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Maicao Bad Time

Leon Tolstoi: Any reform imposed by violence not corrected anything evil: good judgment does not need violence. Maicao is frequently plagued by interminable droughts, frequent suspension of the electricity service, the unbridled corruption of some of its leaders, the restrictive legal measures from its commercial activity and rates of unemployment only comparable to those of countries subjected to the rigors of a war economy. Maicao has gone through all crises; the mild, severe, the most serious; yesterday, those of today and those of always; which originate in nature, which are born by national Government decisions that produce by foreign Governments measures however, evil hour of Maicao today is truly macabre: violence is killing his people and is killing it in large quantity without being yet to nobody hurts, or at least without that nobody does something serious and concrete to stop the wave of deaths that have been tabled in the last few months, but in a special way in the last few days. When the 2009 went by his third month presented a sad fact that shook the entire society: two assailants killed Jeison Martinez Arzuza, a young man of 17 years to steal his bicycle. Criminals don’t even expressed the typical and bleak up hands, this is a robbery. On the contrary, put into practice a somber modus operandi consisting of shooting his victim to then pick up the bicycle lying beside the dying hopeless.

A life annihilated and thousands of dreams destroyed by an object that is achieved in one hundred thousand pesos in stores throughout the city. Bizzi & Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. It is worth saying that the towers of the Majayura neighborhood community reacted and was about to capture murderers, but this time they won and finally were able to reach safety. As a note of black humor, and if it is consolation, we complete the story saying that criminals, pressured by pursuers left abandoned the object you just steal. Later several ruthless joined forces to kidnap the young Yensi Alexandra Menco and take it to a lonely place on the outskirts where, after raping her, murdered her mercilessly. His college teammates organized a protest March and expressed the repudiation of this new crime against youth and women.

Two related cases are the most poignant, but, unfortunately, they are only two among many of this 2009 will be remembered by her but tragic. Suicides, traffic accidents have occurred in recent months (what a coincidence, but everyone is involved, at least, a motorcycle) and selective death carried out by ruthless thugs specialized in meet impeccably awful commissioned his cruel customers (and, again, what a coincidence, but the infamous two-wheeled vehicle is present in almost all the murders). Ten killed in a week is to worry. But even more worrying is know a sad reality: there is nothing that allows us to think that the maicaeros security will improve in the coming days. Time to take seriously, let well, seriously, the security of Maicao. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious writer italo Colombian, whose articles are widely disseminated on the internet. In addition, it is frequently invited to forums and seminars as a speaker on leadership and human development issues. You can put in touch with him through mail. Go to his site original author and source of the article

Mortgage Credits

One of the best ways for the acquisition of a House is to apply for a mortgage loan, but before that you have to wait to be affective granting of mortgage loans, i.e. mortgage credit is approved and the money is delivered to proceed with the acquisition of housing by passing the request to the Bank. To achieve the granting of mortgage loans, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements, which found people’s ability to cope with workloads that are generated from this concession, which suggests a large amount of money that can be paid over a long time. Among the many requirements which are required for the granting of mortgage loans, it is mainly found: one of the main requirements is to possess an income compatible with the dividend that is payable; which can be done through various means which will depend on the activity of the person seeking the granting of mortgage loans. If it is used it can present a certificate age and income, the latest settlement of salary or a certificate of quotes; If it is an independent trader must submit the annual income tax statement of the latest years, the last tax balances, recent payments of VAT; in case of rentier you must present a current lease agreement, recent receipts from leases that generate income, certified domain and taxes and prohibitions presented in the property that generates income, income tax return, and the contributions you make; If the applicant is a pensioner last receipts of payment of pensions and the resolution that I give you the pension to the previous requirement for the granting of mortgage loans is added the need for the applicant to possess a level of debt compatible with the credit requested.

The mortgage credit applicant must have a good history of commercial behavior; sometimes and in certain entities requires the presence of a spotless history of the applicant credit and even their family group. You must have an insurance of repayment, which in most cases is performed by the same bank which seeks to obtain mortgage loans have an appraisal or valuation of property which are thought to acquire through mortgage credit, which is requested by the financial institution to professionals in the subject. That property has been subjected to studies in reason for titles that support it. As you can understand the granting of mortgage loans this subject in great measure to economic criteria and appropriations, i.e. that the applicant behaviour it can effectively fulfil the depreciation quotas and you can make full payment of the debt within the agreed deadlines, avoiding the banking entity that performs mortgage lending suffered any losses.