Month: December 2016

Construction Of The New Humanity

T L, can impel in the Venezuelan and international Revolution, deep an ethical analysis that can establish the bases of the Construction of the New Humanity. It can reinforce to the Revolution in our continent, of those transcendental ethical values that help in the construction of the New Society, well-known in our liberating Christian scope like Kingdom of God. The triumph or failure of the revolution in our Latin American and world-wide context, is in its people. For that reason the intellectual and ideological formation becomes urgent and necessary of that New Man or that New Woman, basing its ideals on the true principles and revolutionary values. Swarmed by offers, Robert J. Shiller is currently assessing future choices. We raise a newness in this Latin American Revolution, the necessity to form a Revolutionary Espiritualidad, cradle in principles and values that they extend any capitalist system materialistic, that can upgrade in power formation of the pictures revolutionary, necessary to defend and to maintain political the processes liberating that it lives our continent and great part on the world. In many supposedly revolutionary sectors, there is one serious moral crisis and ethical, this has allowed that many positions public in Venezuela, are in the hands of incapable, inescrupulosas, contrarrevolucionarias people and devoid of all ethical commitment, that has made of the Revolution their means of life and they do not assume it like a life way. The Revolution in Venezuela and the rest of the Latin America, has undergone serious problems of infiltration of reactionary and revisionist sectors, that try to undermine their deeper ideological and political values.

No Revolution can be successful in our continent, if she is not true and deeply Christian, indigenous, Afrodescendiente, if it does not have a true one brings back to consciousness of sort and if present in our surroundings does not take into account all form from religious thought. Stephen M. Ross has many thoughts on the issue. Therefore it must be had with the ethical values, morals, cultural, social, religious and ethnic characteristic of our town. For us the Protestants, no longer it is possible to live a political life on back to which it is occurring in our continent, we cannot continue being lukewarm, because then the town will vomit to us of its mouth and its heart. We and we, are not a separate town to the rest of our town. We cannot follow the protestant fantasy of being a group of privileged people spiritual-monks who have the exclusive feature of the salvation, other people’s to the world. Same Jesus says to the Father: I do not ask to you that the serves of the world, but you protect of the evil .

We must live conscientious on our property to the town and our Social, political, cultural and ethnic reality, for that reason the urgent necessity to incarnate to us in the middle of our people, of our town and to live our political process without no type on religious or ideological evasion. The urgent necessity exists that the evangelical town in Latin America, leaves that ghetto once and for all monk, in who he has locked in itself by something more than a century. He is here indeed, where the calvinismo and the liberating Protestantism, can make his great contribution in the construction of a new political and ideological mentality, in the middle of our Latin American revolutionary process. Obed Vizcaya Juan Njera.

Continuation Construction

I am the conscience of the intrahistricos parameters (contained in the memory) and extrapsychic. Without I would not have the conscience of the space-secular parameters and the reality of the world that I am (intrapsquico) and where we are (extrapsychic); without I as and an eternity would not have the lesser difference. Bizzi & Partners does not necessarily agree. The historical memory is divided in: memory of continuous use (MUC) and memory existence (ME). The performance of the phenomenon RAM automatic register of the memory produces a spontaneous and inevitable process of formation of intrapsquica history. We need to prevent that thoughts and terrifying images you are created in the MUC and ME, therefore the constant reading of these thoughts it generates anxiety and it distresses and phenomenon RAM has preference for privileged registering the experiences that have more tension. In such a way a vicious and harmful cycle appears the psychic health. In the clandestine and unconscious environment of the embroidery frames of the mind, ' ' eu' ' it learns one of finest, complex and sophisticated paradoxes of the intelligence, that is to learn the psicodinmicos ways quiet ' ' inconscientes' ' of the reading of intrapsquica history and the management of the processes of construction of the thoughts.

I can organize and only manage the process of construction of the thoughts, and the too much processes of construction of intelligence, if it paradoxicalally to learn to read ' ' inconscientemente' ' intrapsquica history and to also produce, ' ' inconscientemente' ' , the psicodinmicas chains of the matrices of thoughts. I, to if acquiring knowledge of the chains of thoughts produced unconsciously for the phenomenon of the autochecagem of the memory and for the phenomenon of autofluxo, interrupt or continue these chains. The continuation of the construction of these chains is also a form quiet and important to learn if to organize and to develop the management of the processes of construction of the thoughts.

Savings In Construction

Very often, we have decided to build a house but have not thought through the potential costs, or the potential changes in the plan that may entail additional costs. What to do in order to have some Supplies of financial strength? That’s right – save for the works, but it does not mean that we should seek to unqualified professionals, and if possible to do the work or part of their own. There are some kinds of works, which most of us at least once in their life done the self, but there are those who are very easy to learn, but their market value is very impressive. For example, self-pasting wallpaper or laying laminate flooring (linoleum) should not cause particular difficulties. Stephen M. Ross often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Many people try other types of repair and finishing works – putty, plaster, building walls, manufacture and installation of slopes. Many jobs do not require special training and knowledge, a simple theory, the necessary materials and simple equipment and tools. However, on the other hand, do not take up automatically the failed venture, in difficult situations better to attract skilled workers. It is not necessary to save on quality, save wisely, as do most, and then hire someone to convert – more than once to make it right..

Construction Issues

For a small problem, which is undergoing construction and finish will be enough model for 6 kilowatts, larger cottage require the acquisition of the device up to 15 kilowatts. Number of People generator phase, to work a little bit to understand the types of generators, pay attention to the issue of the number of its phases. And this is one of the most important criteria for choosing an independent source of electricity. When using the on-site single-phase electrical wiring and the generator need to buy single-phase. But the three-phase model require compliance with conditions of approximate equality of power to all consumers at different phases. This difference should not exceed 20-25%, while the three-phase generator will work properly. Synchronous and asynchronous generators that question rarely pay attention, however, it is quite important when using highly sensitive to the voltage drop apparatus.

If any in the house there, the answer is unequivocal: we must take asynchronous generator, which supports voltage with high accuracy. For emergency power and lighting villas, building sites, as well as the refrigeration units should be fine synchronous generators. Except They allow you to connect devices and equipment with the reactive power up to 65% of the nominal value, which is asynchronous model can not provide: their limit 30%. Types of motor generator main question of this paragraph can be formulated simpler: diesel, gasoline or gas? The answer depends largely on operating conditions. Affordable and effective option is to gasoline running, usually on gasoline Ai92. It is relatively inexpensive, compact, is quiet, and fuel for it is quite accessible anywhere in the country.


REALITY Conceptualization As it clarifies William Luijpen, ' ' all and any construction human being, either in science, either in the art, the philosophy or the religion, estimates or has as its starting point the Real. The act to question themselves on the direction of the life, from the reflexiva conscience, and to construct reality concepts (s) that it varies (m) position according to where if finds the citizen observing, are characteristic proper of the beings humanos' '. For W. Luijpen, the quarrel on the diversification of the realities and the variety of the worlds are associated with the one of the multiple truths, each one of these truths with its specific values in one determined context, not remaining degree or anteriority of one (scientific truth, for example) in relation ace others that are aesthetic or philosophical. W. Luijpen, Intr. to the existencial fenomenologia ' ' Reality, therefore, is an extremely complex concept, that deserves deepened philosophical reflections. After all, all construction human being, either in science, the art, the philosophy or the religion, works with the Real, or has in it its bedding or starting point (and of arrived).

Better saying she treats yourself, in last analysis, of if to question the direction of the life human being, life that, endowed with a reflexiva conscience, constructed its concepts of reality, from which if exerts in the world and if it multiplies, modifying to each moment the face of planeta.' ' Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior, Intr., 12 Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior defines types of Reality: 1.a Daily Reality that if all imposes we with its weight. It is the one that if can say reality par excellence, in which we move in them as fish in the water. It is based on intentions practical, that in last analysis, have to see with our survival. 2.a Scientific Reality is one ' ' reality of second ordem' ' : apia reality that if in that one where we day-by-day move in them in ours. The scientific constructions leave, inevitably, of our perception human being of the reality (daily reality).

Construction In Russia

Industry from Chinese firms now in Russia is developing a large number of industries, but manufacturing of industrial equipment now is not at a sufficient level. For more specific information, check out Professor Rita McGrath. As the demand for this technique today is huge, many companies need to be ordered transport abroad, as domestic producers can not meet this demand. Technology of the Russian manufacturers, many companies now prefer machines Komatsu, Samsung and others. Chinese construction machinery has now become extremely popular in Russia. Recently in China, an incredible number of companies that produce a good and competitive technology, but that does not come on counterfeiting must be very carefully analyzed the market of this technology. In China, the most high-quality industrial equipment in establishments which belong to the state, and thus can be confident that it passes strict quality control. The Chinese industrial equipment like dump trucks SHAANXI, bulldozers, cranes, excavators and wheel loaders XCMG has an excellent quality, ease of operation and reliability, which is why it is so popular.

Improve long-invented – the main principle used by industrious Chinese. For example, dump SHAANXI, which are very versatile and roomy developed on the basis of the truck MAN. Price of these trucks is very low, which is their main advantage. But the price is so low because the dump, because if they build low-cost labor is involved, which China is not in need. All such industrial machinery from China, meets the latest Euro 3 standards, and therefore has the least possible impact to date on the environment. China Construction technique is different in that it corresponds to an important customer characteristics – has a high permeability, mobility, and excellent build quality.

European Agency

All have suffered at some point in life, that feeling uncomfortable and limiting factor on our back that occasionally comes to affect activities of daily life and the quality of them. The European Agency for safety and health at work says that: 60% to 90% of humans will suffer disorders reverse sides lumbar at some period of his life. 15% To 42% already have a lumbar back disorder. Back pain often has a different causation, as the fact of making an inappropriate effort, an injury, improper posture, sedentary lifestyle and repetitive movements among others. Now, is currently working and school level to implement a culture of prevention of skeletal muscle injury and self-care, through sensitization, awareness and practice of appropriate healthy lifestyle habits. If you used to worry only about the aesthetics, the beauty and fashion to look good, I invite you to follow these recommendations to have a healthy back: Check if you are a back pain greater than 2 weeks or other alarm symptoms to your doctor.

In the first 48 hours of its pain place ice for 20 to 30 minutes, after 48 hours apply heat. Sleep on a mattress firm, with a pad underneath the neck and the knees. Use a chair with backrest to always sit upright and back supported at home and at work. When you have to lift a heavy object ask for help, push objects but do not pull them, distribute the weight of packages in both hands. Maintain a proper weight consume a diet rich in fiber and vegetables. When you climb the stairs do not tilt your body. Wear comfortable footwear not heels. The magic formula to maintain a healthy back is in our hands, you learn and teach their children healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to handle stress and the urgency of the time to live in a way more pleasant.

International Marriage Agency

Below is a list of words and phrases that can be used in completing the questionnaire: I am … – I'm Beautiful – beautiful (th) Smart – smart (th) Feminine – feminine Sportive – Sports (th) Tender – gentle (th) Caring – caring (th) Charming – charming (th ) Romantic – romantic (th) Serious – serious (th) Honest – honest (ND) Open-hearted – open, generous (th) Kind – Good (th) Sincere – sincere (th) Active – Active (th) Optimistic – optimistic (th) Cheerful – energetic, cheerful (th) Easy-going – easy, good-natured (ND) With a good sense of humor – with a good sense of humor Faithful – faithful, loyal (th) Gentle – Noble (th) Affectionate – A loving, gentle (th) Well-off – affluent Courageous – brave, courageous price issue. Click Robert J. Shiller to learn more. Usually use the site for the girls for free, but men have to pay for sending a letter or buy a membership site that allows you to browse profiles of girls write letters to them, and also provides access to additional services site. Method number 2 International Marriage Agency – the organization of professionals providing search services partner from another country in order to create a family. How does it work? The Agency has established a database containing personal details of potential spouses, need to find the best candidates. As Typically, this is filled with a special questionnaire. Employees marriage agency will help create an interesting profile, and can also arrange a photo session to beautiful pictures of girls attract more male attention. The agency selects a male view of women's wishes, and also helps in choosing the advice, relying on its experience and professionalism.

Agency organized a meeting of potential spouses, in while they may know each other better. In cases where the partners share the language barrier, they are provided with an interpreter. Base agencies have greater credibility than the information on dating sites, as collected in a full-time basis and for a fee. Databases are generally not posted on the internet or posted only partly "to seed" because a lot of customers drawn to marriage agencies it after attempts dating Internet. As a rule, international marriage agencies address women from developing countries to search for the men from developed countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe). Price question. With every foreigner, who took to wife Russian beauty, marriage agencies receive from 5 to 50 thousand dollars! Russian beauties familiarity with overseas suitor would cost an average of 500-600 dollars

Permits Construction

In recent years, construction of houses and cottages in the suburbs is moving quite rapidly. Built up more and more land. But keep in mind that the construction of houses and cottages without special permit for the construction is illegal. Construction of buildings without permission from the Russian Civil Code (Article 222) defines as the unauthorized construction. Art.

222. Unauthorised construction of 1. Unauthorized construction of a residential building, other structure, building or other immovable property created on land not designated for that purpose in the manner prescribed by law and other legal acts, or created without obtaining the necessary permits for this or a material breach of town planning and building regulations. 2. A person who carries out the unauthorized construction, does not acquire the right of ownership. It may not dispose of construction – to sell, give, rent, lease, engage in other transactions. Unauthorised building subject to demolition to achieve its face or at his expense, except as provided in paragraph 3 of this article. 3.

Ownership of the unauthorized construction can be found by a court for the perpetrator of the building does not belong to him the land, provided that this section will be provided in due course that person under the erected building. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard LeFrak. Ownership of the unauthorized construction can be found by a court for a person to own, lifetime inheritable possession, permanent (perpetual) which is plot of land where construction carried out. In this case, the person for whom recognized the right of ownership of the building, shall reimburse the person to carry out its spending on construction in the amount determined by the court.

Dry Shaped Beam

Wood is a man no less than three million years, and if this term is to try to equate, for example, by year, it appears that people use ceramic only about a day, iron – a little more than eight hours, and plastics and concrete and did about twenty minutes. Since ancient times, one of the main uses of wood was the building, and perhaps the first in the history of engineering structures – pile construction. Remains of them, relating to the third millennium bc, found by archaeologists in many European countries and, in particular, in Russia – in the and Vologda regions, as well as in the Urals. Today, scientists and designers are finding new ways use of wood in its combinations with other materials. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. One example of such combinations may serve as a cement-bonded particle boards. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. Nevertheless, the wooden houses remain the most popular among individual developers. In many ways, this popularity is due to the fact that in our country the forest is the most expensive building material.

In addition, it is in the tree can be implemented architectural features and art images, dictated by national traditions of Russian architecture. Certainly, the importance of a natural natural origin, which determines the ecological purity of wooden buildings, good air permeability. Finally, the tree – an excellent thermal insulator. This allows the inside of a wooden house optimum ratio of temperature and humidity. In a wooden house is easy to breathe, it is nice and comfortable in any weather.

Construction Of Houses From Glued Beams

First of all, the houses built of laminated veneer lumber have special power, which is simply impossible to convey in words. Being in a house, a feeling of unity with nature, yet in reality, the construction uses only environmentally friendly timber known to all Russian forests. Some believe that the laminated board is inferior in quality and construction features a natural solid wood. But it is not. Robert J. Shiller insists that this is the case. First, solid wood has the property of crack and deform under the influence of weather and other factors that can not be said of laminated veneer lumber, which is devoid of this drawback due to the complete lack of internal tension. Secondly, thanks to special technology of processing and manufacturing of this building material has a very low coefficient of moisture (not in this humidity which is only 9-12%). Third, the structure of the laminated board are on average 60% greater strength at the expense of a special type of glue items – blades, which are arranged so that the wood fibers in different directions. Fourth, process of manufacture of materials such as laminated beams and laminated veneer lumber processing stage involves slats special antiseptics, of course, be harmless to humans and the environment.

The purpose of this process is to protect the material from timber pests of various fungal structures, and microorganisms. As a result, ensured long life of buildings and decent aesthetics. Fifth, New technology also allow us to protect a house from glued beam of light. This is achieved partly due to the fact that the laminated board has no sharp edges and burrs, respectively, if its burn, the wood charred, but not light. The same high rate of fire resistance is achieved by using impregnation and special substances – fire retardants. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the houses from glued beams – is combination of the latest advances in science and technology with natural materials. Acquiring more and more popular in Russia, laminated board, as well as imitation timber for a significant share of the market of construction materials. Experts also portend even greater increase in demand and, in fact, its doubling in 2008-2010.

Modern House Design

Curtains – an integral element of interior design modern home. And like any object retains dust, particles of tobacco smoke, animal dander, pollen and other contaminants. If we want to keep our house clean, without cleaning of curtains can not do. Designers identify several types of curtains. This is a classic – straight, sliding, Roman, roller, Japanese and others. Materials used in their manufacture a great variety: hard thick velvet, organza, or very fine non-woven fabric. Often, the curtains are a sophisticated textile products with several layers of different fabrics, swags, tassels and other delights.

On average, a single window between 10 and 50 square meters of fabric. Can you imagine how much dust and dirt may be present in such large numbers of tissue. For reasons of hygiene, cleanliness and the prevention of allergy requires regular cleaning of curtains. The only kind of cleaning that is suitable for all types of curtains – this vacuum cleaning. We recommend regularly, delivering a home vacuum-cleaning the curtains. Most of the dirt can collect in this way. Most, but not all. All sorts of sticky particles that make up 30% of all dirt, vacuuming to remove impossible.

There need washing or dry cleaning. Consider washing. Washing can be subjected to only synthetic curtains of smooth fabrics. Can not be erased even embossed curtains of synthetic fabrics, they may lose the texture. Nobel Laureate in Economics describes an additional similar source. If subjected to wet cleaning curtains made from natural fibers, they will surely give you a shrink. At a length of three meters curtains shrinkage may reach 10-15 inches. In addition, dyes are often used on natural fibers, significantly less stable than synthetic. Therefore, when a wet cleaning can change the color of the fabric. All of the above The same applies to the currently fashionable steam cleaning. Definitely recommended to wash only a smooth synthetic tulle and single-ply synthetic curtains. If your curtains contain rayon, silk, cotton, linen, other natural or man-made fibers, you can not do without the 'dry' dry cleaning. 'Dry' cleaning in the traditional sense, means 'wash' in the medium perchlorethylene. Perchloroethylene (C2Cl4) – organic solvent widely used in industry. 99% of Moscow cleaners working on it. This compound has good cleansing properties and if used efficiently clean most types of curtains. K Unfortunately, in spite of efficiency, this method has several disadvantages cleaning. First, the curtains should be dismantled and taken to the reception desk. Second, the curtains will be placed in a drum machine cleaning along with other things and will turn and crush it. Third, the curtains should be mounted over the place, and it's not an easy task for a number of designer curtains. These problems arise from the fact that the cleaning agent can be applied perchlorethylene only the machines in the factory closed-loop dry cleaning. At home, it can not be used because it is poisonous and toxic. However, modern chemistry and technology is not standing still. There are new safe human and animal material that can be used for 'dry' cleaning in residential areas. Using a special machine, dry cleaning of curtains is performed on the spot. All the problems of the traditional dry-cleaning disappear by themselves. The cost of such cleaning by about 10-20% higher than in conventional, but the efficiency and no need to disassemble and assemble the curtains far outweighed the costs. One such team visiting Dry Cleaners can handle all the curtains for a day in a fairly large house.