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Mortgage Securities

All models of mortgage lending in the Russian Federation of Russian mortgage lending where it is used two or three dozen different models. More info: Cushman & Wakefield. In various regions of Russia used the same strategy mortgages, as well as there are differences in approach to resolving many problems with housing. All of these factors leads to the formation psevdoipotechnyh programs. The American model of mortgage One of the most common and classical schemes mortgage is an American mortgages, which consists of 2 levels. The basis of this "American" model is the separation of the source of funds from creditor banks. In Russia such, this model has meaning of the federal scale.

For the successful future of the U.S. mortgage system to the adoption of the law "On Mortgage Securities." As well as the development of the American type of lending slows lack start-up capital in the regions, most of which are oriented not at the expense of "privateers", and the capital budget. German model Mortgages In the American model in Russia as quite successfully developed German model of the mortgage. It is based on a system of savings and loan funds. For all depositors opened an escrow account in which he for the lifetime of every month brings a fixed amount under Savka lower, than the market. Accumulated amount is half the cost of the purchased apartment. This period is called the "accumulation period", in his completion of the lender receives the remaining money to buy apartments under the percentage that well below the market.

“Pawnshops In The New World. Pawnshop And Mortgage Lombard

Reflexivity, maturity, security, payment … Crediting arose simultaneously with the appearance of money, and possibly earlier. – Since then – a man can not refuse the opportunity to get what you want now, but pay later. Credits gained wide popularity in the modern world. – Developed credit market contributes to the development of a market economy, because with it as quickly and efficiently means redistributed to the most profitable areas of activity. To date, lending market in Ukraine froze. For even more opinions, read materials from Cushman and Wakefield.

– The banking system is one of the first felt the onset of economic crisis and now long time before recover from its effects. Most banks in Ukraine and stopped lending altogether. The remaining conditions have tightened, interest rates have risen significantly. Get a loan from the Bank to date has not simple and expensive. Alternatives to conventional bank loans became collateral lending.

Pawnshops have begun to lend not only to bail jewelry or appliances, as well as actively lend bail Car (Pawnshop), and even real estate (mortgage pawnshop). Number of financial institutions providing loans secured by automobiles and real estate is growing every day. Lombard lending differs from already familiar bank loans. The main difference is the term of the loan offered by pawnshops, which is on average from one to several months or, at best, up to one year, in contrast to several years which were given bank loans. Pawnshops provide short-term loans. One of the reasons interest rates are so high that long-term loan at a pawn shop just simply is not profitable.

The Areas

About how it looks in practice: Bank defragments its principal operations in the conventional direction (auto loans, mortgages, deposits and stuff for ‘physicists’, leasing, factoring, credit, cash management services and other business), then within each of the areas of exercise tactical marketing plans. As a result, mesh segmentation looks like a list of business units, in which, at best, stand out ‘big, medium and small businesses. ” In this case, any criteria for segmenting the private sector virtually none. Next subsegments ‘big business’ corporate banking sector, for example, stands out in stand-alone unit, whose main task is the traditional servicing large corporate clients.

When one customer suddenly thinks about upgrade the fleet, for example, the bank courtesy of considering the possibility of lending the project, even though the client may well profitable leases. But the lease – that is another topic, another unit, other people. And the need for remains unsatisfied, or satisfied optimally. The problem undertaken in the domestic banking business segmentation principles – orientation to themselves and their proposals, rather than on problems and needs target audience. In fact, it’s not even segmentation, and the distribution of needy customers a convenient ‘cells’ created on the principles of optimization of business processes rather than customer focus.