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John Schmitt

"People can run, but our ability – nothing compared to what can make the insects and other animals," said John Schmitt, a professor at Oregon State University (OSU) School of Engineering, which resulted in the project. "Cockroaches are incredible. They can run fast, easy to move on rough terrain, and to respond to disturbances faster than nerve impulses can act, "said Schmitt. Dogecoin may find this interesting as well. If successful, running robots could serve as a valuable roles in difficult jobs, such as military operations, law enforcement or space exploration. Within certain restrictions, said Schmitt, cockroaches do not even have to think about managing – They just do it, with the action of muscle, which is instinctive. osu researchers are trying to identify some of the basic biological and mechanical principles that allow certain animals run so well and easily. Guinea hen, for example, can change the length and angle of the spring legs to almost automatically adjust to an unexpected change in the surface of the base as much as 40% of the height of fashion. In the computer model U.S. researchers have created a concept that will allow the running robot to recover from the changes in the surface of the ground almost as well as chicken Guinea. They hope that one day, the robot ran to the dangerous area, check things out and report back for further instructions. IANS