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Komatsu Dresser Company

Parking brake shoe with booster is installed on the rear axle. Gidrorul trucks equipped with the emergency hydraulic pump SET with independent electric drive is automatically activated when the pressure drops in the supply main circuit. The machines have a monitoring system malfunctions main units, the protection of the cab ROPS, engine start lock when the transfer. The complexity of the maximum reduced maintenance, all the points daily maintenance and monitoring are easily accessible. Forklifts production plant Huta Stalowa Wola have a high popularity among builders and model L-34 led the 97-98 years.

the number of new cars delivered to Russia. To enhance their position in the world market Huta Stalowa Wola a joint venture with Komatsu Dresser Company – a company Dressta Co. Ltd., Which is responsible for the supply of equipment from brand Stalowa Wola. Polish trucks equipped with Cummins engines and Komatsu, the torque converter, reversible transmissions, axles with differential and planetary final drives. In the wheel hubs are installed as a dry disc brakes, hydraulic (for example, model 515S) and multi-disc brakes, working in an oil bath (Model 560S). The basic technical principles of engineering, on which depends the reliability of equipment Stalowa Wola not changed, but the rest of the machine vary significantly. Gradually updated design of bearing and housing components, hydraulics, a new attachments, etc. A good example is that loader 534, which will soon replace the well-known model of the L-34B, will also be upgraded machine 520E, for the first time shown in 2000 at the World Bauma in Germany.

Construction Issues

For a small problem, which is undergoing construction and finish will be enough model for 6 kilowatts, larger cottage require the acquisition of the device up to 15 kilowatts. Number of People generator phase, to work a little bit to understand the types of generators, pay attention to the issue of the number of its phases. And this is one of the most important criteria for choosing an independent source of electricity. When using the on-site single-phase electrical wiring and the generator need to buy single-phase. But the three-phase model require compliance with conditions of approximate equality of power to all consumers at different phases. This difference should not exceed 20-25%, while the three-phase generator will work properly. Synchronous and asynchronous generators that question rarely pay attention, however, it is quite important when using highly sensitive to the voltage drop apparatus.

If any in the house there, the answer is unequivocal: we must take asynchronous generator, which supports voltage with high accuracy. For emergency power and lighting villas, building sites, as well as the refrigeration units should be fine synchronous generators. Except They allow you to connect devices and equipment with the reactive power up to 65% of the nominal value, which is asynchronous model can not provide: their limit 30%. Types of motor generator main question of this paragraph can be formulated simpler: diesel, gasoline or gas? The answer depends largely on operating conditions. Affordable and effective option is to gasoline running, usually on gasoline Ai92. It is relatively inexpensive, compact, is quiet, and fuel for it is quite accessible anywhere in the country.

Construction Of Houses From Glued Beams

First of all, the houses built of laminated veneer lumber have special power, which is simply impossible to convey in words. Being in a house, a feeling of unity with nature, yet in reality, the construction uses only environmentally friendly timber known to all Russian forests. Some believe that the laminated board is inferior in quality and construction features a natural solid wood. But it is not. Robert J. Shiller insists that this is the case. First, solid wood has the property of crack and deform under the influence of weather and other factors that can not be said of laminated veneer lumber, which is devoid of this drawback due to the complete lack of internal tension. Secondly, thanks to special technology of processing and manufacturing of this building material has a very low coefficient of moisture (not in this humidity which is only 9-12%). Third, the structure of the laminated board are on average 60% greater strength at the expense of a special type of glue items – blades, which are arranged so that the wood fibers in different directions. Fourth, process of manufacture of materials such as laminated beams and laminated veneer lumber processing stage involves slats special antiseptics, of course, be harmless to humans and the environment.

The purpose of this process is to protect the material from timber pests of various fungal structures, and microorganisms. As a result, ensured long life of buildings and decent aesthetics. Fifth, New technology also allow us to protect a house from glued beam of light. This is achieved partly due to the fact that the laminated board has no sharp edges and burrs, respectively, if its burn, the wood charred, but not light. The same high rate of fire resistance is achieved by using impregnation and special substances – fire retardants. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the houses from glued beams – is combination of the latest advances in science and technology with natural materials. Acquiring more and more popular in Russia, laminated board, as well as imitation timber for a significant share of the market of construction materials. Experts also portend even greater increase in demand and, in fact, its doubling in 2008-2010.

Shelving Racks (Demountable Shelving )

All variety of shelving, cantilever racking except, united in a group – shelving racks. Shelving racks – the most common and simplest form of shelving. Elements of their design, beam, strut itself Regiment, are used in the construction of other types of shelving. On the shelf racks can store any piece goods, and goods in boxes and bulk cargo. On the positive properties of the shelving racks include the following their features: – easy handling of cargo – an opportunity to store a range of different shelf product – cost-effective use of former storage space – a broad applicability for both large, so and small warehouses – any technique can work with the product placed on the shelving racks – easy installation and disassembly in the warehouse – the opportunities to change the configuration of the half- rack (capacity to connect the sections and so on). Vertical perforated rack and joins them on special toe horizontal shelves are the main structural parts shelving racks.

At This rack shelving racks are made of a curved profile that allows you to adjust the height between shelves according to the height of the hosted cargo. They are made of metal profiles for the shelving racks in automated lines. Racks are made of complex profiles have a large capacity, with relatively small weight of each, and the whole structure as a whole. The height of rack shelving racks in selected Depending on the height of the warehouse or the height of lifting is already available in the warehouse equipment: stackers and forklifts. In turn, shelves for shelving racks made of sheet metal or chipboard. To increase the carrier capacity shelves for them to define some ribs, whose number can be from 1 to 5.

Ecology Properties

Stone radiators Cinier: Environmentally-friendly materials. Heaters Cinier (Shinyo) are made from natural stone pereneyskogo. Close to cast iron on the characteristics of thermal inertia, this stone has excellent properties of heat transfer, uniform heat radiating. Radiators, stone Cinier: Energy-saving technologies. Due to the large surface area radiators Cinier, stone cover OLYCALE allows for heating Low coolant temperature with the optimum energy consumption. The electronic control with an accuracy of one degree can minimize power consumption and automatically responds to your need heat. CINIER: Technical skills and exceptional comfort Shinyo produces both water and electric stone radiators. Heating radiator shell, made by the standards of the customer, made of brass – the most 'Noble' and effective in terms of thermal conductivity of the material.

The heating body electrical appliances made of a special heating wire of high strength with double insulation. Due to the mild radiation hard cover radiators OLYCALE and quality of housing heating, radiators cinier provide exceptional comfort heating, not desiccate the air and almost silent in rabote.Vse raw materials are selected from concern for the environment and handled with the highest care to our studios in France. The quality of our equipment is tested and guaranteed. To offer exceptional comfort with exceptional comfort the use of stone radiators Shinyo (cinier), each radiator is individually designed. Production technology involves three basic properties: heat the stone Olycale effect of heat flux reduction of energy consumption thanks to "intelligent" control system and a large heating surface. Economy and Ecology Properties Olycale stone in combination with their large surface area radiators Shinyo (cinier) reduces power consumption and increases heat. The ability to precisely control to reduce energy consumption. The low temperature of large surface radiators, stone Cinier and precise adjustment of their work make it possible to heat at low temperature without the formation of air currents (completely inaudible). The heat transfer at low temperature prevents convection (heat loss from the cause), thereby not rising dust, and indoor maintained humidity, which improves the quality of the atmosphere of the room.

URSA Cabins

Bungalow is a structure intended for construction projects. Cabins are used as temporary accommodation, as well as a storage facility. But today there are many new varieties hut, designed not only for construction sites, but also for garden areas, points of protection, storage facilities for production. Having bought the site for the city and decided to build a cottage, you will definitely need a small shelter, and of course a utility room for storage of building materials and working tools. The house is not built, but because you so want to relax in your backyard and enjoy all the splendor of Mother Nature.

Today, wooden cabins cottages – almost the most common type of temporary housing. These cabins are also called – "country house". Inside and outside the office container garden with wooden clapboard. As the insulation is used proven and reliable insulation – mineral wool URSA. According to your desire to shed can conduct electricity, supply PVC windows, lay flooring, fitted house beds, etc. The main advantage of wooden villa cabins, to other types of huts, are its thermal insulation properties, as well as weight.

Due to the low weight, the foundation can be small and simple. Instead of the reinforced concrete foundation can be laid piping from the boards or beams, a layer of gravel and sand at 15-20 cm You can share your shed walls wooden dacha, receiving, for example, three rooms. The first of them, you can use as a warehouse for the storage of various tools, materials, equipment, etc. The second – locker room, well, third – as a recreation room. And to a hot, summer day where you were hide from the scorching sun, the wooden cabins villa is possible to attach the canopy. After buying a wooden villa cabins, do not worry about her delivery on your personal plot. This is not your concern! For transport hut, we use special types of transportation, all sorts of devices. Because of this, the company selling wooden hut arrange delivery summer huts, at any distance and in the shortest possible time.