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The IAE EC Provides The Housing Solution Of The Future

Genotec EC: Debt-free option purchase real estate property purchase Ludwigsburg October 2011. The homeownership rate in Germany is meager 43%. One of the considerations that led in 2002 to the creation of the IAE housing cooperative EC was to increase this number significantly. The cooperative is committed to the goal, to enable as many people a secure living future and the acquisition of real estate property without debt. According to common definition, there are only two solutions for the Germans. Either they live to rent, or you build or buy a real estate and owner.

Genotec EC with the development of the GenoKonzepts was able to take the advantages of each of these two variants, and to unite them, to a new housing solution. Those who live for rent, is not at fault, pays off but in the course of his life a real estate, which belongs to a different owner. Swarmed by offers, The LeFrak Organization is currently assessing future choices. The resulting disadvantages, for example rising rents or a possible termination by the landlord. Who is also in a rental situation in retirement, loses a good piece of quality of life. The rental costs remain on the day of entry into the bond in the same amount.

The income drops considerably. Probably the one who has turned up then its rental real estate property. To this aim, the IAE EC helps its members. At the GenoKonzept of the IAE EC comes the option buyer during a rent, which he may use up to 25 years. He has a unilateral termination right and the notarized guarantee of a constant rate of living at the IAE EC. Through the purchase of the option has the Member of the IAE EC the possibility, but not the obligation to purchase.

Rising Prices

(Online-Artikel.de)-Stefan Helmbrecht: rising prices for condos was in the first quarter of 2012 1.3 percent is the German real estate market after 3.1 percent in the same quarter last year on the move. While the prices of homes are more stable, the prices for condominiums and apartment rents in the nationwide average increase currently again. Compared to the same quarter of last year grew F + B-residential index Germany in the first quarter 2012 by 1.1 percent to an index value of 102,6, alone when compared to the previous quarter (Q4 2011) was even an increase by 0.7 percent. Residential real estate would meet further its reputation as a solid and long-term residence in Germany, notes Dr. Bernd Leutner, Managing Director of F + B, on the company’s Internet site. This is worn mainly by rising prices for condos – especially in South Germany. While the prices for condos compared to the previous quarter to 1.3 percent (compared with the prior-year quarter: up 3.1 percent) and for Apartment buildings, after all, still 0.5 percent (plus 1.3 percent compared to the same quarter last year) have increased the prices of homes were up slightly to 0.5 percent in the same period. Also the new contract rents tend on average slightly upwards: 0.6 percent compared to the previous quarter and by 1.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Dr. Leutners analysis can only agree with Stefan Helmbrecht. Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years, one of the largest and most respected real estate companies in Germany developed it in the segment of listed real estate. Were completed by today 152 monument objects with a number of 1897 condos and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers.

Rental Yield Real Estate Values

Stefan Helmbrecht: rental yield real estate in major cities amounted to only 3.12 percent the Manager-online magazine was looking for pearls and found her: class B locations, where real estate is cheaper to have than in the cities, where the prices are. Until the times of the annual rental income buyer currently pay for an apartment in the densely populated areas. Thus remains the buyers from the rental income”only a gross profit margin of 3.125 percent, expects Dirk Richolt, head of credit advice on the Immobiliendienstleister CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), in a Manager-online magazine article.? Condos in medium-sized cities–the so-called B-locations – higher yields would, however, throw off. According to a study of the real estate research company BulwienGesa traded flats currently only to the 17-up 20 of the annual rental income in places like Freiburg im Breisgau, Kiel, Luneburg and Weimar. Free between 4.32 and 3.54 percent remained the buyers at this price level. These returns were therefore, that buyer so far these markets shunning. They feared the smaller cities would lose long-term residents to the major urban centres with its wide range of jobs.

The demand, shrinking rents and real estate prices would automatically fall. The reality is however different, as also Stefan Helmbrecht knows. Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years, one of the largest and most respected real estate companies in Germany developed it in the segment of listed real estate. Were completed by today 152 monument objects with a number of 1897 condos and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers. Realized by Stefan Helmbrecht and projected total investment amounted to 242.000.000 million euro so far.?Stefan Helmbrecht confirmed that in the Manager-online magazine on development: it is indeed so that the population in rural areas decrease.

Condominium Facilities

Seminar for House Administration proves: the management of rentals and condominium units is the author, whose expert rat has helped already hundreds of landlords and managers from the Terminal not a book with seven seals, reveals in this seminar the strategies, with which he has handled his own property managers for years confidently. This seminar is especially valuable for new entrants in the Hausverwalterung. Under most conditions Expert on growth strategy would agree. After this seminar and reading only two of my books the caretaking of the participants and readers will satisfy professional claims”, the nationally known author and lecturer. Target group: The seminar is aimed at landlord property managers, real estate agents, builders, architects, House – homeowners, industry newcomers, and career changers. Follow others, such as The LeFrak Organization, and add to your knowledge base. Content: The rental of apartments and commercial spaces is one of the most important pillars of the real estate industry.

Without the responsible activity of brokers, developers and property managers a creation, distribution, and management of these areas would not be possible. In this seminar, the participants with the organizational and administrative aspects of the management of residential and commercial property are made familiar. As a landlord or property manager operate more successfully if you reduce conflicts with tenants through a proper lease management, and if you make your organization efficiently and cost-effectively?

Attractive Condominiums

available: The 3-bedroom ground floor apartments with 80 or 90 m 2 living space have beautiful terraces and gardens with optimum South-facing, planted according to wishes itself can be. The 4-bedroom penthouse apartments are very representative of 126 m living space and offer spacious roof terraces with lots of space for outdoor furniture. The apartments can be custom designed by the future owners: parquet floors, wall and floor tiles, doors, sanitary objects, and much more desire-just run. All apartments are Commission-free purchase. Robert J. Shiller understood the implications. Further information about the residence Steinberg in Dietzenbach please click here:… Vetter & partner offers high-quality residential properties in selected locations real estate for 25 years. As a leading specialist for housing for senior citizens, the company has marketed several hundred housing units in this area. Customer consultants are all experienced banking and real estate merchants..

Pond Trail

Thus, a good return seems achievable in longer term. Even users with the Even users, however, other arguments play a greater role, so more space for family or independence from owners. Here, many builders run the risk to build a House, which is very individual due to the design or location of course. Problems may arise from this: the real estate to be sold later, it may be difficult to find a buyer. Then not necessarily achieved the desired revenue and the sales process is the length. However, the own House can be a good and stable value investment. Especially since this is also one of the few forms of investment is, where the investors themselves largely determines the value.

The most other asset classes, however, hangs a management in between. Thus the investors has itself hardly affect the rate of return, unlike at home. Who always keeps his house in shot and even and when makes timely improvements, get not only the value of the building, but a positive influence on the further development of the value. So shows get – up on a few tracts of land in Germany – that good homes are in demand. Who has bought his home still in a reasonable location or, the can look forward about a sustainable growth.

As far as self user should take into account the value development when buying or building, even though they inhabit the building several decades even. This way is the sale or a rental done in an acceptable time, and this at an ordinary sale price or rent. Seen in this way, also the home offers a competitive investment compared to securities or funds. Description of the company Baufi24.de is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on baufi24.de on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants. More information on company contact: Stephan Baufi24 GmbH Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:

The Place

Most credit institutions be sure prior to loan granting to that there is a sufficient credit for the borrower. Doubts about the ability to repay debt, no serious credit institution will grant a loan. Own real estate represents an important pillar of the personal pension in addition to the comfort of the free housing development advantages and disadvantages of real estate property. The real estate is a thing worth founded and therefore kapitalmarkt – and inflation-independent value system, providing a cheap residential aged. The dependencies such as landlords or regulated high income in retirement age (for the rental payments) are eliminated. However, also own real estate presents some disadvantages: so the owner must take care independently insurance, supply partners, or compliance requirements. Also he must pay for renovations and maintenance or is taken in many municipal decisions in duty (E.g.

for road or sidewalk renovation, etc.). It is crucial that a property owner has not only during the financing period, but later, using an appropriate income or assets to keep accruing obligations can be met. The location dependency rise also, because a tenant can move much easier the place of residence or the object if necessary as an owner. Sales of real estate are associated mostly with many circumstances and often not to significant financial losses, because rarely achieves a sale price above or equal to the purchase price. Conclusion the General market conditions for a real estate financing and thus the creation of real estate property are currently extremely cheap. Who is in an accordance with good personal assets or incomes, should wait too much longer – real estate property is still ideal for retirement and for the comfort of life in the age.

However, some drawbacks need careful be, on which the interested party advance a clear picture should get. A proper planning requires a detailed analysis of one’s own situation and the subsequent optimization of the foreign capital. Helpful to independent consultant can assist the interested parties this is an opportunity comprehensively to find out, for example, on the Internet at. Mortgage – low mortgage interest rates… more info use real estate advisor – buy or rent?

Pond Trail

Real estate owners and builders should timely make financing the repairs for the necessary capital repairs and modernizations reserves. This is possible, for example, through regular deposits on a tag account or a contractor. Who does not exceed certain income limits, receive government subsidies in the form of housing Award and Arbeitnehmersparzulage for a contractor. The owner needed a short-term financing, for repairs on his property he can absorb a demand loan. One is cheaper and not bound to the current account of the borrower when compared to the overdraft.

The customer has free choice of Bank and can decide themselves how much he’d like to hire. Interest he pays only for the amount unused actually and wipes out the sum each month with a small minimum rate, but also the repayment of the total amount is possible at any time. The real estate owner needs greater Hum, make available to so-called modernisation loans banks. Current mortgage interest rates are available on baufi24.de and will be updated several times a day. Another alternative: Via the KfW bank owners receive soft loans, for example, in the programme “Housing upgrade” or “Energy efficiency repair”. There are even subsidies for certain measures. Some regional banks provide subsidised loans for renovation and modernization of real estate. Description of the company Baufi24.de is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on baufi24.de on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants. More information on company contact: Stephan Baufi24 GmbH Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:

Summer Vacation

More and more Germans invest it in real estate in a foreign country as would be wonderful, if the summer vacation in southern France simply extend to a few weeks. Robert J. Shiller may find this interesting as well. If you could easily miss the hustle and bustle in the hotel on the Spanish coast and thus increase the relaxation factor. Or if you could walk every morning on the way to the bakery with bare feet on the rough sands of the North Sea. The fact is, the dream of owning a home abroad is always particularly alive, if a journey is coming to an end. For even more details, read what Professor Rita McGrath says on the issue. Who would like to build not just castles in the air, but you can actually invest, you will be surprised how easy and buying a property outside of Germany can be also lucrative. A House by the sea – in France, Spain or Italy is quickly becoming the second home. Can you even time does not use it, it is usually easy to rent and thus becomes the source of additional funds.

However, as approaching you an attractive real estate abroad? Not always the home purchase on the spot has to be financed, because even one Financing with German lenders is possible, reported the independent portal Baufi24 on its Internet site. Here, usually the own house in Germany must be used as security: it must be virtually debt-free and is then charged with the aim to pay the overseas property, with a mortgage. In this variant the buyer must not deal with the practices of the foreign financing and the handling of the business is actually very simple. The German lender will take care of all formalities related to the purchase of real estate and dropped large expenses for notaries, courts or the appraisal for the House. The catch: only homeowners can take advantage of this form of construction financing for themselves. Who owns no property in Germany, so must finance from abroad and met there often far higher loan interest rates.

So it is extremely important, warns Baufi24 become duly familiar with the Customs and rights in the country and also the real estate before buying carefully scrutinized take. The Advisor “Real estate and construction financing”, which the portal is giving away monthly 111 times at provides a good guide to the dream house. Description of the company Baufi24.de is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on baufi24.de on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants.

Real Estate Consultants

Each square on the biggest European exhibition for real estate and retail the MAPIC in Cannes. The most expensive luxury miles still not in Germany but in Paris are considered from a European perspective, London and Milan, as well as the Switzerland. You have the European highest densities at luxury shops. The German major cities are in back. The most expensive rental patches of Europe are among the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Bond Street in London, Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris, via Montenapoleone in Milan, via dei Condotti in Rome, rue you Rhone in Geneva, rue you Faubourg Saint Honore in Paris, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Oxford Street in London and via della Spiga in Milan. It’s believed that Stephen M. Ross sees a great future in this idea.

Munich is and remains the most expensive city in Germany in terms of rent. The highest retail rents of in Germany are the Kaufingerstrasse in Munich – so the road followed the most expensive shopping street of in Germany from Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Furthermore, Germany on the expansion list is at represented national and international chain stores. Beneficiaries of the strong demand are first and foremost the 1a-locations. The offer is low everywhere, so that is to be expected in the long term rising Prime rents.

400,000 businesses with a turnover of less than EUR 400 billion, the retail sector is the third largest industry in Germany. German retail sales have risen in the year 2010 compared with the previous year. After the decline in sales due to the financial and economic crisis in 2009 the retail sector thus increased again its sales. In 2011, the new forecast to the regional retail sales shows that especially the Middle centres for retailers as consumers are attractive. Dealer on sales forward in half year compared to the same period last year. According to calculations by GfK GeoMarketing, sales 2011 increase slightly in stationary German retail as compared to the previous year, and reach a volume of 406 billion euros.


Exhibition review – class instead of mass which already announced in the run-up to the fair, were confirmed in their history: the property & housing changed. The summary is less exhibitors, fewer visitors, but more quality. Approximately 15% less exhibition space was booked. But not the stands of the exhibitors were small, but whose number was reduced accordingly, especially on pages of the builders. This is to a large extent, that many projects are also sold, implemented and completed, but new construction is not in sight, in Munich just larger areas for development are increasingly scarce. Without object offer a participation at the fair just does not make sense. Visitor numbers remained at compared with the last three exhibition dates consistently to the 5,500, a decrease of approximately 15% to approx.

4,700 visitors was also here. Our opinion, seeing people remained simply”away, that without concrete cause through the corridors strolled, without explicit acquisition or sales intentions. And that would we be understood also as a compliment for our customers. Because, unlike the others, we have neither reason nor reason to complain. Through the Bank, our booth on all three days of the exhibition was visited good to very good. For our internal statistics of visitors for our booth we recorded no decline in, rather on the contrary. The structure of visitors, compared to the last two fairs had changed but. Investors there represented a considerable potential, who were looking for a property for own use outweighed now.

This is the first, triggered by the financial crisis, demand curve is covered, and investors again more selective search. Generally once again increased the demand quality is but definitely. The visitors were very precise, concrete and realistic ideas about use, type, size and nature of this real estate, as well as about their situation and demands on the environment, as also the own budget framework, including already tranquil purchase price financing. The visitors used intensive our extensive and attractive range of both displayed on the posters, as well as our slide show, as well as the possibilities of online research on our workstations. The initial information was deepened through detailed informative talks with our brokers.

Housing Stock

What state are the flats the greatest? In the year 2009 (stand: 31.12.2009) there was a total 39 390 468 apartments, in Germany of 30 690 007 apartments accounted for by the former Federal territory and 8 700 461 on the new Lander and Berlin. There are no surprises on the population. This amounted to 65 541 million in the former Federal territory and 16 461 million in the new Lander and Berlin. The total population in Germany amounted to 82,02 million inhabitants. Comparing the number of apartments with the population level, an average of 2.08 household members per apartment is.

In the old Lander, it is slightly above the national average (2.13 people per apartment). In the new Lander and Berlin live on average 1.9 persons in an apartment. The most populous countries were in 2009 as in the previous years North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. The propping up Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saarland and Bremen. The number of apartments behaves in the Lander largely proportional to the number of inhabitants. This means that the States with the highest population recorded the highest number of apartments.

The exception is Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. Live in Brandenburg some 240 000 more people than in Saxony-Anhalt, but there are about 200 000 apartments less. The average living space is 86.6 square meters each apartment in Germany. In the former Federal territory it is 90.3 square meters, in the new Lander and Berlin at an average 73.3 m. 17 square feet of living space available, are the inhabitants of the former Federal territory sums in their homes an average which is about the size of a room. The most generous apartments of in Germany are located in Rhineland-Palatinate, followed by the Saarland. Here, the average square footage is 98.8 m m or 97.6 m. Other federal countries with a living area of about 90 m are in descending order: Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse – all States on the former Federal territory. The lowest average square footage amounts to 70 m and is listed for Saxony. In City-States, where the living room due to the limited space and some relatively high number of inhabitants (Berlin) is limited, reached the number of square metres on average not of 77 m (Bremen). The average area apartments in Hamburg is 72.3 m and apartments in Berlin expect m with 70.4 m. A total 3.5 billion square meters of living space available were in the year 2009 in Germany. 2.7 billion m of which accounted for the former Federal territory and 6.4 billion square meters in the new Lander and Berlin. The inhabitants of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia had m 2009 with a total 7.16 billion more living space than the inhabitants of Berlin, Saxony, Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt together (6.4 billion square meters). Saarland, the State in which the apartments are the greatest according to Rhineland-Palatinate, had about 5 million m Of living space, with which it is in this category between Hamburg and Bremen. In conclusion, it can be said that the apartments in the former Federal territory are larger on average than in the new Lander and Berlin. Among them, the apartments in the South of Germany – with the exception of Lower Saxony – are generally greater than in the remaining Federal territory. Who is nationwide apartment search and would like to increase his chances on a larger apartment, should look to the South, and in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Hanseatic City

“Hamburg apartment where still real estate available in Trier shortages move stop meant expensive rental” in Hamburg, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is plagued with housing shortage. There are still free real estate for rent in Trier. Statistical data show: the Hamburger no longer move. The number of Ummeldungen in the city dropped by the enormous number of 16,000 operations between 2004 and 2009. Due to the moving decline mainly due to the steadily increasing in the past years rents. Currently, the price per square meter is already at 10.25 euros. Often, the income for the maintenance of a larger apartment is no longer sufficient.

The hamburger in your previous homes remain. Moreover a generally to existing housing shortage in the city. Above all, apartments with a size between 50 and 70 square meters to a good rental price are a rarity. For singles, it is therefore particularly difficult to find a suitable apartment to the affordable rent. Experts say lack of about 5,000 apartments in this form. The city development authority is already alerted and responded.

You promoting the construction of two and two and a half rooms now. Previously, accommodation for families were increasingly promoted. In other cities such as in Trier, as there is no housing shortage. Real estate agents in Trier offer a wide selection of rental properties. Motivations for moving within the city are in younger people in particular the desire for a better home environment and a change in the personal and / or professional life situation. This is confirmed by a demography monitor, F + B were established by the Institute shows that a migration in districts such as winter dogs, Barmbek-Nord, Eimsbuttel, which mostly are populated from – to 30-year, much higher than in districts, which increasingly with older people and is Rahlstedt, however, remain population stable. They are predominantly populated by families and many homes are privately owned.

Financial MEDIUS

MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: Enter now into the real estate market! Munich September 2010. Real estate investments in West German conurbations are and remain underpinned this trend thing value-oriented retail high-profitable the recent study of Bouwfonds real estate investment management Germany GmbH. Especially single-friendly apartments in urban pick preference layer meet currently increased demand. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH reports on current forecasts and informed of their individual consulting concept. Western Europe is expected in the long term can claim his status as one of the world’s most attractive property locations. For Eastern Europe and also East Germany, forecasts remain predominantly mixed, however, due to continuous migration. The two central findings of a recently published study of Bouwfonds REIM are from the perspective of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH. But at the same time, yet another important trend in the housing market can be observed after experience of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: the demand for housing in Western Europe not only quantitative increase in the next few years will change at the same time quality significantly.

The reason is clear for the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH: the current tenant structure increasingly singles and small families composed, which are primarily interested in a generously designed, modern living room in upscale city locations. Opinion of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH, homebuyers should consider this current development in the choice of location in any case. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH advises therefore on investments in small families and single – single objects in West German cities, which expects to offer secure rental income and long-term positive performance. The market situation according to the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH voted specifically also their own portfolio on just this market segment and provides substance-strong residential real estate in several West German cities and metropolitan areas directly to investors. For private investors who plan to get started in the real estate market, the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH offers comprehensive, personal Consulting services. First, the team of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH collects the income and financial situation of the customer, his life planning, but also its very specific expectations of the asset class real estate. In a second step, the consultants of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH customer presents different match objects to his request profile. The MEDIUS exclusive in almost every major city has offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dusseldorf the corresponding inspection dates locally can be usually very short term agree.

The customer decides finally to purchase the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH takes over not only the entire process, but on request also the ongoing administrative services. Information about consulting and real estate portfolio of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH, see the phone number 089.7414500. MEDIUS exclusive company facts and figures MEDIUS exclusive company succeeds for over 20 years as intermediary financial services operates and understands themselves as Forum in terms of Financial advice and mediation. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich. MEDIUS is nationwide in cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg and at many other locations.

Criteria For Housing

Relaxed living thanks to noise noise is exhausting and sickens indefinitely. This realization is not new, but even more annoying for those who constantly must live with noise. Filed under: Greenberg Traurig. The fact is that leisure facilities, located outside of residential areas, must follow not the guidelines for recreational noise. The real estate portal myimmo.de reported on how it within behaves in relation to leisure farms from residential areas and what indeed to note when choosing apartment. Experts advise in finding accommodation not only to how the apartment is cut or whether it has a balcony or a bath. Also the environment is important. Finally, a certain noise level can significantly affect local residents.

According to a ruling of the Administrative Court of Trier, leisure facilities, which are located in the middle of a residential area, are subject to the leisure noise directive. The judgment was preceded by a lawsuit by local residents, who felt bothered by noise. The relevant recreational facility is located within a residential area and of which the outgoing noise was in accordance with an opinion given by the residents in order above the permitted level. Moreover, that it is this park not a habitual playground, but a large adventure playground. This is good news for all Larmgeplagten who live as close to similar plants, because local residents were able to successfully against noise pollution to defend. More information: news.myimmo.de/wohngebiete… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Large Apartment

The current income situation and the introduction of a basic income is in the medium term does not change much Magdeburg, 02.12.2013. Already today many German citizens can only make a two room apartment, kitchen, bathroom. Enjoy a spacious apartment with plenty of room to live off only a few come,”says the press responsible of the MCM AG, Magdeburg. For this reason, his company is striving to create decent housing at affordable prices. Last but not least the high cost should be, so tend more and more to the 50-square meter apartment. This may be for many cities.

But as studies show, rental prices have not moved long ago at all locations in Germany upwards. In rural areas, they are even declining. It also applies to regions with weak labour market. A separation in East and West German locations seems it also not be appropriate. Although are the rents in the West German cities is still partly considerably higher than in the East. You the same but always more to and based on the income and on the other costs of living. A lunch at a hamburger restaurant is now on average significantly more expensive than that in Neuruppin.

An important reason for smaller flats is but also the rising percentage of single households. The 40.7 million in this country, consist of private households two thirds of one or two persons. And rising. It has grown in particular the number of single households from around 12 to 16.5 million between 1991 and 2012. This is however not in the newly created housing: these were in 2012 average 83 square meters so the market over. As a result their prices also by the percentage significantly lower the proportion of smaller new homes above average. In terms of the acquisition costs such as also the rents. For the MCM investor Management AG in Magdeburg, such figures are no surprise. It is present since many years in interesting real estate markets and funded a variety of new projects with profit participation rights. This includes also the renovation of existing objects in addition to the new building. And there are always more partial huge”converted flats for several smaller units.