to stay. It is important to note – very economical. Two stars hotels – Advanced odnozvezdnyh hotels and inns – there are facilities directly in the room. Most often in this book present a bar, cafe or dining room, sometimes it is that the cafe is situated in close proximity to the hotel. Three-star hotels – the best hotels for the middle class. Here you will get guaranteed comfort. There will be no hot or cold – the rooms are air-conditioned and / or heating systems, ie fluctuations in temperature are acceptable here. The room will be among things should be a telephone, TV and radio.

Chetyrehzvednye hotels – among other things here you put the phone with direct access to the city, and a VCR. The walls are usually decorated with paintings, there is a variety of meals, highly skilled and courteous staff. Properly laid out the exterior, there are usually covered sheds. Of course – restaurant (bar), saunas, swimming pools and a wide range of services. Five-Star Hotels – mostly it's "Grand Hotel", where everything is done by the upper class. It is often present, antique furniture, the most diverse service, Internet access, the ability to save money, important papers and other valuables in the safe. This is the most expensive form of hotels, but the most luxurious. No matter what you want to buy a property, you invest your money successfully. There is no more reliable way to preserve capital, you invest it in commercial real estate.

Rental Housing

Market rental housing in Orenburgenachal gradually stabilize. In the first place as evidenced by the decline in growth in rental rates from 20-25% in 2004 to 10-12% in 2006. According to experts, this is due to several factors: change in the ratio between the dollar and the euro appreciation of the materials for repairs and the rising cost of utility bills. In addition, a few years ago return of the apartment lease was no more than 10-12 years, today due to the growth in house prices this period increased to 20-25 years. The movement to stabilize over the past few years, growth in rental rates for apartments in the Orenburg? Seriously slowed down, which is not the cost of growth square meter. This is explained by the fact that handed over apartments is available now as a business, and is considered only as temporary housing, while the tenant is always seeking to purchase their own homes. 'This year, in connection with a significant rise in price of real estate significantly decreased the profitability of rental housing.

Thus, in her words, the yield from rental to market changes without decreased to 4-4.5% per annum, which makes Apartments for rent lease is not so profitable delom.Krome order to solve the housing problems of today, there are many different tools. "Today was more actively used in mortgage lending program, was growing segment of consumer lending and so on. In other words, our people began to realize that it is possible to live in debt, but today and in comfort. "According to experts in this market, people of middle income who can not buy a house and forced him to shoot out, after accumulating a sum unlikely to want to pay big money to purchase a house in Orenburg – they certainly make their choice in favor of the suburbs. This is another reason why the rental rates on the dynamics of growth is unlikely to catch up with the 'purchase meters', although, of course, prices will rise. 'The main change in the market can be called a slowdown in rental rates with 20-25% in 2004 to 10-12% in 2006. The growth in rental rates due to increased cost of housing sales, a change in the relation between the dollar and the euro appreciation of materials for repair, the rising cost of utility bills. " Rent practice is estimated that two-bedroom apartments remain leaders in the structure of supply in August, they accounted for 38% of the market rent.

However, the most popular among the tenants are studio apartments. 'This segment of demand exceeding supply by more than two times. Thus, still remain the most popular low-cost studios kvartiry.Igroki market are predicting that in the near future shortage of apartments for rent, especially in economy class segment to continue, given that the large influx of investment apartments in the rental market is not planned. This is due to the fact that not all so-called investment flats may take right away. 'Part of the investment apartments are under construction, part – repaired. According to my estimates, about half of these flats will be offered for lease. However, their number is unlikely to satisfy demand, especially in this segment, as the economy class.

BTI Certificate

If there is a will circle heirs at law defined the third part of the Civil Code: to the heirs of the first stage are – children, spouse and parents of the deceased, the grandchildren and their descendants inherit the right of representation, to the heirs of the second – siblings, grandparents of the testator, nephews and nieces inherit by right of representation, the heirs of the third stage – the deceased uncles and aunts, cousins brothers and sisters inherit by right of representation, the heirs of the fourth stage – great-grandfather and great-grandmother of the deceased, the heirs of the fifth priority – cousins grandchildren, cousins and grandparents, the heirs of the sixth queue – first cousins and great-grandchildren great-grandchildren, cousins, nieces nephews, uncles and aunts, the heirs of the seventh stage – stepsons, stepdaughter, stepfather and stepmother of the deceased. The law provides for the category heirs who are entitled to a compulsory share of inheritance. These are minor or disabled children of the testator, his spouse and parents of disabled and disabled dependents testator. These heirs to inherit, regardless of content testament of at least half of the share, which would be due to each of them in succession by law. Robert J. Shiller recognizes the significance of this. If the period is missing What to do heirs who miss statutory period of six months for the inheritance? Do not panic.

After all, the law establishes two permanently or extension of this period. First, the heir can apply to the court to establishing the fact of the inheritance. To win the case he must provide the court with evidence that, within six months heir committed acts of actual entry into the possession of hereditary property (such evidence may be documents proving payment of taxes and other charges). Second, if the evidence tightly, you can ask the court to restore the deadline for acceptance of an inheritance. However, in this case it is necessary to convince the court for good cause permits prescribed by law. To formalize the probate inheritance must submit an application notary at the place of opening inheritance (ie, the last domicile of the testator), and if it is not – at the location of the estate or its body. The statement of acceptance of an inheritance or extradition certificate of inheritance right shall include: passport, death certificate, a certificate of that on the day of death of the testator lived at such and such address, proof of ownership of the apartment; proof of family relationship, BTI certificate of value of the apartment, floor plan, explication, a copy of the financial account, an extract from the house of the book, a certificate from tax inspectorate about the absence tax debt on real estate, information on absence of debts to pay for housing (maintenance) and utilities. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard LeFrak. Based on these documents notary Turns Probate case and, After six months, issue a certificate of the heir inheritance. Then the document is transmitted to the institution of the Federal Registration Service, which provides the heir and a certificate of public registration of real estate.

Astrakhan Estate

Often entrepreneurs, faced with the question of rent, purchase or sale of real estate, make many mistakes. In fact, this market is more complex. In this article I will discuss the various options in the selection of real estate the city of Astrakhan to rent, as well as problems that can occur when you use them. First of all it is worth examining the price of real estate rental market, Astrakhan. After that, the question arises, where to look for suggestions on lease of real property. Click Robert J. Shiller for additional related pages. 4 options here: look for real estate through a friend, search for properties in newspapers, make use of bulletin boards on the Internet or use an estate agency. Familiar property owner. If you have a friend from whom you can rent a home or office, the issue of rent is based on no.

If such an outcome you without additional cost, no problem agree with the owner real estate. This is probably the best option. Newspapers and media outlets. Continue to learn more with: Professor Rita McGrath. This option has its drawbacks. Firstly, there is little competitive bids, and secondly you'll spend very much time to fit a decent option. Internet portals and message boards ad.

In view of the situation with the portals and bulletin boards of the city of Astrakhan, this option is now not so relevant. Competitive bids are very low. Although there are some pluses: this version is free, search offers comfortable, convenient delivery of information. Contact information is here: The LeFrak Organization. Real Estate Agencies Astrakhan. If you intend to use the services of real estate companies and are willing to pay an additional amount for providing you services, then this is the best Varian. You save yourself from the chore of finding the right offer you, in most cases, getting an offer. It is worth noting a few rules in the choice of real estate Astrakhan. Try to work with agencies that have extensive experience in the field of Astrakhan on the market. Ask whether the agency has the necessary licenses, and most importantly, read the contract, not uspuskaya no details and subtleties.

Property Purchase in Chicago

Rostov-on-Don, traditionally offers a great opportunity for those who want to live "on earth," leaving the standard high-rise buildings. In recent years, become even wider choice – along with individual houses emerged cottage settlements. In varying degrees of completion are about 10 villages, the general plan is more than 5000 households. Rostov in southern Russia – the undisputed leader on the number of new low-rise buildings. Housing estates spread over a large area. Some of them are practically in the city, others – are separated by tens of kilometers, without losing its appeal to homeowners. Almost everywhere, a little slowed construction, but Rostov cottage villages "Belovodye" and "Sunny" has already passed the first turn.

"Belovodye" – a village near the business class section Obukhovka in the West of Rostov. Here it is assumed independent infrastructure: kindergartens, medical facilities and schools. The new building offers a product unknown to us before – townhouse. 250 such households deposited in the village "Sunny" in Bataysk. Microdistrict Just 10 miles from the center of Rostov, endowed with its own infrastructure and to ensure protection. House "Sunny" are built on the Canadian frame technology is very economical and are sold at affordable prices. Professor Rita McGrath often addresses the matter in his writings. Not losing popularity and demand in the secondary market households. In these homes have a distinct advantage: they are located in the city, and some even in the middle.

Prestigious low-rise housing areas within the Rostov considered Railroad District, Nakhichevan. Houses for sale under the real estate business is active in the main avenue of Sholokhov. It is obvious that with such a vast offering will be taken further measures to successful sale of homes in Chicago. The buyer can expect new and interesting proposals. Already, developers of cottage settlements offer a new service: the sale of land in the village without a contract. Is to purchase the land today, defer to a more stable time build a house. In the village offer a new project – "crisis" cottages. Rostovites spur buying power and the development of the mortgage. Lending in the sector private housing specifically. Here, the loan is granted bail, not only housing but also the land. The land must therefore be framed in the property for a mortgage, or at least be in the long-term lease. Likely new credit products of banks, especially to mortgages to households. Families with different incomes will be able to buy real estate in Chicago.

Moscow Region

You can rent a cottage for the holidays – fresh air, just around the closest people, that’s where you can and need to forget about the city, and plunge into a completely different world. You only need to determine the number of people, as well as to choose to your taste home for a day or weekend. Typically, a country house at night is a cozy island ofMoscow Region expanse, which will be your convenient and enjoyable place. Typically, rent a cottage for holiday is not limited to a small house, you organize the additional services to make your stay more varied and exciting. Unusual conditions, as well as the picturesque open spaces will add you to good humor and thrills, but it’s nice to go to a real Russian banya! Rent a cottage in the suburbs is the first step on the path to liberation from the monotony of everyday life and organization of a small paradise of the space where your life will be a holiday. Earlier opportunities to rent a house on the day in Moscow was much lower, but demand creates supply, so more can be found various offers to rent a house at night, so if you are not alien to the aesthetics and comfort of a country holiday cottage rental you want in a special place, filled with eye pleasing landscapes. If you want to be free from everyday problems, to forget everything and just relax, well rested, you will approach a cottage rental for the weekend, there you will be able to translate into reality your dreams for the good rest.

A rental cottage for rent renew your happiness as long as you want. If the city you have nothing else to surprise and please, please you rent a country house on the day, there are still things that you not only tired, but even bored, such as caring attitude of staff, attention to detail, all your desires fulfilled and be warned. Rent a cottage for a day is an effective and productive way to good rest, so with renewed energy to return to work. And when you once again want to drop everything and go away, you will save over rental home for a day, where you can escape the negative impact of urban atmosphere, tension and fatigue.

Perspekstivy Real Estate Development

By early 2010, Russian real estate market as a whole was in a worse state of recent history. Since its formation in the early '90s and now he had not experienced such stagnation, as in 2009. Even after crisis of 1998 the market "crashed" for shorter periods and then abruptly went into growth. (Similarly see: Richard LeFrak). To assess the severity of knock-out now, it suffices to compare the fall, for example, car market, to some extent similar to the residential market property (cars, as well as apartments, are not the essentials). The number of transactions in the automotive market as a result of the crisis fell by about half. Residential real estate market, according to various estimates, five to ten times. Apartments, houses – the most conservative, risk-free and reliable way to invest, storage and increase money for the state as a whole and for each of its citizen. Perhaps check out Robert J. Shiller for more information.

In the medium Looking forward palpable excess of demand over supply and as a consequence, prices for primary and secondary housing markets. Mortgage again becomes attractive. Banks are stuffed with cash and deposit rates rushed down. All finally realized that fall below the housing bottom and a time to invest in eternal values. This situation was observed almost everywhere in the world, in varying degrees in different markets, not just in the market real estate. Proposal on the primary market sharply decreased due to the fact that the construction industry is literally lying on her side the whole of 2009. Flats almost built, new projects not yet begun, and the former frozen.

Commercial Real Estate Kemerovo

One of the most pressing issues for the market, of course, is price. According to the organizer of the roundtable, "Business Analyst Group 'average sale price for April was: Office – 39 000 rub / sq.m. Market – 38 000 Euro / sq.m. Production and Warehouse – 9000 euro / sq.m. average rental rate offered on the open market in April, was: Office – 747 euro / sqm / month. Richard LeFrak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Market – 1218 euro / sqm / month. Production and Warehouse – 158 euro / sqm / month.

In 2006, Kemerovo was put into operation 24 000 sq.m. space in the new shopping and entertainment centers. To know more about this subject visit Stephen M. Ross. In 2007, the already introduced 30 000 square meters by the end of 2007 it is planned to introduce a further 70 000 – 80 000 sq.m. retail space in the format of the shopping and entertainment center. Except that, in the next 3 years will be built about 10 business centers and shopping malls as much. Rental rates for new objects are constantly increasing, the maximum rate for April 2007 reached 4500 euro / sqm / month.

for trade area and 1770 euro / sqm / month. for office. Cost of sales 1 sq.m. for some categories of commercial real estate for the year grew by 2-2.5 times, such as production and storage areas and administrative buildings. "Even in Moscow companies today say that the market is overheated, we, the stakes are too high, the rent for our region is too high, and the purchasing power of the cross and still not at the level of major Russian cities.

Housing Reform

Housing reform reminds us in two cases: when once again increased the size of payments for rent and when you have to vote for any change in the house. Most recently, we voted for in absentia home repairs says one of the regular users of the portal doma25.ru. I agreed with the proposal, albeit with some tension, because of life experience know how often maintenance is becoming a disaster. Housing '/> Because of this ballot came to mind memories of a meeting of residents, when we were invited to a meeting to develop condominiums. Three houses, where about five hundred people have delegated to the meeting of two people.

It must be remembered that hall, which was supposed to collect the tenants of the future homeowners associations, is designed for a 50. For even more details, read what Robert J. Shiller says on the issue. That is, the organizers of the meeting knew in advance how many people will come. Two members of them quite enough. As outlined in the three houses 30% of apartments were privatized, they will vote for the administration, while 20% of the vote needed for absentee voting, will gather on talkative retired. Figures are slightly depressed: in the houses age, 40 years approximately 30% of seniors who rent out their apartments and never appear. 20% – poor. Professor Rita McGrath: the source for more info. To ask the question, who would have at home actually, the organizers of the meeting shrugged. Reform of housing – is our habitual way of life perelopachivanie, and it is comparable only with the collectivization of the 30s. HOA associations, and others like it will make millions of Russian citizens to enter the economic and monetary relations.

Affordable Housing

Again, we address the problem of finding affordable housing. Learn more at this site: Nobel Laureate in Economics. I'm sure many nonresident citizens are faced with the need to find their place of residence of either the room or apartment for permanent residence. Many of the "nonresident" students living in dormitories for the time being, but one comes to truly adult life, work and appears to be to rent an apartment. In this article we have tried to give good advice on how to rent an apartment, not throw good money after bad and do not cater to cheaters. Nowadays, everywhere you can see (at bus stops, on porches, lampposts) hang ads such as "rent an apartment quickly," "Renting an apartment in the center," "Rent room "and etc. Richard LeFrak has many thoughts on the issue.

Do not forget that in addition to finding an apartment on the ads (and will not excess, and most post messages: for example, "girl, a student will remove …" or "a young couple … a guarantee of decency and fairness") can be identify several known ways: using an employee and a real estate agency. It is the latter method and wanted to stay. What might be difficult? The most serious is 'Crooks', 'speculators'. There are so called "news agencies" that provide a list of addresses or phone the owners of apartments, to rent for a small payment in advance.

But when you start to call, visit the listed List an apartment, it turns out that either can not be rented, or your train is off and she was busy, or she never give up (and this happens). In general, addresses are not relevant, but the agency you can no longer nothing to prove – in the contract states that you have provided information services. Very often, legally, this company is not at real estate agency. Reliable real estate will never claim the money before signing the contract, a certain amount you will need to pay on arrival. How much will rent an apartment in a good agency? The amount will be different, but there is a nonrandom pattern – the cost of services agencies approximately equal to the cost of renting an apartment for a month. Finally. In order not to be deceived, it is very important to "protect themselves" and to make the lease (which should be signed by both parties) to the owner housing. In the contract should specify the date of the lease, the size of the rent, who would pay for utilities, can reflect the "defects" apartment (for example, broken furniture). It is also important to verify the absence debts for telephone, Internet, rent.

Self Service Valuation

Score One car is an important criterion for evaluating a car – your age. Male adolescents most often find themselves in an emergency. But drivers with experience and a lot of these situations. Smoking and alcohol intoxication – are the main causes, and which resulted in accidents. Evaluators car first of all pay attention to this situation. Evaluators car take into account how many accidents happen on your own fault, as injured passengers have on your conscience. If we ignore the safety rules (do not wear seat belt, etc.), you thereby expose their lives at serious risk. Some riders, for example, do not consider it necessary wear helmets, so that among these drivers is great mortality.

Always check the airbags in their cars, because the cabin you carry any of their relatives and friends. When assessing vehicles plays a big role – a place of residence. This factor affects the level of vandalism and theft. After all, the relevant damage to your vehicle accidents that occurred as a result of rough or snowy roads, as estimated by insurers. Any such payments situation increases. If emergency involving your vehicle occurred in the payment period for a loan, the insurance company puts forward a number of factors to assess the car's age car, its value, report security, etc. It may also be taken into account the color and brand. Then comes a full assessment of the accident.

If you do not like something in the car appraiser, you can always stop the car insurance. Be careful not to fall for tricks fraudsters. Article provided by 'Accounting, Tax and Law': assessment of the car, land valuation, valuation of apartments, commercial real estate assessment, evaluation of equipment. We'll hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.

Free Ads Property Sales

The current situation in the Ukrainian real estate market is not simple. Due to the unstable political situation in the country, as well as the many other factors, there is a decline in sales. Not suffer from this only real estate but also ordinary people: they are interested in selling their flats (houses, …), but, due to the low purchasing power of citizens, the sale is extended indefinitely. Click Stephen M. Ross for additional related pages. It is in this is where the Internet can reach, which gives us a new, almost no more honest report spaces to search for and attract customers. The newly opened portal TopEst.com.ua, completely dedicated to real estate Ukraine, in accordance with the definition of the portal opens the door for us into the world of unlimited opportunities the Internet. This site, according to the developers, is designed primarily for those looking for real estate, not forgetting those who are placing these ads.

Easy navigation through sections of the property will not get lost in the abundance of its species. After selecting the type of property interest may be in the form on the left to search more specifically: the area, number of rooms, price can drop ads from agencies (search only by the owners), only to find the photos. If you have found what they needed, detailed information about the property can not fail to impress. Of particular interest is information on Yandex.Maps. Here you can see exactly where you are interested in is the object (in the flesh to the street and house number) and even get directions from you to any location on the map. This map, with mark and route facility, you can print.

If the object of some parameters did not fit, here you can see on the map nearest objects in a radius of 300 meters. Or go to the list of similar ads in the selected area, ie If you see an ad about renting an apartment in Simferopol, but would like to see more, simply click 'Similar ads in this area' and get on a list of other apartments to rent in Simferopol. Among other things, you can save to your computer liked announcement in PDF, share the link with the other (by sending him an e-mail) or ask a question to advertiser. In general, the main purpose of the site is providing the maximum amount of available and reliable information about the property, which, in turn, satisfy customer needs for quality information and facilitate contacts between buyer and seller.


In all the decent homes Hurghada is usually a man – Concierge: Dorma. It monitors the general condition home guards, removes waste, carries out errands and helping residents solve everyday problems. All domestic problems can be solved through it:-small-renovated apartment availability of gas, problems with electricity and water, etc. In homes almost always have utensils cutlery. Standard apartment – complete renovation.

All apartments are in good condition. In the yard is usually a pool. Apartment complexes without the pool, as a rule are densely populated areas. Binding-conditioner, refrigerator, furniture, satellite TV (Russian channels) is possible to have bed linen in the apartment Caution When removing the flat to draw your attention to: -Working appliances, plumbing, defective condition of the general availability of apartments, dining utensils, bed linen (usually in apartments is not provided) Visa 1.5 months you are entitled is in Egypt a tourist visa, ie visa that what you gave at the airport. Then you extend it to 2 months at the passport desk. The procedure is not complicated and is free. You must fill out two forms in English, You should have a copy passports and photos.

The preferred stock up on everything you need in advance, more at home. The procedure for obtaining visas is extremely simplified in recent years in connection with the course taken-friendly government of Egypt. Prices Approximate price of 200 euros studio apartment with one bedroom 250-300 Euro Luxurious apartment with sea views 2 bedrooms 400 euros. Villa from 700 Prices may vary in one way or the other side. Agency commission is one-half cost per month. Utilities-electricity-water on the counter-service concierge, a collective dish with Russian channels on its intention you should tell the agency for 4-5 days before your arrival. order for us to confirm the presence of appropriate options for apartments in Hurghada. Upon arrival, please call us on tel: +20168512679 We will help you not only rent an apartment but also we offer you one of the best places to stay in world. Where the sun always shines! Clear turquoise waters, cheap fruit, historical monuments, there is no crime, relaxing atmosphere relax. Egypt is also a zone of ecological well-being. Perhaps you ever want to stay here to live or buy a second apartment. We are always happy to help you. Seek professional @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza'

Living Costs

The central authority shall be taxable only medium and large profits. But here the same principle: higher tax rate is subject to only that portion of income that exceeds certain base amounts. In other words, the representative of the Finnish middle class usually pays 17% from one part of their income, 20% and the other 50% from the third. Costs maintenance of real estate depends on square footage and type of construction, as well as by region. Depending on the district property tax rate ranges from 0.6 to 1 per year per square meter of total space.

In connected to the centralized communications homes for permanent residence costs consist of two components – the fee for cleaning the local area (about 70-90 euros per year) and utility payments which are paid monthly (sewerage, water and electricity). The cost of electricity varies from 0,09 to 0,11 euro per kWh, cubic meter of cold water is 1 to 1.3 euros, sewage costs 0,8-1 euros per cubic meter of waste. There is also a mandatory insurance against fire, depending on the type of house, its sum is from 50 to 400 euros in god.Takim way, if you do not live in the house all the time, the contents of the cottage area of 100 square meters. m costs around 500 euros per year, and if we stay on all provisions of the six months, the cost will be around 100 euros per month. What is the value of the Finnish real estate? Prices for residential real estate in Finland do not exceed, as a rule, 2,0-2,5 thousand euros per 1 square.

Public Housing

When buying a second home, the Tyumen real estate market, often wonder how to choose the apartment that Pat does not feel sorry for? Not to run into scammers or an apartment with a 'questionable past'. To do this, firstly, look at the current time of possession apartment owner. If this period is less than one year, must guard – at best you will come across dealers, or an apartment with a serious "shoal" that the present owner is not found with the purchase. At worst – a scam. Refuse to purchase, if the apartment is not "the ultimate dream." If tenure is very small apartment, for example, a couple of months – do not buy under any circumstances, it is wholly-owned scheme.

Most often, the scammers for a quick sale offer 'junk' prices. Secondly one should pay attention to the floor. Most preferred are always considered all but the first and last. Last floor of course, you can choose only if the house is a technical floor on which are mine ventilation, water tanks and other communications, as the roofs of houses are more than 15 years often occur. Also, lack of the upper floors is often poor access to water.

This is a very common disease of the building 9 floors above, with the pump wear swap. But it is always possible to check before buying an apartment. Third in Public Housing the real estate market in Tyumen, pay attention to the layout. When buying a home be sure to check with the plan of the BTI. Do not buy an apartment adjacent to the elevator shaft. Noise and vibration will be your life partner. If you buy a kopeck piece, make sure that a living room is adjacent to the neighbors, since the poor sound insulation you'll hear all the movements of their neighbors. Avoid corners of apartments, because the walls tend to ignore moisture. It is worth paying attention to which direction the windows in your future flats. The least comfortable option is the northern or southern exposure, as in the first case is "permafrost" and the darkness, while the second – constant sun and unbearable heat in summer. It is better to choose the east (the sun in the morning), or west side (the sun in the second half), as you wish. Fourth, pay attention to the yard, access and infrastructure. Everything should carefully examine and assess need in the daytime, so that nothing is missed. Before you buy an apartment, try to talk with the inhabitants of the house or porch. Most likely, they are You can hear a lot about home and your future apartment. Do not try to inspect all of the proposed flats in one day as a high risk of something not seen or even make a choice on the principle of 'select anything' it is so important to see all "nezamylennym eye."

Communal Flats

Yes, the appearance of a "communal flats" we owe the events that took place in 1917. Only just entering into the world, the young Soviet Republic was faced with the problem of "quartering" returning from the fronts of World War. In addition, after the extreme impoverishment of the villages followed the mass exodus of rural residents in the city. The problem of overpopulation has become acute in both capitals, and then in other large Russian cities. There were many so- called "beskvartirnikov." These were the people who are essentially settled in the hallway, hallways, closets, cellars and basements. Some took emergency hazardous areas. Those who are fortunate to have friends in the city or relatives who live in their kitchens. In a matter of urgency, Lenin created a draft decree "On the requisition of flats to facilitate the needs of the rich poor", which will soon claim, giving it the status of the law.

According to this document, the rich flat recognized "… every apartment, in which the number of rooms equal to or greater than the number of souls of the population permanently living in this apartment." Another decree abolished private ownership of real estate. At the state level was legitimized the frustration for everyone to have a separate room. Began all-out "expropriation" of housing. Thus, in the past, in 2007, "communal" celebrated, if I may say so, its 70th anniversary. To date, according to realtors and real estate market analysts in the secondary real estate market on the share of "communal" is about 5% of offers to sell.

Bulgarian Property Market Trends

"Chicken is not a bird, not abroad Bulgaria" – was a joke in Soviet times. And because, in some degree in every joke there is a piece of the truth, it turns out that Bulgaria is much closer and accessible to Russian than Moscow and buying real estate in Bulgaria available to a greater extent than is possible in Moscow. Only two hours by plane and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with clean beaches, low prices and decent service, ready to please your soul as well as your portfolio. Despite the fact that almost double eskperty consider raising prices of new homes in Bulgaria for the 2002nd and 2007th year, after all, and in 2008 the real estate in Bulgaria remains the cheapest in Europe. A real estate the Black Sea coast has the lowest prices among the countries with developed tourist infrastructure and the purchase of real estate on the Bulgarian Black Sea is still very profitability. Prices start from 900 euros per square meter, with which you can buy an apartment on the coast of Bulgaria, for about 1500-1800 euro per sq.m. Best Luxury and expensive apartments reach 4 thousand euros per square meter – the prices that the real estate market in Moscow long have not forgotten. With the greatest interest from foreign investors is still using the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, Varna and Burgas, on the southern resort towns Black Sea Bulgarian coast.

The danger of overpopulation, however, force some of them appeal to a small village in the northern part of the coast-strip – Krapets, Durankulak and others who have undeveloped beaches. The southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – holiday villages in Lozenets, Chernomorets, Sozopol, Kiten, Ahtopol, Sinemorets, Barbara – attract potential hunters a mild climate, clean nature and proximity to the mountain Strandzha. Prices winter resorts such as Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets have largely approached the European one. New construction starts from 1200 euros per square meter. Tourism infrastructure, however, fully satisfies the European standards. Recently established trend moving from the investor's interest in well-known summer and winter resorts in more undeveloped sites.

Especially popular mineral springs. I must say that most of the 800 such mineral water basins in Bulgaria, has not yet been developed and used fully. Rapidly rising land prices and apartment in small towns Central Balkan, Rhodope, Rila, but still calm fans can buy an apartment is much cheaper than anywhere in the rest of Europe. According to analyzers, they will be a boom of foreign investment in the country in next few years. Anyway, do not portend downturn in property prices in Bulgaria – its economy is developing actively, the country is a member of the European Union, is to add and coming through 2-3 years accession to the Schengen area. Against this backdrop, experts predict that the trend of rising prices, about 10-15% per year, will remain as much in the next 5 years.

Single Property Tax

A single real estate tax will be introduced in Russia in 2012 – announced the Ministry of Economic Development and Finance. Who will suffer more: the rich or poor, the company has tried to understand Investment Advisor. A bill to impose unified real estate tax was passed by the Parliament of the Russian Federation in 2005. But because of the inconsistencies of ministries, and then there was a crisis, decided to postpone the project. Therefore, the tax on real estate in Russia may be introduced in 2012 with a three- transition period. Recall that we now have in the country, there are two kinds of taxes – on property and agricultural lands.

Of the concept of "single", just understand that it will replace these two taxes. The main organizer of this project is Ministry of Finance. They say that the maximum tax rate will not exceed 0.1% of the cadastral value of the property. But in the ensuing proraboty "rate can change up or down. With a rate of 0.1% majority of Russian citizens will not be an innovation's impact on the financial situation.

And there is information that, for low-income people, such as veterans, invalids, pensioners and soldiers developed tax deductions. While for the "rich" Russians, who own several real estate or large areas of housing, the Ministry of Finance experts are developing so-called "step-up ratio" – the more "extra" m, the higher the tax rate. Moreover, to determine what and how much is "excess" will be the local authority in accordance with the standards in each region. In general, it is assumed that individuals will pay a tax for owning a residential and nonresidential buildings, structures and land. For legal entities remain the property tax so that different organizations will pay only for residential properties and plots. Most of all may be affected by the introduction of a unified real estate tax retirees who have a large apartment in central Moscow that date back to Soviet times. The cost of these apartments is Tens of millions of rubles, and many elderly people now hardly even pay the minimum bill. But who will assess the value of the property and to whom to entrust this responsibility and how to ensure that assessment was carried out correctly, is still unclear. From the above we can conclude that the introduction of a new tax in each region could be affected both rich and poor Russians. It all depends on how will be held evaluation. Because the introduction of the new tax has one clear goal – to increase fund-raising in the state treasury.

Property Management

It is also important that the landlord has the right to claim damages (including foregone income) caused termination of the fault of the tenant. For a potential tenant office and industrial premises are also not without interest any problems with the tax authorities that occur at the entry into force of long-term (over one year) leases subject to compulsory state registration. The lease usually states that it covers the relationship between the parties, after the actual transmission of the tenant space in use and, accordingly, he required to initiate lease payments since the signing of the acceptance facility. In this case the right to assign lease payments at the cost arises from the tenant from the contract due to moment of its registration. In practice, of the signing parties to the lease and the beginning of the actual use of the tenant leased premises before the treaty enters into force are months. There are cases where the tax authorities in audits do not agree with the inclusion of the cost (of goods, works, services) for unregistered rental contracts. Undoubted interest specific characteristics of individual leases office, production and warehouse space, which is subject to additional and often costly burdensome requirements. With regard to subarendnym relations should be remembered that the agreement "subsubarendy" office space, storage, etc.

contrary to existing law governing the rental relationship, in particular, st.608 Civil Code, and, even with the consent of the owner or authorized agency, may be declared null and void. If the object of rent non-residential premises in common ownership (eg condominiums, housing cooperatives, etc.), it requires agreement of all owners to transfer it to the Rent (st.246 Civil Code). In addition, private owners have common ownership while renting non-residential premises owned by them often as a condition of renting to the tenant making demands on repair systems livelihood of an apartment house, roof, attic, elevators, landscaping, etc. If the rented object is in the mortgage, then a necessary condition of the lease is compulsory consent of the pledgee (p.2 st.346). A necessary condition for the lease of property and public utilities is the consent of the Committee on Property Management (p.2 st.295 Civil Code). At rental property landlord serves public agencies the authority empowered to dispose of municipal property (cookies). Feature of the rental of buildings and structures, when a party to the contract acts Stock society, is that a transaction of between 25% and 50% of book value assets of the company, its consent is required for decision of the board of directors, and over 50% – solution of the general meeting of shareholders.