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Dinner In The Dark – Feast In The Dark

The culinary pleasure in complete darkness. Dinner in the dark is an experience which you so don’t forget. Because the sense of taste, particularly to the test will be visiting this restaurant. Only with the images in my head that is kind of hard, because the memory of the food in the dark will affect probably all, except for the sense of sight. The idea for dinner experience came up in the 1990s and popular ever since.

In contrast to the candle light dinner is blown out here also the last candle. That swivels to the romantic dinner in an exciting and eventful dinner! Getting started explains yet, where are located the individual items on the table. It works like this: “wine glass to 1 o’clock, knife at 3 o’clock and your mouth should be at 6 o’clock!” And also the food is prepared so that it is easy to eat. Who so desires to renounce for a short time on the cutlery, the can help even by hand. While this is not the kind of fine, but you can be sure that it is not caught. The exciting thing at the dinner in the dark is the absence of the sense of sight. The interesting thing isn’t that you now have to forgo his eyes, but that the other senses are more required? Many participants are surprised after dinner in the dark how intensively they have tasted the food and how much it helps to trust in total darkness on the sense of hearing.

It is also very interesting that the staff for the most part is blind or visually impaired and thus a lot better the darkness along the dinner in the dark found in, as the participants. Only light burns in the kitchen, because the chef creates then but not a 3-course meal in the darkness to prepare it. Who wants a dinner in the dark, should look at a portal experience. There offered mostly vouchers that can be redeemed at one of the many dinners in the dark restaurants in Germany.