Month: February 2013

Bastrop State Park

Texas has identified 35 bulbs throughout the State. One is 48 km southeast of the capital of the State, Austin. The fatal victims were a mother and her baby. Two people have died and hundreds of homes have been razed by fire with multiple spotlights declared in the State of Texas (EE UU) and fanned by strong winds that brought tropical storm Lee, according to U.S. media.

One of the fires, located only 48 kilometres to the southeast of the State capital, Austin, has destroyed hundreds of houses and still advancing unimpeded on a drought-stricken livestock area. Texas, Jan Amen, forest service spokeswoman said that firefighters are still working on the extinction of the flames in the Bastrop County, where fire has destroyed 300 homes and has ravaged 17,500 acres. According to CNN, some 5,000 residents were evacuated in that area since another 1,000 homes were in danger, while close of 6,000 acres of natural park Bastrop State Park have already been consumed by the flames. This Sunday night is produced first victims, a 20-year-old woman and her baby, a girl of 18 months that remained trapped in their mobile home near the town of Gladewater, in Gregg County. The Texas forest service has identified 35 bulbs statewide that fanned due to low relative humidity and high winds that brought the storm Lee, that it made landfall as a tropical storm and already has weakened to a tropical depression, pointing the channel. Source of the news: two killed and hundreds of houses burnt in a fire with multiple foci in Texas, EE UU


The need for space in large cities is a problem to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not alien. At present, the development of a business requires the need to have an Office or hundreds of square meters for the storage of products. However, not all SMEs have resources to meet the cost of the rent of land and thus solve your storage needs. Before this perfect solution is portable miniwarehouses income for processing the needs in function of the market and the time of year. Miniwarehouses rental companies offer is based on mini-warehouses ranging from a few square meters to the space equal to large containers. They can store food, old documents or works of art, and even clothing, promotional items, souvenirs, etc. Provided you do not question of perishable items. To rent a minibodega, the cost savings is significant, especially if the company does not always have the same storage needs all the time.

The a minibodega rental price is accessible in comparison of what would pay an SME for the rental of offices or traditional places of good quality. SMEs can use the miniwarehouses for their removal or processes to deal with an excess of existence of products at a good time for sales, for example. Although they also serve for storing books, furniture, appliances, utensils and some other things.


CONDOMINIUM I live in a condominium Necessary to guarantee the security of my family. All would have to live in a condominium. It is the maximum. I do not know as somebody can be different. How to live in another place? Only some inconveniences, are clearly My neighbor are a little barulhento, decide to fight with the wife in the way of the night.

Some inhabitants have pretty cachorrinhos that they bark incessantly when they are alone, also mine. Also he is not very pleasant and nor a little comfortable to have that to take it for it are of the condominium so that makes its necessities. They imagine that one day an inhabitant tried to enter in the apartment of the neighbor, therefore was tipsy. When we decide to paint all the building That confusion. Each one wanted a color, difficult to arrive at a consensus. Ah! We have a beautiful squares. When it has championship for the adults, the children who never appear, start to invade the space.

When an alarm is gone off, seems that nobody is owner of that car. But, the good one exactly is when it arrives ' ' halloween' '. That flock of children passes in our doors to ask for candies or pranks and when we do not give Carpets are changed of walking, esparramam sand close to the doors, etc. Are a wonder. How pretty the just-born baby, adores to cry of dawn! In day of games it is a party. When the Corinthians makes goal, the twisted one leaves to the shouts in the windows, but when the Corinthians takes the goal, the building come the low one. It has an immense human heat Exactly to thus it makes me nothing to leave my condominium.


Daqui little I will be able to say that I am a carried through man. I remember as if it was yesterday; I was for the coast to refresh the head, to better use to advantage my days of recess and nothing of what tanning a beach, hearing the sound of the sea, to make that one walked by the hot sand disconnect, me of the daily running. I really love this! As much is that I bought an apartment for there, thus could be more to the will. It was in a Saturday at night, it was heat and the climate asked for to a stroll the side sea. The wind acariciava my face and played of a side to another one my hair; it could hear the racket of the waves and, solitary, enjoyed of the beauty. I sat down in a bank and, to far, it sighted only the shining points of light in the infinite of the sea.

It reflected the stars. I closed my eyes and I started to concentrate me at that moment, suddenly I heard some laughs. I looked at around and I could see, to one twenty meters of me, five girls who seemed to be in one papo interesting; I deviated the look and I came back to concentrate me in the calm of the night, was in go. I could hear again, but now the point to confuse my inspiration was higher. How much April my eyes and I capsized for ve them I perceived that they were to comment of the young of the other side of the street that, by the way, seemed to dry the tears feeling itself humiliated. I arose e, I confess, I was without direction. I had will to go ties there and to say I to stop but I did not have nor logical to make this.