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Small Architectural Forms In The Construction Industry Was Built

But the focus of industrial development is the construction of small architectural forms. In the construction of industrial buildings are often more profitable not to reconstruct and build a 'zero'. And for this kind of architecture now the main client is not a state, not a private investor and individual persons as before, but sredniyimaly biznesorientirovanny quick profit. Cheap frameless buildings today are used extensively in all the areas of commercial construction – warehouses, hangars, shopping centers. In the industrial building construction hangar used throughout the organization of production workshops, diverse offices, transport units. See Clayton Morris for more details and insights.

Modern technologies of frameless construction in recent years actively implemented during the construction , shopping areas, sports facilities, administrative buildings. Only some construction companies are focusing their activities on industrial construction, major maintenance of already constructed buildings for industrial production, reconstruction of industrial installations, turnkey construction of commercial buildings. It should be noted that such large construction works also contain the wiring, installation of utilities, roofing and waterproofing works. Preparing for the installation of metal sandwich panels are the most relevant areas for today's construction industry. The market is dominated by industrial buildings Construction Association, which embody the most complex projects have team of employees, have the highest quality from design to commissioning, all automate all project and design work and on the basis of togo rationally spend material and money, always completing the construction of these lines have the greatest experience in the field of industrial construction of commercial and industrial construction turnkey.

Waterproofing Works

Waterproofing of the underground part of the building – a complex-specific work that requires to perform its experienced professionals who have completed training with work experience and special equipment. However, at present while a large number of organizations involved in waterproofing. Yesterday's "pieman" and "cobblers" registered their own firms and on a par with professional organizations involved in tenders. This creates a paradoxical situation. The lower level of education and actual experience, the more likely to receive the order, since the choice of a specialized subcontractor for the customer and general contractor organization is primarily important price.

And the price is calculated based on estimated costs. Have had to watch as the illiterate people who do not know all the nuances of their work, offer a lower price for the "Volume" rather than professionals, uchtivshie and appreciate all the details of the work. Having thus desired "order" would-be master or not perform certain operations due to ignorance, or start to save, knowingly using cheaper materials, instead of the project. There are cases of outright fraud. For example, instead of expensive waterproofing geomembrane known and stable manufacturer use low-cost domestic, or of unknown origin.

Outwardly, these membranes are similar and to distinguish them can only be a specialist. Such a technique is often practiced by unscrupulous firms because the price of "brand" is about four times higher than the unknown. And do not care what properties and durability of branded materials are guaranteed by the relevant certificates, certificates of tests, and the unknown even produce a false address. The main thing is the profit! Two years of delays and right, and then the guarantee ends.

Natural Wall

In addition, PVC-coated plates of mdf can be performed under the natural wood, marble, etc. A special kind of wall panels are so-called "acoustic panels, made of fibrous materials (eg, mineral or glass staple fiber). They are indispensable for the device soundproofed rooms, such as meeting rooms, libraries, etc. For facing the dressing rooms and offices, such as kitchens and chill-outs, it is convenient to use panels of rigid pvc or vinyl siding. They are very durable, non-inflammable and moisture resistant.

The panels are waterproof, even in the joints, and very easily cleaned and disinfected. Installation of wall panels is extremely technologically, does not require much time and high skills. The easiest option is to mount a bearing wall with glue (liquid nails). Downtown Philadelphia Condos describes an additional similar source. But civilized approach involves mounting panels klyammerami (mounting brackets) to crate (wooden or metal profile). This method allows the fixture to the wall perfectly smooth. Essentially rebukes mounting wall panels of the presence of special ridges and grooves (the system "Lock-latch") to significantly reduce the time and achieve a surface with no visible gaps. According to specialists, thanks to such technologies for a working day can be mounted more than 100 m2 wall panels.

A new dimension to even the most perfect form of floors, ceilings and walls does not mean the triumphant end of repair and rehabilitation of office. Space formed by these vertical and horizontal planes for a comfortable employee must still correctly structured. Should divide work areas, classrooms and meeting rooms leadership, finally, places for recreation – in short, to optimize not ideal accommodation for specific tasks.

Kitchen Renovations

If you like extreme sensations and can not stand the monotonous gray skukotu life, ideal for summer holidays, it's "spot" repair your home, according to the method described below. As a rule, the most rapidly morally outdated kitchen, because she enjoyed the most. Worn out appliances, plumbing does not respond to your actions, handles on kitchen cabinets are still in your hands, a pull-out shelves with a bang fall to the floor, breaking the lock worn stoppers. Pessimistic painting launched with a view marred by a common unpresentable, greasy soot-covered walls and ceilings, and reminds you kitchen still lifes medieval artists. Of course, not all housewives are waiting for techniques of this critical moment, and pre-configure itself and close to the need for radical measures to reconstruct and re-registration of kitchen design. And in After long, or, conversely, suddenly negotiations, the family decided to repair the apartment. The technique is simple, but requires an integrated approach.

The case begins and, above all, to set aside time to sit down and calmly, without emotion to make estimates and work plan according to the method of repair kitchen. When held accounting of the funds needed for this "action", it is necessary to determine who will take responsibility and repair guide, examine methods of preparation work will market of construction materials and selection of construction companies or organizations providing services to high-quality repairs. There will be a need for a comparison of prices and tariffs for the services of repair, which include warranty services, insurance, repairs, and, in the case of alterations, architectural and legal supervision over the project. In certain situations, need to develop a methodology of financial assistance to repair your credit. Further instructions of this technique are equivalent to self-major or minor repairs.

When all the organizational issues are resolved, it is important to determine the timing of repair work to prepare for the temporary replacement of kitchens and build it as a kind of "corner" for cooking. Of course, if we are talking about a technique of repair. Here there is a great set of tips that give an opportunity to show your imaginative fantasy. Focus should be on a few important points: the free access to water, fridge, kettle, small kitchen utensils, basic necessities, tile and microwave cooking.

Suburban Building Construction

Suburban construction of buildings today is improving rapidly than ever before. Prosperity of our countrymen seriously increased over recent times, mainly because it has a chance to fly in own territory and suburban real estate. But to buy just what you personally dreaming, pretty easy, much easier – and often cheaper – to build a private villa on a personal project, most approaching to what was intended. Everyone dreams about his house, and such a dream at all has its own shape. Someone in dreams – filigree tower from a fairy tale, the other – a reliable petit bourgeois house, otherwise – authentic luxury castle. But, of course, there's nothing more comfortable than the wooden cottage, making it log house sauna use constant prevalence. Moreover, that the real Russian sauna, built of Siberian high-quality wood, healing power of a well-known, better all hospitals.

Especially in these days in the period of autumn disease. Naturally, finding a master who would actually correct selected tree species and stacked high-quality frame, is not easy. Since it is not in vain had been the family carpentry work. Intricacies of the children received from their fathers and then passed on to their sons. True experts remained in our time, sometimes – in the villages rather than cities. In the place where it is shown that the builders did not employ using Internet ads or directory sites, and from a nearby small village. A suburban home projects do not architects who received an adequate degree of education, but not too imagine how it might look like in reality, and people who study every detail of a building with a real point of view.

Naturally, to date, including the most inveterate professionals unable to cope without the special, including architectural, skills. And construction is not only to the preparation of truly high-quality drawing, and in addition and with a neat succession this layout. But still there is the professionalism that is called, soaked with mother's milk and is based on the enormous practical experience, thanks to whom a house of logs – a Today's creation of great art. And for those who will be in a cottage there – the dream of private housing: clean, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Each person has a desire to create a life something great. Plant a tree, build a house, raise children. And all this have to do really well.

European Climatic Conditions

– For climatic conditions, such as the northern regions are optimum windows based five-chamber profile with a mounting depth of 70 mm. These designs allow you to save up to 25% more heat than systems 58 mm. Besides, with them possible to install larger glass ". Another important area of energy efficiency is the reconstruction of housing and heating engineering systems of residential buildings. "The current state of the centralized Heat does not allow the user to adjust the amount of the resulting heat.

In serious need of upgrading obsolete equipment boilers and heating units are worn out pipelines – emphasizes Konstantin , director of thermal automatics Danfoss in Russia (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating of buildings). – homes will residents save on heating 30-40%. " So, on the agenda of public utilities – the empowerment of heat regulation and organization of accounting of its consumption. "The introduction of universal energy accounting and payment for it on the fact consumption should encourage consumers to use solutions that help reduce costs – says Edward Lissitzky, head of investment and capital construction "TGC-1". – Installation of account leads to a fundamental change in consumer attitudes toward energy conservation. " The first pilot projects for reconstruction of heating systems, conducted a few years ago in Moscow, Penza, Dubna, Saransk and other Russian cities, have brought demonstrable results! According to the monitoring, energy savings due to installation of the substation and balancing valves is an average of 20-25%. In addition, installing thermostats and appliances Individual accountability helps consumers save on utility charges up to 15-20% on average for an apartment. As a result, the amount of savings per apartment up to 2-2,5 thousand rubles.

per year. Enlightened Europe generously shared invaluable experiences and energy-saving technologies that are needed in Russia. It is only necessary that we are willing to accept and bring them to life in our country. For this, a little to improve legislation and to introduce strict rules on energy saving and thermal protection of buildings. Changes must relate to our relationship to energy savings. When every Russian will become obvious that the savings joule of heat – is an extra penny in his pocket then and we have begin to form a truly civilized power. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

Construction Of Brick

Brick houses have many advantages, including – high strength, durability and ability to withstand the damaging effects of weather, seismic, and biological factors. Brick has long been is one of the most popular building materials in Russia. Construction of houses made of bricks lets you use the most daring projects. Do not forget that in a brick house virtually no problems. It warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of brick houses met, as a rule, solid masonry, which is complemented by decorative details.

House of brick (concrete materials) possess great strength and durability. Cottage of brick will last a lot longer house of wood, it does not lose its external and performance. Bricks vary its purpose, an ordinary brick used for the internal rows of masonry front hollow brick, has a smooth face. Facing brick to buy the same brand as the building to the entire wall was the same strength. Brick houses are not suitable for temporary accommodation. If the house of bricks for a while is not heated, then returned to it, you feel like you are in the cellar – cold and damp. To do good to warm brick house will need more than one day, ie heat will be a time when it is time leave. To avoid this, you need to or to live permanently in a house, or keep warm in an automatic mode. Why are all the same brick? Because construction of a brick house or cottage will provide you with a strong fireproof walls and guarantees high quality of the building. Brick homes for decades will be to keep warm, and bring warmth and comfort of their owners.

September High-rise

During the construction of skyscrapers in Moscow, in addition to traditional brick and mortar, it was decided to also use the metal. They avoid burdening building, but at the same time gave him extra strength. A strength of such projects are never superfluous. Indeed, despite the efforts of builders, the main drawback of the first foreign high-rise buildings has long been instability of their structures. During gusty winds in the upper rooms swinging chandeliers and even a water splash. On the day Moscow, 7 September 1947, at the same time laid the foundations of eight high-rise structures, marked a new stage of development capital architecture. However, the most ambitious project of the Group of Eight – the building of the Palace of Soviets, whose height was to be 415 meters, was never built.

Work on other construction only began in 1949. All this time, "redrawn" their projects, the number of floors and has long been uncertain. One of eight projects was the construction of the main 36-storey building of Moscow State University. Legend has it that Stalin and profound impression Building Municipal Building in Manhattan, and it was his, he chose a prototype high-rise Moscow State University, as well as other first Moscow skyscrapers. It is interesting that around "to be or not to be" Tower msu – boiled hotly debated. Specialists have insisted that the institution of this magnitude will require too many lifts, and offered limited to four storeys. To erect a tall building on the Sparrow Hills and Actually it was risky: it is very soft ground, which could not withstand the enormous weight of the structure.

Waterproofing Materials In The Construction Of Cottages

Construction of cottages has recently become very popular. This is due primarily to the fact that every man strive to create your own cozy nook where you can relax and feel at security. And build houses prefer the countryside, because in the city person is exposed to noise and the influence of bad environment. However, the construction of houses – the process is rather complicated and long, are also very expensive. Therefore, in this issue should come with great responsibility. If you have a very vague idea of building cottages. It is better to fill this gap in knowledge.

And read specialized literature on this topic. This applies both to general issues of building houses, both public and private, such as which building materials used in this process. In this article we will consider the use of waterproofing materials in the construction of houses. Waterproofing materials – building materials, is waterproof and meet certain performance requirements strength, heat resistance, deformability, biological stability, and others are currently considering air pollution and the impact of aggressive substances in the design of the construction of houses, it should be noted that penetrate into the concrete account may not only water but also aqueous solutions of various aggressive substances. Therefore, except for water-resistance are important quality waterproofing is its chemical resistance.

Consider the main types of waterproofing materials used in construction of cottages. Reinforced slabs are produced by pressing hot mastic or hot asphalt mixture using reinforcement fiberglass or metal net. Reinforced asphalt mats are produced by coating a pre-impregnated fiberglass on both sides of waterproofing bituminous mastic. Mats for use in sealing waterproofing okleechnoy joints. Bitumen – a product of oil refining. On the construction and insulation works are used bitumen fourth and fifth grades. An important property of asphalt is its chemical resistance, through which it used for chemical protection of steel pipes and concrete structures. Brizol manufacture, laminating mass obtained by mixing petroleum bitumen, crushed rubber from worn tires, asbestos fiber and plasticizer. Brizol used for corrosion protection of underground metal structures and pipelines. Hydrosol is a roll waterproofing material obtained by impregnating asbestos cardboard Oil biumom. Hydrosol is intended for the device waterproofing underground structures and to rust. Tar is used as a binder. Isol – groundless roll waterproofing and roofing material manufactured by rolling rezinobitumnoy composition obtained by thermomechanical processing devulkanizirovannoy rubber, petroleum bitumen, mineral filler, preservative and plasticizer. It is used for waterproofing basements, corrosion protection of pipelines for the roof covering.


Flooring is one of the most important elements in each room. Exemplary floor shall conform to several criteria. Of course, it is extremely important property for the flooring in the room is his heat. After all, you see, the night is much nicer to walk barefoot on warm, cozy floor. If we talk about security, the floor covering must not be slippery. You should also pay attention to the resistance to abrasion and loss of color brightness for use. But when looking for flooring all initially pay attention to appearance. Undoubtedly, it must be beautiful.

Thanks to the wide range of choices of types of coatings on the floor (Premium Cork), You can not unhindered find what you need and comes to the room. Laminated board meets almost all of these indicators and, therefore, regarded as the most popular floor covering in present time. It can be used in all types of premises, with varying load, ranging from rooms for children and ending with the office. It depends on the class of laminate flooring. The higher the class, so it is safer and more resistant to physical Effects loads. This type of flooring has a very simple method of assembly. With a great desire can not seek professional help, and poklast laminated board itself. Laminated board made from environmentally friendly natural elements, therefore its use does not affect your health and your animals.

It is made in such a way that it leaves no traces or scratches from shoes, home furniture and other things. This is extremely convenient. And besides, laminate does not require special care. Rather elementary vacuum cleaner or damp cleaning with the help of some detergents, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Due to the structure of the laminate, it operates with imitating the wood, marble, stone and more. Thus, with a huge range of laminated board, and additional elements (moldings Korner), you can perform all design plans. Now, using the Internet, you can easily make an order for any type of laminate (laminate to buy). Fortunately, the number of companies producing flooring huge. But his choice is required to give reliable, having an excellent reputation.