Month: December 2019

Housing Problem

I live alone, separated from family and fans for a whole year. Our family wonderfully lucky – the housing problem we have successfully resolved. And my mom and grandmother, and even grandparents live separately. We – four single women, walking, rather, living on their own And we like it! I am often asked whether I live alone in an empty apartment? I replied that, no, not at all. I've always lived with someone, I even have my room was not. There was a time when we had to share one bed with her mother.

There was a time when we had to share one room with two relatives and three rather large pets. How fortunate that it was the best of times! Mom for a year separate from my life has blossomed, prettier, younger by 10 years. Grandma looks great, works hard and is surrounded by fans. Grandparents recently celebrated an anniversary, which said that lived a very interesting life, and nothing would it not me We are very different, with four generations of poorly compatible temperaments and ideas about life, love each other so we are much better at a distance sounds a bit cynical, but, in my opinion, nothing is more important psychological comfort in the family, which is constant bickering on the theme "I had better know how to!" did not achieved. Of course, life, lonely, and even in their living space, not cotton candy, and not all of it so well, as I would like.

Brazils Economy

However, in part, the resilience of Brazil is linked to its economy, experts say. The country has a large domestic market and growing, and exports account for less than 15% of GDP. This figure is lower than in other emerging markets, and local demand has been maintained thanks to some tax cuts and monetary policy. Also supported by the huge cushion of reserves accumulated in the recent years, the central bank could provide liquidity against the dollar in the midst of global financial crisis to companies in need of refinancing. Moreover, injected liquidity easing reserve requirements, thereby mitigating the lack of credit.

Federal-two commercial banks traded and that during the heady days of global financial innovation were considered too conservative, “with capitalized BNDES-the-public development bank, stepped in to offer credit. The government persuaded them to do so since, as private banks Itau and Bradley, had become too cautious and had tightened credit lines. Private banks are now considering extending credit again, and so maintain their market share. For example, as it announced its CEO. Roberto Setubal, the end of September, Itau plans to open 150 new branches next year.

Other factors underlying the Brazil’s economy have also been relevant. Macroeconomic stabilization has facilitated improvements in capital markets and private sector credit has fallen from 22% of GDP in 2002 to the current 45%, is expected to continue growing. Meanwhile, according to some observers, the labor force in Brazil has grown and is a major medium-term factors that contribute to domestic consumption Monteiro will not believe that radical changes of economic policy under the new administration takes over in January 2011. (The Brazilian Constitution does not allow a third term for Lula). After all, economic policies that manage the exchange rate has worked quite well. But with the expected appreciation of the real as Brazil’s economic growth far exceeds that of OECD countries, there will be pressure from exporters, particularly in the manufacturing sector, so that the exchange rate weakens. Much of Latin America, especially Venezuela that concerns us, you can learn from Brazil, of how to run an economy, making a fair use, exchange control, develop and implement social economic programs, such as providing collaboration with the country’s productive sector, better integration and consolidation on a single computer accelerate the domestic production that leaves a lot to say and to continue to avoid donations, gifts of dollars to other countries, when the national need to take steps to health services, education, housing both the country requires. We hope that the current Bolivarian Revolutionary government, feedback for their actions, be integrated into national economic realities and allow consoilidate Venezuela is on its economy as it should be.

Building Materials

In winter, low temperatures, have warm up each petal building a hairdryer to bitumen softening and bonding was strong. In hot weather the same tiles should be kept in the shadows, to ensure easy installation and easy removal of plastic film. There is one very important obstacle to laying tile – rain. You need to wait when the roof is completely dries out. Most easily fit the tiles with self-adhesive layer and protective film. In this case: the film is removed prior to installation, and each tile is attached to the base with nails or without them (for some types of tiles). After that, under the influence of solar heat, is sticking lower surface tile to the base and the neighboring tiles.

Resulting in a tight roof covering. Since the tile is laid overlapped, the reliability of each still attached to the previous four special nails (Galvanized roofing size 30h10h3 mm). Upon completion of installation of the roof resembles a puff pie. Soft roof can be used and if the angle of roof pitch is less than 15?, However, require additional waterproofing layer. But for roofs with slopes greater than 60? (This is a threat to slate or metal profiled sheet for loosening screws), shingles is almost the only acceptable material. Underlayment waterproofing is needed in the valley, in the eaves, in the closures. Some manufacturers are advised to also purchase a roll of special 'ridge' tile.

As for accessories. For good homes need appropriate water drainage system. Coming from a cottage in the rapture, we do not think, than the integrity of the composition due to the building.

Commercial Promotion

It is pertinent to understand the reasons that determine this decline and the low index of PE&#039 exportation; s Brazilian for Bolivia, therefore when participating of the MERCOSUL as associated member, Bolivia strengthened the interest to narrow commercial bows to Brazil. When evidencing that Bolivia has interest in such a way to stimulate its foreign commerce in the importation how much in the exportation with Brazil, the inquiry has as central question the following problem of research: Why the small Brazilian companies had presented in the year of 2006 a decline in the exportations for Bolivia? Being based on the hypothesis of that the environment politician of the country in the year of 2006 was unstable, the present article has as objective main to analyze the relationship politician between Bolivia and Brazil in the related year and to verify as it impactou in the commercial field. For in such a way, the article has as objective specific: to present general information on Bolivia; a description of the relation between Bolivia and Brazil in the year of 2006 and to reflect on the international marketing for the small company. The proposal of the present article is to clarify and to identify some reason that in thesis can explain because in the year of 2006 the level of the purchases of Bolivia of small Brazilian companies presented a fall and analyze them it the secondary light of literature and sources to better understand the commercial relationship between the two countries. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL 2,1 GENERAL INFORMATION OF BOLIVIA the Department of state in the Department of Commercial Promotion indicates that Bolivia is located in the center of the South America and has borders with Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The main cities are La Paz, woollen Cochabamba and Santa Cruz Sierra and have a population of 8,2 million inhabitants. Bolivia adopts as form of Government unitria, democratic, representative and presidentialist a Republic. .

Affordable Housing

Lovers of silence out of luck: human settlements are located along busy highways or railways, industries, construction markets, but public transport more often – in walking distance. In recent years, often found offers to sell new undeveloped land in the settlements – the so-called "new thread". Sizes – 6 to 25 acres, more often 12-15 acres, mostly correct odds (square, rectangle with aspect ratio 2 / 3). Cute, but cons obvious, as the saying goes, "it was smooth on paper " in the sense of advertising. On good roads to the site yet to be "thrown off", a typical phrase Vendor "light at the border area" must be understood as: the prospect of obtaining electric power station in the technical sense can be determined only specialist oao moesk, financially no one can, as a transmission line must be constructed and organized including the expense of owners of adjacent similar areas, but they can not be. And as to stretch the gas branch and obtain a permit on it – cheaper to buy a "house in the Swiss village." Sure, a good one: to build a house in the village (Unless, of course, the type of permitted use of such sites – individual housing construction and maintenance of private farming) – decorated the property right and is registered with all family members. However, on European drab and grooming areas can not be expected here soon, "Shanghai": (affordable) houses and mansions, who fenced in that much, and piles of debris on the perimeter, the eternal problem chronic non-payers for the light, roads, security, removal of solid waste, from here – neither the first nor the second nor the rest of the way may not appear. . .

Kiev Housing Market

The housing market in Kiev finally felt the traditional autumn revival. True, it is not the same as in the past year. More recently in the capital market real estate sleepy silence reigned. Experts estimate that the number of transactions compared to the winter period fell 4 times, if not more. For many real estate agents fell on difficult time, as market confidence sank into estivation. For the first time in several years housing prices not only stopped in their rapid growth, but also sometimes even staggered backwards. Thus, according to statistics from September 2006 to June 2007 average price in Kiev on 1 m2 of total area has increased from 27 to 89 or 29%.

And in July, had already dropped 75. However, in August, prices began to slowly win back lost ground, though activity in the market has hardly been felt. Real Estate Agency Realtor Online Groop conducts own research on the real estate market in Kiev and experts stating a fact revive demand for residential property that, accordingly, may lead to a slight increase in prices in the secondary market. According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Optimum Plus Yuri Bazelinskogo, enlivened market states over the past 2-3 weeks. Most noticeably it is on the secondary market of residential real estate, primarily in regard to low-cost apartments. Expensive as real estate has almost "worth it".

Perhaps because potential buyers are waiting for election results. As noted by the executive director of the group companies 'Obolon Planet', chairman of market analysis at the Association of Realtors (Realtors) Ukraine Alexey , this autumn revival can not be compared with last year: if this was hype, but now it is not. Does not look like what is happening now and what was promised this summer, some stagnant construction companies, urging quick to invest in construction "has not yet risen in price." On the other hand – and expected by many market failure, too, apparently, has not taken place. Least because there is a noticeable increase the number of transactions. According to Yuri Bazelinskogo, transactions are now two times more frequently than in summer. But about two times less frequently than last fall. Prices after years of stagnation began to gradually return to the spring level. By individual segments of the property in September, they rose by 3.2%. In general, according to the information-analytical department of company "Planet Obolon, the index of housing costs in Kiev to 24/09/2007 totaled $ 2,468 / m2 or 0,3% more relative to last week. In August, the index stood at 2,447 $ / m2 or 0,5% more than in July. How the market will behave in the future, hard to judge. Yuri Bazelinsky suggests that year-end prices can be up to 10%. However, the market remains weak forecast. At the very least – to clarify the election results.

Your Special Tour Operator To Mexico – In The Footsteps Of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera

We walk in the footsteps of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera… Buenos Dias, Mexico, your special tour operator for Mexico travel cordially invites you to take this year’s exhibition of the well-known artist Frida Kahlo on the occasion the history and origin of the painter in Mexico, to discover their country of birth. In Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau, you can currently gained a unique insight into the works and life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In the largest ever retrospective, with over 150 works never previously shown the painter will be presented. A preparation of not less than three years was necessary to realize the exhibition in this form.

The results are extraordinary loans from private collectors, representing the artist quite differently. Frida Kahlo is known for the autobiographical style of their works. In many of his works, pain and suffering are processed, but also love. One particularly striking aspect here is the serious accident, the learned the painter at the age of 18 years. Although they are part of the consequences of the accident recover could, she suffered mental and physical torment of her life. Also their amorous relationship is processed with the Mexican painter Diego Rivera, characterized by passion and infidelity, in many works of the artist.

The aim of the exhibition in Berlin is to represent not only the well-known facets of the life of the painter, but to go a step further. A retrospective issued therefore more portraits, introduce into the environment of the painter. Previously unreleased drawings show also sexual fantasies, as well as the humorous side of the Mexican. The exhibition is accompanied by a photo show owned by family and friends of the artist. If your interest in the life of the painter was awakened, we invite tour retracing the Frida Kahlos & Diego Riveras to our Mexico. You have the opportunity to visit the birthplace and the elementary school of the painter, and the Studio of Diego Rivera and his famous wall paintings in the National Palace. The travel typically begins in Coyoacan, where is the House of the famous artist, where she once lived, loved and worked. Today, the Blue House is”a Museum in which many originals of Frida Kahlo as well as personal items from her are exhibited. The Dolores Olmedo Museum is viewed as another highlight, where the most complete collection of works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo is exhibited together. Here one can admire works from all periods of your life. Your team of Buenos Dias Mexico, Esther Delzeit sends you many greetings from Mexico