Month: February 2011

Villa With Pool

As we know, the villa – it is grand and spacious room. Once the villa had been equipped for people with high socioeconomic status. only businessmen had the opportunity to resolve themselves living in these spacious homes in such luxury. The basic principle of the construction of villas – the area. Typically, houses are built in prime locations, not between the bulky buildings and a quiet, high-quality areas, which betrays the greatest advantage of the villa.

Therefore, the villa is considered the most magnificent place to live, and its high quality. In recent years, the scope of erection of villas in France too has evolved, and thus they became available to the middle class. Naturally, these clients claim the houses smaller and probably in areas of more modest than Caesarea or Kfar Shmaryahu, but in small towns or villages, which began to build considerable buildings that fit designation of the villa. To date, in other matters as well as in recent years, the villa signified the highest standard of living. On this , villas for sale have high claim to residence, which urgently require rather big contribution, whether on a temporary rent or purchase.

With the popularity of villas and the convenience of living in them, traders and specialists in the field of tourism have thought that would build a resort villa for people who have decision to relax for a short time and pamper yourself with excellence volumes villas and more. Accommodation in villas designed for those people who do not have all the chances to afford to buy a villa. Scope of the villas in France has developed also in consequence of the increased population in the north as soon as they built the resort in the north has progressed. It started with Zimmer for intimate, romantic couples, though later little by little, the data for two Zimmers were transformed into Zimmers for the family, in whom there is little a parent room and a small child in any bunk bed, while guardians do not have their own place. Due to this circumstance in the holiday villas have a rather big and systematically sought after by families and groups because they have a lot of places, there are a large number of rooms, each of which is quiet and intimate. In addition, there is a considerable area for general activities. In resort villas, the most basic – no small space, not like in Zimmer. The spacious area allows to make the most significant events that have a chance to be like 10 people, and from 30 and including the most. The most special in the villas – area in the yard, which is prepared for all sorts of pleasures, like for example Pool. There are villas that include a Jacuzzi, spa, and including activities such as billiards and ping-pong in the courtyard, and of course after all this is permissible for villa guests, not as a hotel or a Zimmer in the yard where the data general entertainment. To date, personally known is a house with a pool, especially in the "velvet" season, when both want to cool down in the water. And those who prefers the solitude and grandeur would be to seek out a villa with pool for your personal enjoyment. Particularly enjoy the resort for families and groups, in consequence of the square houses, which gives a sense of comfort and luxury in complete privacy.

Tax Inspectorate

But, you give yourself report that, along with potential tenants can call the tax inspector who is interested in renting apartments, or rather the tax on this rental. The fact is that virtually all agencies are at risk of audit Tax Inspectorate, as a consequence of the entire database with your phone on the table gets a tax inspector. Long been observed that experienced landlords can offer to rent an apartment without intermediaries. The fact is that, having passed the Housing through a real estate agency, you need to prepare for that 2-3 months would have to find a tenant. Realtors tend to offer their customers first and foremost an apartment at a higher price: because the fee for mediation services obtained above.

A few months later the realtor-broker calls the tenant offers to rent an apartment for less money: so he once again earns its services (despite the provided discount). The same trick done with the host dwelling. The agency finds more affluent customers and invites any pretext to evict the previous one. There are cases where cunning agent in this way were moved several times in During the year, three-family tenants, and new variants are not picking up: the tenants are simply reversed. So, if you want to rent or apartment for a long period, the best the option of renting apartments without intermediaries.

Apartments for rent without the agency is a more costly option, since it does not need to pay the realtor commission. But the apartments for rent by owner takes time and effort. In our time, to rent by owner apartment or room, you can use the Internet. To do this, just type in any search engine a few queries, such as: rent by owner, apartments for rent in Novosibirsk, rent without agency, rent a room, etc. Probably at your request – for rent, will be released a solid list of agencies and other middlemen, but if you look closely, you can find and homeowners who want to rent an apartment. K Unfortunately, most of the proposals "offer apartment will be from real estate agents and realtors from intermediaries. But you can find specialized resources, such as house article. If you want to rent an apartment without any intermediaries, but dom-sib site can quickly find a suitable option in almost any area of the city. Very useful site for landlords: advertise – rent an apartment, you can quickly find a tenant, but count on the price above market average. The fact is that with the help of the resource home Sib seek shelter mostly wealthy people who have computers and know how to use the Internet. Agree, it is unlikely numerous Central Asian family that poor knowledge of Russian language, will try to look for apartments without intermediaries on the Internet. After reading this article you can draw the following conclusion: if you have enough money and little time, then you can contact a real estate agency to rent an apartment. If the "finance sing songs, then – rent by owner.

Four Types Apartment

What are the apartments? Distinguish four types of apartments: – economy-class apartments for rent – apartments for standard-class accommodation – apartments Business-class apartments – Luxury apartments in Economy Class Daily apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, economy class – a modestly furnished apartment, which was originally intended for nedorgoy rent. In all the apartments have a facelift. The kitchen is a necessary domestic Appliances – stove, refrigerator, microwave, utensils. The most common rental apartments of economy-class is used by people who have a limited budget to save on accommodation. Rent apartments of economy-class apartments in St. Petersburg – is the ability to remove adequate housing for students and people who do not have strong claims to the situation in the apartment.

Standard-class Apartments in St. Petersburg, standard-class represents a upgraded apartments, with a facelift. The level of these apartments is a three star hotel. In good condition all home audio and video equipment. One bedroom apartment standard class to accommodate more family or company. Apartments for rent standard-class on the day in St.

Petersburg – a very economical and comfortable accommodation. Business-class Apartments in St. Petersburg business-class converge on the level of comfort with four-star hotel. All rooms renovated. Well furnished apartment for rent – all the beautiful furniture, expensive plumbing, the latest audio-visual and home appliances. Businessmen will be very happy rent apartments in the business class in St. Petersburg, – for they include all the advantages of modern apartment: a central location near the metro, wireless high-speed Internet access. Apartments business class for daily rent is very comfortable to hold business meetings – a large living room, high security, video intercom. Elite Apartments in St. Petersburg elite class hold sormennogo very high level, set designers copyright. equipped with better technology. Always, luxury apartments have views of the Neva River and historic attractions. Luxury and high-quality renovation, the presence of air-conditioning, satellite television, dishwasher. All luxury apartments for rent are protected by private guards and round the clock video recording.

Better secondary Housing

Currently at the Sochi real estate market of construction of apartment buildings is increasing every month. In this case, the cost of apartments in some new buildings is almost two times lower than in others. Buyer Apartments in the primary market, before concluding a contract with the developer, it is worth considering why the price per square meter of housing in the houses located in the same neighborhood so different? To find the answer to this question we must answer a number of other important issues. 1. Why the high cost per square meter in a new building? The relationship between the developer and the buyers of apartments in newly built apartment house regulates the Federal Law 214 from 13.12.2004 "On Participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate and on amending some legislative acts." According to this law, the relationship arise between the parties after the signing of a joint construction, according to which developer has the right to raise funds to customers only after obtaining permission to build, publish and providing project declaration and registration of ownership of property developer Land provided for the construction of an apartment building or lease of such land plot. Developer is obliged to deliver the apartment of a quality that conform to the contract, the technical regulations, design documentation, and town planning regulations, and other mandatory requirements within the period stipulated by the contract. By way of derogation from the conditions of the contract, which led to the deterioration of the quality of the object, the buyer of their choice may require the developer Free deficiencies, reducing the price or reimbursement of its expenditures to address the deficiencies.

Kiev Real Estate

A few years ago was considered a very honorable estate in big houses, along with the mood of recent years show that the housing market and construction has changed significantly: more and more customers favor preference for low-rise-town housing, other real estate. The situation is quite understandable – the pressure becomes too great cities, can not have a good rest on weekends and after work. The constant hustle and street noise of the big city do not give to relax for a second. Human desire to escape from the city, live there, where quiet and beautiful, the air is saturated with oxygen, not carbon dioxide, quite logically, the more that is alternative. Suburb of our day – this is not a 'village', which was earlier.

Villages outside the city limits are required and excellent communication routes, and a small distance from their 'civilization' can easily run between work and home. Implementation of land in these villages is growing steadily. Statistics said that for the past year, more than half of the new estate had it at home-town, and their share in total construction work in the coming years will only increase, buyers are interested in cottage settlements Kiev highway for a reliable investment money. There are two ways to purchase housing in the suburbs: are sold as built homes and plots without a contract. Absolutely, in any case has its pluses and minuses. Properties in villages cottage are expensive, but in this situation, the village itself is fully landscaped and provided with protection and all communications. Thus, buying a cottage, you will immediately receive all conditions for comfortable living. If you want to buy a plot without a contract in the not yet equipped with the settlement, it is possible to encounter some trouble, as the additional costs for the improvement of the village.

Acquiring land, we can make a house on a personal project, one that is comfortable for you, it is impossible to write about buying constructed housing. How do decide to move out of the city will depend on you. There is also the time factor, because the building itself is not a single day. In any situation, if you want to have a home country, then will find for itself the option that fits on money for their own interests.

Buying Property

Spain is one of the most affordable and best of the European Community in terms of home buying, business organization, adaptation, life, etc. This is confirmed by many internal and external factors: – favorable Mediterranean subtropical climate, a conducive environment, clean air, quality construction, stability, economic and political situation, transparency legislation in the field real estate, high potential for long-term investments, as well as granting the right to receive an annual Schengen visa. Among other things, – it is also a sign of solvency of the owner, his high social status. Spain is a country dominated by a tremendous philanthropy, mutual aid required, the unique-good attitude toward children. Provide a procedure for buying property in Spain, and obtain bank financing : Need to determine the type of property, its location and other characteristics. Opened a bank account, which provided a copy of the first page of the passport. Your bank account possible to control the Internet from anywhere in the world. Are applying for a mortgage loan.

This requires the following documents (translated into Spanish): labor contracts to work in his Country; certificate of employment on your income (the amount is desirable to agree with us previously); excerpt from the work book. The bank requested assessment selected property. If the result of banking evaluation and examination of all documents, preparing the signing of the sales transaction in the notary's office. With the participation of our company, issued a document, a unique identifier of an alien who issued by local registration agencies, and which must be submitted to the notary.

Real Estate Market

You decide to buy a new home. What should I do? Where to start? To whom and where to go? Try to understand together. There are two main options for how business is selecting an apartment (house). Option – 1 st. Housing search on their own; Option – 2 nd. Turn to the realtors. But then again two options: 1 st – a real estate agency, and 2-nd pr practitioners in private. But all these things in order.

Option One – independent. This option seems the most beneficial in economic terms, ie you do not pay for the services of the realtor, but bear the load of trouble. And there is a daily purchase of newspapers, browsing, and a further roll call ads, an active search on the Internet negotiations with vendors and "for a price reduction. Then, to make a down payment (deposit) and to monitor that all necessary conditions were spelled out in this agreement. When will the preparation of the transaction, you need to will keep abreast of, all documents, certificates and statements were obtained and transferred to you in time. Ie in fact, most will be on time to become a realtor.

It is likely that your employer does not appreciate this enthusiasm in the workplace, and you end up being a problem. The second variant – real estate agency. Now a real estate agency located almost every corner. Therefore, the choice is complicated by the quantity. It's no secret that choosing the of a very large list is quite difficult.

Bulgarian Real Esate Market

And in the second quarter of 2008, property prices in Bulgaria are extremely low – among the lowest in the whole world. Yes, the Bulgarian real estate becomes more expensive. In 2007 Bulgaria ranked second for growth in housing prices – 27.1% per year. But nevertheless it is still possible to buy an apartment in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast in a good new complex just 900 – 1500 euro / sq.m. This is very far from the average level of prices in the eu. Bulgaria in 2009 will be one of the most promising from the point of investments, the regions in the European Union. Real estate specialists predict that house price growth in Bulgaria in the second half of 2008 will be between 8% and 15%.

Prediction almost coincides with the increase in property prices in country for the first quarter of 2008. According to experts from January 2008 until late June, the real estate in Bulgaria has risen by an average of 12%. In the first 6 months of 2008 was the highest demand for two-bedroom apartment, but it was noticed an increase in demand for three and four apartments. The profitability of real estate in Bulgaria in mid-2008 is 5.67%. Prices for rental apartments also noted an increase this year, especially in Sofia, where the increase is 18.98%. In the middle of this year there was also good news for those who bought property in Bulgaria – from July 1, 2008, Russian citizens who are property owners in Bulgaria and can produce a document property – a notarial act – are eligible to receive multiple-entry visa to Bulgaria for 3 years.

Turkish Real Estate

Turkey and Russia are actively cooperating over the centuries. Russians are familiar with this state, primarily as a strong element of the tourism market. Turkey is the most popular destinations for tourism. With Yet some trends are beginning to change. To date, more and more visitors to the country acquire a property in a hot country or a huge cottage, whereas before our compatriots stayed only hotels for tourists. This is not surprising. Buying property in Turkey, you become the owner of the hour villa on the sea, but also guarantee himself a modern infrastructure and European service in Turkey.

In the case of buying a home you are able to secure a residence permit in Turkey that, given the desire of countries to join the European Union, will give you excellent opportunities. Turkey is an attractive country for investment. Mostly it concerns such a market, as real estate. Nevertheless, the choice of homes in this country and its location should be taken extremely seriously, because of the illiterate are able to unnecessary legal consequences. To purchase a facility should contact the professional who will help solve all problems and will accompany you at all stages of the negotiations. Our company has been in the real estate sector in Turkey long time.

For many years we have found professional realtors who know their business. We work outside of our state. People turn to us customers from around the world seeking to buy houses in Turkey. We can to satisfy the most demanding customers in finding the best home for investment. Attractive location for buying property in Turkey, was formed in early 2006. This is due to the adoption of the law, do not allow Turkish citizens to buy houses in the country. That is, the law adopted the same right to object to all. According to analysts, at present the ratio of cost and quality homes in Turkey is most attractive in Europe. When buying a home in Turkey have introduced one-time payments. The tax sale will be 3% of transaction value. Payment is made at the State Bank at the signing of ownership of a cottage. On practice, a function performed by the specialists of real estate market. The remaining costs associated with the acquisition, not exceeding three hundred dollars. In particular, it is, the various contributions, as well as translation, notarization of a passport. Despite the financial crisis, the market will develop dynamically. Meanwhile, the choice of homes is complicated by the large number of proposals, because the country's many delightful places where there is a desire to settle forever. In the state there is property for everyone, regardless of his money and aspirations. It suffices to say just a few favorite resorts with beautiful beaches and hotels: , Kemer, Belek, Marmaris and so on. There you will find a wide selection of quiet real estate on your taste: from luxury homes to low-cost studio apartments. One of the advantages of Turkey, in addition to sun and sea, is considered an excellent transport accessibility. Flights to Turkey in its frequency will give odds to the Russian coaches. No problems during the day, you'll be in a country with an excellent level of service, this country never ceases to cheer up a never-ending warmth and courtesy of local residents. In addition to this, the country's abundance of entertainment in all towns all planned for the tourists. And, despite the relatively good quality of life, property in this country is the most accessible to the inhabitants of the cis.

Rental Housing Firmly Established

The operation of removing the cottages have long entered into everyday life, often friends and colleagues call the experienced companies to complete transactions. Sometimes very sharply the question placement of funds. You can deposit money funds in debt securities, residential real estate, open a credit line to a friend. But experience shows that it is desirable to place money in an already constructed object because it has intrinsic value, income and get from putting into rent. Naturally, the return on a meter of residential property may be measured in decades, but it's decent pay for low-risk situations.

Financial institutions, unfortunately, have an average reliability and the very bank deposit rate rarely exceeds the size of the rent. Our state insures the deposits of some banks, but the insurance part is pretty low. Now citizens are free apartments and rooms receive a fixed income, even amid the financial crisis. A rent an apartment through an agency is currently quite easy, you just need to find a worthy venture. As a rule, there is great demand for rent spacious living accommodation, as well as individual apartments downtown.

As practice shows, studio apartment rents youth, for families of a few people need a large area. To cover significant demand is to offer apartments with two and three bedrooms. No doubt, pass the two-room apartment even easier, the demand for them is always pretty big. Each room will find its destination, one of them will act bedroom and one, respectively, children's room, office. Typically, rent an apartment with the help of the agency is much easier, as the operation is performed legally correct, in a calm atmosphere, you can specify most difficult moments. The owner may not permit the redevelopment of premises, or even repair, but is admissible rearrangement of furniture. Renting of apartments for rent with the help of companies are very profitable for the workers, inexperienced hosts. The mediator is not only the fact of delivery is often guaranteed, but also advise on legal matters, and even addresses issues of domestic nature, such as garbage removal, cleaning.

Real Social Mortgage

Social mortgage – this is a public mortgage lending program for socially disadvantaged groups, as well as people who stood in line for an apartment for many years. To join the program social mortgage, it is necessary that the relevant authorities to recognize you need to improve their housing conditions. Social mortgage – a new program that really works today in Moscow and Tatarstan (Kazan, Chelny, , Almetyevsk, Ufa). The main advantage of the social mortgage to commercial – undervalued real estate. The difference between the market value of housing the government pays region and the federal budget.

Today’s issue of the social mortgage – a small number of houses under construction on the state program. However, in the near future the state program of social mortgage distributed not only in homes built by the regional authorities – the latter agree with the construction companies. Social mortgage in Kazan (Tatarstan): ‘Building buduschee’Naibolee active program of social Mortgages implemented in Tatarstan (especially in Kazan, Chelny). The republic has a special mortgage cooperative ‘Building the future’, in which the former take a waiting list. Living in Kazan, Tatarstan, and all can to petition for inclusion in the program of social mortgage in district departments of accounting and distribution of housing, public housing and the co-op ‘Building the future’. For registration area of housing per family member should not exceed 19 square meters.

Declining Real Estate Prices

The situation on all real estate markets has been adjusted in late 2008 – early 2009, the global financial crisis that began in mid-2007 due to the U.S. mortgage crisis. Certainly the crisis is reflected also in the market Real estate in Bulgaria. Property in Bulgaria has always been inexpensive compared to real estate in other European countries. Indeed, property prices in Bulgaria have grown year by year in the last 5-6 years, but contrary to This apartment in Bulgaria, the average (40-60 square meters) and is now worth approximately within 25 to 50 thousand euros – depending on the location of infrastructure, the proximity to the sea, etc. Recently Russian media reported that the annual rental value of only one luxury apartment in Moscow to buy 11 apartments in Bulgaria in the seaside resort of Sunny Beach, on average 35 square meters each. In connection with the financial crisis in last quarter of 2008, some banks have stopped kreditirovat when buying a home in some parts of Bulgaria. Also stopped vydavanie loans for the purchase of old apartments – in buildings constructed 35-40 years or more ago.

Property prices in Bulgaria’s ski resorts have begun to decline mainly due to the problems of British investors, unable to pay before the end of their purchased flats in installments, has terminated the contracts and suffered losses. Builders immediately started to offer these “English” flats in the property market at prices 8-10 percent lower than the other apartments. At the same time, prices began to fall on concrete, brick, iron and other building materials, as well as reduced prices and transportation. All this led to a decline in property prices in Bulgaria in early 2009 by an average of 8-10 per cent – in the ski resorts up to 16-18 percent in urban areas, resort towns and resorts the Black Sea coast – to 5-8 percent. Many Russian stars take advantage of low prices and have already bought houses and apartments in Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. In March 2009, “the fourth represents a musketeer, Boyarsky bought a house 160 sq.m., near the seaside resort of Sunny Beach for nearly 100 thousand euros. In the words of the actor: it is better to invest in real estate, than to keep the paper at home. Second home in Bulgaria also purchased Lolita Hope Babkin, Larissa , Vladimir Vinokur and others. In 2008, Philip had bought 12 apartments in the new complex on the sea, too far from Sunny Beach and Bourgas. Now Bulgaria is already on the threshold of a new active tourist season on the sea, which begins in early May. Real estate market experts believe that housing prices in Bulgaria will not fall in coming months because of the onset of the summer season. The entire period from May to September is active in Bulgaria’s tourist season along the coast and in this period of interest in resort real estate in Bulgaria is traditionally high. Likely and this year is no exception. Of course, some developers and agents will continue to offer discounts on real estate, but these proposals will no longer be a mass character, as it did in the first quarter of 2009.

Cottage Village

Growing interest in the cottage communities. Cottage housing market in Moscow is growing rapidly. Still would be in the suburbs you can buy housing, which is comparable with Moscow, and sometimes surpassing it. The level of Infrastructure cottage settlements are not inferior to the new districts of Moscow, and on transport accessibility – cottage villages near Moscow are identical with those areas of Moscow, where there is underground (Kurkino, Novokosino, Mitino). Market residential suburbs is not so rigidly divided between the developers, as the Moscow market. With each year, and, respectively, with each turn of real estate prices in Moscow, a growing number of buyers of real estate near Moscow, why prices are constantly rising, but not as sharply as in the Moscow real estate. Further increase in prices at Moscow real estate contribute to the following factors: This is the development of transport infrastructure and improving transport links with Moscow.

This and the presence of favorable environmental conditions. And also, more enjoyable for the mass buyer prices, and leveling the differences between the standard of living in Moscow and Moscow region (with respect to Moscow benefits). Now it is safe to say that the volume of housing construction in Moscow suburbs exceeded. This is facilitated by the fact that in the Moscow region more broadly the types and categories of housing, no shortage areas, less load on the environment. But, unfortunately, housing in the suburbs have limited resources utilities Cities suburbs, and wide highways. In the medium term, is expected to align prices with Moscow, so that buying a home in the suburbs can be seen as a profitable investment. Also, housing in suburbs – is an opportunity to relax in a homelike environment and take a break from any problems. This holiday apartment in the city can not – it is hampered by shortages of water and electricity, problems with neighbors, and inadequate housing office work-s. Besides staying in a city apartment – is limited, like a cage, living space and a minimum of fresh air for the children.

Real Estate. Moscow Has Reached The Level Of The U.S. Mortgage Crisis .

Moscow strongly enough decrease in the number of buyers of real estate that could afford to buy her own funds. Of the total population in the capital, the number of real estate buyers about 1 percent. Number of proposals at the same time, the real estate market has changed. The experts compared the situation with the situation in the U.S. before the mortgage crisis. Almost all realtors suggest that property prices will only grow. In 2008, only 6 percent of the capital’s residents are planning to buy an apartment, according to the opinion poll. One third of these people will use home purchase mortgage credit, and the other half plans to sell the old apartment and the proceeds to buy a new one. Only fourteen percent of the six plan to buy a home at their own expense.

Demand for early 2008 and today about the same and essentially unchanged. Despite the poor credit quality of the population, there is a balance on the capital’s property market, the number of supply and demand in the property market about equally. Prices for apartments can stay and gradually begin to move downwards if the number of apartments will be exhibited greater. Such a balance and can lead to unpredictable problems. Due to the fact that he was exhausted one-time payment demand in individual countries and there is a breakdown of companies engaged in property management. Less than one percent of buyers in the capital – about recalls the same incident. Insolvent demand was overstated due to that market mechanisms operated mortgage lending. In Moscow the situation is similar. Wishing to purchase a house for their own means far less than customers who use other buying mechanisms (state aid, mortgage lending). High rates of demand in the records of Realtors and excitement, were caused by buyers of real estate is the second group. Also continues to decrease the number of speculative Buyers who purchase an apartment for resale. There are fewer and the people who bought housing mortgage Lessors their homes and repay the mortgage loan from these funds. Real estate prices will be to grow until there is a demand (real or speculative). Some experts argue that the price of real estate will grow steadily at a rate of inflation within the 1-1.5 per cent. If we talk about the collapse of the real estate market, it is may be due to the immaturity of the market and how much will be long and deep global financial crisis, which spawned the U.S. mortgage. If the processes occurring in the property market will be occur at more unfavorable scenario than the experts predict, and even fall in oil prices, it will begin a big problem. Real estate prices will fall very low, if all goes to the negative scenario. Than active today will be rising prices, the higher the probability of collapse.

International Labor Transcendent

INTRODUCTION Jaime Parejo Garcia, Firefighter of the City of Sevilla, Spain, is officially recognized internationally as a leading expert technician and instructor, specializing in Canine Rescue in disasters, such as being creative and technical director of Arcon Method , an extremely effective system of training and intervention for canine teams for search and rescue of people buried by any cause (earthquakes, explosions, landslides, avalanches …), both in operations abroad and in confined spaces with no visibility, and also applied the same level of effectiveness in the search for and locate explosives, narcotics, anti-personnel mines, protected species … Jaime Parejo has been officially recognized by the UN with the Certificate of Distinction of the Sasakawa Prize, the only Spanish to him has been awarded to date, as relevant global award for his important work for the reduction of casualties disaster in the world. To view some documents certifying and officially recognized by various institutions, the important work developed at the international level, by Jaime Parejo Garcia, in the areas of scientific field research, teaching and operations, primarily for the search and rescue specialist dogs in disaster … : Jaime Parejo Garcia was born in Seville, Spain, in 1961.Ingresa in the Fire Department of the City of Sevilla in 1990 and in 1998 decided to move the Fire Consortium Huelva Provincial Council, where it plays the positions of Chief Firefighters in the area of the Sierra de Huelva, and the Chief of the Rescue Dog Unit of that consortium. In 2000 staff will return to the Fire Department of the City of Sevilla, where he would take official possession of the office of respective Head of the Rescue Dog Unit in May 2001, a position he held for seven years, until 31 December 2007, when he voluntarily resigns his loyal staff priority and strong humanitarian impulse, deciding to reoccupy its original square as a Fireman. .