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Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

I am thinking if the cancer will not be like a contrafbica attitude in which the fear to the death and being devoured by the worms takes to us to that we generate our own worms so that they are those that devour to us, as if outside a species of bids that it eats away to us (meat-eats). I sometimes say in a histrinica attitude before those who wants to me to listen, that we must enjoy the life and gain of hand the worms to him. More recently I invented the idea that all we only ended up corrupting to us that some begin before dying. With this closing I try to allude to corrupt and the immoral ones, but now I am thinking that also they begin to corrupt before dying those that have a cancer is that them eating (corrupting) internamente. This would be a defensive attitude because we are saving to our body of being eaten by others (predators); it is an egoistic attitude because we preferred to kill itself eating to allow one more a more extensive life to us and to leave gusanitos them they are fed with our body; it is an attitude of love to itself because it is as much what we are wanted that we preferred to eat as well as metaphorically tenth affection yet that we would wish to eat to that object of love to which we want to demonstrate to him how much it desires to us (I am thinking for example about that mother enchanted with his bebito, that kisses the feet to him with as much passion that feels attemped to comrselos although the principle of reality and its sanity cause that it pauses in time). On the origin of the cancer many hypotheses exist but no is confirmed, except by the statistical side that is not to me reliable. Somebody can feel very surely saying that tobacco addiction is cancerigenic an infallible one and I can respond to him with the same firmness that those people who love themselves the point car-to perhaps devour are very attemped to smoke (for example because they are people who suffer the uncontrollable aspiration to devour as if a viper swallowed the tail and, like intermediate step, inhales something concrete the smoke of cigarettes). Perhaps the people who smoke wish fervent car-to devour as I explain at the beginning of this article but they only reach to act the aspiration to do it and for that reason they smoke, but someday they will be able to happen to the stage at which really they want to arrive that it is to eat to themselves generating that wild but own weave and inconcientemente loved. Then, it is not that the cigarette is the cause of the cancer but is normal that some people who wish to gain of hand the worms to him that will eat their body when it dies, begin only having the aspiration.

200 Euros

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Industrial Property

The intellectual property has to do with the creations of the mind like artistic works, inventions related to the technique, marks, designs industriale, etc. It is divided in two categories: Industrial property that welcomes the rights in relation to the patents, to the marks and the designs (among others).And the right of author who include the literary or artistic work protection under the patrimonial rights and morals that grants the law of Intellectual Property. In order to clarify the basic concepts we have detachhed this blog in four parts: 1. – Marks. The marks serve to identify products and services of the companies in the market.

With the designation of marks in the market, products and services can be individualized and be distinguished. As a result of registering a mark, the exclusive right is obtained to use this mark in the certain market. This right, gives the opportunity to the holder of the mark to protect prestige and reputation of its company in the market in front its competitors. Other rights connected with a registered tradename include the possibility of yielding or of licensing the mark, to be against to new marks confusing with hers, to ask for the invalidity of other later marks and to prevent the commercialization of the identical mark or signs by third parties nonauthorized. The marks can be formed by three-dimensional words, denominations, figures, signs, forms, logos, of numbers, letters or a combination of colors. Thus, the Law of Marks recognizes four types of marks: In addition, a mark could be protected with national, communitarian and international scope – Designs. An industrial design is the appearance of the totality or a part of a product that is derived from the characteristics of the lines, colors, contours, forms, texture or materials of the product in himself or of its ornamentation.

Majorca Property

In his already for the first time expanded to history the building dates from distant 1992, a timid geranium gives life to one of the balconies of the ghost property that dominates the corner of the round of Sant Pau with the street of the Flors, in the Raval. The building has been archifamoso in the district because he has remained virgin, with the poster of stop floors estanding for sale from its construction, for already 18 years, to does a little more a month, when a group of young people okupas about 20, according to the neighbors, burst in into the place with the intention to remain. Since then, the five opulent houses of 200 meters squared, with three baths, finished of luxury and without releasing, to ladito of the tube station of Parallel, has, finally neighboring, although they are not indeed those that the property of the mysterious building had wished. Besides my personal opinion on the phenomenon okupa, in principle, as retailers do not affect to us. During day, that is when we are here, we almost do not see them. If it is sunny they leave to the balcony, with the dogs, that yes, but nothing else. Speech Csar Nez, ordered of one sastrera to little meters of the property in Majorca.

Its opinion more or less is generalized in the district, with the pertinent exceptions. Although, taking a walk by the zone, it is easy to verify that the neighbors are much more intrigued in the mysteries that surround to the property, that in the presence of intruders. That block supposes an authentic incognito for them and takes to years winning conversations in the neighbourhood. Theories on the reasons by which never a single floor was sold there are them for all the pleasures. Some tell that it is because they do not have license of first occupation to the salary committed irregularities during his construction, omitting and not informing into the presence of archaeological rest in the subsoil.

Intellectual Property

designs could be of form: Bidimensional – Rights of Author. The Rights of Author, like object of the Intellectual Property, talk about the literary, artistic or scientific creations (expressed by any means or it has supported). These rights allow a personal right to the author in relation to their work. Particularly, the Rights of Author are constituted by the rights patrimonial and the rights morals. 1. – The patrimonial rights: They consist of the rights of use, operation and spreading, thus these rights provide to the author a renumeracin derived from the use of their creation by others. In addition, the patrimonial rights have the characteristic of a temporary limitation, that is to say expire passed a term from the death of the author. 2.

– Nevertheless, the right moral that protects the bond between the author and his work, is personal and cannot be waived. -Patents. Generally, a patent offers a protection to the inventions in the context of the industrial application. The patents serve like a reward for the creators, thus the patent is an instrument to promote the development of new technologies. The concession of a patent guarantees to the holder the exclusive right to commercialize and to operate the invention.

In this sense, the patents can provide a position of legal monopoly to the companies in the market. Nevertheless, the validity of patents is limited 20 years and the rights under a patent talk about only the national territory corresponding to the country of request. In order to obtain a patent, the new invention must satisfy certain requirements: Like first requirement, the patent must not be invented or be used previously, that is to say, must represent a newness.

Car Rentals

Those individuals or professionals who want to accede to a vehicle in good general state and that she has been maintained and repaired in official services of the authorized mark or factories, are a good opportunity for them the cars of occasion of renting. The total of kilometers realised in the occasion cars renting, usually is not high, being able to more always make still many in accordance with the motor and corresponding piston displacement. The departments of vehicle of occasion of the companies of renting and the professionals of sale of occasion vehicles, are those that are normally in charge to commercialize the cars of occasion of renting. When soliciing information, is very advisable to ask questions as the book of revisions updated, the correct kilometrage and them inspection of itv to the day, as well as the formulas of financing available and the period of guarantee for the car. Another variant, is the denominated Rent-Back, that consists of the acquisition on the part of the company of renting of the vehicles property of company-client by an amount that usually is the reduced value of acquisition amortizations. When a company wants to transfer its fleet of cars in property to renting to release assets of the balance and to accede to a capital injection that can destine to own investments of its business, the denominated Rent-Back does. Including in this quota the corresponding costs of maintenance, insurance, tires, attendance in highway and other services additions, the company of renting will be able to buy the cars in property and will complete the Rent-Back having calculated the quota of renting based on and the kilometers of the time of hiring. This supposes a series of advantages as the elimination of the administrative management of the fleet, the conversion of variable expenses to fixed and avoids disadvantages futures as they are the obsolescence of the vehicles and its difficult sale in the market of second hand.

Argan Properties

ARGN OIL 100% virgin natural oil of argn is extracted of the oil food of the tree of argn. All our oil products of argn, have EcoCert guarantee. The oil of Argn, comes being the fundamental base from the culture of bereberes, they have come cultivating and applying it as much in its feeding as in its skin and hair, for centuries. The women bereberes, produce the oil of argn for the nourishing needs of the local population, but also in the traditional use of attention by its skin and the hair. Clearly, the virgin oil of argn, it also has natural properties confirmed by several carried out scientific studies as much in Morocco as in Europe. Their more important biochemical components universally are recognized by their beneficial effects on the health. If it is consumed regularly, the oil of argn added to its file by virtue of a new therapy.In fact, the investigators are shortage recently that the regular consumption of the oil of argn would be reduced in a 50% the risk of developing hypertension, cholesterol etc. Composition of the oil of argn: The linoleic acid (polyunsaturated): 35% the oleic acid (monoinsaturate): 45% Tocoferoles: 62 100 mgs/g.

Polifenoles: 5.6 100 mgs/g. Carotene: 300 100 mgs/g. Sterols: 160 100 mgs/g. Terpeno alcohol: 150 100 mgs/g. The essential fatty acids play a role very important in the diet.

To reduce the amount of plasma cholesterol in the body, that prevents their deposit in the arteries and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Prolonged deficiency A.G.E.(essential fatty acids) inevitably they cause to the premature aging and the loss of elasticity of the skin, deteriorating the weaves of the same. We must remember that the skin is the part greater of our body and as all our organism is in constant regenerative process the oleic acid is famous by its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and hepatic health.