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Joint Rite Parents

Sleep ritual, as a rule, any happy family is the same. Mom puts children in their wooden bed, kisses them, singing a lullaby or telling the kids at night, a fairy tale, the light turns off, leaving only the night-light, dim covering the furniture in the room and leaves, giving the children themselves quietly going to bed. However, this is not always obtained when there is conflict in the family or children are not at all healthy. Suspend the children will be much faster and easier if the family would be worked out a ritual of sleep. For example, if a child is a bunk bed, do not let them rave about actively at night and climb on it. Bed – it's just a place to sleep, but not for games.

Also define your habitual actions before going to bed – wash or bath with herbs, kissing, reading books, relaxing music. Here, ProLogis expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Worked out a ritual before bedtime will provide easier and more habitual sleep. Never leave children hurt or not forgiven before bedtime, or your kids can not fall asleep or falling asleep they will have nightmares – for a dream child – a reflection of his waking hours. Overfeeding bedtime, intense mental and physical activity can also be bad for falling asleep during a child. It is not necessary to sort things out before bedtime. Avoid stressful situations and unpleasant conversations. Three rules will help you quickly put the kids in bed. First – put down children in the bed should be at the same time.

Mode – the best helper health. In this case, the biological clock will be off the usual activity of your children. The room where children sleep, bedtime to ventilate, removing odors and saturate the room with oxygen. Thus, we give the brain an excess of oxygen, from which he will defend himself, and man is sleepy. Next Step – turn off the lights and TV. Removing extraneous sounds, we reassure the brain, and go the extra signals of irritation. Light – is also one of the stimuli the brain. In the absence of light, ie at night, produced a number of hormones needed to man and responsible for cardiovascular activity. So that they abstain from befogging windows and light during sleep – affects the integrity of the protective properties of production in the body. Man for his recovery has to sleep in the dark. Equally important is a bed, mattress, pajamas. Comfortable bed accessories and contribute to a good mood and as a consequence – quiet sleep. Permanent rites of parents at bedtime will help them quickly go to sleep and see good color dreams.

Leveling Floors

Alignment of the sexes – a kind of finishing that takes place prior to installation of flooring (linoleum laying, laminate, parquet) if you are doing renovation of the kitchen, rooms and other rooms in the apartment. In Currently, the procedure is much easier leveling floors. This is due to the advent of self-leveling compounds that do not need to smooth roller. Thus, to obtain a perfectly flat surface enough to separate a mixture of water and pour the resulting solution to the foundation under the house. In addition, all such mixtures dry in a short time (from 2 to 5 hours). Flooring regulated lag – another way to prepare the floor for tiling.

Typically, this technique is used for reconstruction of the old wooden floors, so the repair is more often used in apartments method using dry mixtures. For even more details, read what Prologis Inc. says on the issue. On liquid floors perfectly fit all types of cladding materials. If we ignore the alignment of sex, whatever its materials lining, no matter how professional work may differ, it is still unable to perform Work on laying the flooring and high quality care. In addition, the uneven floor can be a major cause of inconvenience that would arise at the stage of the equipment furnished apartments. The use of new technologies and materials significantly simplifies the work and repairs flats with their hands is becoming a reality. To repair the walls in the bathroom or the kitchen most often chosen by plastic panels or tiles.

Quite decent options: the tiles, and panels reliably protect the walls from moisture and dirt. Repairs to the tile will last a long time (an average of ten days) will be a lot of noise, dirt and debris. Since the panels are usually quite a few days. On the other hand, many appreciate the naturalness of the tile and not love the bar for what they are made of plastic. Perhaps this is the case when there is no accounting for tastes. Repair panels on the average by 30-40% cheaper than the "slab". Colors and tiles, and panels are very versatile.


Consider a typical roof structures. The shape of the roof can be divided into similar and flat. The use of each form is dictated by the location of buildings on the site of construction and architecture of the external appearance Shed roofs are used for buildings located on city streets, which are not permitted outfall and the dumping of snow on the pass side. Gable or schipsovaya used for both freestanding and for the adjacent ends of the buildings. Triangular sections of walls, slopes are called signed between schipsami or fronts. Chetyrehshodnaya (hipped or hipped), structurally more complex because of the diagonal edges and used in separate buildings. A variety of chetyrehshodnoy roofs are poluvalmovye (poluschiptsovye).

Poluvalma shape can be triangular or trapezoidal in, respectively, sections or forceps triangular or trapezoidal. Such forms are often used in individual building. Hip roof primenchetsya for buildings with a square or polygonal plan. All skates in a roof converge into one point. A variety of hip roof is pyramidal, domed and conical, flat and steep, as schpitsov, broken or steep. Vaulted roofs can have a circular or parabolic shape. Applied as a coating hall-room.

Mnogoschipsovaya roof is used for square and polygonal in terms of buildings. For mnogoschiptsovyh roofs are characterized by reer and valleys. French roof slope, occurs at 15 to 60 degrees to the rational use obema attic. independently of number of rays bearing system forms the basis of the roof structural elements, the range of which depends on the layout of walls and distance between nimi.Prezhde to starting any repair and restoration work, it is necessary to understand the causes of the problems. Usually, the appearance of leakage (ie, they are the main ‘symptoms’ of a troubled state of the roof) roofing blame. And yet the vast majority of homeowners seek help from the construction company makes a good reason. And the causes of the damage the roof structure can be summarized in three categories of errors: design, installation and operation. The roofs consist of a load-bearing elements, insulation, vapor barriers, leveling screeds and waterproof top – the roof. Load-bearing members – rafters, trusses, beams, panels, etc., TX loads of snow and the roof of its own weight on the wall are the basis on which other elements are stacked roofs. Thermal insulation is used to protect buildings from cold and heat the sun. Thermal insulation is solid, team and of bulk materials. Vapor barrier, insulation is placed under, protects the insulation from moisture. Suit roof of rolled materials (asbestos-cement sheets and tiles, metal sheets, tiles).

Flat Roofs

This article is for the lucky owners of the flat roofs at his country house. It is noteworthy that those lucky very lucky, because in addition to the main protective function of the roof can perform and decorative function, the main thing – to make every fantasy and desire! Flat roof can be easily converted into a beautiful winter garden, with lots of greenery and flowers. Of course, it is best if a winter garden on the roof still thinks in planning at home, when roofing work is planned. After all, we should remember that the roof rests on a double burden, rather than the conventional roof. Therefore please make sure that the plants planted on the roof, receive the maximum amount of moisture. Do not forget that the roof will be walking people, and this will require further strengthening of the roof. Usually planted on the roof of the plant with a horizontal root system, lawn grass, flowers and in some cases, the dwarf trees. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bizzi & Partners.

On the roof you can easily put the garden furniture (the only condition – it should not be too heavy), install awnings. Doubtless the "plus" a roof is high insulation, the more that the layer protects the earth from overheating and the roof of the large heat loss. It is worth noting that the mini-garden can be arranged even on the roof area of 6×6 m. Some owners unite one roof, garage, house and barn, which results in a lot of living space. At the design stage can provide access to the roof through the second floor.

In organizing the garden on the roof do not forget about safety! Roof must have a high fence, which can mask the creeping plants. Also, in addition to the security fence, to protect the "winter garden" from the wind. For the developments operated roof use roofing materials that are the basis of basalt wool. These materials make it easy to later to repair the roof. This material is different flame retardant, easy, and low thermal conductivity. At the expense of these properties increases security and reduces the load on the structure. The roof garden can consist of such components: the top concrete slab is laid waterproofing material over down by geotextiles and insulation boards. Then you lay another layer of geotextile. Be sure to provide drainage and a layer of soil. Prepared on a tile roof can be installed and track. This version of the mini-garden is suitable for those who have a small area suburban area and there is no possibility to organize a real garden, "framing" the house.


During the period of dormancy the growth and metabolism are slowed down dramatically, not only in our climate deciduous conventional plants, but also in exotic tropical or evergreen. And during this period the plants are very important to be in conditions of low air temperature. If the climate in the wrong period of dormancy, the plant starts to hurt – and stretched his shoots iksrivlyayutsya, and the leaves fade and fall. Flower buds are not pawned in resulting plant does not bloom all year and even more. And our window sills in the apartments – this is not the place that is suitable for dipping the plants in the sleep and rest. Perhaps check out Downtown Philadelphia Condos for more information.

First, it interferes with central heating. Second, it may be an excess of solar colors, and many plants need, like people, blackout during sleep. Long since plants do not contain the apartments, as it is today, but specially built premises, referred to as a winter garden. This glass rod building, adjoined to one of the walls dilomu house through the wall in the winter the heat exchange is accomplished through heating the dwelling. In the winter garden and temperature microclimate for the plants in this season is quite acceptable. His contemporaries have learned to equip winter gardens with special devices, as before to maintain heat in the severe frosts in a greenhouse just wheel in a trolley with heated up the coals or hot krasnpa logs to prevent the plants from freezing and death. Most of the plants during dormancy to withstand short-term decrease in temperature to plus 10 degrees. Such plants are even given a special group and called for the plant conservatory.

Glass walls and ceilings conservatories overlook a necessary and sufficient sunlight, and create the greenhouse effect even in the presence of low-intensity light output in the winter, if a greenhouse is sealed. Analogue of the winter garden are now glazed baklony and loggias, where many growers are grown and even provide winter real winter garden. And as the plants require a cool winter, grow some species of cacti and succulents – Agave, aloe, kalanchoe, eheverii, jade, sanvevery, Haworthia, most of spurges ikslyucheniem poinsettia. Excellent cold winter in citrus, pomegranate room, pineapple, marantovye, onion and lily, cyclamen, hydrangea, and many of them even shed their leaves – fuchsia, garnet, oleander, azalea, myrtle – they can withstand winter temperature of 6-10 degrees. Clivia, gippeastrum, camellia, citrus saxifrage, streptokarpusy, abutilony and hibiscus can withstand temperatures of up to plus 10. Aloe, calla, Bougainville, Coleus, laurel require temperatures no lower than 12 degrees. In addition to the normal conditions of growing houseplants, glassed-in balcony, assigned for the winter garden, will help save another is not winter in outdoor garden ornamentals.

Shower Stalls

Shower stalls – it's not even fashion and trend, and practical approach to the functional arrangement of modern housing and economical use of housing space. After all, as a rule, they occupy much less space in the bathrooms than standard plumbing equipment for washing. In this lengthy baths so hard to care! But the showers of glass – no. Just a couple of movements – and they still shine! Advantages of glass shower very much: the opportunity to place a booth in the most preferred location; compact size with increased functionality, the ability to customize their own showers in size, rational the use of even the closest space; ease of care and hygiene materials, reliability and long service life and a large selection of glass in shape and color, high integrity design, excellent sound insulation and more. Installed showers on the trays of any shape and size, and can be placed on a specially equipped location, lined with waterproof material, or simply placed on the floor, where the already pre-equipped with tap water. Shower trays come in several types, based on the shape and material: marble, acrylic, earthenware, metal, cast iron, square, rectangular, pentagonal and semicircular. Latest features are very important, because it depends on their configuration, shape the future shower: box (cubicle of the three walls and doors can be positioned independently, without reference to the wall), corner (of the cubicle two walls and one door leaf, is placed in the corner area, with a binding one party to the bathroom wall), partition (cubicle, which has a glass wall and door, since the two other parties, it is located near the walls bath).

Glass on the shower room is taken extremely high quality and special baking. Down2Earth usually is spot on. The thickness of safety glass should be at least 6 mm – ideally up to 12 mm. Glass walls can be curved or straight, placed under any slope. Door shower occurs two types: sliding and swing. If you compare similar material with plastic, then the glass-enclosed shower wins a lot of strength. In addition to a glass surface jet of water and mud flow down easier, without stopping, and leaving no residue. Equally important Tinted: the walls and doors can be assembled from the most different windows – like the color, and on clearance.

We produce shower Cabin made of clear glass, frosted, tinted and coated with a pattern. Our experienced craftsmen are able to manufacture them with any artistic pattern, decorated by sandblasting. Basis for You can take as our existing designs, and their own sketches. We are loyal approach to all customer requirements, strictly considering all suggestions.

Plastic Windows

Plastic windows can not skip the flat cold. In fact, there is absolutely warm ups, but modern plastic windows several times more efficiently saving heat and have good sealing system. Windows PVC muffle all the noise from the street. It is not.

Low-frequency noise (noise of the tram traffic rumble, kick a jackhammer) strongly attenuated plastic windows, but it still sounds from outside are heard.The best PVC windows, filled with argon. This is a fallacy – a publicity stunt. The difference between the physical characteristics of a real gas and ideal is a fraction of a percent. New windows have absolute integrity.

On Indeed, sealed plastic boxes is the ability to not pass air. Without the special seal (being covered with construction sealant) windows will still pass air. The thicker windows, the better. The optimal distance between the plates is 10-16 mm. A further increase will not lead to significant improvements in thermal characteristics (but would increase the cost) Inside the glass created a vacuum. If there really was a vacuum, the glass would just burst. In order to better glass pressed against the frame, it creates a kind of depression. The thickness of the profile and number of cameras improves characteristics of the window. In actually increase the thickness profile and its complexity – is meaningless, because its thermal resistance and so more than the glass. Harmful to the health profiles with lead additives. There are certificates which indicate that the profiles are suitable for applications in housing construction and completely harmless to human health. New windows should cost from $ 50 per square meter. If a person decided to buy PVC windows in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow or another city must understand that the quality production of the window can not be cheaper old wood.

Whole Hotel

So coming to the hotel, all clients looking forward to the opportunity to throw off their clothes, take bath, put on clean clothes, tired body, stick legs in slippers and relax on the wide and soft bed. Every hotel owner should know that Room furnishings and furniture in the first place, gives the client a sense of comfort and serenity. Any hotel owner understands that if the situation is a particular hotel and the hotel room can return it to your guests a sense of serenity, home comfort and peace, then that person would return. Practice has shown that the best option of buying furniture for the hotel – an order the furniture from the manufacturer. Buying furniture directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure that it is all elements of high quality furniture and all sorts of fraud are excluded. In addition, making such an order can save a lot, especially getting the whole consignment of furniture to order. Hotel furniture for rooms must be such that the maids can easily and quickly every day to clean a hotel room and clean all the furniture.

Surface should be resistant to moisture cleaning and cleaning – it should not show stains after wiping. You should also keep in mind that careless customers can easily ruin the furniture, the strait on a wooden surface stands of coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages, put out on her cigarette. Very often, cabinet hardware knobs, hinges not withstand excessive loads, which are under the influence of things on the shelves and drawers of cabinets.

Countertops Made Of Natural Stone

Countertops made of natural stone – a beautiful and functional interior elements. It works beautifully with stone sills, wall tiles, decorative vases. But even if this is the only product in the stone room flat, with natural pattern surface of the table will become a real decoration of sitting room, kitchen, bathroom. Natural stone countertops are strong, durable, long lasting. They do not corrode, such as metal, cracking and warping like wood, not brittle, like glass. This is a special piece of furniture that can create an atmosphere of luxury, grandeur and elegance, even in small spaces modest apartments. As choose a countertop, stone worktops in natural stone suitable for any decor – both classical and contemporary in style. They are equally harmoniously with chrome and wood, ceramics and stained elements.

The choice of countertops made of stone – a serious and responsible. This process takes into account a number of characteristics: shape, type of edging, color and, of course, rock stone. Form tops can be any: classic rectangular, square, oval, round or asymmetrical – in the form of drops, semicircle, semi-oval or any other, fit into the design space. Edge of the countertop of natural stone holds the line rounded or uneven – with bevels, paneling or other type of processing the end face. If the table is made to order, the relief edge can repeat the relief items already existing in the kitchen, bathroom or room furniture that will make the room more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.