Month: April 2020

Patterned Light

In the light frame of wood properties profited optimally. Solid wood is used for beams and pillars. When you need to create beams glued beams are used. The rest of the materials are in most cases different types derived from wood or other materials. Down2Earth follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Housing is the main structure of the building, but the only way the result would be a House of cards.

To obtain rigidity in the structure you need to add the second element, the enclosure. The result is a light but highly resistant structure. In the end walls, floors and roofs are covered with a coating. Official site: Robert J. Shiller. This coating can be both wood and other materials: tiles, boards, painted or wallpaper, parquet flooring, slate or tiles of ceramic, etc. It is a very versatile construction method.

And despite being a fairly old construction system, not much has changed with the passage of time. Added new materials, standardized products, more sophisticated methods of construction; but the basic principles they remain the same. These are known by carpenters from many European countries: Finns, Swedes, Germans.

Online Earning

Earnings on the Internet now – it's takoezhe difficult thing as in real life. Some people make the Internet itself for food, housing, cars, etc. others – can only pay for itself intrnet and no more. As the Internet evolves, requires greater efforts to break into a niche online business, especially as competitors have long been accustomed to this and it is easier to monitor the Internet world, while beginning to earn money have to learn tons information to achieve at least some level of professionalism. Because of this situation, many of which are seemingly happy to take up this time begin to rage and throw this thing. As in real business, there must be to experience success, and then you start is likely to take decisive action and, accordingly, make, making sites from scratch. In any case, beginners always need a strategy for the development and promotion of their project – from creation to the visitors and then to monetization. Such strategies are devised many, but not all of them will lead to positive results.

But each strategy to create the project always contains a certain sequence of actions. It all begins with creating the site. Because the project on the Internet – is the site. To create a website must have a minimum knowledge of HTML. In general, to create a beautiful interactive website to revolving know much more. Greenberg Traurig can provide more clarity in the matter.

Of this I am writing an article for beginners and not only here. After you create the site you buy a paid hosting and domain. About the choice of host read to the following website. Domain at low prices you can order on When you place the above item, we must begin promotion of the site. Web site promotion starts with adding it to search engines and on the stage of indexing by the search engines have to deal with its internal optimization. Once the search engines index the site, start to engage its external optimization. External optimization – is building a reference mass to your site – that is, when other sites and services link for you. This is achieved in various ways – message boards, directories, websites, etc. This can be read on the below website. And now we go to the third point, myself, in my opinion easy – monetization. In the simplest case monetization – setting the advertising on the site. If you promote your site and put it interesting advertising, then it will move you to the visitors and the account will drop money. With such a beautiful scenario, when you calculate your income for the month and if this income will be about $ 100, this site can be sold at a good price if you wish. The remaining questions and Newns look at my site. Add it to feed and be informed about each changing information. By the way, I need a team 2-3 people for projects. The team is good and beneficial. If suddenly interested in the offer please contact me via the form on my website. Then we will!

Plastic Windows

Plastic windows can not skip the flat cold. In fact, there is absolutely warm ups, but modern plastic windows several times more efficiently saving heat and have good sealing system. Windows PVC muffle all the noise from the street. It is not.

Low-frequency noise (noise of the tram traffic rumble, kick a jackhammer) strongly attenuated plastic windows, but it still sounds from outside are heard.The best PVC windows, filled with argon. This is a fallacy – a publicity stunt. The difference between the physical characteristics of a real gas and ideal is a fraction of a percent. New windows have absolute integrity.

On Indeed, sealed plastic boxes is the ability to not pass air. Without the special seal (being covered with construction sealant) windows will still pass air. The thicker windows, the better. The optimal distance between the plates is 10-16 mm. A further increase will not lead to significant improvements in thermal characteristics (but would increase the cost) Inside the glass created a vacuum. If there really was a vacuum, the glass would just burst. In order to better glass pressed against the frame, it creates a kind of depression. The thickness of the profile and number of cameras improves characteristics of the window. In actually increase the thickness profile and its complexity – is meaningless, because its thermal resistance and so more than the glass. Harmful to the health profiles with lead additives. There are certificates which indicate that the profiles are suitable for applications in housing construction and completely harmless to human health. New windows should cost from $ 50 per square meter. If a person decided to buy PVC windows in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow or another city must understand that the quality production of the window can not be cheaper old wood.

Sochi Apartment

I was offered an apartment at the edge of the sea for 150 rubles per day. This is not the center. If they emphasize the fact that the apartment in the heart, not particularly buy: "in the center of Sochi, near the sea" – it does not happen, center of Sochi – it is not near the sea. When choosing a place to live in Sochi, we must not be guided by the prestige of the area and proximity to the sea. Keep in mind that areas such as , Don, – an unfortunate choice: they are very far away. Robert J. Shiller often addresses the matter in his writings. By up Sea to reach nearly forty minutes by bus. Meadow Bank Designs may not feel the same. By shuttle bus faster, but pushing in the heat of transport can be in Moscow. And, of course, for 150 rubles to the sea royal apartments do not offer.

Most likely, it will be neat one-bedroom apartment, with no claim to the luxury and respectability, with the necessary set for housing: a bed, fridge, table and chairs. Can live. Especially check about the food: some of the local owners objected to residents enjoy their cuisine. Or maybe you're not going home even a kettle to boil. In this case, if the kitchen is included in the fee, you can try to bring down the price.

You will be prompted to examine housing, and most likely will not even one option. To view a must. Train and bus station in Sochi were combined, since they are next. There is a service center where help book a room or purchase a ticket to the resort.


Oil filter – full flow, a thin oil purification with replaceable filter element 52-04-1017140. Maintenance of the filter is a sediment sink for TO-1 and replace the filter element at Siena engine oil. To replace the filter element is necessary: – disconnect the wire from the sensor oil pressure indicator 13 – unscrew the four bolts that secure the filter housing to the cylinder block and remove the filter – remove the sump drain plug and drain the filter sludge; – remove the stud and remove the sediment, together with the spent element – clean sump, tighten the drain plug and assemble the filter with new filter element – set the filter and attach the wire to the sensor oil pressure indicator – check the oil level in the crankcase of the engine – start the engine and verify the absence of oil leaks at the connection of the filter housing to the engine block, as well as in the joints of parts when a filter replacement filter element should focus on cleanliness and neatness When disassembling, assembling and installing a filter to prevent damage to seals and contamination of oil channels. At air temperatures above +20 C or whatever the air temperature when operating in harsh environments with large load and low speed motion to include an oil cooler. When you turn the radiator valve arm is directed along the axis of the crane. Crankcase ventilation coercive acts due to the difference in the thinning air cleaner. Appointment of the crankcase ventilation is to reduce the dilution of oil falling into the crankcase with fuel and disqualification from the crankcase exhaust gases back through leaks erupting piston rings.

Never should disconnect the crankcase ventilation system or disrupt its density. Unacceptable engine operation when the oil mouth open. Due to the existing vacuum in the crankcase it will be sucked into a lot of dust, causing engine wear is greatly increased. Service crankcase ventilation system reduces to the periodic inspection of the density of connections and cleaning the tubes.

Choose Your Rustic Country Home

Almost all the inhabitants of megacities are thinking that some time of their lives in a remote village with her grandmother. Take a break from the hustle back in place. In the past, the majority of people has got villas, but now such small plots are not interesting. Wanting to build a decent and one-storey house in a new place, city dwellers are faced with many challenges. Construction technologies and countless difficult to choose the right one. Such as common house of the felled pine trees and flood homes, panel houses a variety of Canadian houses, brick houses, etc. One of the oldest and most widespread in our middle lane overlooking Technology construction of a log cabin home. A house built of softwood trees.

The most common are spruce and pine, it is desirable not podsochennye (ie which do not collect resin). Two centuries ago the future logs in the woods hem and waited a year to dry, then cut and on horseback in winter on snow trail to the place of construction. Built a house in the normally without foundation, or on stones or on stumps. House cut with an ax, this Technology longer is not destroyed, than that which applies now. Now cut up the house is not chopped and sawed with saws. When sawing saw tears pores that run along the tree trunk and water vapor freely can enter into the pines. When cutting a wooden house with an ax, on the contrary all the pores are pressed and the tree always remains dry.

GDP Prices

The deficit of foreign trade in May reached an unprecedented $ 8.8 billion and grew by sravnekniyu with last year at 135% of GDP deficit of 12.5%. If growth rates continue – by the end of the year foreign trade deficit will reach $ 20-25 billion, GDP growth fell to 6.3% (last year was 7.8%, respectively, and 7.9%). These facts show a decline in real incomes and purchasing power. Third, The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decreased by more than half the cost of housing construction by eliminating some taxes and fees. This was reported by Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. All of the above points in civilized market economy are bound to lead to a collapse in property prices. What is happening now in most countries.

Of the approximately two hundred, only 13 countries prices are rising. All countries – developed. In all the others – first the prices rose wildly and give returns to investors, then just as quickly fell (to the level of ‘economically justified’ – that is, construction costs +20-30%). However, in Ukraine expect a significant decline Despite all the prerequisites is not necessary. The fact that all major construction business in Ukraine belongs to the clans of oligarchs, they are all in cahoots with each other and government agencies in order to obtain super from the building, sometimes up to 300-400% per annum. Naturally, in the loss of such a profitable enterprise, none of them are not interested. Most likely prices will remain roughly the same, or slightly slow or stop the growth.

Reduce them will not be allowed, as falling house prices leads to a systemic crisis in the banking sector. And it is very dangerous for the economy. Such a scenario is not advantageous to anyone. We predict, due to lack of demand and financial series of bankruptcies of small and medium-sized construction and real estate companies, as well as strengthening the financial pressure on people from the business and the oligarchs. Big business is more profitable to simple suspend the pace of construction and released capital temporarily, until the crisis and alignment with world prices, to move to its other fields of activity.

Sand: Cheap Building Material

One of the most popular in the world of natural building materials is sand. Unthinkable without the use of sand erection of houses, factories, road surface, complex engineering structures and components Housing. Sand – a material with which we touch in daily life, all glass objects in the house this past sand complex thermal and mechanical obrabotku.Prostoy average person can think about the strange attention to this building material, because it is said, a lot everywhere. But it is not so simple. One sand may be very different from each other in various properties with all the consequences. All known bulk palm island in the United Arab Emirates were made from stone and sand, which by means of dredges namyvali and transported from the shelves, far from the island itself, which led to significant costs. It is much easier to take in the desert sand and pour the island by land. But as I said, not so simple, sand sand divisive and should not forget that during construction works.

Necessary when selecting Sand kind to his brand, type and treatment. By placing a request for sale of sand to pinpoint what you need. What you should know about the sand and the company that supplies it. First of all, you need to make sure that the product offered to you meets your specific requirements and is not, as they say, fake. For these purposes should be specified when and where you sourced the proposed sand and what features it has. Properly need to familiarize yourself with the conclusion of the sanitary certificate and on the sand.

But the simplest solution – to make the delivery of sand carried out a reliable company where you are confident and can rely on it. If company has its technology, and she proposed sale of sand, then most likely it's just clever people who are important, not long-term partnerships, and quick profit. One measure of the reliability of proposed sale of sand is a proposal to lease their equipment, such as rental trucks. So keep an ear to the urgent when you need a simple and common building materials like sand.