Month: September 2011

Information Site Of The City Of Kolomna

The information website for the town of Kolomna – a site that visitors and residents a hand in search of information of interest. portal dedicated to both historic and modern city, as well as resting places, bars Kolomna restaurants, clubs, fitness rooms, hotels in the city. User-friendly interface detailed map of Kolomna help you in finding the right place. Map of Kolomna is equipped with various functions such as: increasing the houses, satellite imagery and markers that point to her school. If you are a guest of the city and have no idea where that is, for some locations, you have no contact phone number that you require organizations, shops, cinemas Kolomna. All this you can Look at our website.

We will also assist you in submitting ads in Kolomna. Our free classified ads do not require registration, will be charged and beautiful to use. If you need to buy real estate in Kolomna cottage, land, car, livestock or to sell your product, service, we will help you with this. Kolomna – it's fast-paced modern city with a large number of industries, making it one of the most economically prosperous cities in the Moscow region. The city is also historically wealthy.

The great number of architectural monuments, cultural attractions and attracts a lot of Kolomna tourists from different corners of Russia and abroad. In this regard, many important rooms in hotels vyiskivanie g Kolomna. Kolomna Hotels are known for all the suburbs to its remarkable service, style and value. Different number of rooms allows you to inhabit a rich, and people who do not want to spend a lot of finance at the number and want to come off great in the clubs of Kolomna, cafes and restaurants. People who do not exactly breathe a gym and can not be a day without it can go to great number of sports halls, gyms of the city, as well as sections (yoga, step, dance Kolomna, aerobics, swimming pool, massage). Kolomna eminent institutions such as a nightclub 'portal' club 'Plasma', dj bar 'Hints' cafe 'Bliss', a cafe 'Wasabi' cafe 'City'. Major role in such a large number of visitors the city has played erected in 2006 'Kolomna skating center' which in 2008 was the European Championship. Fans skydiving come from all over and cities in order to enjoy and get pleasure from them jumps offered Aerograd Kolomna. Our site will help you to deal with passing on the transport of the city. We offer you a bus schedule Kolomna, trains and famous trams.

Cascade Roofing

But for all the merits of the massive use of natural tile in our country is hampered by its high cost, significant weight (enhanced load bearing structures), and also a limited number of colors. However, modern producers of artificial roofing was able to solve such problems, the maximum saving resemblance to natural material. The emergence of new products has become a turning point in the development of the roof architecture. Perhaps the most popular roofing material today is metal. Its basis is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 0,4-0,5 mm, which is first profiled to give the desired surface topography, and then covered with a colored polymer layer.

Sheets are available covering different types, which vary profile shape, wave height, color and type of exterior covering. Modern manufacturing companies are producing metal roofing with a small (50 mm) and large (50-70 mm), wave height, with symmetrical and asymmetrical wave, and even with exclusive pattern. "Successfully selected metal roofing, – says Paul Seliverstov, Manager, (a leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering) – in harmony with the color the house and surrounding landscape that ensures the integrity of aesthetic perception. Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to give the metal a number of individual qualities: for example, the effect antiquity as one of our recent developments – a series of Cascade . Simplifies this selection is that the major manufacturers offer a wide range of different reliefs, which allow precise reach virtually any architectural style.

September High-rise

During the construction of skyscrapers in Moscow, in addition to traditional brick and mortar, it was decided to also use the metal. They avoid burdening building, but at the same time gave him extra strength. A strength of such projects are never superfluous. Indeed, despite the efforts of builders, the main drawback of the first foreign high-rise buildings has long been instability of their structures. During gusty winds in the upper rooms swinging chandeliers and even a water splash. On the day Moscow, 7 September 1947, at the same time laid the foundations of eight high-rise structures, marked a new stage of development capital architecture. However, the most ambitious project of the Group of Eight – the building of the Palace of Soviets, whose height was to be 415 meters, was never built.

Work on other construction only began in 1949. All this time, "redrawn" their projects, the number of floors and has long been uncertain. One of eight projects was the construction of the main 36-storey building of Moscow State University. Legend has it that Stalin and profound impression Building Municipal Building in Manhattan, and it was his, he chose a prototype high-rise Moscow State University, as well as other first Moscow skyscrapers. It is interesting that around "to be or not to be" Tower msu – boiled hotly debated. Specialists have insisted that the institution of this magnitude will require too many lifts, and offered limited to four storeys. To erect a tall building on the Sparrow Hills and Actually it was risky: it is very soft ground, which could not withstand the enormous weight of the structure.


The easiest way glass – set of so-called "cold" aluminum loggias. This is a convenient folding design that protects your balcony from the street dust and rain. Aluminium balcony weighs much less than pvc profile, so it can be installed even in older homes (where the use of heavy structures is prohibited). The main advantage of aluminum lodges in usability. Sliding system is easy to clean, open and close effortlessly. She, in contrast to the standard glazing saves your space: in order to ventilate the balcony, no need to plow fold, cluttering the loggia. This design has a narrow frame and sashes well let the daylight: the balcony and the room will be covered as well as in the absence of glazing.

Sliding aluminum balconies are not keeping you warm on the balcony, aluminum is not designed for this purpose. But in the hot weather in summer there will always be cool, which is not the loggias of pvc or wood. In addition, the aluminum structures are cheaper than other types of glazing. And another plus in such a balcony – they look carefully at any architecture of the house: a modern high-rise complex, or in a historic building. In any case, aluminum profile is relevant, it does not attract attention, and in harmony with the house, giving it a beautiful appearance.


At the same time he took power terminals. In the optimality of its solutions can be no doubt – otherwise the project simply will not work . Brand and manufacturer here is not as important as production and quality of the product regulated fairly strictly, properly selected size cable or wire to ensure the normal functioning of the system. However, there are certain subtleties. For example, choosing cable for field wiring costs pay attention to the color of isolation and cross-sectional configuration.

Also, the customer must determine the type of wiring. It can be hidden and open. Pluses flush – no wires and terminals devices 'disguise' storage space. This simplifies the arrangement of furniture and reduces the risk of damaging the cables. Moreover, in most interiors concealed wiring will be more appropriate. But also in the medal has a reverse side. Concealed wiring labor intensive (you need shtroblenie walls and their subsequent terminations), and in some cases more expensive than open. However, these problems, albeit with a cost, but solvable.

The main disadvantage of hidden Wiring – its low mobility. Error in choosing the location of wiring products may cause inconvenience the operation of that device or the need for a new cycle of work-related implementation of 'drill-' operations. Open wire, in contrast, are mobile enough: most of the work boils down to the laying of conductors and their fixation on the bearing surfaces. The exception is the Wall and floor slabs. Among the other advantages of an open wire mention ease of maintenance and condition monitoring, and troubleshooting. On the cons we have already casually mentioned – she 'eats up' part living space, in addition, arranged open conductors and devices can be easily damaged. There are, however, products that reduce the chance: electrical skirting boards, trunking, plastic pipes and similar protective covers. However, they still occupy some of the living space, also can be used not in every interior. epilogue So, at the hands of a customer has a power project, which maximum corresponds to his wishes as to the architecture of cable networks and on the materials incorporated in the specification. Already signed a contract with the contracting organization, which has a license to perform installation works, in short, experts are beginning to translate dreams into reality. It was then the owner of the cottage and there comes the most hectic time. Unfortunately, in the assembly work is a loophole – if insufficient control the temptation to save either materials or labor input for too long. You can, for example, be used to flush the cable of the same brand but with a smaller section. Such a 'marriage' is usually revealed too late. That is why the installation works best to attract an organization with a good reputation. If a credible contractor can not be found, consider the copyright supervision of the system designers. However, personal control also does not hurt. Very important to avoid twisting the cables, especially aluminum and copper conductors. For connection of conductors used a wide range of terminals and terminal strips. Switching places must be located within the protective boxes – this will monitor the status of contact and ihot external influences. Remember, most of the problems associated with places of cable networks, which are inaccessible for inspection.

Thai Architects

The historical richness of Thailand is inexhaustible. The past of this wonderful country excites the imagination of tourists and causing an intense debate among scholars. Unique heritage of Thailand keeps tracks of several cultures, created in this country a unique atmosphere. Local residents keep their sacred centuries-old traditions and religious culture. In Thailand, many temples dedicated to revered in this country – the great Buddha. And one of them – stunning white temple. It is a modern religious buildings, originality is hard to compare anything.

White temple in Thailand is not yet very well known to tourists. However, from year to year, fans of the original flow architecture has been steadily increasing. Construction of this unusual building was started in 1998 and continues to this day. Creator, mastermind and sponsor of this project is one of the famous Thai Architects, known worldwide as "Thai Salvador Dali." According to the author's decision to build on their money has come a long time, and the temple is the dream and goal of all life, designed to bring the sacred Buddhist precepts to hearts of modern people. Originality and singularity of construction is impressive. White temple is absolutely no resemblance to traditional Thai religious buildings. Starting with the complete absence of bright colors, unusual shapes and to contemporary painting the interior. White Temple in Thailand totally nothing to compare, and, of course, arrived in this beautiful country, stands to witness the unusual and fascinating structure.

Soviet Modernist Architecture

Soviet Modernist Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibition, titled 'Lost Vanguard: Soviet Modernist Architecture, 1922-1932', opened at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York on 18 July 2007. This exhibition is a study of the Soviet avant-garde architecture of post-revolutionary period in the work of photographer Richard Pare, who documented the unique heritage of the Soviet modernist tradition in architecture. Phyllis Lambert, founder and director of the Canadian Architecture Center, said: "Photographs by Richard Pare are part of a much larger project in which legacy Modernist architecture of the Soviet period from 1922 to 1932, subject to reinterpretation. In this short span of time, architectural works were characterized by searching for a new language that would have marked the final departure from a return to medieval traditions very different late period of the Tsarist regime. This resulted in a striking variety of ideas that are equal to that of liveliness and dynamism in the xx century was a bit '.

Exhibition organized by MoMA and the Museum Fund 'Russian Avant-Garde. " After the demonstration at the MoMA exhibition will go to Russia. Fund 'Russian Avant-Garde', founded by Senator Sergey Gordeev, is engaged in the conservation of the Russian avant-garde heritage and strives to make it accessible to as many viewers in Russia and the world. Senator Gordeev and the fund 'Russian Avant-Garde' very satisfied feedback from visitors to the exhibition of American and intend to continue to work to preserve and display of Russian architectural heritage. The exhibition will be held at the Museum of Modern Art MoMA from July 18 to October 29.