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Executive Committee

Mirones Miguel as President of the Institute for Spanish tourism quality has announced the opening of a new Office in Cordoba, that will be gestinada by the consortium of tourism of the city. The Cordoba local tourist Consortium will manage the delegation that the Institute for Spanish tourism quality (ICTE) is going to launch in Cordoba soon. This collaboration agreement have signed this morning provided him inthe living room of plenary sittings of the excmo. City Council of the city, the President of the Council of administration of the consortium of tourism and the director general of the Institute for Spanish tourism quality. Dell Technologies Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. In this sense, the consortium of tourism is going to act as interlocutor between the Institute for Spanish tourism quality and the tourist entities of Cordoba. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nobel Laureate in Economics. You will need to ensure the correct development of quality processes, according to regulations and procedures existing in this matter. The President of the Council of administration of the Consortium, Vicente Carmona, has stated that the Consortium is committed to promote and disseminate the culture of quality in tourism enterprises of Cordoba, recalling that this commitment began by themselves, since information offices and the Office of congresses of Cordoba, managed by the Consortium, is certified with the Q for quality in 2008.

The director general of the Institute for Spanish tourism quality, Fernando Fraile, has been convinced that the presence of the Consortium going to feel closest companies of Cordoba, which will contribute aincrementar the number of tourism businesses that are certified in this province, with the Q for tourist quality. Similarly said the Provincial delegate for tourism, Juan Torres, who wanted to make it clear that quality is a differentiating factor and is therefore a fundamental parameter for the Junta de Andalucia. In his opinion in a sector as complex as tourism, the Q can make a difference. Therefore, the director-general has wanted to remind companies of the sector, to the Board subsidizes the costs derived from the Q for quality certification in 75%. Similarly, it also subsidizes with up to 75% the costs of maintenance of such certification.

Andalusia boasts, this firm, with two territorial delegations Institute for Spanish tourism quality, Torremolinos (Malaga) and Cordoba, the latter managed by the consortium of tourism being the first intersectoral delegation implanted in this autonomous community. In terms of number of certifications, Andalucia leads the national rankings, with a total of 406 certified establishments, followed by Catalonia and Basque country, with 328 and 280 establishments respectively. The province of Cordoba boasts 33 certified establishments: 15 agencies of trips, 6 hotels, 6 rural accommodation, 5 offices of tourist information and 1 Convention Bureaux. The Spanish Council of tourism (Conestur) elected last year to the President of the Institute for the Spanish tourism quality (ICTE), Michael Mirones, Member of its Executive Committee. This body is made up of seven members appointed by the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade. Among the main functions of onlookers Miguel is, among other issues, inform about the basic criteria and broad outlines of plans and programmes aimed at the improvement of the sectors, products and Spanish tourist destinations, as well as reporting on plans and programmes for the promotion and support of the foreign commercialization of Spanish tourism.


Online masters, the option to work and study at the same time today, the labour situation in Spain is determined by the crisis. Unemployment is concerned the Spaniards and the not raised hopes for improvement not conducive to the reduction of this concern. Before this economic situation and labour are many, and increasingly, those who think to exploit and study. But not only the unemployed pose study. That in these moments also have a job. And it is that labour are so concerned about citizens of Spain that many decide to continue studying and thus ensure their work. Here comes the problem of the time. If in addition to work decide to study, that will be left of our family life? Some people are lucky to combine all these aspects since they have some working flexible or part-time schedules.

But for most it is a problem. The solution to the problem posed by work and study at the same time consists of studying courses or masters online. Be able to study without having to go to college so long ago easier to reconcile work, studies and family, without the need to have extraordinary powers. Thus, a Masters degree online is a very chosen option in Spain. With the masters to distance those who decide to continue forming they can devote the hours that can to each subject, choose the time of day that would prefer to study, the days who prefer and time spent on other tasks. Ultimately, the courses and masters online facilitate students to continue with their studies without having to devote himself solely to this and with the option to combine work and leisure and the family

Antiaging Medicine

What are the types of anti-aging medicine? When talking about of antiaging medicine or Antiaging, thought into two broad categories; on the one hand, there are medical technologies that may someday be able to slow down or completely stop aging through the use of different materials to prevent the cells die and rejuvenate the cells whenever possible. There is also a large amount of drugs anti-aging that they have absolutely no basis in medical research. Some homeopathic medicines are located in the middle of these two categories since they are sometimes effective. Antioxidants are a type of medicine anti-aging, mixtures of this kind is said to eliminate free radicals, which cause premature aging. Being healthy is important when it comes to slow aging, and have a good nutrition is essential for health. For this reason, the nutritional supplements could be considered an anti-ageing medicine type. ssful. Some supplements are specifically designed to combat the effects of aging, although they cannot stop or reverse aging in itself, the physical exercises that improve the functioning of the body both external as they are internally counted as a type of treatment for aging. Hormones are also considered to be the cause of aging, prolactin and cortisol are known as medicines anti-aging because they control the hormones, medications that protect the immune system are also counted as anti-aging drugs. Most people believe that the key to aging is in the DNA, and the only way that the anti-aging medicine is effective is designing a treatment that changed the life of cells. The aging treatment is relatively new, considering the long history of modern medicine.

Salads Skin

The consumption of salads is very recommendable at any age for a number of reasons that directly affect our health: the first and foremost is to hydrate the body. Be prepared with ingredients with a high percentage of water in its composition, the salads are ideal to maintain body hydration, especially during warm periods where water loss is greater. They are diuretic and depurative. Due to its high content in water and potassium, intake of salads in the diet helps to eliminate liquids. This is especially beneficial in case of hypertension or fluid retention. The urine production increase associated with a greater toxic such as uric acid, urea, etc.

waste disposal, by what salads are highly recommended in cases of gout, hyperuricemia, affections on the joints, rheumatism, kidney stones due to the high content of fibers of their ingredients, salads regulate bowel function. In addition to laxative, fiber reduces cholesterol and maintains levels of blood sugar, which makes them particularly desirable in the case of diabetes. Prevent anemia. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress and endive are very rich in iron and chlorophyll, substances with proven anti-anemic effects. To facilitate the absorption of iron should accompany these ingredients with foods rich in vitamin like some fruit, tomatoes or peppers. Prevent degenerative and coronary diseases. The antioxidants present in plants block the action of free radicals, substances involved in the development of degenerative diseases and heart. They help regulate cholesterol.

Many vegetables and fruit fiber reduces cholesterol in blood. The olive oil that is usually tossing salads also produces the same beneficial effect on the organism. Protect the skin. The Sun’s rays are very harmful to our skin and their effects are translated in a premature aging and, in the most extreme cases, in the production of melanomas. Many of red or orange vegetables that carrots, tomatoes, peppers are used in salads, beets, etc. provide beta-carotene into vitamin A, essential for skin cell renewal, and vitamin C, which enhances the production of collagen, a protein that keeps skin young and wrinkle-free. They are low-calorie. In general, and provided that they are not accompanied by elaborate sauces, salads provide few calarias, which makes them especially recommended for those people worried about their weight. In addition to not get fat, they contribute to satiate hunger.

Hotel Monte Malaga

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Good Leadership Part One

Read the second part Publio Siro: there is no pleasure as pleasant as renew a constant always, everything in life changes later or sooner, everything moves from one place to another all scenario is changed, all time is altered, all words are subject to be influenced by the use of speakers, everything changes in life to beliefs, dogmas and passions, everything changes minus the fact that we have to accept the change. The only thing constant in life, go tremendous paradox is precisely the change in the words of Arthur Schopenhauer change is the only unchanging thing, everything moves, everything moves, everything in life, the world is subject to the ups and downs, to event in permanent action and in constant vibration. We must ask ourselves now change it generates where?, and who should start? Gandhi us responds to these questions without a hint of doubt ourselves we must be the change we wish to see in the world. Check with Bahama Properties to learn more. The Mahatma resolves the issue with descomplicados and easy terms. However the reality shows us a constant opposition and it should not surprise us that exists, because speaking of change we are alluding to uncertainty, instability, risk, danger, unemployment and a number of additional trauma.

Why in some cases the change is received with little enthusiasm. Some are opposed from the outset and torpedean it to as result; others reach to foresee it but are still unprepared when this arrives and therefore receive it helpless though they then react and do adapt. Others capture signals with more time, take precautions, give money, their lives and their activities, and get ahead, happy and empowered waiting for new changes to which are also prepared. Equally are those who don’t oppose nor adapt, or are anticipated, who are? Neither more nor less than those guilty of the maremagnum. Responsible for the break with the status quo; are they generators, the causes of change, those who catch on the transformations with these powerful machines people, fearless leaders on whose initiative the world stays in constant oscillation. It is necessary to talk about the details environment in which better moves: of their propensity to take initiatives and put them into practice in a serious way bold and courageous, have already said it their main problem is dealing with resistance to change. Read the second part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.


Risks and benefits of the insurance multi-risk of the home start saying what the multi-risk home insurance is insurance that protects the dwelling and its contents, and that including coverage against damage that you can commit to a third party. This home insurance covers the damages that occur by flood, fire or theft and other household accidents and those causing these accidents in your neighbor’s House. Sheppard Mullin is likely to increase your knowledge. Despite having an appreciable cost, is convenient to have this type of insurance in our House. Approximate cost of insurance the insurance fee is proportional to the value of the goods insured and the number and type of coverage chosen, another factor that can elevate the amount is the seniority of the housing and if it is isolated or easily accessible to thieves. Most insurance companies have on your website, a dictionary of insurance and a simulator to calculate the annual fee, can use one of any companies that offer insurance multi-risk, to make the calculation, because quotas will not vary greatly from one to another. Google offers you the main companies, look for one that has the Simulator. It should take into account accidents slowly rise the insurance fee, as well as usually a good record in a company down.

The biggest advantage, peace with neighbor the insurance is one of the best home insurance that seriously it is advisable for those who want a peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. If it causes a flood, or any other domestic disaster, insurance in addition to bear the cost of repair, is responsible for fixing the neighbor’s House, if it is not satisfied with the repair, their complaints are directed to the insurer, not to his person. Otherwise, from not reparale damage the neighbor, will be your company, who past a reasonable time, then the repair charge, responsible she also claim expenses, while you left aside from unpleasant legal fights.

Hotel Monte Triana

From next Monday 10th of September, begins a new season in the Isla Magica theme park. On our website you will find a great way to book your rooms in our hotels in Seville – Mount Carmel and Monte Triana-, as well as inputs for 1 or 2 days of this theme park. You will find two major possibilities: spend 1 or 2 nights in any of our hotels, accompanied by the entrances to the Park.From next Monday, new season in island magic within this Pack Isla Magica: hotel + tickets, you can enjoy double or triple room with extra bed in the room. 1 NIGHT STAY ROOM only from 10/09/2012 to the 03/11/2012 MONTE CARMELO HOTEL room double: price: 104 double room HOTEL MONTE TRIANA: price: 112 reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CARMELO reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE TRIANA conditions: price of 1 night room only rate for two adults or two adults and a child (up to 12 years old) by habitacion.*incluye entries from a full day to island magica.*oferta subject to availability and according to calendar of opening to island magica.*iva incluido.*No be combined with other offers or promotions of the valid cadena.*promocion only through the web page of hotels Monte. HOTEL MONTE CARMELO Triple room: Price: 156 HOTEL MONTE TRIANA Triple room: price: 168 reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CARMELO reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE TRIANA conditions: price of 1 night room only rate for three adults per habitacion.*incluye entries from a full day to island magica.*oferta subject to availability and according to calendar of opening to island magica.*iva incluido.*No be combined with other offers or promotions of the valid cadena.*promocion only through Web page of hotels Monte. STAYS OF 2 NIGHTS ROOM only from 10/09/2012 to the 03/11/2012 MONTE CARMELO HOTEL room double: price: 158 HOTEL MONTE TRIANA double room: Price: 174 reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CARMELO reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE TRIANA conditions: price 2 nights in self-catering for two adults or two adults and one child (up to 12 years old) by habitacion.*incluye entries from a full day to island magica.*oferta subject to availability and according to calendar of opening to island magica.*iva incluido.*No be combined with other offers or promotions of the valid cadena.*promocion only through the web page of hotels Monte. HOTEL MONTE CARMELO Triple room: Price: 237 HOTEL MONTE TRIANA Triple room: price: 261 reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CARMELO reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE TRIANA conditions: price 2 nights in self-catering for three adults per habitacion.*incluye entries from a full day to island magica.*oferta subject to availability and according to calendar of opening to island magica.*iva incluido.*No be combined with other offers or promotions from the Valid Cadena.*Promocion only through the web page of hotels Monte.

Angeologia El Ngel Yehuiah

Kinds of Los Angeles from God: angel Potencias.Regencia: 3 to 8 of Septiembre.Se situated in the area of Gueburah and works matters related to the Hochmah.Nombre of Los Angeles area: God who knows all the cosasEsencia Angel: Angel Subordinacion.planeta: MarteHoroscopo angeles: Virgo.Atributo: subordination means that this essence allows you to know which is our site and be faithful to the principles and that which is above us. Allows to distinguish what is top of the inferior, Yehuiah provides knowledge of the hierarchy of values that makes that we let us see that it is the small and great; that also give us to know at each time what our true place without desire to scale without proper foundations. This way of working or living will make your influenced always occupy his post with merits more than lofty, always rejecting conquests easily or without adequate preparation. Another of the qualities of this angel is seeding in its influenced that principle of Christ of the last shall be the First, this happens because they will come from the bottom, but not by inadequate, will often be love that move them. Their influence will be those that will support all disinterested initiatives, humanitarian organizations.What gives: destroy projects and machinations of the traitors.

It protects against the snares of the wicked. Obedience and loyalty of subordinates. Fulfilment of obligations. It protects against the temptation to rebel and fight the legitimate powers. Program lesson: Overcome the test of betrayal. PSALM for INVOCARLOPara invoke his strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him. Therefore that his angels will send about you, that you saved in all thy ways.The Angel’s message: accepts TU site knows what is upper rejects LAS CONQUESTS easy ASCENDS TU spiral patient and SOLIDLY which is LO small? THAT IS HOW BIG? CHECKS OFF YOUR MIND BETRAYAL, REBELLION, AND SOLIDLY CONSTRUCTED ACCEPTANCE.THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST. If you want more information visit LOS ANGELES source article: Tarot Egyptian original author and source of the article