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Thus, the force of these socially equal areas generates conditions through which if it verifies (reverse speed) the production, in the future generations, and some cases in the proper area, of the existing social content in that place. The disordered urban expansion of Araguana became something daily, starting to present diverse problems such as: invasions of private areas improper for construction of housings, occupations of the edges of streams and rivers and also next the highways to high circulation of I propagate being citizens the accidents, under of nets high-voltage and constructions of habitations are of the standard of minimum security. Beyond these situations we observe areas differentiated in the urban one located well, structuralized and reserved for the population of high classroom. This fact in the sample clearly the division of the space and its mercantilizaco while product. These situations are fruits of one deficient politics that the country adopted. In the great Brazilian cities we have our equal situations large-scaler: the slum quarters. But the State through the National bank of habitations (BNH), fomented politics to solve the problem of the housing lack, constructing joint habitacionais, in the case of Araguana; joint Sponsorship, residential Garden of the Flowers among others, but for backwards of this attitude we must notice the interest to remove the low income population stops far from the nobler center and of quarters of the city. The urban space of Araguana is fruit of the actions of some actors who shape this scene to satisfy its necessities and of the emergent capital. But its manifestations generate a discontinous and disordered growth of the space due to planning, mainly from the decade of 1990. In this game of interests the great one harmed is the low income population that are banish from the areas, but central offices and noblemen of the city due the process of urban renewal and valuation of these localities.

Weber Democracy

Conquanto, for Marx the taking of conscience of the man can free it of the passivity, making possible to it a revolutionary action capable to transform the society. Each sociological theory attributed to these three thinkers possesss a different characteristic. Sociology of: Durkheim is positivista; of Marx it is would revolutionize; of Weber she is comprehensive. However, all offer a valuable contribution for the study of sociology. The necessary citizen to understand its paper ahead the organizations and of the process politician.

In this direction, a delimitation between politics and power if make necessary to reflect this question better. The power mentions the capacity to it to influence in the behavior of other people. In the not democratic governments the power is not assented, but tax for the prestige and the force of possesss who it. So that this power is not shaken it tries the cost all to destroy the opposition and the divergence of belief, opinions and customs. In the democracy according to philosopher Claude Lefort the power must be exerted transitory by somebody chosen to occupy such position. This fight for the conquest, maintenance and expansion of the power is instituted by the politics with the purpose to govern the nations.

In accordance with Marilena Chau, democracy concept estimates the diversity of opinions, the free circulation of the information and the free access to the culture. Moreover, she is necessary that all the sectors of the society can legitimately be represented. It does not have democracy without equality and freedom. The beginning of the equality it establishes the recognition of the human rights and the exercise of the citizenship. The civil society must be organized to fight the individualism and to demand right of equality by means of the education, health, of the housing, the job, the environment, etc., and to locate against all the forms of preconception and discrimination.

Spanish Government

However, and given the urgency that produces the current situation, the Spanish Government examine on Friday a package of 1.5 billion euros to promote the creation of jobs and improve the obtaining of subsidies. BBVA (IBEX:BBVA) has a financial proposal for the Government of Rodriguez Zapatero. The entity proposes to cut 3.5 percentage points the the value added tax (VAT) which help create 280,000 jobs and would have a neutral tax effect since it would be offset by greater a greater level of activity from fundraising. Perhaps this proposal should be considered by the Spanish Government. Returning to the question that we did at the beginning of the article: soon will recover the labour market in Spain? Everything would indicate that not. Stimulus plans appear to be insufficient given the very negative context, and the Government does not have resources to increase significantly the scale of the package of measures. It is thus that the economic prospects of Spain are not very encouraging. According to projections made by BBVA, the Spanish economy is contraeria 2.8 per cent this year and by 0.3% in 2010.

Both the external context as internal appear negative to think about an early recovery of the economy of Spain. External demand shows very weak and can not be counted with her to promote the recovery of the activity. Domestic demand is also weak. Companies limit their investment plans and families increase their saving face the possibility of falling into unemployment. To make matters worse, the banking system does not help to domestic demand. In the month of January, new loans to companies registered a decline of 7.4%, while loans to households fell by 38% (credit for housing fell by 49%). The Outlook for this year is to continue the contraction of bank financing, so it is difficult to even more the recovery of domestic demand.

My Life

Amongst the habitacionais politics, the COHAB-AM and later the SHAM, whose purpose was the study of the problems of habitation of social interest total benefited families subsidized by the government of the State. Another one habitacional politics of extreme importance is the SUHAB, which today calls Supervision of Urbanization and Habitation of the State of Amazon, having as objective in charge of to plan, to organize, to direct, to co-ordinate, to guide, to execute, to control and to fiscalize the sectorial activities the Government of the State of Amazon that they aim at to the social development by means of relative actions to the habitacional area. Thus, the Ministry of the Cities, implements next to Suhab the PROSAMIM the state level, and the SEMINF municipal level that is implemented the Program My House, My Life. For more information see Le Blue Goose. However, the existing habitacionais politics do not supply the demand of the majority of the population that does not possess a stabilized economic condition, being one of the causes so that the citizen does not exert its right to possess a worthy housing. 2,3 Housing: Right of the Citizen or only Theory? The right to the housing has its first manifestation with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, when it considers that ' ' All the man has right to a standard of living capable to assure itself and its family health and well-being, also medical feeding, clothes, habitation, cares and the social services indispensveis' '. (art. 25, paragraph I) and in other international treating to human rights. However, in Brazil it was from the popular pressure and the capacity of mobilization that the right to the housing became basic and assured in the Brazilian Constitution thus passing to elencar social rights. However, he is well-known that this right did not reflect directly for the majority of the population, therefore in the logic of the urbanizada land, market economy, provided with services, equipment and infrastructure, becomes each time more expensive and who possesss a quality housing is the ones that can ' ' pagar' ' , meanwhile according to Castel ' ' The excluded ones populate the zones most peripheral, characterized for the loss of the work and the isolation social.' ' (2007, P.

Education Department

-Christina Obergfoll, Olympic silver medalist in the Javelin throw and master of Arts, prevention and health management. “Forum movement: new trends and research findings in Fitness Sports new audiences through innovative and evidence-based training”-Christoph Eifler, sports scientist and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Prof. Fikenzer, expert on the topic of performance diagnostics and Professor of the German College for prevention and health management. “- Markus Wanjek, sports scientists and responsible for the development of the course programme, active life after cancer” as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum Management: increase of the company’s success through peak experiences”-Ralf Capelan, diploma in business administration, master in Health care management, management consultant in the fitness industry, as well as lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Henrik Gockel, Economist, Managing Director of PRIME TIME fitness and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Roman Spitko, master of laws and Dipl.-Kaufmann, Deputy Head of Department management and lecturer of the DHfPG/BSA. Robert J. Shiller insists that this is the case.

“Forum diet: digital nourishing blessing or curse?”-Anika Brieske, nutritionist and lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum BGM: stress and psychosocial stress in the workplace challenges for a responsible BGM”-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann, IKK Southwest organization developer and Professor of German University for prevention and health management. -Stephanie Gieringer, master of Arts in prevention and health management, corporate health management (BGM) and an expert consultant procedure for the assessment of work-related psychological stresses. -Prof., education researcher, Psychology/Education Department head and Professor and Vice-Rector research of the German College for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Oliver, Walle, Coordinator of the initiative health at the workplace even fashion”, Managing Director of a consulting firm for corporate health management, as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie.

Final presentation: “megatrend health”-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, specialist for orthopedics, physical and rehabilitative medicine and Vice President of the German Academy of prevention and health management. The rise of Congress in the m: con Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim is supported by well-known companies in the industry. These present new trends and developments in its range within the framework of a partner’s exhibition in the foyer. Due to the support of the partners Congress can offered at a great price performance ratio. The extensive Congress programme and the framework programme, including Congress Party with live music cost only 49 euros for students, graduates, training establishments and BSA participants. For more information, see. There is also the possibility to register for the Congress and to subscribe to the newsletter.

Checking Database

So be careful when you are required to sign a treaty or an act of acceptance and transfer to the onerous terms or to make a "pledge" documents. Generally the best way to deter fraud – is removed presented with copies of original documents (your legal right) and to report, among other things, that you will perform professional expertise in real estate agencies, commercial security service at the Union of Realtors or law firm. Having heard these terms, fraudsters or unscrupulous owners will find a million reasons to continue to work with you. And let your ad on the audit is not unfounded. Checking an opponent, as Practice shows that a must.

The main stages of testing the property owner are: Check passport (no other identification document is not suitable); Checking Database (address, telephone, drug treatment, according to the registry of owners of real estate); Check title documents; Check chains of alienation (ie, how often resold to an apartment and the data on all of its owners. If the apartment has replaced more than 10 hosts, then of such an option should be abandoned); Poll neighbors; Checking for legal prohibition (arrest, failure to meet the housing and credit obligations, the presence of the heirs, etc.). Before the end of check Never give your opponent any money as an advance, deposit, bond or other deposit. Trust, but verify Separately worth talking about choosing a real estate office. What should I pay attention to understand – a reliable agency? With this question we turned to one of the most successful agencies Novorossiysk "Novation", founder of the 'Union of Realtors Novorossiysk. " Deputy Director General, commented Irina Mitiaeva N "As a general rule, a reliable agency working in the property market for at least two to three years. This time is sufficient to show and prove itself in this area.

City we have a small and, therefore, rumors spread very quickly, so-called "word of mouth," they too must not be neglected. If we talk about how to determine a reliable agency, I would like to resort to the poll, which was conducted late last year Independent Buyers Association of Russia (NAP RF). Analysis of the survey revealed few signs of "decent" real estate company. 1. The first call you to easily get through, they heard a pleasant voice Secretary has submitted agency and immediately got a chance to talk with an expert 2. Office in a decent house in a decent area 3. Organization of internal office space to the Client in the room should be free – are not saving for comfort and does not degrade the customer crowding and bustle, 4. Intercoms First – they are, secondly, in their light, comfortable, quiet, 5. Coffee Customer pleased to hear: "You have coffee black or with cream?" 6. Business Card Anyone who wants to install good relationship with the client, presenting a personal business card. Official site: Downtown Philadelphia Condos. Corporate business card – a sign of bad taste! I think this poll quite clearly characterizes a decent agency, although in a poll taken a very subjective questions. The main client, contacting a real estate agency, must feel protected, and this can only give professionals! Reputable agencies generally have insurance against various risks transactions. Confirmation of this – a document that produces real estate agent at your request. Generally, in the real estate environment made to hang on the place of honor all kinds of certificates, certificates, diplomas and ratification, which has agency. All of them you can calmly examine and verify. Hinder you in this one will not. "

Determine The Price Right For Your Property

Avoid that the performance of their investment is affected by an uninformed decision.When you think about selling or renting a property maybe a concern that comes to mind is how to set the right price. Get all the facts and insights with John Savignano, another great source of information. In this note I present some suggestions to take into account that they will help you determine the correct price for your property. It is of utmost importance to establish an appropriate price if we are to achieve the desired results in a reasonable time, if we locate our expectation well above the safe market indicators we won’t even visitors interested in learning about the property, if on the contrary we are located below, it is feasible that we are leaving to receive commensurate with our investment yields. Then do as establishing the right price? Firstly, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a specialist, do not hesitate to consult or hire an expert apraisser, this will allow you to get an idea very close to reality regarding the estimation of the value of your property. Well worth paying for the information you get, you It will be very useful as a reference, but it will not be enough. In second term, also is convenient to visit other similar properties that are sold or renten zone, find out about the operating conditions they offer, compare (State, size, location, features, etc.), develop a simple listing and get unit prices per square meter, range and average.

This is to do market research, meet the competition. Third, update your investment amount by applying the factors of inflation, incorporating the improvements we have made to date to determine the current value. The data will serve as a reference to compare with the prices obtained previously, since differences against might be justifiable for the deterioration, antiquity and an unfavourable environment of property (disability); and the difference in favor by capital gains would tell us if it is reasonable. If your idea is to rent, investigate your local market, usually sets the amount of monthly rent as a percentage of the total value of the property that it can be located between.5 and 1%. Housing gives a factor differentiated for the residential, another for the media and a third for the social, which varies according to the region and since then to supply and demand. Finally, don’t forget that your prospects will try to perform a negotiation about the asking price down, therefore it is convenient to define it estimating a margin for this purpose. In this sense there are no certain rules and the discount percentage may vary between a 5 or 10%, major factors would generate uncertainty and doubt in your potential customer. Remember that who is going to buy or rent a property always expects to feel the satisfaction that made a convenient negotiation. Be prepared with serious and forceful arguments.

Real Estate Services

In the Saratov region is formed spontaneously quality real estate services, and how consequence, society's attitude to the profession. Meadow Bank Designs has plenty of information regarding this issue. Agent will always work the way it work is more profitable. If the consumer is not interested in quality – it will be provided appropriate services. But in regions where the image profession 'realtor' is at the stage of public recognition of the need for the profession, creating soil and to provide quality services. Lack of Saratov slip or effectively organize the work of association of Realtors, is not allowed to use the favorable time in the development of the profession to position the competitive advantages of those professionals who can provide quality services. Number of defrauded real estate investors or those who bought apartments to 'costs of privatization', passed by the professional community, which chose at that stage to earn capital, not to conduct missionary work.

Our region is the quality of providing real estate services remained at the same level as 20 years ago. So what are the services provided to sellers realtors Saratov apartments? The vast majority of these services is free in nature. Russian language excludes randomness and coincidence. For services 'nature tour' someone will still pay. The absence of clear rules of the game between society and the realtor does not allow in Saratov to provide quality services to sellers of apartments, as turning to realtors with a proposal to sell facilities, the owners did not initially involve any form of contractual relations, defining the mutual rights and obligations.

The Systemic Perspective

This is a systemic perspective on coaching and learning. The greatest promise for the systemic approach is the unification of knowledge across all specialties, because the same archetypes recur in biology, psychology, family therapy, economics, social sciences, ecology and management. Mark Paich in coaching and in all learning, systems approach is now more necessary than ever because the complexity overwhelms us We are able to create more information than anyone can absorb. Philadelphia Condos can provide more clarity in the matter.

It is encouraging interdependence that is very difficult to manage. The current economic and financial crises is a clear example. It is very difficult to follow the speed of the changes we are promoting. This escalation of complexity is unprecedented in our history. The complexity can be of two types: the dynamics and detail, with many varieties. In the dynamic complexity may cause and effect are not close in time or space.

In this case the obvious interventions do not produce the expected results. The methodology of coaching with systemic approach is designed to understand the dynamic complexity. Its tools help us identify the underlying structures and patterns of behavior that are hidden by the everyday activities and the incessant bustle that characterizes the organization in the new realities. We show that, often, conventional solutions fail and we must take valid actions.