Communal Flats

Yes, the appearance of a "communal flats" we owe the events that took place in 1917. Only just entering into the world, the young Soviet Republic was faced with the problem of "quartering" returning from the fronts of World War. In addition, after the extreme impoverishment of the villages followed the mass exodus of rural residents in the city. The problem of overpopulation has become acute in both capitals, and then in other large Russian cities. There were many so- called "beskvartirnikov." These were the people who are essentially settled in the hallway, hallways, closets, cellars and basements. Some took emergency hazardous areas. Those who are fortunate to have friends in the city or relatives who live in their kitchens. In a matter of urgency, Lenin created a draft decree "On the requisition of flats to facilitate the needs of the rich poor", which will soon claim, giving it the status of the law.

According to this document, the rich flat recognized "… every apartment, in which the number of rooms equal to or greater than the number of souls of the population permanently living in this apartment." Another decree abolished private ownership of real estate. At the state level was legitimized the frustration for everyone to have a separate room. Began all-out "expropriation" of housing. Thus, in the past, in 2007, "communal" celebrated, if I may say so, its 70th anniversary. To date, according to realtors and real estate market analysts in the secondary real estate market on the share of "communal" is about 5% of offers to sell.