Month: December 2010

Kitchen Units

Heavy objects such as kitchen units or cupboards (the pavement at these points can move only to one side) require that at the opposite side of the room has an expansion joint twice as wide. We recommend mounting heavy objects prior to installation. Install laminate flooring then only up to the furniture. This allows you to recover the ground at any time and easily. Expansion joints are plugged into the wall sockets / turning points and other special profiles. 7.

Position of the expansion joints Since laminate flooring expands depending on weather conditions, it will need in the following cases Low expansion joints. 8 mm – large areas (greater than 8 x 12 m) – areas with many angles – a facility continuously from one room to the next These expansion joints are covered with the corresponding profiles of transition. Note: damage arising from failure to stop expansion joints shall be provided by the installer. 8. The optics of the facility can make an installation of laminated strips on either a regular set as an irregular. Make sure however that the mismatch of the bevel assemblage in the heads is minimum 30 cm. 9.

The address of the facility / level of the stay for reasons of optics, is recommended for installation of the longitudinal part of the blade transversely to the longitudinal part of the room. They stay this way optically appear more square, larger and close in the form of a tube. This is not a general rule, since we must also take into account the natural light sources (windows, etc..), It is advisable to steer the direction of the blades at right angles (to the line of the window) because to the forward position and some of it meets fewer seams of lamas and obtain a greater sense of space, just as in the rectangular environment, install the pavement parallel to the longest side of the room, gives us a sense in length. That said, it is up to the customer, take an interest and according to the disposition of these parameters. It should be noted the sense of blades (in the flooring) should not affect the durability of them.


Its purpose is to achieve greater self-understanding and get to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems. The word suggests overcoming fragmentation internal as well as the sense of separation between the individual and the environment. By rapid breathing and evocative music activate the psyche and into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state has the amazing ability to select and bring to consciousness unconscious contents that have a strong emotional charge.

Therefore, it has a great psychological importance, we can revive or connect not only with biographical material (from the moment of birth to present) as is normally done in traditional psychotherapy also have access to everything related to birth (perinatal matrices), as well as experiences that are beyond our ordinary consciousness (trans-personal). It has been discovered that activation of the psyche starts spontaneous healing processes governed by a profound wisdom organismic. The results, to continue the process, are surprising, to a clinical level releases are depression, phobias, asthma, high tension, a quickly, sometimes within a few sessions. The connection, the experience of this inner power, the absence of guilt, and being open to the spiritual dimension that goes beyond the body and ego, makes us feel a deep self-confidence.