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Large Apartment

The current income situation and the introduction of a basic income is in the medium term does not change much Magdeburg, 02.12.2013. Already today many German citizens can only make a two room apartment, kitchen, bathroom. Enjoy a spacious apartment with plenty of room to live off only a few come,”says the press responsible of the MCM AG, Magdeburg. For this reason, his company is striving to create decent housing at affordable prices. Last but not least the high cost should be, so tend more and more to the 50-square meter apartment. This may be for many cities.

But as studies show, rental prices have not moved long ago at all locations in Germany upwards. In rural areas, they are even declining. It also applies to regions with weak labour market. A separation in East and West German locations seems it also not be appropriate. Although are the rents in the West German cities is still partly considerably higher than in the East. You the same but always more to and based on the income and on the other costs of living. A lunch at a hamburger restaurant is now on average significantly more expensive than that in Neuruppin.

An important reason for smaller flats is but also the rising percentage of single households. The 40.7 million in this country, consist of private households two thirds of one or two persons. And rising. It has grown in particular the number of single households from around 12 to 16.5 million between 1991 and 2012. This is however not in the newly created housing: these were in 2012 average 83 square meters so the market over. As a result their prices also by the percentage significantly lower the proportion of smaller new homes above average. In terms of the acquisition costs such as also the rents. For the MCM investor Management AG in Magdeburg, such figures are no surprise. It is present since many years in interesting real estate markets and funded a variety of new projects with profit participation rights. This includes also the renovation of existing objects in addition to the new building. And there are always more partial huge”converted flats for several smaller units.

Stefan Helmbrecht

Stefan Helmbrecht: ‘ideal times for real estate buying’ good times for those who want to call their own, a real estate: mortgage interest rates have fallen since the beginning of the year again by a half percentage point. The average APR for mortgages with five to ten-year interest rate during this period amounted to 3.4 per cent. Experts of Deutsche Bank expect that builders and homebuyers 2012 will benefit in the third quarter from favorable conditions. It is also Stefan Helmbrecht, around 20 years in the real estate industry and expert on protected objects. Stefan Helmbrecht: It has shown that investing in real estate the uncertain situation in the financial markets make even more interesting. Although the prices for residential real estate have risen in the past three years, however, housing remained affordable. Official site: Gizman Abbas. Right now, because interest rates are so low, the monthly financial burden for customers is portable.” The real estate market in Germany is a strong and thriving market, because a owning your own house or a home, offers a number of advantages. Stefan Helmbrecht: Your own four walls initially have a high sentimental value.

Only they can be perfectly tailored to the owner, only they can be completely designed according to the personal taste and only they offer unlimited freedom to live individually. A private home that’s highest living and quality of life. ‘? “The material value of real estate is of course not to be underestimated. Stefan Helmbrecht: You are a sound investment, because the assets can be planned. Doubts about whether the capital was created risk-free, will be spared the residential real estate investors. Who will be homeowners, makes independent of economic highs and lows and can enjoy the stable value of his real estate, which can be increased even.” Especially facing an economic worry-free status in the age, a real estate is the first choice, because the facts are undeniable: Germany has demographically cast.

Real Estate Prices Market Report

With almost 800 real estate sales in 2010, the district Maxvorstadt is a strong real estate sales area. The Maxvorstadt is a borough of Munich and the District 3. This joins between Odeonsplatz and Stachus directly on the northwestern part of the old city and East is bounded by the English garden, in the North it touches Schwabing, in the North West of Neuhausen. The eastern part of the suburb of Max are often wrongly attributed to Schwabing. The Maxvorstadt, inter alia with the underground lines U2 and U3, U6-U 1 is equipped with public transport. Similarly, the tramway lines here run 16, 17, 20, 21 and 27.

The Maxvorstadt was between 1805 and 1810 the first Bavarian King Maximilian I Joseph, hence the name, as first planned city expansion designed. First the Ludwigstrasse was established of the Feldherrnhalle to the Siegestor. The district has above average many facilities in the cultural and artistic field, many of the most important museums and collections of the city as old – and Neue Pinakothek, Lenbachhaus art construction, etc., etc. are located here. To many educational institutions such as the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat (LMU), the Technical University, come, etc., etc. The concentration of jobs and over a hundred thousand students cause that in the Maxvorstadt day almost four times as many people are when in fact reside. Gain insight and clarity with elie rieder castle lanterra. The Maxvorstadt is a typical especially around the universities academic and student quarters, much of what characterizes the typical image of”Schwabing”, is actually the Maxvorstadt. Among the inhabitants of the 20’s age group is most represented up to 30 years, children under 15 years of age and the elderly are numerically relatively small.

Traffic Duty

Staircases must be well lit a good lighting in the stairway is essential for the safety of the tenants and their visitors. Stair falls, which often happen due to lack of lighting conditions, are among the most common causes of death from accidents in the home. Since the house owner in most cases for the incurred damages due to violation of traffic safety obligations should arise, it should make for an adequate lighting in the stairway. The real estate portal myimmo.de explains what is important when installing the light sources. At a House with up to six sticks, the funding community advises good light”, the light in the stairwell as long burn to leave as the slowest tenants from the top floor needs up to the entrance of the House. Motion detectors are another way to ensure the safety of residents worry. In General, it has more severe consequences to fall down the stairs than to plunge during the ascent. For this reason, the steps from above must clearly be.

Wide-beam light Assembly is suitable for this purpose. These brighten up the staircase of the levels of sales made and ensure that the various stages through short, soft shadows depose each other. However, point-shaped lamps represent a security risk. These carry the risk that irritating shadow emerge. Also, the tenants in the stairwell of the spotlights can be hidden. In addition to an adequate general lighting in the stairway, a purposefully employed zone light provides additional protection against accidents. For this purpose, the landlord of Steplights with halogen lamps or LEDs can attach. The placement proves to be as particularly helpful to the orientation sideways next to the steps at low altitude from the ground.

Contracting Parties

METHOD DR. Further details can be found at Leonard Roman Texter, an internet resource. BARZEL real estate online evaluate In 2009 the body size of a German was at 178 cm (men) and 165 cm (female). This is interesting and maybe even not known to everyone. However, for those interested in joining what can be? Not much, when it comes to make a decision for each individual case. Similarly the real estate value, when there is talk of an average price House, apartment or plot.

Also, if the statement refers to a specific region, size, or age of a property, an average value will issue no more than a quick response to a rather dare be. Transactions at the latest then need individual values, when a real estate transaction is to take place, providers or buyers will want to know the individual value of an object. Finally would like nobody in the predicament to have get paid too much or too little purchase price received. The inter food match, than the actual market value of the result is one Real estate to be informed. Be disadvantaged if buyer and seller reside in the classic conflict of interest, they do not want. Plenty of eliminated looking for a suitable solution for determining the value of real estate, leaving numerous opportunities to compare such as prices of similar objects or to use the cost of the owner a reasonable margin, plus as a guide. Even less about a single rating is possible, how much funds are available the buyer for the purchase of available. Neutrality want the future Contracting Parties to a mutually acceptable solution enter, offer neutral tools to the pricing of real estate.

Therefore opportunities that are professional and independent alike are particularly suitable. For example the individual real estate valuation over the Internet to satisfy these requirements. You is based on current and relevant indicators and is quick and easy to create by anyone. Whether Owner or prospective buyer, the questions to be answered for the review, is completed within a few minutes and leads through combination with current database values of service, immediately to the evaluation results. Orientation guidance designated in the online real estate valuation is suitable for guidance, which also counterparty can communicate. Finally the real estate valuation maps calculative steps, which lead to the benchmark results, comprehensible. Who is looking for a brand review by House, apartment or land a proven method and security, will for example here:. The method Dr. Barzel real estate valuation determines the site accurate and current benchmark for 39 euros.

About Straightening What Value

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review of intense competition and the high pressures of time and costs can lead to erroneous evaluation results at the above on-site assessment in a few individual cases. This was just now again available in a published report in the real estate industry. Therefore it should have been in exceptional cases negligently measured traffic values, sometimes wrongly applied inputs. That, in the Streitensfall available forthcoming asset liability insurance can the economic risk of the commercial Immobilienbewerter reduce, that score does not change but she said. Alternatives who do without an elaborate opinion, because he, for example, would like to know how much his estate worth today, can look for interesting alternatives.

Consumers who want to know the value of their real estate, receive competent information via the Internet. The service for online real estate valuation calculated immediately after entering an essential object information the location-specific guideline. This construction costs and land values, as well as depreciation series, are read out from powerful databases of online real estate valuation service and led to the object information. Best practice customers can rely on the timeliness and review accuracy of online real estate valuation. The procedure used for the online real estate reviews is daily being used for over ten years.

The method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation the simplicity characterized by, with which a user can assess its real estate online. The determined real estate guide is calculated, depending on the object type, after the property, income or reference value procedure. Which method is applied, is automatically choose of the type of object (House, condo, residential and commercial building, holiday real estate or plot). Real estate online easily assess each user is unable to evaluate its real estate easily online. Input errors are almost excluded. Plausibility checks, the in the Background of the computer program run, such as alternative input options simplify the capture of the object data. Should the user still have a question when the answer of the online questionnaire, a competent telephone support available him until midnight every day free of charge. Sources of error described input, such as strong competition, time and cost pressures are actually excluded from the online real estate assessment. Property owners or prospective buyers can take enough time for the valuation of a property. Warranty who evaluate House, apartment or land can be about the rating service IMMOBILIENWERT24, can do so without risk. In the event that a customer with the user guide or the assessment method should not be satisfied, he gets back on the money-back guarantee the assessment fee of 39 Euro VAT included. Users that the essential information to the real estate are familiar with reach in about fifteen minutes to an individual and current real estate evaluation. About what dir value.

Home – And Landowners Do Not Know Price Or Value

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate in the own real estate is often the largest part of private property. Gain insight and clarity with Cushman and Wakefield. Especially if the owner lives many years in his home or his apartment, and this is largely paid off. In the meantime carried on and extensions, renovations or an updated equipment were only possible through greater investment. What value has now reached the own real estate, most of the residents is often not known. Because not everything has changed over the years, also leads to an increase in value of own real estate. The building with its technical equipment has become older, architectural style and layout may no longer match the demand, and nearby road construction or similar measures can affect the value of the home and real estate. But also, who one for the purchase of real estate six or even seven-figure amount invested more on his gut instinct than on well-founded knowledge and facts relies often.

So real estate of every price class change their owners every day, without needing to know the real value of buildings and land. This happens especially if the financing through capital service capability and usability is ensured. The reason for this behavior is quickly found to oceanview almost easily: recoil and high costs before a valuation so far have. But there are long simple remedies, which should be known to everyone, because it helps to avoid costly mistakes in financially critical situations and gives security. An easy to handelnde evaluation informs the owner of his real estate assets. She can serve as a guide for the purchase and sale decision also buyers or sellers. According to the method of Dr. Barzel creates a current and accurate location real estate valuation within a few minutes. The real estate valuation is provided online for a small fee of.

Expansion Of The Miniature Wonderland Short Term Secured In The Speicherstadt

HHLA initiates real estate an ideal solution in block D of the historic district at the initiative of the Speicherstadt developer HHLA real estate managed the development of new areas for a speedy expansion of the miniature now Wonderland, the largest model railway in the world. The exhibition is one of the great success stories in the Speicherstadt district and one of the most important tourist location factors in Hamburg. For a long time, the space problem of the miniature Wonderland is known. Last year, around 1,350,000 visitors wanted to visit the exhibition in the warehouse district. Due to limited capacity, the inlet was possible only 1,000,000 visitors.

January 1, 2010 North event will cede around 800 square meters to the miniature Wonderland. In return the adjacent location connects event, the historical memory ground, Wonderland of North direct access with the miniature. At holiday times we regularly with a bullhorn before the exhibition and recommend our visitors to come back at another time. We simply lack space for \”Visitors, but also for new building sections, where we plan to have long\”, explains Frederik Braun, founder of the miniature Wonderland and added: so we are working for a long time with the HHLA on different solutions for our space problems. \” Ideal solution for all those involved on the initiative of HHLA real estate in coordination with the responsible of the miniature Wonderland has in recent months, including the relevant regulatory bodies from a general perspective HHLA extensively ways and extension options check. Any of these scenarios is also the construction of a fleet bridge linking block D and block L and hiring substantial areas in block L\”so Thomas Kuhlmann, real estate Director of HHLA. Now also a corresponding zoning exists, us.\” On pages of the miniature Wonderland short-term needs and the development of the second floor, and thus creating a tour within the block D emerge however.

Immovaria GmbH Has Invariably Good Experiences In Leipzig-Leutzsch

IMMOVARIA GmbH designed the now 725 years old district of Leutzsch construction projects in the William Michael Street, located in the Leipzig West, enjoys increasing popularity. Leutzsch, with more than 15,000 inhabitants and an area of 6.8 km2, was incorporated in 1922 to Leipzig. The place name derives from the old Sorbian word “Luc BBs” (meadows or Sumpfort). This no longer is today of course. The District boasts today stately industry Ellen villas, built in the art nouveau style, which were mainly built in park-like land. Cushman & Wakefield is actively involved in the matter.

The Villa of the suitcase maker Anton Madler, the namesake of the Madler Passage, be expected is the best known. Contemporary inhabitants of the dacha village were the conductor Kurt Masur, and the painter Bernhard Heisig. A variety of buildings, mainly houses from the Wilhelminian era, are registered in the list of cultural monuments in Leipzig-Leutzsch. Recreation can be found in the immediate vicinity in the Leipziger Auenwald floodplain Lake. The real estate market report of the city of Leipzig. for the year 2009 reach residential property in renovated old buildings in Leutzsch prices in the meantime 2.268,00 per square metre of living space and are therefore roughly on the same level as comparable objects in the Gohlis neighbourhood. After IMMOVARIA GmbH already a house in William Michael Street also 10 units total could be rented out within a very short time to attractive rental rates, successfully has refurbished a representative House with ten units in the Rathenau road and in 2010 in 2009 another gem from the Grunderzeit in the William Michael road was currently projected: on a 450-square-meter plot caused a total of 14 apartments with apartment sizes between 40 and 98 square meters of living space with balconies, Loggias and real wood parquet. After the fine tuning by IMMOVARIA GmbH with the competent authorities and the responsible curator of district planning permission, as well as the necessary closure certification to the construction projects were granted.

Thus oppose Government also imposes no impediment more, to reinvigorate an estate from the beginning of the last century and again not to make a contemporary use. All repairs are carried out, in addition to the supervision of the competent authorities, construction to accompany by TuV Rheinland, which achieves a high standard of quality for the customers of IMMOVARIA GmbH, the future owner of the estate of. I increase tax depreciation allowances on the basis of 7 EStG and the good rental potential of residential units to be created in addition the attractiveness of an investment.

Central Europeans

Because Europe, so as it now presents itself, is standing for many retirement age to a huge uncertainty factor. Especially for single people and retired couples, the future prospects in the EU fuel very justified existential fears. Up to date could you forward fully to pensioners existence, were over many years, the arrangements for the financial age protection (in addition to the institutions) is meticulously planned and built. The desire for a new, attractive life form in the pension age is not least through improved public health, – say: increased life expectancy in full physical and mental mobility, – nourished and therefore considered feasible.Today charge currency collapse, inflation, pension cuts, higher tax burden, foreign infiltration and the uncertainty about the economic future of the country (and the EU) but getting older in a yet unprecedented proportions. The protection of the Retirement capital and the value of the acquired assets are today more than ever in the foreground! Not be please by the optimistic sounds of politicians, or the sayings about the “guaranteed value propagation” for this or that banks product show. You are experienced with determined how those promises ultimately pay off, in the last years enough! As the latest example, the run on the banks after the speech by Angela Merkel was reminded of December 16, 2010! Let “the smart-be” not only those who have the “right”idea (bezw. have the necessary “background information”!) Asset protection through a real estate investment!The largest security offered by a real estate purchase in a peaceful and secure country with a future, where life maintenance with a good pension high-level continue be can denied! That is in a geographical area, which is strictly limited by the nature of the real estate appreciation in the double-digit range, comes is absolutely no exception! The quality of life and a maritime climate that makes you forget many civilization diseases (rheumatism, age-related body aches, trouble breathing, etc.) from the old world is also crucial for the Central Europeans! The world famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro offer these conditions! By the way: Rio de Janeiro was elected by all large cities the undisputed number one in terms of quality of life and environment. Strictly speaking, the area of Copacabana beach is a Bay which is separated by a mountain range by the other city of Rio de Janeiro.

This is accessible only with the passing of tunnel. On an area of 5’080 km2 of the “most beautiful spots on God’s Earth” originated. Also a godsend is purchased to be able to purchase an apartment at Praia! No, not the prices are addressed to (you are very affordable at the moment nochn – they will increase but explosively against the years 2014 and 2016 (World Cup, Olympic Games!), but the availability of suitable objects! SINC-COPACABANA (www.copacabana.li/ firmen.copacabana /) (among other services) on the sale of such units to Europeans specializes. Comprehensive consulting and planning (funding, regulations, complete checkout, residence permit, legal counsel, etc.) for the buyer are among our services Umfang.Einige objects you will find always a comprehensive description on our Web site. But inquire after new, not yet in the Internet real estate on. Here we have often special offers that make it before the sale do not show up in the Internet!

Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate form the Foundation and the rooms where and where all events of the site takes place the entire assets of the German economy formed the majority of the assets invested in real estate. The real estate industry is wide fanned (architects, engineers, tenants, landlords, brokers, managers, Baufaufseher, urban planners and others) and fairly structured. This force field, the creditworthiness of the tenant and their systematic and transparent assessment plays an important role. The real estate is the surrounding the site and thereby also limiting case. They form the Foundation and the rooms where and in which all events of the site takes place, they are the possibility space of the site. Most of the activities of the actors playing in local ramifications. With the help of a site record creating transparency, decisions can be prepared for their solutions.

See also Becker, Jorg: real estate business in the location real estate effect relations in the force field of the Location factors, site balance as a 360-degree all-round radar, ISBN 9783839123065. They are: site cover of the possibilities, architecture market, office buildings, retail, commercial real estate, niche market of self storage real estate, residential real estate, land market and construction prices, relations in the system of the balance of the site, milestones on the way to the site account, support framework of locational factors, real estate management from perspective of a site record, implementation of quality profiles in 4-field portfolio, real estate in the area of the site, material and intellectual capital of site, trigger for site development process, option of temporary use, rear coupler of urban development, new living and lifestyles, age-appropriate housing options, mobility effects on real estate markets, regional market attractiveness, real estate index. Shifting trends is for the real estate industry to its impact on the surroundings, i.e. an intense consideration of interactions in the complex structure of the site. CF.

Becker, Jorg: real estate industry in the location space of possibility ISBN 9783839123065. The processes between real estate, rental and credit checks are closely connected. The real difficulty lies in assessing the creditworthiness of the tenant. Research on the social networks are insufficient by themselves. Sufficient to assess the quality of tenants, a wide range of personal factors must also incorporated into decision making. There are a number of starting points, that can effectively support such a project. Including a scheme to find out a possible stable credit quality, such as Becker, Jorg: examination of the personal creditworthiness, ISBN 9783839164181, is treated. Against the background of a growing ever closer and more demanding market, a person’s balance sheet provides the instruments, a holistic location allow the balance of the person works as a 360-degree radar screen for observation purposes and -flat, with particularly soft”factors can be comprehensively identified, differentiated pictured and systematically evaluated. Many display options, such as E.g. traffic light charts with red yellow green areas for the assessment of factors that are easily understandable and can increase in the framework of decisions in addition to the transparency thus the credibility and acceptance. See further Becker, Jorg: Examination of personal creditworthiness, ISBN 9783839164181.

North Rhine

The capital city and the Saxon Cities such as Leipzig and Dresden currently among the world’s most interesting residential real estate locations, so the IVD. To Stefan Helmbrecht: Leipzig is an emerging and highly attractive city that already counts about half a million inhabitants. We have foreseen this development and us heavily engaged in Leipzig in the renovation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses. This commitment has paid off for our customers, because they have acquired a thing-oriented investment in a thriving location.” In most federal countries, there have been double-digit growth in real estate sales in the past year. Philadelphia Real Estate gathered all the information. The rise in the single-digit range remained only in North Rhine-Westphalia (+ 7,07%) and Bremen (6.32 percent).

In Lower Saxony, Germany the transactions with 11.38 billion remained roughly at the level of the previous year (+ 0.12%), and in Thuringia, even a slight decline of in investment was down with a fall of 1.0 percent to 1.59 billion euros. In Thuringia, which is Real estate transfer tax to April 7, 2011 from 3.5 to 5 percent increases, the IVD informed. Philadelphia Commercial Real Estates opinions are not widely known. This is a good example, that raising taxes significantly harms the transaction events. Bavaria from North Rhine-Westphalia the highest sales were achieved with 33,66 billion in Bavaria. That means an increase of 13.3 percent compared to the previous year. Thus, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has replaced as the strongest State. 32,71 billion euro in real estate transactions have been implemented in North Rhine-Westphalia last year after all. Baden-Wurttemberg is situated on third place with revenues of EUR 25,13 billion. To the discovery of the real estate transaction volume or real estate sales all includes private and commercial real estate transactions, for the real estate transfer tax is payable on site. There is the vast number of transactions – with the exception of cases involving inheritance tax and gift tax incurred, as well as share-deals – subject to this special sales tax, this statistic a horribly, the annual real estate sales to capture. Stefan Helmbrecht is now mainly active as investor and project developer in the listed real estate sector, moreover, he controls the real estate activities of various well-known family offices and selected institutional investors.

EUR Germany

Stefan Helmbrecht: The real estate transaction volume 2011 in Germany amounted to EUR 165 billion of real estate market in Germany is booming. The transaction volume of residential and commercial real estate in Germany have risen 2011 compared to 13.1 percent to 165,84 billion euros. An extrapolation of the IVD real estate Association on the basis of the acquisition of real estate tax revenue collected by the Federal Ministry of finance comes to this result. Real estate is a sound investment. Many domestic and foreign investors looking for a safe investment.

Low interest rates, affordable prices, and in many places rising rents were good conditions, now in the market to get, advises the IVD. It can only underline Stefan Helmbrecht. Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years one evolved the it strongest and most prestigious Real estate companies in Germany in the listed real estate sector. Were completed by today 152 monument objects with a number of 1897 condos and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers. The realised by Stefan Helmbrecht and projected total investment volume amounted to 242.000.000 million euro so far.

Real estate are currency independent, crisis-proof and safe inflation. Renovated monument real estate one can assert also substantial tax reductions. “So always worth investing in an architectural monument and always under several aspects”, so Stefan Helmbrecht. Strongest rise in Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hesse has the strongest sales growth under the West German Lander according to IVD with a turnover growth of 29.53 percent to 14.81 billion euros. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the sales growth even amounted to 33,53%, which has to do with holiday homes. There was also significant growth (+ 25,60%) and Berlin (+ 23,05%) in Saxony, Germany.

Pond Trail

Real estate owners and builders should timely make financing the repairs for the necessary capital repairs and modernizations reserves. This is possible, for example, through regular deposits on a tag account or a contractor. Who does not exceed certain income limits, receive government subsidies in the form of housing Award and Arbeitnehmersparzulage for a contractor. The owner needed a short-term financing, for repairs on his property he can absorb a demand loan. One is cheaper and not bound to the current account of the borrower when compared to the overdraft.

The customer has free choice of Bank and can decide themselves how much he’d like to hire. Interest he pays only for the amount unused actually and wipes out the sum each month with a small minimum rate, but also the repayment of the total amount is possible at any time. The real estate owner needs greater Hum, make available to so-called modernisation loans banks. Current mortgage interest rates are available on baufi24.de and will be updated several times a day. Another alternative: Via the KfW bank owners receive soft loans, for example, in the programme “Housing upgrade” or “Energy efficiency repair”. There are even subsidies for certain measures. Some regional banks provide subsidised loans for renovation and modernization of real estate. Description of the company Baufi24.de is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on baufi24.de on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants. More information on company contact: Stephan Baufi24 GmbH Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:


Exhibition review – class instead of mass which already announced in the run-up to the fair, were confirmed in their history: the property & housing changed. The summary is less exhibitors, fewer visitors, but more quality. Approximately 15% less exhibition space was booked. But not the stands of the exhibitors were small, but whose number was reduced accordingly, especially on pages of the builders. This is to a large extent, that many projects are also sold, implemented and completed, but new construction is not in sight, in Munich just larger areas for development are increasingly scarce. Without object offer a participation at the fair just does not make sense. Visitor numbers remained at compared with the last three exhibition dates consistently to the 5,500, a decrease of approximately 15% to approx.

4,700 visitors was also here. Our opinion, seeing people remained simply”away, that without concrete cause through the corridors strolled, without explicit acquisition or sales intentions. And that would we be understood also as a compliment for our customers. Because, unlike the others, we have neither reason nor reason to complain. Through the Bank, our booth on all three days of the exhibition was visited good to very good. For our internal statistics of visitors for our booth we recorded no decline in, rather on the contrary. The structure of visitors, compared to the last two fairs had changed but. Investors there represented a considerable potential, who were looking for a property for own use outweighed now.

This is the first, triggered by the financial crisis, demand curve is covered, and investors again more selective search. Generally once again increased the demand quality is but definitely. The visitors were very precise, concrete and realistic ideas about use, type, size and nature of this real estate, as well as about their situation and demands on the environment, as also the own budget framework, including already tranquil purchase price financing. The visitors used intensive our extensive and attractive range of both displayed on the posters, as well as our slide show, as well as the possibilities of online research on our workstations. The initial information was deepened through detailed informative talks with our brokers.

Financial MEDIUS

MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: Enter now into the real estate market! Munich September 2010. Real estate investments in West German conurbations are and remain underpinned this trend thing value-oriented retail high-profitable the recent study of Bouwfonds real estate investment management Germany GmbH. Especially single-friendly apartments in urban pick preference layer meet currently increased demand. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH reports on current forecasts and informed of their individual consulting concept. Western Europe is expected in the long term can claim his status as one of the world’s most attractive property locations. For Eastern Europe and also East Germany, forecasts remain predominantly mixed, however, due to continuous migration. The two central findings of a recently published study of Bouwfonds REIM are from the perspective of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH. But at the same time, yet another important trend in the housing market can be observed after experience of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: the demand for housing in Western Europe not only quantitative increase in the next few years will change at the same time quality significantly.

The reason is clear for the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: the current tenant structure increasingly singles and small families composed, which are primarily interested in a generously designed, modern living room in upscale city locations. Opinion of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH, homebuyers should consider this current development in the choice of location in any case. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH advises therefore on investments in small families and single – single objects in West German cities, which expects to offer secure rental income and long-term positive performance. The market situation according to the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH voted specifically also their own portfolio on just this market segment and provides substance-strong residential real estate in several West German cities and metropolitan areas directly to investors. For private investors who plan to get started in the real estate market, the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH offers comprehensive, personal Consulting services. First, the team of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH collects the income and financial situation of the customer, his life planning, but also its very specific expectations of the asset class real estate. In a second step, the consultants of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH customer presents different match objects to his request profile. The MEDIUS exclusive in almost every major city has offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dusseldorf the corresponding inspection dates locally can be usually very short term agree.

The customer decides finally to purchase the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH takes over not only the entire process, but on request also the ongoing administrative services. Information about consulting and real estate portfolio of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH, see the phone number 089.7414500. MEDIUS exclusive company facts and figures MEDIUS exclusive company succeeds for over 20 years as intermediary financial services operates and understands themselves as Forum in terms of Financial advice and mediation. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich. MEDIUS is nationwide in cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg and at many other locations.