Month: November 2013


Market practices, the tendency is to generate internal communication departments when the organisation grows, in number of employees. When you increase the payroll, grows the institutional dimension and increases the complexity of labour communication with her. That’s why large organizations, multinational companies and public agencies often generate this area. The main objective is to ensure the alignment of people, since growth is losing human scale. In contrast, medium-sized, or with fewer employees, organizations do not generate departments specialists. When they seek to professionalize its communication, the tendency is to do it transversally, in all areas. Human relations in any context are basic support communication. If we facilitate mechanisms that occur naturally and, Furthermore, we make that this communication is conducted in the Organization, in an ethical climate and freedom, we will have taken the first and most important step of how many activities are presented in the business world.

An organization generates multiple messages that are repeated in the shape and even the contents. These redundancies arise from certain implied rules that synthesize, in a given time, the weight of traditions and history, the command style, the type of culture, the daily work, etc. It is somehow a form of learning by mimesis, based on the theory of the conversation. All this sets up its own discourse and an own way of doing things in each company. Therefore, the Organization cannot exist without communication, so that we can establish also, that communication can not happen without the existence of messages, whether these verbal or not. A new form of analysis of internal communication that is taking shape is opened, then, increasingly, where the message is the central axis of the organizational communication. How to improve my company’s internal communication? Constantly evaluating the degree of involvement of employees with the corporate culture through employee satisfaction surveys to diagnose how is internal communication in your company.

Sessions 6 To 10

SESSION 6: Paradigms, personal mastery, shared vision, systemic thinking. a Governor of REBNY – The Real Estate Board of New York is  supports various projects and programs at Columbia University A paradigm is the mental barrier that people have caused by a bad experience or trauma that makes them unable to see reality. – Personal mastery can be achieved provided you have intelligence, time and attention, this means that what you should invest in a company is undertaking strategies that promote such attitudes so that in this way the employee can help themselves and the company. – The shared vision is to have a common interest across the enterprise so you can get a council among workers and thus can perform better. In the shared visions that should have not imposed but are created because there are a leader, and knows how to listen to others and with this feedback that makes the leader can get to create a coordination of knowledge. – Strategies such as the ideas in a business jet can take into account in order to facilitatebusiness development and workforce performance.

Simplified Tax Systems

This article is part of a block of articles on the answers to frequently asked questions when applying for legal advice on the website in this case, the creation and registration of companies (legal persons): Question: Private enterprise, was reorganized in the form of transformation into a limited liability company (hereinafter – the Company) and the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs entry was made on state registration of legal entity – limited liability company (hereinafter – the Company). Does the company the right to use the simplified taxation system (hereinafter – STS) from the date of state registration? Answer: According to the second part of Article 287 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter – the Tax Code) organizations and individual entrepreneurs that have passed state registration in the year in which They claim to use a simplified system, the right to use the simplified system starting from the date of their registration, provided the payroll number of employees of the organization does not exceed 100 people. Organizations and individual entrepreneurs applying for the application of SST from the date of their registration within twenty working days from the date of state registration is served in the tax office putting on record a statement about the transition to SST, which contains information about the payroll number of employees and the organization selected the tax base (tax bases). In accordance with paragraph 1.1 of point 1 of the State registration of business entities, approved by Presidential Decree of January 16, 2009, 1, created (reorganized) entities, including economic partnerships and companies, unitary enterprises, production cooperatives, are subject to state registration. According to Ohanley, who has experience with these questions. In accordance with Article 53 of the Civil Code in Article 15 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 09.12.1992 2020-XII ‘On Business Companies’ reorganization of legal entity (merger, division, separation, transformation) may be carried out by the decision of the owner of the property (the founders and participants) or the body of the legal person authorized by the constituent documents, and in cases stipulated by legislative acts – by the decision of public authorities, including the court. Legal entity is considered to be reorganized, except in cases of reorganization by merger, the moment of state registration of the newly created legal entities. According to Article 15 of Law of the Republic of Belarus of 09.12.1992 2020-XII ‘On Companies’ and Article 54 of the Civil Code in the conversion of one entity type into a legal entity of another type (the change of legal form) to the newly created entity transferred rights and obligations of the reorganized legal entity in accordance with the act of transfer, except the rights and obligations which can not belong to the created legal entity. Based on the foregoing, the Company, resulting from the reorganization of private unitary enterprise in the form of transformation and registered in the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs have the right to USN application from the date of registration.

Energy-saving Lamps For Lighting In Your Apartment

Energy-saving lamps are widely known throughout the world. Their benefits have already been said quite a few words. Most customers heard about the criteria for selection of these lamps. Most often when you buy they are guided by their thickness. Often you can hear is an opinion that if we divide the power of incandescent bulbs for five then obtain the required power for lighting energy-saving lamps. In other words, 20-watt energy-saving lamps will replace 100-watt ordinary. This The Council meets frequently. But careful consumer should think! After all, the power light bulb consumes and produces something something else.

And in fact, any bulb produces, of course, light! This light can be measured and expressed in special units – lumens. For example – the light output of incandescent lamps with 100 watts is about 1000 lumens. What is the light output of energy-saving lamps? Achieve luminosity, similar to 100-watt lamp bulbs, you can use energy-saving bulbs is approximately 20-25 Tues However, the direct relationship between electricity consumption and the luminosity is not what to consider when shopping. So from what does the light output energy-saving lamps? On the inner walls of the gas discharge tube caused fluorescent compound by which energy-saving lamp and emits visible light eye. On this basis, we can make the obvious conclusion. Large surface of the bulb will produce and more light! Luminosity of some lamps close to two thousand lumens! The first energy-saving lamps were much more traditional tungsten bulbs. Now their size equalized, but can be traced further tendency to decrease. So, before you make your choice in favor of the bulbs are small, think about it. Because of their light output at the same nominal power will be lower. In addition to this, miniature lamps harder to produce, but because they are more expensive and less reliable. Given all the above information, you can get when buying energy-saving bulbs use more for less money.

Ukrainian Mortgage Law

It is also important to take into account the provisions of Art. 39 of the Law of Ukraine “On mortgage” that the court may deny the claim of a mortgagee on the early transfer of the subject mortgage, unless the debtor or mortgagor admitted if it is different debtor violates the fundamental obligation, or mortgage agreement without prejudice to the mortgagee, or alter the scope of its rights. This provision Law is an estimate, in connection with this subject in detail and motivate the court must conclude, subject to the controversial situation, which they viewed at the contents of this assessment and the concept does not contradict his application of general content and purpose of law, which regulated the specific relationship. In this case, must be considered and proportionate to the cost of mortgage debt assets. Thus, the district court Turijsk Volyn region were denied the claim of ZAO CB “Privatbank” in Masuk AS, Masyuk DM of foreclosure of the mortgaged property – house and land and evict the defendants from the house.

Such a decision by the court reference to Part 3. 39 of the Law of Ukraine “On Mortgage” justified by the fact that apart from the defendants in the disputed house from his birth live and recorded two young children, arrears on credit agreement is not commensurate with the cost of mortgages subject (case 2-85). The Supreme Court of Ukraine supports this position and recommends that courts give motivation to all the arguments of the parties in the case, is a must fair trial (Article 6 of the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms).

The Areas

About how it looks in practice: Bank defragments its principal operations in the conventional direction (auto loans, mortgages, deposits and stuff for ‘physicists’, leasing, factoring, credit, cash management services and other business), then within each of the areas of exercise tactical marketing plans. As a result, mesh segmentation looks like a list of business units, in which, at best, stand out ‘big, medium and small businesses. ” In this case, any criteria for segmenting the private sector virtually none. Next subsegments ‘big business’ corporate banking sector, for example, stands out in stand-alone unit, whose main task is the traditional servicing large corporate clients.

When one customer suddenly thinks about upgrade the fleet, for example, the bank courtesy of considering the possibility of lending the project, even though the client may well profitable leases. But the lease – that is another topic, another unit, other people. And the need for remains unsatisfied, or satisfied optimally. The problem undertaken in the domestic banking business segmentation principles – orientation to themselves and their proposals, rather than on problems and needs target audience. In fact, it’s not even segmentation, and the distribution of needy customers a convenient ‘cells’ created on the principles of optimization of business processes rather than customer focus.