Month: October 2012

Industrial Property

The intellectual property has to do with the creations of the mind like artistic works, inventions related to the technique, marks, designs industriale, etc. It is divided in two categories: Industrial property that welcomes the rights in relation to the patents, to the marks and the designs (among others).And the right of author who include the literary or artistic work protection under the patrimonial rights and morals that grants the law of Intellectual Property. In order to clarify the basic concepts we have detachhed this blog in four parts: 1. – Marks. The marks serve to identify products and services of the companies in the market.

With the designation of marks in the market, products and services can be individualized and be distinguished. As a result of registering a mark, the exclusive right is obtained to use this mark in the certain market. This right, gives the opportunity to the holder of the mark to protect prestige and reputation of its company in the market in front its competitors. Other rights connected with a registered tradename include the possibility of yielding or of licensing the mark, to be against to new marks confusing with hers, to ask for the invalidity of other later marks and to prevent the commercialization of the identical mark or signs by third parties nonauthorized. The marks can be formed by three-dimensional words, denominations, figures, signs, forms, logos, of numbers, letters or a combination of colors. Thus, the Law of Marks recognizes four types of marks: In addition, a mark could be protected with national, communitarian and international scope – Designs. An industrial design is the appearance of the totality or a part of a product that is derived from the characteristics of the lines, colors, contours, forms, texture or materials of the product in himself or of its ornamentation.

Majorca Property

In his already for the first time expanded to history the building dates from distant 1992, a timid geranium gives life to one of the balconies of the ghost property that dominates the corner of the round of Sant Pau with the street of the Flors, in the Raval. The building has been archifamoso in the district because he has remained virgin, with the poster of stop floors estanding for sale from its construction, for already 18 years, to does a little more a month, when a group of young people okupas about 20, according to the neighbors, burst in into the place with the intention to remain. Since then, the five opulent houses of 200 meters squared, with three baths, finished of luxury and without releasing, to ladito of the tube station of Parallel, has, finally neighboring, although they are not indeed those that the property of the mysterious building had wished. Besides my personal opinion on the phenomenon okupa, in principle, as retailers do not affect to us. During day, that is when we are here, we almost do not see them. If it is sunny they leave to the balcony, with the dogs, that yes, but nothing else. Speech Csar Nez, ordered of one sastrera to little meters of the property in Majorca.

Its opinion more or less is generalized in the district, with the pertinent exceptions. Although, taking a walk by the zone, it is easy to verify that the neighbors are much more intrigued in the mysteries that surround to the property, that in the presence of intruders. That block supposes an authentic incognito for them and takes to years winning conversations in the neighbourhood. Theories on the reasons by which never a single floor was sold there are them for all the pleasures. Some tell that it is because they do not have license of first occupation to the salary committed irregularities during his construction, omitting and not informing into the presence of archaeological rest in the subsoil.


The 30 of April of every year overcome the presentation of the declaration of the tax on the rent, this appears here in the Ministry of Property in El Salvador and every year they are retained thousands of declarations that present/display return of the tax, the causes by which are retained are multiple, with this article I try to orient to him so that it avoids or it corrects the common errors but when it realises its declaration of rent. First: If you are employee his employer must provide a certainty of his income and retentions to him reported to the Ministry of Property, this must contain the real data presented/displayed by the company in the F910 form to avoid discordances at the moment that Property crosses the information presented/displayed by you in the declaration of the rent and the report of retentions presented/displayed by its employer. Frequently we found rent declarations where the reported thing by the company is smaller to which the employee reports in the declaration. It uses that certainty to make the declaration. Secondly: If you work for several companies or she has worked in the same year stops different companies, request their certainty to each one of the companies that I realise the retention to him, to confir to me that its employer reported previous it in the report of retentions and whereupon I report it to amounts, if its employer did not report it and report you it in his declaration, surely will be retained its process of reliable return until you or its employer the problem.

Third party: If quick you your professional services of independent way (without labor dependency), can discount expenses that are necessary for the performance of their work, but taken care of that not everything what can discount spends it, for example the combustible one only can be deduced a 50% of the total like depreciation, as well as the expenses of the supermarket and others more than are not for the object or turn. Presenting/displaying inflated expenses so that the computed tax is smaller and in the end leaves to give back to us is another reason reason why the rent declarations do not give back the Ministry to them of Property. Generally expenses superiors to 20% of the income can fall in the sample taken by property and will have to take documentation to the Ministry of Property for its revision.