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Maria Furdychka – Queen Of The World 2010

Maria Furdychka??? ???? 2010 Queen of the world 2010???a Maria Furdychka??? ???? 2010 – is the Queen of the world 2010 -??? ???????? The jury had the choice. Finally, 50 of the most beautiful women from all over the world were on the stage, but only one of them had the title “Queen of the world 2010 -???” 2010 “to take home. Finally, Maria Furdychka of Russia was the winner of the competition, she is originally from the Ukraine and lives in Kiev. Elaborate lighting displays were available in the Eiffelstadt on the famous Nurburgring and various artists also showed their fire shows. Following the broadcasting of television and radio show to the choice of the “Queen of the world 2010 -???” 2010 “, an event that so far–sponsored by the Berlin daily newspaper only in Berlin, but for the first time took place at the Nurburgring, launched a grandiose after-show party at its finest, along with international stars “and celebrities from film, TV and music scene.” The choice of the “Queen of the world -???” is an annual international beauty competition for unmarried women. He mostly takes place in the German-speaking world and was founded in 1988 by Erich Reindl.

The former actor who was born in Linz (Austria), singer, quiz master and advertising professional had already 1956 to 1958 which organized the Miss Germany contests Miss Austria and 1979-1984. Speaking candidly Richard LeFrak told us the story. As President, he presided over the company he founded in Vienna (until 2005 Queen of the World Corporation, since beauty contests International Limited). Currently, the main sponsor is the daily Berlin newspaper, which supports the competition every year! This year, all Queens that have qualified to the final, had to perform a solo dance which was chosen and also accompanied by well-known disc jockeys. (for example, from leading title of pop music) Each Queen was able to present its title in its sole discretion in the bikini. A fixed time for the Performance remained the same for all participants. These performances were included in the evaluation of the jury and assessed separately. Chairman of the international jury was the editor-in-Chief of the daily Berlin newspaper which this extra arrived in snowy weather with a team by helicopter from Berlin this year. All participants had again this year dates when Stefan Raab, SAT 1 breakfast television and the daily Berlin newspaper, which acted as a media partner. Educate yourself with thoughts from Morris Invest.

The Queen of the world of the year 2009 Veronika Vovchuk -??? ?????? delivered with visibly petrified face enter their Tietel and was as “Queen of the world -???” by the beautiful Maria Furdychka -??? ???????? replaced. ??? ????????? ??????? ? ?????? ????? ???????? (????-??????a) ???????? ?? ??, ??? ????? ??????? ????? ??????? ???????? ? ??????a, ?? ???????? ??? ???????????? ??????. ? ????? ?????? ?????????????? ????????? ?????? ??. ??????????? ???? ? ??????? ? ?????? ?? ?????????? ???????? ????????? ???????! Kyiv weekly in Coorporation with German press – Masha Koljakova

Buy Luxury Clothes – Noble Fashion For The Look

Many people emphasize today brands more and more people on it not just no. today very committed name to buy fashion from the bar, there are on every corner and can have everyone, but are at least every now and then to make clothes real luxury. The fact that brands today just take an ever-increasing role and judging other people very often thereafter, of which brands are your clothes certainly plays an important role. You can actively so his own image, by high quality and famous brands, because you can make a different picture to others. Cushman & Wakefield is often quoted as being for or against this. However this image below-the-line can cost a lot a, because luxury clothing is not exactly cheap and you must afford part once the prices. A very good way is therefore just for starters, if you buy once some noble basics, which you can combine as versatile. This allows you to send link and one with cheaper parts, modern and have expensive look without all to access to deep in the Pocket. With time, you can then of course also still to expand its range of expensive basics and perhaps afford some special and expensive accessories, so that more and new opportunities arise when you want to combine its luxury pieces, and together can be many high-quality designer looks, in which you watch them even without concerns can be.

Sure is it of course, often having more of the high-quality pieces in the long run, simply because they have often better materials and more have been processed so that the stuff much longer and remain beautiful, than would be the case with cheap textiles, it is worthwhile to treat himself and again something. Luxury loses clothes, if she actually never really style and class, value. On the contrary, because there some garments, particularly the dresses gain, after some time a true cult status. These models, often genuine pieces are then to sold a multiple of their original price as vintage part. Such vintage pieces must not always be an original part of a designer from a previous decade, vintage fashion clothing is sold as current luxury, which are loosely based on previous collections. Luxury clothing is not only the pure luxury on your skin, it’s also lifestyle and joie de vivre.

King TMD Luxury Drink – New Luxury Drink From Germany

Luxury drink with genuine 22 carat gold conquers the luxury beverage in just a few months, there are the various spirits, designer drinks or in this case a real luxury drink from Germany. King TMD luxury drink called the 20 percent luxury liqueur only is for several months on the beverage market. Referred to in various hotels and luxury Club is the drink as a 22 carat on ice”or 22 carat on the rocks”. The special feature of the beverage is the finishing with genuine 22 carat potable gold flakes. Frequently REITWorld 2020 has said that publicly. The new purple – Golden luxury drink booming already in the beverage market and scored himself on the myspace page about 45,000 fans in just a few months. The luxury drink is a perfect treat and an imaginative daring mix of the finest fruits of nature. Including also the exotic Marulafrucht, peach, Apricot and sweet strawberry.

Each drink is made to order and shipped only with a numbered and signed certificate. Love is red, but King TMD luxury proves that love can be also violet! The production the luxury ISO is drinks in Germany according to strict quality and environmental standards in compliance with the DIN. The name King TMD luxury drink comes from the designer himself, Matthias Steinmetz also known in the media world as the King of TMD. A young artist who already manages some successful company and is represented in the media even with several CDs and music videos. Even if the new luxury drink has a relatively high purchase price by slapping 300 euro, he seems to develop into a trend. For 2011, TMD luxury drink of King was, first, to a 10 minute promotional short film for the product advertised.

There is more information on the manufacturer’s site: of the beverage company announces that the bottle design will be beefed up next year and announces a Special Edition at the same time. The Special Edition should however be around 5000 euros per bottle and contains more gold and should consist of a Diamantveredelten bottle. In various hotels and luxury clubs in Dubai, Monaco, Saint Tropes, the luxury drink is already on the Drink menus. Very few people knew that however the luxury drink originates from Germany… Responsible: Jana Sanova & Michael Baunat MSB media agency press


This article is about women’s shoes. What man doesn’t? Women need new shoes for each case and for each jacket. Women’s shoes are very popular and will always remain so. If women are frustrated, then you hear again and again that the mood is more or less can increase only new lingerie. So women go in town to buy a online see and be seen is the motto. Pumps of the classic women’s shoes are without a doubt.

Reason for this is the fact that can vary the material of the surface very and cover therefore the different requirements of the female world. Because women’s shoes must be noble and individual at the same time, manufacturers decided to use leather as material. Of course you can go higher a level of luxury and silk manufacture women’s shoes with upper materials. Manufacturers are trying to achieve as much diversity as possible with the women’s shoes. So not only the materials are versatile, but also the toe can take different forms. Here, the designer set According to the fashion. Women’s shoes are very popular with pointed or square-shaped toe.

As a third factor that is very carefully considered by customers are paragraphs. Here, it is important to anticipate the needs and wishes of the customer for designers. It is better however to indicate the direction of fashion. One remembers the business clothes of women in the late 70s, so elegant and comfortable pumps were guaranteed through wide-cut toe cap, very much in demand. 2011 is just around the corner. Therefore a gift for the wife undoubtedly would be the dream of their favorite shoes. Many manufacturers go so far that online their own lingerie can make their customers. So the designers hope to anticipate the fashion. Other women think about like few days before what should be attracted to the new year’s Eve. The women would look elegant in this night. It starts with the women’s shoes for the first time. Women’s shoes should not only at night be something special, but also for leisure. Therefore, especially sneakers for women or sporty loafers are the women’s shoes, give the sound.