Antiaging Medicine

What are the types of anti-aging medicine? When talking about of antiaging medicine or Antiaging, thought into two broad categories; on the one hand, there are medical technologies that may someday be able to slow down or completely stop aging through the use of different materials to prevent the cells die and rejuvenate the cells whenever possible. There is also a large amount of drugs anti-aging that they have absolutely no basis in medical research. Some homeopathic medicines are located in the middle of these two categories since they are sometimes effective. Antioxidants are a type of medicine anti-aging, mixtures of this kind is said to eliminate free radicals, which cause premature aging. Being healthy is important when it comes to slow aging, and have a good nutrition is essential for health. For this reason, the nutritional supplements could be considered an anti-ageing medicine type. ssful. Some supplements are specifically designed to combat the effects of aging, although they cannot stop or reverse aging in itself, the physical exercises that improve the functioning of the body both external as they are internally counted as a type of treatment for aging. Hormones are also considered to be the cause of aging, prolactin and cortisol are known as medicines anti-aging because they control the hormones, medications that protect the immune system are also counted as anti-aging drugs. Most people believe that the key to aging is in the DNA, and the only way that the anti-aging medicine is effective is designing a treatment that changed the life of cells. The aging treatment is relatively new, considering the long history of modern medicine.