Month: June 2012

Stages In The Purchase Of Your Property

First stage: Educative Plantate these questions: Really, you want to have own house? The answer is very important since to buy house it requires Money, Time and much Energy. The second question is: you will be able to confront the total expenses that it requires to buy a house? stos are: Initial payment, Expenses of Closing, Costs of organizing itself in the new house, monthly Budget of the payments of the mortgage, Insurances and first of all the Taxes! For ayudarte in these answers, you must analyze: Which are your present debts? Your income and your debits How you have your file of credit. and if your work is stable. In addition it is very important that you become qualified suitably to obtain data, or in seminaries of Education of house, or by other means, because it is important to know that: An informed buyer is a happy proprietor! The second phase is: The Search of Hipoteca Initially, we applied to a Loan with Commercial banks, Financial Companies or of Mortgages, Associations of Saving, etc. We must carefully plan the first interview with the Official of Loans, to make a questionnaire with all the doubts, because once made the decision, he will be more complicated to revert it and to have at the hand the following documents, that are basic and that will help to make agile the loan: W-2 form of last the 2 years. Supporting of payment of the last month, or test of the Income (if you work by your account), Been your banking account of last the 2 months, Report of Debts, Credit cards, etc. You will need to demonstrate that you can confront with correction a credit, reason why, if your really you want to buy your house, you must have a correct trajectory, that is to say, will be important that you demonstrate that iron gates your accounts in time: rent, water, light, gas, telephone, cellular, car, insurance, card and any other debt that your you contract.

Construction Of Brick

Brick houses have many advantages, including – high strength, durability and ability to withstand the damaging effects of weather, seismic, and biological factors. Brick has long been is one of the most popular building materials in Russia. Construction of houses made of bricks lets you use the most daring projects. Do not forget that in a brick house virtually no problems. It warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of brick houses met, as a rule, solid masonry, which is complemented by decorative details.

House of brick (concrete materials) possess great strength and durability. Cottage of brick will last a lot longer house of wood, it does not lose its external and performance. Bricks vary its purpose, an ordinary brick used for the internal rows of masonry front hollow brick, has a smooth face. Facing brick to buy the same brand as the building to the entire wall was the same strength. Brick houses are not suitable for temporary accommodation. If the house of bricks for a while is not heated, then returned to it, you feel like you are in the cellar – cold and damp. To do good to warm brick house will need more than one day, ie heat will be a time when it is time leave. To avoid this, you need to or to live permanently in a house, or keep warm in an automatic mode. Why are all the same brick? Because construction of a brick house or cottage will provide you with a strong fireproof walls and guarantees high quality of the building. Brick homes for decades will be to keep warm, and bring warmth and comfort of their owners.


With this statement hard to argue if we want our apartment or house were with normal humidity and people feel comfortable – needed airflow. Standard defines the required amount of air which should postpit within one hour. The kitchen is 70, bathrooms – 50 accommodations – 20 per capita. Ensure adequate ventilation wooden box – one of the major problems faced by manufacturers of windows made of wood. No exchange of air affects the microclimate in the premises and, therefore, can lead to excess moisture. In Russia, in residential homes are basically natural systems ventilation.

Historically, the fresh air is a must. Outflow of exhaust air, naturally provide ventilation grilles (gratings have been and continue to be in kitchens, bathrooms and WC). Natural ventilation system works only if the following basic requirement for wooden windows – they should not be sealed 24 hours a day. A growing number of complaints against misted windows, wooden Fiberglass and objective deterioration of wooden boxes made of manufacturers of wooden windows to think about. Now, many firms, to ensure proper humidity in the room, offer wood windows mikroschelevym airing.