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Mortgage Securities

All models of mortgage lending in the Russian Federation of Russian mortgage lending where it is used two or three dozen different models. More info: Cushman & Wakefield. In various regions of Russia used the same strategy mortgages, as well as there are differences in approach to resolving many problems with housing. All of these factors leads to the formation psevdoipotechnyh programs. The American model of mortgage One of the most common and classical schemes mortgage is an American mortgages, which consists of 2 levels. The basis of this "American" model is the separation of the source of funds from creditor banks. In Russia such, this model has meaning of the federal scale.

For the successful future of the U.S. mortgage system to the adoption of the law "On Mortgage Securities." As well as the development of the American type of lending slows lack start-up capital in the regions, most of which are oriented not at the expense of "privateers", and the capital budget. German model Mortgages In the American model in Russia as quite successfully developed German model of the mortgage. It is based on a system of savings and loan funds. For all depositors opened an escrow account in which he for the lifetime of every month brings a fixed amount under Savka lower, than the market. Accumulated amount is half the cost of the purchased apartment. This period is called the "accumulation period", in his completion of the lender receives the remaining money to buy apartments under the percentage that well below the market.

“Pawnshops In The New World. Pawnshop And Mortgage Lombard

Reflexivity, maturity, security, payment … Crediting arose simultaneously with the appearance of money, and possibly earlier. – Since then – a man can not refuse the opportunity to get what you want now, but pay later. Credits gained wide popularity in the modern world. – Developed credit market contributes to the development of a market economy, because with it as quickly and efficiently means redistributed to the most profitable areas of activity. To date, lending market in Ukraine froze. For even more opinions, read materials from Cushman and Wakefield.

– The banking system is one of the first felt the onset of economic crisis and now long time before recover from its effects. Most banks in Ukraine and stopped lending altogether. The remaining conditions have tightened, interest rates have risen significantly. Get a loan from the Bank to date has not simple and expensive. Alternatives to conventional bank loans became collateral lending.

Pawnshops have begun to lend not only to bail jewelry or appliances, as well as actively lend bail Car (Pawnshop), and even real estate (mortgage pawnshop). Number of financial institutions providing loans secured by automobiles and real estate is growing every day. Lombard lending differs from already familiar bank loans. The main difference is the term of the loan offered by pawnshops, which is on average from one to several months or, at best, up to one year, in contrast to several years which were given bank loans. Pawnshops provide short-term loans. One of the reasons interest rates are so high that long-term loan at a pawn shop just simply is not profitable.

Profitably Renting an Apartment

Advantageous to pass the real estate dreams, anyone who wants to rent out your property in the town of Odintsovo. From the outset, must repair the apartment. The scope of repair depends on the landlord and the amount of money, which he able to get over it. To rent an apartment of moderate means will be set to address the territorial property. The apartment is located far from the subway, it makes sense to just not big repairs, and avoid surplus.

A horishy repairs can be carried out in the homes of the middle class and above. Downtown Philadelphia Condos has much experience in this field. The more expensive the house, the greater the cost to be repaired – this greatly increases its price .. If you are looking to rent an apartment profitably in the suburbs for good money Then you are unlikely to do without the exclusive design. No need to clutter up the real estate furniture .. The presence of household appliances may be dependent on the prestige of repair.

In no way should be room to do a little a set of household appliances, telephone, refrigerator, TV .. The apartment is leased most common middle class obliging stand still and washing machine and microwave. Handed over to the elite rental housing must really need a modern high-quality internet, cable and satellite TV. Kitchen may well be fully loaded with the latest technology, including large and convenient refrigerator, dishwasher machine. Source: Sell to Odintsovo room. Real estate agency in Odintsovo district.

Term Rental Apartments

Apartments are usually equipped with several bathrooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, satellite TV, air conditioning and other elements of luxury living. According to Dmitry Rabkin, director of one of the leading specialized agencies Term Rental Apartments in St. Bizzi & Partners is the source for more interesting facts. Petersburg 'Arent', 'Nevsky Prospect – the gold pin that passes through the heart of every homeowners … and the purse for each tenant. " And if this purse is $ 150, then a candlelit dinner in the immediate vicinity of Nevsky you are, in principle, guaranteed. Monthly rental rates for the same average apartments in St.

Petersburg business-class city start from about $ 95 for a decent one-bedroom apartment. If there is made complete renovation, the price rent of this apartment will be 20-30% higher. As a rule, market rental housing in central areas has strong seasonal fluctuations. 'In the summer of apartments for rent for a day is not enough and they doroguschy – continues Dmitry Rabkin. – Tourist is the jamb and our networks are often overcrowded. Typically, the rent must include maid service.

Apartments and flats in St. Petersburg for rent, we provide replacement linens, dishes, necessary a set of household appliances. There may be other services – from the airport, providing a car with driver, etc. Arent often independently completes apartment housewares, linens, household appliances (from the kettle to Microwave and TV), as well as all sorts of gadgets hotel – from shoes to shampoo and a minimum set of food in the refrigerator. Price Term Rental in St Petersburg apartments standard and economy class in our firm starting from $ 65, which is very different from the typical hotel tsen.Odnim restrictions on the choice of the flat state is Entrance klasca: good parade in St. Petersburg is much smaller than the well- renovated apartments. Foreigners, of course, difficult to accept this is a manifestation of Russian reality. Therefore, in some cases, specialized firms themselves pay for cleaning and repairing porches.

Client Solutions

“Of course, – the director told us STK Eugene Markov, – opening the sports complex of the European level could not affect the image of the city as a whole. ell Client Solutions on most websites. We give an additional 300 jobs. Others who may share this opinion include Kolkata Condos. eyer for additional information. Also, become stably Belokholunitsky Metallurgical Plant. All this occurred against the backdrop of devastation and destruction of the nearby farms. And, of course, the outflow people from the farms failed to places of work available has created a demand for housing.

And emerged with the development of our STK positive image of the city has stimulated demand for land – including the construction of individual cottages. Moreover, such a construction is not only engaged in Kirov, but Muscovites and residents of northern regions. Incidentally, the commercial real estate here just recently burned. For instance, two excellent modern sports complex in the suburbs, because of the inability to maintain them, the state farms did in the beginning … senohranilischami. And then they did and burned under mysterious circumstances. Because there was nobody to sell them.

Now we have it all have to rebuild “from scratch”, of course, the cost is quite different. ” … But it could not have ex-farmers and gardeners (even though the cottages) to create such a stir in real estate? Especially, the peasants in their most – poor people, ready to satisfy even uncomfortable for private housing. Factor number 2 “Two years ago, the country began to really work the program of resettlement of pensioners from the north – has told manager STK Red Basil.

Real Estate Agency

CPSU – in our time, the acronym has changed its value – buy, sell, shoot, hand over – and every year its relevance is increasing. Perhaps, though every once in a life touched the housing problem, interest for sale or rent, often from the search and the deal were not fond memories. Seek the services of realtors or not – the right of everyone. However, if you're not a lawyer, with a tendency toward economic monitoring, communication, and a bag of money and time on his back, then it is better to consult a specialist. Read more from Downtown Philadelphia Condos to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is a professional, but not friends, will give you detailed information about real estate, will help in such matters as the sale or lease apartments. Although the promotion of family and friends, too, need to find … himself a realtor, but not more (any other advice on 'self-taught "just take away your precious time). Talk to them, find out whether they are used in the recent the services of agencies, whether successfully sold their property. Many writers such as Tallulah & Bird Interior Design offer more in-depth analysis.

If the advisers you are not lucky – do not worry, opening any business directory or newspaper, you can easily find what you're looking for. Real estate agencies with large and colorful advertisements have to pay more, but also the services they offer the highest quality and reliable. Small and inconspicuous 'reklamki' promise a simple range of services and a significant risk to remain with nothing. Also should choose this company, not the broker-alone, because of serious organizations in the real estate agent job will not keep a bad agent.

Property Linguistics

Learn the legal documents (certificate of registration of property) and the passport of the owner, be sure to verify the address. It also happens that the cheaters are changing signs on buildings, entered into a contract, take a pledge you come the next day and find that the address here and none of the other Money did not hear anything. By the way, you can check the authenticity of the certificate officially. For information about the owner of the property upon request of any interested person. The term of the query – 7 days, the cost – about $ 100. Ask the owner to present an excerpt from the house of the book. From this document you will find remains whether any member of the family of the owner the right to live in an apartment.

Note the terminology here there is some confusion. Renting and hiring – the concepts are different, although their mixing occurs very often. The concept of 'rent' is used when the subject of hiring stands a building or structure (such as a vacation home) and when the employer a legal entity. If you – an individual renting a flat, draw up a contract of employment premises. Let us return to our sheep. What should be required to register in the employment contract of the apartment? Location and description of the type property, ie, point, shoot you an apartment or room number of rooms, square, and so on.

The basis of description of the apartment to take the title documents. Passport data of the owner and tenant. Ask owner to produce several kinds of documents – passport, driving license, health insurance card. One passport can be forged and a few documents – is unlikely. The term of employment. Maximum period renting legally limited to five years. If the contract period is not specified, it is also assumed to be five years. Fix the amount of the fee for hiring. You can prescribe the conditions under which it is possible to increase or reduction in fees during the contract period. Specify the amount contributed by your mortgage. Since the bail is used primarily as a safeguard in case of damage to property and housing, it is necessary to describe the conditions of confinement him. Payment of utility bills. According to the law is the responsibility of the employer, unless the contract provides otherwise. Repair of apartments. Most often, the capital – the duty of the owner, the current – the employer, but contract, you can specify, for example, that the costs of maintenance are taken into account in payment of hire. This is only the main points of agreement. Everything else is left to your discretion. In each case has its peculiarities. Ask Friends and rents an apartment for a long time, what conflicts arose with their masters and try to avoid such situations, including the relevant items in the contract. You may need to specify the time at which owner can come to you with a check. Also, if you want, you can fix the consent of the owner to ensure that you issue a temporary registration. Introducing a fee, do not forget to take the owner a receipt for money.

GDP Prices

The deficit of foreign trade in May reached an unprecedented $ 8.8 billion and grew by sravnekniyu with last year at 135% of GDP deficit of 12.5%. If growth rates continue – by the end of the year foreign trade deficit will reach $ 20-25 billion, GDP growth fell to 6.3% (last year was 7.8%, respectively, and 7.9%). These facts show a decline in real incomes and purchasing power. Third, The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decreased by more than half the cost of housing construction by eliminating some taxes and fees. This was reported by Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. All of the above points in civilized market economy are bound to lead to a collapse in property prices. What is happening now in most countries.

Of the approximately two hundred, only 13 countries prices are rising. All countries – developed. In all the others – first the prices rose wildly and give returns to investors, then just as quickly fell (to the level of ‘economically justified’ – that is, construction costs +20-30%). However, in Ukraine expect a significant decline Despite all the prerequisites is not necessary. The fact that all major construction business in Ukraine belongs to the clans of oligarchs, they are all in cahoots with each other and government agencies in order to obtain super from the building, sometimes up to 300-400% per annum. Naturally, in the loss of such a profitable enterprise, none of them are not interested. Most likely prices will remain roughly the same, or slightly slow or stop the growth.

Reduce them will not be allowed, as falling house prices leads to a systemic crisis in the banking sector. And it is very dangerous for the economy. Such a scenario is not advantageous to anyone. We predict, due to lack of demand and financial series of bankruptcies of small and medium-sized construction and real estate companies, as well as strengthening the financial pressure on people from the business and the oligarchs. Big business is more profitable to simple suspend the pace of construction and released capital temporarily, until the crisis and alignment with world prices, to move to its other fields of activity.

Emirate Dubai

On the contrary it states that the multi-storey buildings represent a single object property and register it – is one entry in the register. But … all the way objects are registered additional records in which the ownership stands at some apartments, indicating ground floor and general services. In this additional entry shall be made on the actual owner of the particular apartment: first name, last name and other personal data. The original documents are kept on buying real estate in the Department of tenure and property in Dubai. Upon registration of ownership of the real estate department Dubai property ownership and charges a fee. If the ownership is already registered and the owner gives it the right to another person, the new owner will be required to pay the registration fee.

Registration itself Property must be justified and approved by the necessary documents, namely, topographic maps, topographic map of the property, site plans, on which the property and the plan of the property. The law strictly regulates the responsibilities of the owner to immediately register all the changes carried out with real estate – redevelopment, reconstruction, and nothing will be left without attention and the corresponding registration in the Department. Any deviation from the requirements and provisions of the law commission of the UAE real estate or real estate registration rules, recognize the transaction invalid. And that most interesting, any person, department or court may challenge the transaction. Head of the Department granted the right to issue regulations and rules for the implementation of this law, which should lead to more successful and proper use of it. And another thing – what about real estate transactions in the UAE. Currently in Dubai are being built more than eighty-five thousand objects. Construction is not completed and ownership is not registered, because for the acquisition of assets under construction, you need only the original contract with the developer on the acquisition and sledku real estate under construction can be entered.

Buildings in Dubai engaged in only a few recognized (certified) companies and all their support government Emirate. A construction permit is issued by municipal authorities in Dubai. The requirements are very high, based on stringent provisions of the treaty of building, the Civil Code, which outlines the construction standards, because such nuances, as in Russia, with a change in the price of building and other "tricks" the builder or the customer is never created. You have purchased property in Dubai, but … suddenly realized it's not you. Do not rush to sell, turn in the lease. Currently, the market rental properties in Dubai, it is not too great, and because services lease of real property located in the prime is their golden age. As a local real estate experts predict the next five years, this market will only grow. Now, the net rental income of eight to ten percent. While service apartments costing from four to six dirhams per square foot (ft) per year (about 0.10 m2), and maintenance of villas – 600 – 800 dirhams a month. Real estate prices in the UAE vary depending from the object, in which real estate purchase, depending on the size and location of property. So for example: three bedroom apartments in one complex you can do from 300 thousand to one million dollars, and in other similar apartments will already cost $ 700 thousand to five million dollars, of course dollars.

Moscow Region

You can rent a cottage for the holidays – fresh air, just around the closest people, that’s where you can and need to forget about the city, and plunge into a completely different world. You only need to determine the number of people, as well as to choose to your taste home for a day or weekend. Typically, a country house at night is a cozy island ofMoscow Region expanse, which will be your convenient and enjoyable place. Typically, rent a cottage for holiday is not limited to a small house, you organize the additional services to make your stay more varied and exciting. Unusual conditions, as well as the picturesque open spaces will add you to good humor and thrills, but it’s nice to go to a real Russian banya! Rent a cottage in the suburbs is the first step on the path to liberation from the monotony of everyday life and organization of a small paradise of the space where your life will be a holiday. Earlier opportunities to rent a house on the day in Moscow was much lower, but demand creates supply, so more can be found various offers to rent a house at night, so if you are not alien to the aesthetics and comfort of a country holiday cottage rental you want in a special place, filled with eye pleasing landscapes. If you want to be free from everyday problems, to forget everything and just relax, well rested, you will approach a cottage rental for the weekend, there you will be able to translate into reality your dreams for the good rest.

A rental cottage for rent renew your happiness as long as you want. If the city you have nothing else to surprise and please, please you rent a country house on the day, there are still things that you not only tired, but even bored, such as caring attitude of staff, attention to detail, all your desires fulfilled and be warned. Rent a cottage for a day is an effective and productive way to good rest, so with renewed energy to return to work. And when you once again want to drop everything and go away, you will save over rental home for a day, where you can escape the negative impact of urban atmosphere, tension and fatigue.

The Areas

About how it looks in practice: Bank defragments its principal operations in the conventional direction (auto loans, mortgages, deposits and stuff for ‘physicists’, leasing, factoring, credit, cash management services and other business), then within each of the areas of exercise tactical marketing plans. As a result, mesh segmentation looks like a list of business units, in which, at best, stand out ‘big, medium and small businesses. ” In this case, any criteria for segmenting the private sector virtually none. Next subsegments ‘big business’ corporate banking sector, for example, stands out in stand-alone unit, whose main task is the traditional servicing large corporate clients.

When one customer suddenly thinks about upgrade the fleet, for example, the bank courtesy of considering the possibility of lending the project, even though the client may well profitable leases. But the lease – that is another topic, another unit, other people. And the need for remains unsatisfied, or satisfied optimally. The problem undertaken in the domestic banking business segmentation principles – orientation to themselves and their proposals, rather than on problems and needs target audience. In fact, it’s not even segmentation, and the distribution of needy customers a convenient ‘cells’ created on the principles of optimization of business processes rather than customer focus.

Communal Flats

Yes, the appearance of a "communal flats" we owe the events that took place in 1917. Only just entering into the world, the young Soviet Republic was faced with the problem of "quartering" returning from the fronts of World War. In addition, after the extreme impoverishment of the villages followed the mass exodus of rural residents in the city. The problem of overpopulation has become acute in both capitals, and then in other large Russian cities. There were many so- called "beskvartirnikov." These were the people who are essentially settled in the hallway, hallways, closets, cellars and basements. Some took emergency hazardous areas. Those who are fortunate to have friends in the city or relatives who live in their kitchens. In a matter of urgency, Lenin created a draft decree "On the requisition of flats to facilitate the needs of the rich poor", which will soon claim, giving it the status of the law.

According to this document, the rich flat recognized "… every apartment, in which the number of rooms equal to or greater than the number of souls of the population permanently living in this apartment." Another decree abolished private ownership of real estate. At the state level was legitimized the frustration for everyone to have a separate room. Began all-out "expropriation" of housing. Thus, in the past, in 2007, "communal" celebrated, if I may say so, its 70th anniversary. To date, according to realtors and real estate market analysts in the secondary real estate market on the share of "communal" is about 5% of offers to sell.

Single Property Tax

A single real estate tax will be introduced in Russia in 2012 – announced the Ministry of Economic Development and Finance. Who will suffer more: the rich or poor, the company has tried to understand Investment Advisor. A bill to impose unified real estate tax was passed by the Parliament of the Russian Federation in 2005. But because of the inconsistencies of ministries, and then there was a crisis, decided to postpone the project. Therefore, the tax on real estate in Russia may be introduced in 2012 with a three- transition period. Recall that we now have in the country, there are two kinds of taxes – on property and agricultural lands.

Of the concept of "single", just understand that it will replace these two taxes. The main organizer of this project is Ministry of Finance. They say that the maximum tax rate will not exceed 0.1% of the cadastral value of the property. But in the ensuing proraboty "rate can change up or down. With a rate of 0.1% majority of Russian citizens will not be an innovation's impact on the financial situation.

And there is information that, for low-income people, such as veterans, invalids, pensioners and soldiers developed tax deductions. While for the "rich" Russians, who own several real estate or large areas of housing, the Ministry of Finance experts are developing so-called "step-up ratio" – the more "extra" m, the higher the tax rate. Moreover, to determine what and how much is "excess" will be the local authority in accordance with the standards in each region. In general, it is assumed that individuals will pay a tax for owning a residential and nonresidential buildings, structures and land. For legal entities remain the property tax so that different organizations will pay only for residential properties and plots. Most of all may be affected by the introduction of a unified real estate tax retirees who have a large apartment in central Moscow that date back to Soviet times. The cost of these apartments is Tens of millions of rubles, and many elderly people now hardly even pay the minimum bill. But who will assess the value of the property and to whom to entrust this responsibility and how to ensure that assessment was carried out correctly, is still unclear. From the above we can conclude that the introduction of a new tax in each region could be affected both rich and poor Russians. It all depends on how will be held evaluation. Because the introduction of the new tax has one clear goal – to increase fund-raising in the state treasury.

Property Management

It is also important that the landlord has the right to claim damages (including foregone income) caused termination of the fault of the tenant. For a potential tenant office and industrial premises are also not without interest any problems with the tax authorities that occur at the entry into force of long-term (over one year) leases subject to compulsory state registration. The lease usually states that it covers the relationship between the parties, after the actual transmission of the tenant space in use and, accordingly, he required to initiate lease payments since the signing of the acceptance facility. In this case the right to assign lease payments at the cost arises from the tenant from the contract due to moment of its registration. In practice, of the signing parties to the lease and the beginning of the actual use of the tenant leased premises before the treaty enters into force are months. There are cases where the tax authorities in audits do not agree with the inclusion of the cost (of goods, works, services) for unregistered rental contracts. Undoubted interest specific characteristics of individual leases office, production and warehouse space, which is subject to additional and often costly burdensome requirements. With regard to subarendnym relations should be remembered that the agreement "subsubarendy" office space, storage, etc.

contrary to existing law governing the rental relationship, in particular, st.608 Civil Code, and, even with the consent of the owner or authorized agency, may be declared null and void. If the object of rent non-residential premises in common ownership (eg condominiums, housing cooperatives, etc.), it requires agreement of all owners to transfer it to the Rent (st.246 Civil Code). In addition, private owners have common ownership while renting non-residential premises owned by them often as a condition of renting to the tenant making demands on repair systems livelihood of an apartment house, roof, attic, elevators, landscaping, etc. If the rented object is in the mortgage, then a necessary condition of the lease is compulsory consent of the pledgee (p.2 st.346). A necessary condition for the lease of property and public utilities is the consent of the Committee on Property Management (p.2 st.295 Civil Code). At rental property landlord serves public agencies the authority empowered to dispose of municipal property (cookies). Feature of the rental of buildings and structures, when a party to the contract acts Stock society, is that a transaction of between 25% and 50% of book value assets of the company, its consent is required for decision of the board of directors, and over 50% – solution of the general meeting of shareholders.

Property in Bulgaria

Should I buy property in Bulgaria? More and more Russians are asking themselves this question. Russian real estate market studies have shown recently that one in seven people in Russia is planning to buy a home in the next few years. But buying property in Bulgaria in the first place means a great investment. This is so because: 1. 1st January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union.

This immediately led to both enhance the growth of foreign investment and to increase in the price of real estate in Bulgaria. In 2007, the average price of property in Bulgaria per square meter increased by 28% compared to 2006 – thus Bulgaria ranked second in the world prices for real estate. And yet – Property in Bulgaria continues to be one of the cheapest in the world. Besides membership in the EU means for Bulgaria primarily economic stability, development and long-term predictability. 2. In 2010, Bulgaria will take the euro as currency. This means that the next increase will be followed by real estate prices in Bulgaria. Experts' predictions show the expected rise in real estate Bulgaria about 50-55% over the next 3 years (2008, 2009, 2010).

3. Bulgaria is famous for its hot summer sun, unspoilt beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the mild climate. The average summer temperature – about 25-27 degrees, the average winter temperature – 8-10 degrees. Thus the country is one of the best places to stay all year round. Buying an apartment in Bulgaria and obezpechit you the opportunity to profit by renting an apartment to rent in summer or kriglogodichno. 4. And the Bulgarians use the Cyrillic alphabet and Russian, Bulgarian language is close to tserkovnoslovyanskomu language and thus – in Russian language too. All this is enough, that would turn the country into a place of profitable investment.

The Realtor

Although, the usual luck was not excluded. Perhaps the first person who came to watch just need an apartment in this place, just for this price. If the name of the buyer in the transaction involved real estate agent can be part of the service for free. By participating in the transaction agent, one way or another, is interested in the rapid solution of all problems and therefore can help you to call, for example, in gathering the necessary documents for sale. However, it is possible that for such assistance to the realtor will ask pre-payment.

For example, say that "… situation is more than a serious, we undertake to solve it, and it is worth so much. " Accept the proposed conditions or solve their problems independently, each defines for himself. If the agent in the transaction is not involved, then all negotiations better hold on their territory: in your home or office. Psychologically, the native walls help – people feel more confident and calmer. 5.

Agreement with the seller is not always agreement the buyer is the final decision. Even agreeing on a deal people can continue to seek more lucrative option. At the same time, the seller has already rented an apartment advertising confident that the deal will certainly take place. So reasonable after the oral consent of the buyer to ask for an advance payment to secure the obligation to buy an apartment. Suppose you manage to persuade a buyer to a kind of provisional sum, which can guarantee that the transaction takes place.

Housing Move Income

Given the lack of interest and penalties for early repayment (similar to a mortgage bank), by program "Housing move 'is this all much faster. Distinct advantage gives a clear and reliable mechanism for the functioning of the transaction. In the program "Housing move 'ruled out precedents of insolvency of customers who are in the banks is usually attributed to unscrupulous borrowers. In the Programme "Housing move 'income is formed due to income from rental real estate acquired by the participants program. Rent is always relevant and can serve as collateral for any length of time, regardless of the financial position of Buyer. Therefore, interest on payments for providing the shoulder does not fall on the buyer. Through that the program "Housing move 'no fines and penalties for late payments.

People are very afraid of mortgages primarily because of this. Who knows what's coming tomorrow? Get sick, lose their jobs, and more. In the case of a mortgage insolvent clients does not secured (not protected) and the chain drags everyone. Thus, the program "Housing move" does not need to verify the solvency of the Buyer, which enables avoid the requirements of banks to provide various information, proof of income, the presence of guarantors, etc. In addition, banks do not have to pay for making the mortgage agreement, the mandatory life insurance Notary services and so on. Until the full calculation of the Buyer does not live in an apartment, but an opportunity not to pay any interest and commissions on credit provided by the shoulder and takes his own decision on the size of payments and the timing of its return, without any penalties for late payment.