Month: May 2016

UNESCO Building

Exhibition review is called "Fascination and Violence". Much of the exhibition areas – but in general it is 1300 square meters. m – located on the third floor of the building of the National Socialists. Author project – Gunther Domenig, professor of Graz – won the architectural competition in 1998, his deconstructive concept was a compelling contrast to the construction of the National Socialists. He breaks the strict geometry and monumentality.

Destructive construction of the National Socialists in any way "does not completes." Insertions and superstructure made Domenigom, keep your distance. Domenig opposes the symmetry of the Nazi building their designs in steel, concrete and glass that are completely deprived of the right corner. The clash of forms of dictatorship and democracy, freedom and terror, expressed language of architecture is itself an event. The central "pile" is not only the symbolic meaning. Gently rising up in a few planes bridge opens visitors. Therefore, old and new is strictly delimited.

Thus, the new simple concrete floors in all rooms ending in five inches of rough, unfinished brick walls. This constant exhibition is drawn primarily to the younger generation. The essence of the exhibition is transmitted using modern media, many videostantsy, audio guides and sharp images in 65 photos and text stands. In 14 chapters, it comes off NSPRG (NSDAP), the mass myth and the "cult of the Fuhrer" of Nuremberg – the "city of the III Reich Party Congresses," the terror and deprivation of rights, advocacy and reality of World War II and the Holocaust. In this case the Nazi building itself is a show piece. "Just the same, feel the weight of the ceiling and walls, you feel overwhelmed by a stone weight of history", – writes the weekly newspaper "Die vohe." On the roof of the hall Congress for the first time made possible a sensational view of the entire area. Cinema and lecture hall, as well as "educational forum" with two large seminar rooms on the roof of the building provide an excellent opportunity to expand horizons visitors. Extensive teacher accompanying program – next Support of the new restaurant. City museums, in collaboration with various partners, offer a diverse for German museums nature and extent of a program of historical-political education. 45-minute talks on various topics (such as "system of terror and concentration camps") to rich educational and project days (for example, on "Right-wing extremism"). Documentation Centre – this is not just a place where he was declared the Nazi regime. View should also be directed forward, the violence and right wing today. Largely due to his Nuremberg Documentation Center was recently awarded a UNESCO prize for education in human rights. rovozhdayut board of trustees and senior scientific advisory board. For a long time, Berlin and Munich from the left its share of responsibility for the legacy of Nuremberg after the Nazis got. However, the project was considered a matter of the whole nation. Now expenditure of $ 21.5 million German marks federation, the land and the town is divided between, equal shares. Funding for the project for its subsidy support a number of private and public institutions. Thus, this event is on a voluntary basis and broad is a great resonance in Germany, so and abroad …

State Architectural Documents

That is, you will need: 1. Decided on a list of the works for execution building organization. 2. Further details can be found at Nobel Laureate in Economics, an internet resource. In accordance with the license conditions, with a selected list of construction activities pick up: – the necessary equipment (must be a passport or lease, construction machinery should be believing) – Specialists (diplomas of higher education in construction and employment records – with the confirmation of work experience not less than 3 years) – Laboratory (lease or own) – to have specially trained technicians the right to engage in construction in seismic zone – have a special permit (, sbu ) 3. To form a package of documents – job descriptions, the structure of professionals and workers, a list of equipment, quality standards, construction norms, DBNy 4. Provide a complete package of documents to an expert center, which, in turn, leaves the enterprise to validate the submitted documents and make an expert opinion. 5.

Provide a complete package of documents and expert opinion to the provisional committee of the territorial department of architecture and construction inspection. 6. Provide a complete package of documents with the decisions expert committee and Territorial Division of Architecture and Construction Inspection and go (to defend) the commission of the Main Branch of the architectural and construction inspection. Due to the increasing number of agencies required to obtain registration documents (Expertise Centre, Department of Territorial Licensing Commission, the State Architectural and Building Inspection) increased and timing of construction licenses. 30 working days – the minimum period of obtaining building permits for legally correct passage of all stages. This period declares Main Architectural Building Inspection (extinguish). Validity building permit – a period during which Licensee may exercise its construction activities with the carrying out of a list of works that had been listed in the Annex to the license. This period is as follows: the new Organization – 3 years for the organization with a building license – 5 years. Government payments required to obtain licenses for the construction of: 1) 630 usd. – For a license, 2) board for passing the examination.

Modern Building Materials

Today's designs and requirements, applied to the architectural construction, with each day grow and change. New architectural forms and fashion in design of facades require new technologies for their implementation. At this point is very in demand facades of glass. In carrying out such construction work is difficult to do without the aluminum structures. With their help, we can qualitatively and durable glaze large surface of building facades and build bright rooms.

Among the huge range of manufacturers of aluminum designs to choose quality and at the same time democratic price is quite difficult. However, such producers do exist, for example – Schuco Using aluminum profile system of the German manufacturer schuco You can not doubt the quality and durability of these systems. schuco allows you to build quickly and at the same time observing all the design ideas of the building. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees proofing, insulation and for all of their systems. Nobel Laureate in Economics may also support this cause. Aluminum structures schuco simply mounted, allowing workers do their jobs as quickly as possible and without using any special effort.

When using such structures will meet all building technologies, and built the building will comply with any necessary standards. To give the building greater transparency and lightness, but aluminum structures used pvc profiles. Only this tandem can improve the effect of transparency and lightness of each building. The most famous in Russia is pvc profile – proplex. These profiles are manufactured in Russia, but the main trend of their creation is made by the Austrian technology, which ensures high quality and reliability. proplex appeared on our market only about seven years ago, but has already managed to receive the award in 2002 – "Russian Brand". The system pvc profiles trademark proplex practically do not differ from well-known German kbe system. This allows much save money, while getting a decent quality profile. Working with aluminum design can be made by any surface: facade "for steel" and "under the tree, you can glaze the facade with the elemental technology, which means carrying out the work quickly and efficiently without the use of scaffolding. With aluminum construction schuco trendy technology can be applied structural glazing facade, which resulted in the facade is completely glass, leaving only narrow shady joints. Aluminum structures schuco provide an opportunity to apply for interior design guy-wire substructure, which provide an elegant interior. In each embodiment of the front works aluminum construction schuco help you achieve a perfect impression of transparency premises or give the structure of the ease of using the aesthetic mirror.

Sadovnicheskaya Building

Also in the Moscow area quite a lot of abandoned farmsteads. To get to them easily, even in public transport. How to dress and what to take with you? Photographer: Do not forget your camera. But seriously: Wear something that does not feel sorry for dirty: and clothes and shoes because then everything will be dust and dirt. And, as you will need a lot of climbing and where jump around the model (and without too) – clothes very easily break.

With a take: gloves, which are then not sorry to be dropped, for example, garden-rag to wipe off and shake-newspapers, so it was that lay under themselves or to the model-wipes of all kinds, and humid too. Very helpful. From the photo-flash and accessories take a stand: do not regret it. Model: Consider an image for you if no one can do. Bright appearance will interesting to stand out from the shabby walls. Prefer light-colored clothing, or necessarily take something like that with him, since all the passages and corridors are so dark and you merge with the background. Take plenty of accessories.

Just do not prevent all kinds of tissue. In the clothes in which you want to shoot better change clothes at the scene, as to sneak into an abandoned building is problematic and can get dirty or torn clothing. How to behave in an abandoned building? It often happens that the casts are protected and the area fenced. Sometimes you can just go through the checkpoint, and the protection you would not say a word. Sometimes it is necessary to agree with the guards, and if you do not want agreed upon – in the fence around the longed-for object is just a hole or place where you can climb it. Just go around the place and inspect the fence. When you get round inside, move carefully. Do not forget, if abandoned building, then it is in disrepair, and it may at any time that any collapse (remember the sad case with the collapse of a building on the waterfront Sadovnicheskaya). When you walk inside, looking at his feet: all full of broken glass and other nasty things about which you can cut or pricked. If it is clear that the floor weak – better for him not go, or go closer to the wall and separately. Taking pictures Taking pictures in an abandoned building is very similar at night, since there is no artificial lighting, and light penetrates sufficiently small. But still to come to a better facility during the day, while the sun shines as vividly as possible. Here you and need a tripod or flash. When shooting a model better just shoot with a tripod, since you are shooting static objects. If you shoot a model, you need a flash, as the model moves, and the light indoors is not enough, and photographers have blurred.

Suburban Building Construction

Suburban construction of buildings today is improving rapidly than ever before. Prosperity of our countrymen seriously increased over recent times, mainly because it has a chance to fly in own territory and suburban real estate. But to buy just what you personally dreaming, pretty easy, much easier – and often cheaper – to build a private villa on a personal project, most approaching to what was intended. Everyone dreams about his house, and such a dream at all has its own shape. Someone in dreams – filigree tower from a fairy tale, the other – a reliable petit bourgeois house, otherwise – authentic luxury castle. But, of course, there's nothing more comfortable than the wooden cottage, making it log house sauna use constant prevalence. Moreover, that the real Russian sauna, built of Siberian high-quality wood, healing power of a well-known, better all hospitals.

Especially in these days in the period of autumn disease. Naturally, finding a master who would actually correct selected tree species and stacked high-quality frame, is not easy. Since it is not in vain had been the family carpentry work. Intricacies of the children received from their fathers and then passed on to their sons. True experts remained in our time, sometimes – in the villages rather than cities. In the place where it is shown that the builders did not employ using Internet ads or directory sites, and from a nearby small village. A suburban home projects do not architects who received an adequate degree of education, but not too imagine how it might look like in reality, and people who study every detail of a building with a real point of view.

Naturally, to date, including the most inveterate professionals unable to cope without the special, including architectural, skills. And construction is not only to the preparation of truly high-quality drawing, and in addition and with a neat succession this layout. But still there is the professionalism that is called, soaked with mother's milk and is based on the enormous practical experience, thanks to whom a house of logs – a Today's creation of great art. And for those who will be in a cottage there – the dream of private housing: clean, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Each person has a desire to create a life something great. Plant a tree, build a house, raise children. And all this have to do really well.