Month: November 2012


You want to learn Italian spending fantastic vacations in Florence? Here a few advice for ayudaros are going to choose your school of languages in the Tuscan capital. In order to be able to learn Italian, it is necessary to put itself in serious, reason why the following schools have daily courses of 2 and 4 hours (equal if what you want it is to learn, divertiros and to visit the tourist attractions of Florence and the environs, are better to decide on the option of 2 hours). For the lodging, you do not have preocuparos, you can include it directly in each one of the courses that propose the following schools, being able to live with a family or renting to an apartment in Florence with your companions students. I hope that this review helps the italianfilos that want to find a good Italian school of languages in Florence. 1. Center Internazionale Studenti Giorgio the Pyre Via of Pescioni 3 Zone Florence Palazzo Strozzi the Center Internazionale Studenti Giorgio the Pyre is one of the best schools than you will be able to find. The professors are going to teach to you pile of grammar and vocabulary and is going to raise the light-striped day day.

The professors are wonderful and besides sentiros good, you will notice that you learn. The best thing of this school is that even the price is worth the pain. You will not find any course of a cheaper month in Florence. The professors are very educated and its unique objective is that it is learned and is spoken Italian. The classes small and are very diversified. Another interesting thing is that you will know people worldwide. 2. Lorenzo of Medici Via Faenza, 43 Florence Zone San Lorenzo This school of languages has campus in Florence, Rome and Tuscania.

Good Notary

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– Who is you, expensive, to find that it can go moving in my things, the great box with the feet for inside of the apartment said Diva pushing. – I am not nobody. I am only the inhabitant of low of its apartment, said Teo, raising the right hand. – Certain. That good. I have an idiotic enxerido neighbor. Diva gave of shoulders catching trouxa of clothes that was in the soil. It played after that for inside.

– Good, much pleasure, young woman. I only came stops to say that to need itself something it can count on me. – Certain, certain, all good, tchau. It beat to the door with all the force of the wind that beats the door of Teo. It is as the hurricane, thought. – Plus a time that torment if repeated in the mind of the notary. Whenever it tries to make friendship with somebody age treat to that form. He was determined. It would go to the psychologist of the State. The government had that to offer something for an employee after 10 years of given services. More did not obtain to become social. He was solitary. Its mother and its father had been the kilometers of distance in the city of Manaus, since that she had passed in the competition for notary of policy in the State of Santa Catarina.