Month: January 2013

Modern Houses

The concept of nowadays nomais modern houses if summarizes to a faade of house in a style that is in fashion, masenvolve a great variety of other aspects that if had become one necessidadese to consider the new Problems to dModernidade.Ter a house that if has detached only for the architecture left to deser the ideal, giving place to a house more practise and condizente with the type due of the present time, where all study and work and therefore to precisamfacilitar its day the day. The concept of modern houses goes to depend in muitodo style on the purchaser or of who it intends to construct. The concern with the Half Ambientealterou immensely the automobiles and also the idea that if had of what it would be a modern house. Exploitation of recursosnaturais One of the concerns constantesde a great parcel of purchasers and especially of earquitetos engineers is beyond the Sanitation of the MeioAmbiente in the space to be constructed the house, the cares so that osrecursos natural they mainly have one better exploitation through dacaptao solar energy that if represents a higher cost in the hour daconstruo of the House or then of the New Apartments, will investimentocomear then it to be seen as a great benefit in the measure where great economy of energy can representaruma. Life in harmony with planetafaz part of modernity the construction of houses modernaspassa for the fact of that we must today use the maximum of materials and processes queno attacks the Nature and Its Beauty, poisao to construct to the Building of the Future preciso to have very well-taken care of with the ImpactosAmbientais that the workmanship can cause, denada advances if to come back pair the construction of workmanships that are true Wonders of Engineering if not foremrespeitadas the norms of preservation and cares with the way where we live.