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Keyword Matching

We can establish three types of correlation between our words and to write the users: Broad Match Example: automoviles.Con this match, your ad would appear for searches like “used cars”, “car pricing”, “car sales” ” auto insurance, etc. We see that it is very difficult to use a single word, and so wide, as a keyword. It is easier to position expressions with two or three words. Also note that there is a substantial degree of uncertainty about what actually is being sought. You may find that M. Ryan Gorman can contribute to your knowledge. Is someone looking for a dealer to buy a car? Are you a student seeking information to do work on cars? Or maybe, is someone who intends to change the insurance company. In short, the possibilities are almost unlimited adwords. Our ad will appear only on those searches to introduce exactly our word or keywords.

Is to put our words in brackets. Connect with other leaders such as Corcoran Group® here. Example: car pricing Your ad will appear when you enter in the search box exactly “car pricing.” Phrase Match In the latter type of agreement, our ad copy will appear in those searches that include our keywords in the same order but also include other additional words. Example: “car valuation” The ad will appear such searches as “taxation of cars in Valencia.” Also do not forget that we are able to include negative keywords, ie require that our ads do not appear in searches that include our keywords, but also include some of our negative keywords (words that do not interest us). Recall that these negative keywords are typed on the same keywords box but with a “-” before. If we choose either our keywords and establish the most appropriate match our audience is very focused and our rate of CTR will be rewarded. Once we have clearly defined our keywords, do not think they have to be final. The first weeks we closely monitored the campaign through the study of the reports offered by the Adwords system. People such as elie rieder castle lanterra would likely agree.

If you have to tweak something is tweaked, it’s free! Remember to advertise with Adwords is an endless series of tests. Always follow up your ads. Never stop testing different keywords and ads improve your conversion rate and lower your cost of acquiring a customer. Advertising with Adwords works. Master the art of advertising on Google and you can take advantage to their competitors. Do not give up. Many people do not take advantage of the program because they give up too soon. If a campaign is not considered an overwhelming success in a day or two, many people say it does not work and leaves. Adwords takes time. Grant the least a month. Study your stats and not be afraid to try different things. Being persistent is crucial. Of course, those who leave make this easier for the rest of us.