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Wiko Construction Software

One of the largest German planning companies opted for the wiko construction software Freiburg, mid-September one of the largest independent planning companies in Germany to control its projects for the project controlling and project management solution has decided with the OBERMEYER, Munich, group of companies wiko October 13, 2009, immediately after the start of wiko Bausoftware GmbH. With the new year plan are already about 700 employees of OBERMEYER + Consulting GmbH Germany and internationally their daily tasks in the project calculation, project management, and service entry with wiko cope. Interfaces to the SAP solution implemented at OBERMEYER guarantee the exchange of master data and movement data, and ensure consistent processes and information. A stylish floor lamps, practical baking forms in an attractive design, a beautiful wine decanter and new beer and bar glasses. That are just a few of the attractive novelties by Eva solo and Eva trio, which the Hamburger Lifestyle online shop now presented correctly nice kochen.de.

Solo, the award-winning, design presents the news from Eva solo Eva now innovative products for both the kitchen and the living. The baking forms with practical serving handles made of stainless steel are a novelty. The flexible handles are in a trivet and carrying bracket. The ends of the handles have a protective coat of bright silicone. At the table, eyes are folded down and so to the coasters. Is the baking dish is passed, so you folds up again the handles and the white porcelain bowl, moves it kept firmly by the handles, seat neighbor. Filed under: Gavin Baker.

Another innovation is the wine jug made of glass. The designer by Eva solo have to present this beautiful decanter designed, stylish wine and to be kept. The elegant carafe also has the appropriate dimensions to wait for their next use in the refrigerator door. It has obvious one, for Eva solo typical, drip-free spout.

General Sales Manager

PC-WARE and BitDefender close sales, marketing and support agreement in Holzwickede, January 13, 2009, BitDefender, global provider of internationally certified security solutions and the PC-WARE information technologies AG have concluded a comprehensive sales, marketing, and support agreements for the public service. With this agreement, the BitDefender GmbH is continuing to expand its position in the channel in this area. About the resellers of PC-WARE the public sector now has the opportunity to acquire all BitDefender security products at exclusive rates. With more than 41 million users all over the world, BitDefender is one of the global leading developers and manufacturers of proactive and internationally certified IT security products. The company’s security solutions are available for all leading E-Mail platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and SMTP gateways and can in many environments how to implement work station, file and mail servers and gateways. Click DCT for additional related pages.

The Security product lines are available for the different operating system derivatives such as Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. The distribution of products for the public service is now also about the resellers of PC-WARE information technologies AG, which can rely on the comprehensive sales and support services from BitDefender. At the pre-sales & B2B-support from BitDefender is bietet one tailored to retailers-oriented Department that supports each of the partners in the acquisition of new customers and expert technical support in the field of after-sales. The goal is to offer tailor-made solutions to potential clients of the public service and to support the dealer still detailed in his work. PC-Ware we have won a prestigious partner for us, who counts to the leading manufacturer-independent ICT service providers in Europe and a similarly significant position as IT procurement and service company for the public Service takes up,’ explains Lothar Symanofsky, General Sales Manager D.A.CH. BitDefender GmbH. BitDefender has reorganized in recent months its sales structure, and its entire sales team consistently expands.

First Java Trend Barometer Presented

Surprising results show profitability potential in Mannheim (jg). Concrete approaches for existing reserves of efficiency in software projects show the results of the Java trend barometers, which was presented today in Mannheim. The first systematic survey of expert on the subject of Java technologies was carried out between September and November 2008; It only Java experts were interviewed. The Mannheim ex Peso GmbH is the service provider for software development, technology consulting, and technology coaching for Java and Java enterprise technologies, Publisher of Java trend barometers. Java technologies have for enterprise applications a great importance”, says Markus Roth, Managing Director of ex Peso GmbH with the Java trend barometer we deliver IT decision makers in the current economic situation interesting approaches, to recognize the own optimization potential and to increase the competitiveness. “Key findings are: serious weaknesses in the project work the most amazing results can be found in the” Project management.

For almost 60 per cent of the respondents, too little importance is attached to the requirements analysis. This number is shocking, especially as the need for an optimal request analysis is known. In the second project, the existing integration mechanisms are insufficient and for two-thirds of the Java experts surveyed the developer documentation is given little importance. These results are all the more surprising because the need for effective project management is known for a long time. Just here arise significant potential for improvement with a large economic benefits “, so Markus Roth.

In difficult economic times, companies should rely on a targeted external assistance of selected and experienced Java experts. Technically as economically worthwhile use. “Training engaged in almost half of the employees with weaknesses new technologies unless they have to. Mostly she then put on a self-study through Internet, books and magazines to the Training in the area of Java. Less than half of active form further through seminars or fair visits. And only one in five draws on the expertise of specialists (coaching). These numbers are even more surprising when you consider how much of the company’s success depends on innovation. A time – and cost-intensive try and error “procedures can afford no more company”, so Markus Roth. Business and IT leads should reinforce therefore in the sense of an effective training on technology coaching. Here, innovations are fast, competent and introduced in full bandwidth together in a team and trained at the workplace. “Many older versions of the Java language and the Java EE standards are established technologies to be found today in the project environment. One reason is certainly the necessary migration effort in existing projects. In all their diversity, have in recent years but certain technologies, frameworks and open source emerged products and established; They offer interesting just for new projects Possibilities. In the future Java- experts will be asked twice a year for the Java trend barometer with a standardized procedure to determine the current and future importance of different Java technologies for the practice.

New Thermal Transfer Printers BBP

BBP11 satisfies the demand for a low-cost solution with high quality and reliability of BBP11 provides high performance with permanently reliable results. He is the perfect solution for small to medium amounts of pressure. He prints with a printing speed of up to 12.7 cm per second. By default built-in Ethernet port this printer integrates easily into any application. Thanks to the easy operation tapes and materials can be used quickly and save time. Additional information is available at Prologis Inc.. The printer has over the three communication interfaces USB, serial and parallel.

BBP11 brings, thanks to the 300 dpi print resolution print quality text, graphics and bar codes. The printer also with a 200 dpi resolution is available for general applications. With the supplied free label software BradySoft, Basic 8.5 (Vista compatible) this combination offers a very good price / performance ratio. The new label printer BBP11 is TSZPL able (compatible with Zebra ZPL) and can thus be used with laboratory data management (LIMS). Swarmed by offers, Compass is currently assessing future choices. High-quality, double-walled body construction is very solid and robust printer.

Thanks to adjustable sensors, a variety of labels, continuous materials, wire and cable marking, heat shrink tubing and many other label materials can be printed. The printer is suitable for a daily allowance to 500 labels and occupies very little space in the workplace through its small and compact construction. BBP11 meets the demand for a low-cost solution with high quality and reliability. The new BBP11 label printer can print on many different materials, which are wound on a core of 1 inch (BPT labels), such as self laminating labels, EPREP, vinyl fabric, polyester and PermSleeve. Materials on 3-inch cores and Leporello folded materials should be collected separately from the back of the printer. The materials on 3-inch cores are used in combination with an optional, external 3-inch Unwinder. For the Introducing the new printer developed a series of new Ribbons for versatile application possibilities. These fit not only for the new BBP11, but also for the Zebra Printer series with 70 m Ribbon, MiniMark printer and BP4000 printer. All Ribbons are wrapped on a -inch core with two notches. They are outside wrapped and delivered in 70 metres in length. (Available from April 2009).

Information Management-virtual Event

Data in action – solutions for an efficient environment”is the first of two data management (DM) virtual events in 2009. These online events will contain on extensive showcase of DM solutions. A robust event including industry speakers via live webcast, paired with a virtual expo hall will allow attendees to get all the benefits of a world class info Mgmt event without the expense of travel. The first-ever information management virtual event begins Feb 25th. “Data in Action – Solutions for an efficient environment” is the first of two data management (DM) premier virtual events in 2009.

These online events will contain an extensive showcase of DM solutions, including IBM Optim. A robust event including industry speakers via live webcast, paired with a virtual expo hall will allow attendees to get all the benefits of a world class information management event without the expense of travel. Register here. “Solutions for an efficient data environment” date February 25, 2009 agenda 08:00 at the EST show floor opens 11:00 on the EST understanding the foundations of the information agenda 12:00 PM EST chat with our experts 01:30 PM EST data management for a Lean economy live session 02:30 PM EST chat with our experts 06:00 PM EST show floor closes please bookmark this page as a reminder to join US at the data in action virtual IBM Forum on February 25th at 11:00 on the Eastern to hear about key trends and innovations that are shaping the next generation of data management products. Hear from industry experts and IBM innovators how traditional data management practices are evolving in the age of SOA, Web 2.0 and the continuing data explosion into new smarter practices and paradigms for managing information.

This smarter data revolution is creating new opportunities for organizations to refresh their approaches, and in the process gain better access to data, increase data security, and lower costs. The speed with which many organizations find the demand for data with growing sticking with last generation technology and techniques is simply not on option. Learn how customers who have made the change are now reaping the rewards, and what it took to get them there. The conference will include keynote presentations from Merv Adrian from Forrester, Lise Neely and Andy Warzecha of IBM, information on trends and directions,. technical sessions to drill down on specific areas, and virtual booths where you can see demos and interact with IBM experts. Networking is supported through specific topic and informal chats. Get all the benefits of a world class information management trade show event – without the expense and hassle of airfare, taxis, lines, and those TSA regulations forbidding carry on of shampoo. IBM Austria

Press Contact Thomas Thurner

LOD2 creating knowledge are out of interlinked data data and information today on the Internet and intranets produced in large quantities, but our ability to use this data effectively are still very limited. Despite extensive databases are currently insufficiently linked to lots of information on the World Wide Web and can be found so difficult. The EU financed project LOD2 seeks to solve these problems and provide powerful capabilities of data release, recycling and integration publishers, businesses but also government institutions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chris Burns. The LOD2 project coordinator Dr. Soren Auer, head of the AKSW research group at the Institute of computer science of the University of Leipzig, says: in our world with increasingly data-centric business models, innovative and scalable technologies are necessary to take advantage of the potential of networking of different data sources. The effective use of data in intranets as well as freely available on the Internet is becoming increasingly important, to secure competitive advantages”. The software bundle LOD2, that is now in its second version, provides a basis for the future of the Web of data. The software package includes concerted tools, which support the linked data lifecycle from extraction, processing over the enrichment, networking and integration to the visualization and management of data.

These technologies offer a simpler and more efficient way to publish linked data on the Internet as well as intranets experts from industry and Government. So, a municipality can E.g. data for kindergarten places or urban development planning publish in a machine-readable format and real estate portals can use this data to make targeted offers in-house. The LOD2 stack is built as open-source package repository and thus simplifies the installation and how to use the various tools. The software package is one of the main results of the second project year of EU funded project. The LOD2 technology stack in its second version LOD2 StackDie second version supports now also in particular data visualization, for example of statistical data with CubeViz or geographical data with SemMap. Includes new tools such as open re fine (previously Google refine) to manually clean up large amounts of data or, created by the AKSW research group, tool RDFAuthor which enables the management of structured information in Web pages. The new release of the stack also the SPARQL editor SPARQLED and updates the existing components Ontowiki (semantic data wiki) include silk (to the automated data network), SigmEE (to search in linked data) and the RDF triple store virtuoso.

Satisfied Callcenteragenten

With dante helpdesk customer satisfaction by 20 percent to increase the manufacturer a3 system the helpdesk solution dante has fundamentally revised helpdesk new knowledge of user experience research. The software has been evaluated in a scientific research project in a call center. The field trial demonstrated that the caller satisfaction can be increased by 20 per cent helpdesk with dante. Redesigned by dante helpdesk we have used consciously on the factor of user experience. The Callcenteragenten should have a positive user experience with the operation of their help desk software”, explains Rudolf Klein, Member of the Executive Board of the a3 System GmbH. Amazon usually is spot on. in a long-term experiment we have shown empirically that the agents are more satisfied and more balanced and also motivated and quality-oriented work.” Satisfied Callcenteragenten satisfied customers provide contact center and support center are confronted increasingly with demand for a high quality of service. The callers expect competent and effective services and also a friendly customer communication.

Without a customized helpdesk solution these requirements cannot be met mostly. Since 2004, the Saarland manufacturer a3 system developed the helpdesk solution dante helpdesk. The software is suitable in particular as knowledge and process management in the call center. in 2007, dante became helpdesk as the Initiative Mittelstand awarded innovative software product in the category knowledge management innovation award. The telecommunications provider Alice/HanseNet, the product is in use. Via the a3 System GmbH a3 system is a solution provider for demanding business applications and integration projects. A3 systems designs, develops, and tests software solutions based on accepted industry standards and best practice “-approaches.” Project-specifically put together teams of experts accompany the projects through all stages of the analysis and specification through design, implementation, and integration to introduction, maintenance and operation.