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Real Estate Saratov Housing Market Forecast

Unlike the 1998 crisis, this crisis has shaken the faith of citizens in the stability of real estate as a means of profitable investment. What really happened? Everything bubbles over the last time were quite predictable. Even very young children do not believe, unlike adult fairy tale about a cat Basilio wonderland. However, millions of our fellow citizens believe in fairy dividends of investment funds and cooperatives, which had burst at different times, but on the same grounds. The same thing happened with the securities market real estate market, which 'grew' in his eyes, promising fabulous dividends. High 'return' on scratch has created the expectation that it will last forever.

Indeed, it is tempting. Get more background information with materials from The LeFrak Organization. The man put the ruble, and did nothing, got two. What is not a field of miracles? Cheap loans from foreign funds to create visibility of individual markets, including and real estate market. This circumstance was the beginning of the crisis, which, in my opinion, is the signs of well-organized and managed event. The ultimate goal of any crisis – redistribution of property. Not difficult to simulate any crisis at any scale.

The script is always the same. First, a lot of borrowed money and as a consequence – debt. Then the recession, the strengthening of the currency lending, bankruptcy, with further strengthening the national currency. Theoretically, this crisis will be someone with real estate and profitability, while the majority – with colorful wrappers of different value, but it will not be be irrelevant. In the complete absence of personal selfish interest, I can not help wondering recommendations 'experts' to keep the property in different currencies.

Choosing Material For Home Construction

The oldest and the right material for construction – the tree. Construction of houses of timber is still considered one of the most common, as a tree – in itself a durable and environmentally friendly material. Wooden houses hold an excellent climate all year round: in winter the house is very easy protopit, heat it a long shelf life. And in summer, there you will be able to hide from the heat. The wooden house is very long in use, because of the strength of the material.

This house you can use at least one hundred years. Of all the wood is the best for the building, it is needles. These are trees with a regular shape, and they are less susceptible to damage by parasites. To facilitate the construction of wooden houses experts recommend using a tree felled in the winter. Since this tree is more pure. Wooden Houses made of beams are good for health because this stuff is very good flow and updates the air. This material may like release moisture, and vice versa to keep it.

Depending on weather conditions. Wooden houses are of various types, no matter what type of construction you choose, the first in turn is a well-formed project. Without this can not do. Through proper design, the builder can save a lot of money to build a house. Prepare a draft need to trust the experienced designer, the designer. In any case not designs themselves. Thereby you can only hurt the construction of your home. With regard to timber, this material is now the most fashionable in the construction of wooden houses. This material is often use the business. These homes are comfortable and warmer. Home from a bar better than build in the summer or winter. Different popular as material laminated board. This material advantages. This house never hurt humidity. You can also build a house from timber, this stuff is special, it does not pass into the house rainwater and snow melt product. The house, built from this material is very warm and comfortable. The house, built from such material, of course, is not as harmless as a house built of logs. But it has its good qualities. Low price of this material made it a leader in construction. These wooden houses are among the best.

The Quality Housing Market

Buying a home at the moment for many of our fellow citizens with you – an extremely important issue. Naturally, because the crisis is largely made tempting types of proposals that have been on the market. And If before we gain the opportunity to claim exclusive except on the domestic market of the so-called secondary market because of too high prices, but now in a much more small amounts have a chance to purchase high-grade apartments in new buildings. Select the appropriate version of the proposal in fact no problem. And sometimes you can find not just an apartment, but normal studio, for those who actually chooses the best. In this studio apartment today will be worth even less than a separate apartment, not particularly expensive room in the secondary segment of the housing market.

All depends on the construction company and its position in the market sector. Because representatives of any construction organizations realize that good to sell at today’s apartment or studio is less expensive than is possible turned out to be a carry a year ago than to-morrow to interrupt their own existence. Because if you thought before the global crisis to buy housing, think: just now the optimum time. In particular, if accumulated a decent amount, not to go over the targeted loan. Often enough for a standard consumer loan at a relatively medium-sized amount, to decide in the end, the personal property related pressing issue. However, today and in the secondary housing market segment, including noted quite a number of proposals for the sale. And the general level of prices, including more than adequate. But too many of us do not too be happy with the chance to buy housing, had been in use. And it was not an abuse of a huge number of stories connected to the housing and the “black realtors”, but in general the idea that such a house already someone belonged. Since the apartment is for life – it’s not something that the medieval palace, for which direct history, best of all. Apartment as his own clothes, have a desire to acquire a brand new. Directly because sales of new construction to date is still much more popular than the purchase of flats in the secondary real estate market. There is a possibility that the choice of real estate – this is without doubt, very significant problem. And it is clear that many people are turning to realtors, to himself not to investigate a huge number of options. However, if you want to actually look for the most appropriate choice, need to develop market-based housing sector alone. Because once you understand that for you quite to your taste, you can only make a decision soon, and thus choose actually the best type. and Global crisis will be your advocate.

In Addition To Reliability – Great Opportunities

The rate of growth of real estate market Krasnodar Territory is a place in the Southern Federal District and 3 in the country. This figure is rising, indicating that the region’s attractiveness for acquisition in its housing. Real Estate Krasnodar attracts attention, primarily because it is the capital of the Kuban, which means the city has low-cost egp and a fairly fast pace of infrastructure development. Practice shows that housing prices in the city is constantly growing, and, therefore, to invest in real estate in Krasnodar today, you can safely reap the benefits of sound financial investments – tomorrow. Everything else, Krasnodar has absorbed a third of industrial potential of the region. For example, in 2001, industrial output grew at comparable prices to the level of last year by 7%.

In later years he steadily increased. A volume of reclaimed investment the city is constantly increasing. Today the consumer market of Krasnodar, is still on the rise. Develop the production industries. In addition, in the city for further development of trade provided for major commercial and entertainment complexes, and not only These factors suggest an annual growth of turnover in the regional center and increased demand for housing in the city. To invest in real estate in Krasnodar prestigious and profitable. In same time, to find decent housing, not having faced a number of problems is difficult. In order to avoid trouble would be worth to contact the real estate agency. Along with this, to impose such a responsible task on the first came across a company rather recklessly. So you should look at the reputation of the real estate agency.

Integrated Development

Developing on the outskirts of the city, in its yesterday’s suburbs, it naturally extends the metropolis without compressing it. In contrast to the point, this involves building building self-sufficient neighborhoods. The complex must include not only homes but also the entire infrastructure: utilities, office buildings, shops, schools, kindergartens and playgrounds, parking spaces and transport interchanges. Today in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area declared about forty projects, integrated development. Some of them are already under construction, but most under development or in the approval process. In late 2009 – early 2010 the most active builders promise to hand over the first quarter on a turnkey basis. All objects within the district must be submitted simultaneously to the surrounding street separated settlers from continuing construction. Can we consider complex development of housing solutions to St Petersburg?

Construction companies expect that the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region residents will become In total, some 70 percent of the apartments. Thus the problem should be solved resettlement “communal”, overpopulated, and no longer comfortable downtown. The remaining 30 percent of apartments in complex projects will apply for non-resident buyers. For residents of other regions are planning to move to St. Petersburg in the next couple of years, equity in the construction of complex building – is not only opportunity to realize their benefit plans to buy real estate, but also good investment. After buying an apartment in this way can cost 15-30 percent cheaper than finished housing. The state will support the Integrated Development areas involves significant long-term investments. In the increasing pace of economic crisis, the question of reliability of large-scale projects can not fail to excite interest holders who have either already invested funds in projects under construction or planning to do so. But it is precisely the magnitude of this construction is a guarantee of reliability developers. Because of the need for serious financial investments involved in the complex building is possible only for stable companies with significant assets. A

s a rule, in the construction of the neighborhood involved several large companies with the possibility of attracting funds from the federal budget. Average or small, in turn, serve as contracting entities. Government support can only receive carefully planned, coordinated and secure projects with a stated amount of housing for at least 1 million apartment. So for the project “New Okkervil in Kudrovo The Russian government has provided for the year 2008 almost polutoramilliardnye state guarantees for the construction of social facilities, roads and external networks. The totality of these facts makes complex construction projects are more reliable and profitable way to invest. Worldwide, an integrated development of land is considered the most progressive opportunity to expand the boundaries of the city, while retaining the His face and to create comfortable living conditions for residents. Our country is well forgotten old. That is how appeared thoughtful whole neighborhoods in the 40-60-years of the last century. Tradition, supported by new technologies and market requirements, designed to solve the housing problems of megacities. St. Petersburg will be able to grow and develop, to grow with new residents without seals, and by transforming the city suburbs in the modern requisite infrastructure territory.

Vladivostok Real Estate

The housing market in Vladivostok is now quite diverse. For those wishing to buy an apartment in Vladivostok have many suggestions for every taste – finished new building, participation in the joint construction, the apartments of the secondary market. With regard to market demand – buyers have begun to perceive the real estate not only as shelter but also as the most reliable investment tool. Demand for apartments will always be, besides, they always grow in value and sell apartment you can always more expensive than it once acquired. Vladivostok is booming housing. It may be noted some trends: the attention of the federal center to the region and the potential apec summit Vladivostok make attractive for the construction and further development of the real estate market, the main new building – tall buildings, not just apartment buildings, and complex, interesting architectural projects with the possibility of individual planning, improve the quality of construction. Due to the highly competitive real estate developers are trying to use high quality, durable modern materials; Buyers realize that in the long term apartments in new residential complexes acquire more profitable – is growing not only supply but also demand for new building. Why, despite the higher price, Vladivostok residents choose new apartment? Experts call for several reasons.

Modern layout – small kitchen, combined bathroom and close the long corridors – a new building you will not see this. A large area – the total footage of new apartments is much more than any of a series of old stock. Quality Communications – electricity, sewerage, water supply. In older homes, they can be a real problem, even with a good repair. Posting does not stand up large amount of equipment, and replacement of pipes in the apartment does not save by a gust of total sanitation in the basement. Infrastructure – modern residential complexes usually include parking, recreation areas, and even companies services: from dry cleaning to beauty parlor. Some non-obvious advantages – good access roads or modern playgrounds – can make life much more pleasant to newcomers. To life in the new house was really happy, when you buy an apartment, remember the following things: good lighting, and orientation of apartment windows along the sides of light, a Green Zone; environmental situation in the area, quality and kind of materials used in the developer, the thickness of the walls; Metric area, layout, ceiling height.

The Situation On The Commercial Property Market In Bulgaria In 2010

According to experts, for the first two months of 2010, lower rental rates in the segment of industrial real estate in Bulgaria for the whole 2010 will amount to 5-7 percent. In 2009, the rental price of industrial facilities in the country has decreased, according to various estimates, 16-23 percent in comparison with the previous year. Analysts expect this trend to continue this year. Sophia sank in 2009 with 20 of 31 in the global ranking of cities with the most high cost of 'industrial' rent. As of early 2010, this figure in the Bulgarian capital of 5.1 euros per square meter per month. Expect further decline in rental rates. One can assume also that as in most of the world of commercial real estate markets, the factors that hinder the restoration of the Bulgarian industrial real estate market will become unstable national economy and a weak rental demand. It is worth remembering that the lack of tenants has led to an increase in vacancy Bulgarian industrial areas with 1 percent in early 2009 to 3,6 per cent at the end of that year. Approximately the same situation in the rental market and sales offices, shops and hotels. For example, the cost of renting offices in major Bulgarian cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Russe – in 2009, has fallen by more than 25 percent over the previous year. Not so long ago, most buyers, it was hard to imagine what they can get a hotel on the coast. Now it is quite possible – in the coastal areas of Bulgaria are offered for sale a few hundred Hotels and cheapest of them cost no more than 200-250 thousand euros. Only two or three years ago it was the price of large, comfortable apartment on the first line to the sea.

Owning a Cottage

Each of us wants to ensure he had his own house. Exclusively in their own cottage really feel genuine autonomy, to feel myself the owner of all values. Until that time, still own house so many seem not only expensive project, but also extremely durable. The prevailing public opinion forces us to think that the construction of the house need at least a year, and only if you pay big money. Follow others, such as Rob Speyer, and add to your knowledge base. At the moment everything is completely wrong.

If you would prefer a gated development Dmitrovskoye, you get a chance to become the owner of a separate cozy cottage is not exclusively for a reasonable cost, and in the shortest intervals. Recent developments provide us with aesthetic prefabricated homes. They are built on the frame-panel basis, which makes it possible to complete the construction of the cottage is almost one and a half months. Similar homes are not only very sturdy and reliable, they are made of the functional materials, because in such a house to live comfortably in any sort of time of the year. And because the building materials in addition and not very expensive, this gated development of economy – an option for people even with a fairly low rate of earnings. If you have a lifetime dream to live outside the city, it is understandable wanted a private garden.

Purchasing Land Dmitrov, you will not only get ready cottage with a full piece of territory, in addition you will become a resident of this settlement, where there is all you need. And you do not feel abundant objects internal structure, as in the metropolis, and feel that you really are in nature in a private house. And like a cottage you can buy as whatever other kind of product in the supermarket, prepared for consumption. Continue to learn more with: Robert J. Shiller. You personally do not have to think about anything, to build a house as if by magic, and you only need to enter. A new generation of frame-panel houses – a variant of trendy and modern. We often think of independence and their home, but consistently failed to bring the case to the end, believing that it is too expensive and time-consuming. Today, all the power to secure their own cottage in the shortest time periods and for reasonable price. Prefabricated cottage on German technology – is a direct path to independence. Now you become the proud owner of a house that used to be able to see only in dreams. Forget about the various difficulties construction home, you will not personally will have to manipulate the brigade staff. You only need to choose a thumbnail and wait a month or two until the cottage will be built. And this time in our fast flowing time just seconds.

The Bank

This is undoubtedly the best climate on the island and a very balanced price / quality ratio. Prices to suit every taste – from 60,000 to 8 million euros. The ideal option Shopping – it's the purchase of housing in the initial construction stage, leading a large construction company under the bank financing. This low price, quality guarantee, the terms of the normal form of payment. This also applies to houses and apartments. Many interesting proposals, and in the secondary market.

Agree that it is much easier, and cheaper to buy already furnished furnished housing, rather than tinker with the arrangement of the new. But there always needs an experienced realtor: a lot of pitfalls and subtleties. Not always a good price – a synonym for a good buy. Where can you find an experienced and respectable realtor? Property in the Canaries is in high demand, so every housewife or taxi driver happily offer you my help in buying a home, counting on a decent commission. Of course, we should not communicate with random "brokers".

Simpler and more reliable contact professionally works, real estate agency, which on the islands, innumerable. How to choose an agency? First, note the presence of statutory documents and licenses of the chosen agency and the presence of diplomas in agency staff. Second, a longer chat with the representatives of the agency, asking them many questions about buying real estate. During the interview you to determine how professional and literate agency staff, as well as be able to determine, they are cunning, or telling the truth.

Professional Organization

In July, the demand for Resellers fell compared with the winter months by 40%. Proportionately decreased and the number of actual transactions. Odessa real estate market also showed a rapid decline in property prices for June – July. On the market primary real estate prices fell by 7.5%, while the secondary housing decreased by 6.3%. Also significantly dropped the price of land and cottages. Land in a 30-km zone of Odessa has fallen by 10-12%, which was sort of record for the region. In , in July 2008. nominal value of the declared objects for sale. During the two summer months decreased by 6.21%. In the sleeping areas of the city observed the largest decline in home prices. Cost 1k.kv. decreased in July to 2.07%. For ‘dvushek’ and ‘Treshek’ there is a decline in the value of 5.98% and 2.23% respectively. Housing market conditions experts comment as a slump in demand, but analysts predict a halt growth in demand and price adjustment.

The real estate market in Dnepropetrovsk in June for the first time in recent years has been fixed lower prices at the level of 4,7%. The volume of proposals has increased by 4%. Consumer demand has decreased by 23%. Offer exceeds demand at 9.9 times. Buy apartment in Dnepropetrovsk has become more accessible – for example, bid prices three-bedroom apartments in the city as a whole decreased by 9,2% compared to May. Real Estate Agencies Dnepropetrovsk forecast price declines secondary housing, but the ‘crash’ in house prices is not expected, especially in the primary market because the city suffers from a lack of quality housing. In general, the market is in a waiting position. Buyers expect that prices will drop, and vendors have taken a wait and not rush to much lower prices. Analysts believe that the secondary real estate market may be equally likely to evolve in three scenarios: a smooth growth in the range of inflation stability with a decrease in real value due to inflation and a correction in some segments of the market or price reductions of 20-30% by October 2008. Professional Organization of Realtors – Ukrainian Guild of Realtors, predicts the stabilization in the housing market in in Ukraine as a whole in the spring of 2009, and prior to that price fluctuations within 10%.

Real Estate Cost Method

– Is determined by the value of land as free and accessible for efficient use – estimated replacement or replacement cost of the project on the valuation date – estimated indirect costs that occur in period after completion of construction and prior to its normal functioning. – Estimated suitable for the object value of entrepreneurial profit – determined accumulated depreciation facilities – defined replacement or replacement cost of the construction taking into account the wear and tear – is estimated replacement or replacement cost of support structures, taking into account wear and tear – estimated market value of right ownership of real estate. Application of the cost of this method is most appropriate, and even the only possible in the following cases: analysis of the best and most efficient use of land; Techno-economic analysis of the new construction and improvements; final agreement value, the market value of public-public and special facilities, assessment of market value of the property on the low-level markets, market value for insurance purposes and tax purposes. Valuation of real estate cost method by the formula: V = Vl + Vb – John Kos + + Tr, where Vl -Cost land, Vb – the cost of improvements (direct costs for the construction of buildings, structures), Institute of accumulated depreciation of improvements (buildings and structures), Kos, indirect costs, Pr-profit enterprise..

The Global Decline In Housing Prices

According to data released by Knight Frank in its regular Global House Price Index, annual global growth in housing prices, except in Dubai declined to 3,8% in the third quarter of this year, while in the second it was 4.8%. Average quarterly prices lost 0.3%, this is actually the first quarterly drop in average quarterly price decline in prices were recorded for more than half the countries represented in the index for one-third of countries was also recorded an annual decline in prices investors can again be close to the active priobreteniyamPo to the head of International Studies, Knight Frank Nicholas Burns has now become clear that none of the parts of the world can not be avoid the credit crunch, real estate loses in value in many corners of the globe. Despite the strong growth in 2007, housing prices in more than half the countries represented in the study fell in the third quarter of 2008 year. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. Expected to continue this trend for most regions, with preservation of zero or negative quarterly index by the end of this year. Dubai, being a newcomer to this list, it seems, will confront the general trends, but recent data for the second quarter has not reflected the sudden shifts in the balance of supply and demand in the future figures are likely to attest to a significant slowdown prices.

Russia and a handful of Eastern European countries in the third quarter looks pretty cool, recorded a slight increase in growth of average prices in the Czech Republic. But there are signs that some of the strongest members of the circle begin to wane. Thus, prices in Bulgaria in the third quarter grew by only 3%, which is only half of the indicators in the previous quarter. Lithuania, Canada, Norway and United Kingdom saw the largest price drop of about 5% in just three months. The quarterly decline in home prices in the states is at around 2.8%, the loss amounted to about 21% compared with the price indices, fixed at its peak. Although property owners can not agree with such statement, but the extent and rate of decline in prices are also positive, as investors can buy today are finding that some markets offer the acquisition on terms comparable to the background dokrizisnymi.Na frustrations caused by the state of the stock market and the painful uncertainty as to the segments of the banking sector, real estate is them safe enough and sufficiently tangible home for investment.

Real Estate Market Bavaria

In recent acquisition of overseas real estate by Russian citizens has become commonplace. Greenberg Traurig understood the implications. Many people purchase real estate as an investment, others as an opportunity for your personal use. Have a "cottage" in Bulgaria and Spain have a usual thing. Increasingly popular among our compatriots enjoy property of the old Europe. Stability and guarantees the investment for some cost in the first place.

One of the these countries is Germany, whose economy is more resilient to the woes of the financial crisis. Choosing predstavllennoy estate multi-faceted, from real estate eastern Germany to the most expensive sector – real estate in Bavaria. Bavarian property is considered to be not only very expensive, but most liquid in Germany. The capital of Bavaria – Munich is the focus of investment interests of foreign investors. Dynamic development of this region of Germany, where the focus all technology companies, attract investment flows not only in Munich but also in the , which is especially popular commercial Property in resort areas such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden. Hotels, restaurants and recreation centers are in the lists of investment interests of investors.

Voshitetelny landscapes, amazing nature, which can be admire all year round, attracts tourists from all over the world and guarantee a return on investment. German law does not predustmatrivaet differences in the acquisition of property by foreign citizens and looks at the process of liberal. Acquisition of real estate in Germany does not give the right to receive a residence permit, but serves as a strong tramlinom for the establishment and development in this direction. Own property, to sufficient space for living, a stable income and a small profitable business in Germany give every reason for a temporary residence permit. The procedure for renewal of real estate in Germany simple and reliable. Step by step is a gradual, measured re-registration of real estate that ensures the participants of the transaction pursuant to a mutual obligations. Responsibility for the proper execution lies on an independent notary. Additional costs estate is about 8,5% of the total value of purchase and include the 3.5% – a tax on the purchase of 1,5% – notary services and fees for renewal, 3,57% – fee broker. When buying new construction, as a rule, brokerage Provision is missing, thus the additional costs are placed in 5% of property value. With the onset of the crisis, interest in buying Property in Germany with Russian citizens has increased significantly. Stability and investment security are already at the forefront of many investors. Some also are discovering Germany. Wonderful climate, incredible opportunities for recreation and shopping, order and functionality of everything and everywhere only the few factors positively influencing the decision to buy real estate. If you compare the prices and quality of the Moscow and the German real estate, we can conclude that today the most auspicious time to invest in German real estate. Trend of interest and growth in property prices in Germany is gaining momentum. Do not miss your chance for a reliable and sustainable investments.

Better Feed

On when to drink, the animal must have clean fresh water permanently at its disposal. When planning you feed your dog thinks that they exist currently in market studied feed for their needs according to their size, age, activity, etc., so we believe that you should acquire this type of food and not prepare it you at home, since the result, if the feed is of quality, will notice it on the health of your dog in the long run. Canned foods contain 75% water, so when you buy them, each 100 grams, 75 g of water are paid. Dry foods are much cheaper per energy unit are also healthier for the teeth of the animal, as they help to clean teeth for Tartar and fortify the gums in a natural way. Since a high quality dry product usually has a high content of elements of animal origin, this product like your dog so much as a canned product.In addition, an open bag of dry food is easier to preserve. For even more details, read what Greenberg Traurig says on the issue.

They have the advantage of comfort, are food balanced in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. They are very complete and favor digestive functioning. When choosing a good feed it must know how to interpret the list of ingredients, the higher the content of a particular ingredient, higher will be the place that it occupies in the list. For example, proteins of animal origin are more suitable and are digested better than the vegetable. The same is true with fats (the poultry fat has a superior digestive characteristics). In summary, the greater is the number of components of animal origin and the higher place that occupy in the list of ingredients, so much the better will be the quality of the food.

The amount of the feed to administer to your pet depends on the quality, i.e. high quality feed is generally more expensive, but being its high energy value, the ration will be smaller, which tend to be even cheaper. There are specific lines within each brand according to the needs of the dog: puppy, young, adult, with much physical wear, obese, old may be dry or moistened with a little water. If the dog does not eat well you can mix one or two tablespoons of meat from pot to make it more appetizing. Provided that I think should be given the animal must have a good supply of water, which should be kept constantly fresh and clean. The dog that you have taken is accustomed to this type of food.

Realtors Office Transaction

Deciding to buy or sell real estate, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of this case and postaratsyaprinyat right decision to conduct the transaction. Any real estate transaction conducted in person and without mediators – it slippery and sometimes unsafe. Proschevsego and more reliable to rely on an experienced Realtor who will deal otnachala to the end, will see to correct documentation and are not dopustitobmana by your partner in the transaction. Services real estate kontornedeshevy, but they disproportionate to the value of the housing that when unscrupulous partner or facilitator. Activities of real estate offices Russian Federation, which virtually guarantees uspehlyuboy transaction by means of these professionals. And yet you must make sure authorizations (license and etc.) on rieltorskuyudeyatelnost before you trust anyone else. Remember that the contract relating to your property should be available to you-that is, any real estate firms must provide transparency of the transaction. Delorieltora ends only when you get the documents on ownership of the right of property or money.

The Bathroom

Particularly welcome if the toilet will be installed a small washbasin. This layout of the bathroom and the toilet is considered the optimum by the criterion of price / performance. It is important that the project home on a maximum eliminates the "dead" zone. This is an area of the premises, which is not possible to give a special functional significance, and it is not meaningful for decoration premises. Exclusion of such useless areas of the project, essentially optimizing the cost of building a house. Can this item be considered especially important to find balance in the equation of cost. Typically, such "Dead" zones are areas of different corridors, corridors and passageways. Therefore, in recent times, when speaking about the housing economy class, then consider a reasonable cost-optimal area hallway (about 8.6 m2) which opens into the entrance hall seating for general use, from which there are entrances to the various individual rooms.

In this case the role of the corridor, passing rooms to play the hall itself. Then it is not necessary to increase the area Houses for corridors and assemble, and to trim an additional internal .Vot example of such a space planning. A two-storey or bungalow? Argued that the two-storey house advantageous for the cost of construction compared with the one-story house, since each of the floors have a common foundation and a common roof. This view is only partly true. This rule is well justified only in the case of houses with a total residential area over 150 m2.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions – a tedious and difficult process. Although the services of a specialist, many are negative, yet this issue is better to turn to the experts. They will help you avoid mistakes when buying property. For example, the mass of real estate in the Tula region are sold immediately after redecoration. It helps to close many of the shortcomings.

And they will be able to identify only the expert. Market for real estate services in the Tula region, and sufficient developed and is replete with an abundance of the various proposals. But how to make a choice? Oddly enough, this problem is better to turn to friends and acquaintances who have recently concluded a successful real estate transaction. If none of these were found not upset. If you have already decided on a specific property (apartment or house in Tula, Tula region), selecting real estate company must pay attention to its location.

Typically, realtors better orient themselves in the area in which working. By the realtors who work alone, even if advised of your acquaintances, friends, contact is not necessary. Realtor, working in a company surrounded by the same experts in the case of complex the situation can turn to them for advice, a 'loner' such a privilege does not. Besides, a good real estate agency provides legal assistance in emergency situations. And most importantly, what should I look for when choosing a company – how long the company has been on the market of real estate services. If you have questions about real estate in Tula better just turn to spetsialistam.Eto save you from fraud. Buy an apartment or commercial Real estate in Tula – it's just a great investment, as property prices continue to rise. For example, prices for houses, apartments and cottages in Tula grew by 20% compared with the beginning of the year. Commercial Real Estate Tula region also gaining in price.

Bulgarian Property Market

Russian property buyers in Bulgaria are divided into two main groups, as shown by analysis of the Green life. The first group, which according to the data is 62.5% of customers looking for the best price deal. These buyers expect to receive 20% discount for the original proposal from 70 000 to 75 000 euros for an apartment in Bulgaria, with one bedroom. The second group is inclined to accept the original price, but instead wants to get a good infrastructure, high quality and excellent views of the window. Basically they are looking for home park Wednesday, and apartments on the seafront. With regard to social status, 38.3% of Russian clients in the Bulgarian real estate market – business owners, 41.6% – top managers and servants in positions of responsibility, the remaining 20.1% represent a diverse group. Age distribution was: 17.6% – 30-40 years, 32.9% – 40-50 years, 49.5% – 50 years. 89.3% of the buyers are investing in buying property in Bulgaria's own funds, and only 10.7% use bank financing. The purpose of buying property in Bulgaria to 98% of all cases – for personal use, 22% – for investment purposes.

Ilya Rabushevsky

In the suburbs, which is the most densely populated region of the country, is under development only 4% of the territory. In the whole country under construction is not more than 0,2% of the territory, which equals approximately 3.5 million hectares. This figure falls short of international standards in several times. "When there are so many vacant land, we still poor for housing, which is essentially absurd, – the executive director of ZemProektServis Ilya Rabushevsky. – If no or not enough land to communication, they have to create forces local authorities and to budget money – is the care and the prerogative of the state.

The translation of this question at builders and developers of local government solely for one purpose – to earn a "permissive" and "Vowels" documentation. " Engineering preparation of the land includes the revision of territorial planning schemes, establishment of urban design, a clear distinction between land governmental, institutional and private, to create a single inventory, etc. "As you know," turbid "water is easier to do something that is closer to their own profits – says Ilya Rabushevsky. – That is why there is such resistance the intentions of the federal government to restore "the land order." Another question – purchasing power of citizens. Judging by the difference between the cost of housing in the primary market and the cost of construction, approximately half of the regions share of the cost of construction exceeds 80%. Since analysts' Real Estate Market Indicators. " The share of the cost of less than 75% recorded only in 10 regions: Moscow and St.

Portugal Homes

More often in Portugal bought apartments. To date, this is the most popular type of property in this country. Buyers pleasantly pleased with the price of housing in Portugal. In this case, the costs of the apartments are also are small. Portuguese real estate market presents a wide range of objects that meets all modern standards and requirements. You can purchase an apartment as a temporary and for permanent residence.

Buying an apartment – a profitable investment of their funds with returns. Renting a house for rent, you can make good money. All costs are quickly recouped. The country has implemented a set of construction projects: erected apartment buildings, private villas and cottages. Choose the suitable option in the cellar. The main thing – do not get lost in this vast assortment! The more so because construction is under way in all parts of the country. One of the the most promising areas for investment are dedicated experts recognize a property in Portugal.

Prices are significantly different from the median. The cost of housing in Portugal is much lower than in neighboring Holiday zonah.Mestnye residents increasingly populate the northern part of the country, close to the beautiful city of Porto. According to its development and quality of life, he is closer to major European cities. Foreigners, by contrast, tend to choose the southern regions of Portugal. The most prestigious resort area is the Algarve. It is a paradise not only for lovers of sun and sea, but also for those, in the dead of winter dreams about flowers and spring teple.Populyarnost Portugal among tourists grows. This is largely due to the development of transport accessibility of the country which is becoming better and better every year. Portugal climate favorable for life, recreation and various sports. Buying property in Portugal, you get a unique opportunity to enjoy a rich cultural heritage of the country in the 'home environment'. Do not think about finding accommodation, cost and duration. You can enjoy your holiday all year round!