Month: June 2019


Since To arrange it is the process by which parts with different interests they reach agreements with which they are committed. We can watch with attention that one definition and to find some elements interesting: the agreement must be understood like a process or step by step, a sequence through which it is arrived towards that it is the joint decision. The other element is that in her several parts participate, understanding to the parts like people, who can be present for a reason or purpose individual or representing some institution or organization. Finally, another key element of the presented/displayed definition is the objective of the agreement, that it has to do with obtaining agreements or decisions common. The agreement processes are used generally in the organizations to surpass moments of crisis and of points distant differentials between the parts, in nonexentos difficult surroundings of complex situations in the interpersonal relations, making that the people who lead these processes have abilities for the handling of the conflict and the one necessary of its proactive direction. The agreement does not neutralize and solves the conflicts of automatic way, rather aspires to that the parts have a discussion, knows its duties, their rights and assumes commitments.

In this point usually it appears the debate if the agreement is means or an aim. To our way to see it can be the two things: means because it implies an action unfolding to arrive at mutually satisfactory decisions; but also, an aim, because arranging it affirms the processes of human development in the measurement that is incluyente and takes care of the interests of the multiple parts. A. Principles Keys of the Agreement: All process of agreement must consider a set of principles keys? The agreement is means oriented towards the search of commitments in the decision making for the action, of all the actors who participate around the communal property.


The workmanship of Darcy Ribeiro ' ' Brazil as problema' ' it approaches the reality of the country, as resultant of the Civilization European Occidental person, in the Latin American version, that configured more subservincia of settling that if gave in its historical continuity. It is a case of tropical romanismo, imbudo in blood indian and black, that made to appear the race mulata and mestizo flesh time and spiritual of the Brazilians. Brazil is a neolatina province of racial democracy, with national aspiration of if making a new solidary society. However, the ethical crisis in the politics is decurrent of the parasitic capitalism and the elite of companies and banks, as of politicians, and until magistrates, bureaucrats, generals, military, executive officers, bishops and main journalists and influential communicators, who unhappyly, bleed the national economy with the modeling of the discretional and corrupt patricial thievery, with cases of purchase of mandates of positions politicians. The result of everything this is the social exluso and the structural unemployment. The social medias take care of to the interests of the elite in manipulating the public opinion, with scandals that the citizenship makes to be discredited.

The serious aspects of Brazil are the crisis politics, the neoliberal economic line of direction, the agrarian institution of great large states, the hunger, the unemployment, the misery, the pertaining to school imbalance, the precarious services of the health, the slum quarters, the violence and the question of the housing. The external debt and the privatizations of Brazil have a thought of the right for the media, with suspicious transactions of the transnational ones, through the entreguista program of the common wealth of the natural wealth. How much to the problem of the indians, these are desculturados and aculturados, because of the religious missions and of the Portuguese language. The Brazilian people is a true miscegenation the Amaznia with its peoples is world of green variety and at the same time paradise with its caboclo and crossbred peoples. With the latent indignation of the Brazilian problems, Brazil as cause it makes of the Brazilian, first citizen, to search to be conscientious, but later being necessary militant militant for a better country, that can be better, with its which had characteristic for solidarity human being. the militancy chosen for the Brazil native land is for the racial democracy, modern socialism and education politics.