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Luxury Fetish Lifestyle Is The Subject Of The Trend This Season!

Black Rider it already and Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Louboutin do it now increasingly also! Black Rider it already and Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Louboutin do it now increasingly also! Luxury fetish lifestyle is the subject of the trend this season. Louis Vuitton and others of the great Fahionlables show more luxurious dominant submissive lifestyle in your new collections! Black Horse forward of the stylish additions to his own collections such as player’s Couture and seductive timeout! Years ago it was still frowned upon this theme style and market analysis to deal with, it is now in vogue to add portions of the collection with a touch of dominant submissive inspired theme complex. The big fashion houses show gags, cuffs, masks and designs from vinyl, latex and leather now. Chief editors of auflagenstarker magazine, photographers and stylists are extremely keen on this new trend and print entire fetish inspired fashion lines with great joy. So can a still quite small and young labels such as black rider is there, his dominant submissive fashion-lifestyle show a wider audience and make accessible, because it is more in demand than ever. The Berlin-based label is lined up to pick up this lifestyle from the dark cellars and away from the bad image. The Related Companies insists that this is the case.

As one of the few companies in this area, it has hired a Chief Designer, who comes from the fashion industry with Edin Dammika, with his team skillfully this lifestyle converts and the collections missed a trendy, unique and professional look. To show thanks to the major brands of the industry and the more than current trend of fetish fashion and print, also black rider is known now at photographers, editors and stylists across Berlin. 3 years ago, it was impossible to think of a publication in the current ELLE, GQ, or even cosmopolitan. “There are now several parts of my current collection of seductive timeout” worldwide to different productions on the road “, as Chief Designer Edin dam. How nice that now not only at “Black rider from Berlin the slogan: devoted to style” effect. Sabine black of black rider GbR

Noble And Distinctive Luxury Dirndl And Wedding Dirndl

Unique and limited editions from TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery Dirndl put himself through, unless more than trend in fashion-conscious women on festive occasions, to go out, or just to stroll in the city. Modern Dirndl emphasize the femininity of the woman it and give the wearer an elegant stylish look or, depending on the version of the Dirndl an extravagant appearance. Dirndl is the Bavarian and Austrian variant of standard German “Dirn” low Dahir and the name of a young girl. The dirndl was originally an urban fashion trend. At the beginning still servant costume prevailed the Dirndl at the end of the 19th century in the upper classes as a modern dress. Today, the typical Dirndl is a piece of clothing with tight low cut top and wide skirt attached high on the waist and an overlying apron. Luxury Dirndl and wedding Dirndl TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery the exclusive Dirndl TaliBoelt are designed with attention to detail in his own Studio and in the own TaliBoelt Factory manufactured according to highest quality standards. Only the best materials and substances are used.

The dirndl are also available on request as a unique, individually designed and tailored. The TaliBoelt 2013 Dirndl collection includes luxury Dirndl and wedding Dirndl for women and children Dirndl for the little ladies. The luxury Dirndl for women emphasize the femininity of the wearer apart and luxury. A low-cut top, which emphasizes the female forms, supports the glamorous female appearance. The elegant appearance and the tastefully combined colors the TaliBoelt Dirndl can they stand out from the crowd with an own individuality. The outline in the waist accentuated the shapes of women and allows the installation of noble hooks, eyelets, chains, laces, ribbons or jewellery. Fine details such as silk flowers, feathers, grinding, lace or ruffles, partially finished in crystals, making the extraordinary look complete and allow an individualization of the luxury clothing.


This article is about women’s shoes. What man doesn’t? Women need new shoes for each case and for each jacket. Women’s shoes are very popular and will always remain so. If women are frustrated, then you hear again and again that the mood is more or less can increase only new lingerie. So women go in town to buy a online see and be seen is the motto. Pumps of the classic women’s shoes are without a doubt.

Reason for this is the fact that can vary the material of the surface very and cover therefore the different requirements of the female world. Because women’s shoes must be noble and individual at the same time, manufacturers decided to use leather as material. Of course you can go higher a level of luxury and silk manufacture women’s shoes with upper materials. Manufacturers are trying to achieve as much diversity as possible with the women’s shoes. So not only the materials are versatile, but also the toe can take different forms. Here, the designer set According to the fashion. Women’s shoes are very popular with pointed or square-shaped toe.

As a third factor that is very carefully considered by customers are paragraphs. Here, it is important to anticipate the needs and wishes of the customer for designers. It is better however to indicate the direction of fashion. One remembers the business clothes of women in the late 70s, so elegant and comfortable pumps were guaranteed through wide-cut toe cap, very much in demand. 2011 is just around the corner. Therefore a gift for the wife undoubtedly would be the dream of their favorite shoes. Many manufacturers go so far that online their own lingerie can make their customers. So the designers hope to anticipate the fashion. Other women think about like few days before what should be attracted to the new year’s Eve. The women would look elegant in this night. It starts with the women’s shoes for the first time. Women’s shoes should not only at night be something special, but also for leisure. Therefore, especially sneakers for women or sporty loafers are the women’s shoes, give the sound.

Angelie Deva, Miss Photogenic NRW 2011, Passes The Clouds

The happy winner of the election for the “Miss photogenic NRW 2011” high rises it is ready – NRW has chosen his new “Miss photogenic”, with fighting for the title of “Miss photogenic Germany” in the autumn. Young and 175 cm tall, the prominent jury convinced Angelie Deva, student, 17 years with her ice-waterfall-shooting. We congratulate the new Miss and wish you and us, the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, another title in the autumn! Photogenic NRW Miss Angelie Deva, the new”2011″is now awaiting the “GO” for a ride above the clouds for the benefit of the title, the fragrance designer got not only a professional website (Angelie-Deva.de), but also have a drive above the clouds through the “Miss photogenic”Corporation.” I was always most consider, whether I it dare to me, with a balloon ride… now there are thinking about nothing more, and I look forward to the day “as the model for us. Angelie Deva is accompanied by one of our journalists, who soar with her above the clouds. The day is completely in film & Photo will be detained and then also on the Web page displayed by the model. We stay on the ball (balloon) and report live on the sky ride. And now behind the fireplace, because now it is very, very cold! In a waterfall, in the Eifel, Angelie Deva had a shoot of particularly blatant kind.

At temperatures far below the freezing point of the waterfall had to be made up only with a pickaxe for the shoot. And even though the ice cream it was knee, so the model was a perfect usage when showers her in a bikini (photos on the Web page of the model). “If I’m booked by a customer, so I must drop a perfect job at shoots of this way. Of course, I work better in the warm Studio, but the customer is King and where and what is photographed. “We wish Mrs. Deva on your other model because of everything good and warmer shoots. In December she was booked – in the Seychelles, where the water has temperatures around 30 degrees. An enormous boost to the waterfall – shooting! Dave de Roo – PressAndManagement.de