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Weber Democracy

Conquanto, for Marx the taking of conscience of the man can free it of the passivity, making possible to it a revolutionary action capable to transform the society. Each sociological theory attributed to these three thinkers possesss a different characteristic. Sociology of: Durkheim is positivista; of Marx it is would revolutionize; of Weber she is comprehensive. However, all offer a valuable contribution for the study of sociology. The necessary citizen to understand its paper ahead the organizations and of the process politician.

In this direction, a delimitation between politics and power if make necessary to reflect this question better. The power mentions the capacity to it to influence in the behavior of other people. In the not democratic governments the power is not assented, but tax for the prestige and the force of possesss who it. So that this power is not shaken it tries the cost all to destroy the opposition and the divergence of belief, opinions and customs. In the democracy according to philosopher Claude Lefort the power must be exerted transitory by somebody chosen to occupy such position. This fight for the conquest, maintenance and expansion of the power is instituted by the politics with the purpose to govern the nations.

In accordance with Marilena Chau, democracy concept estimates the diversity of opinions, the free circulation of the information and the free access to the culture. Moreover, she is necessary that all the sectors of the society can legitimately be represented. It does not have democracy without equality and freedom. The beginning of the equality it establishes the recognition of the human rights and the exercise of the citizenship. The civil society must be organized to fight the individualism and to demand right of equality by means of the education, health, of the housing, the job, the environment, etc., and to locate against all the forms of preconception and discrimination.