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Flat Roofs

This article is for the lucky owners of the flat roofs at his country house. It is noteworthy that those lucky very lucky, because in addition to the main protective function of the roof can perform and decorative function, the main thing – to make every fantasy and desire! Flat roof can be easily converted into a beautiful winter garden, with lots of greenery and flowers. Of course, it is best if a winter garden on the roof still thinks in planning at home, when roofing work is planned. After all, we should remember that the roof rests on a double burden, rather than the conventional roof. Therefore please make sure that the plants planted on the roof, receive the maximum amount of moisture. Do not forget that the roof will be walking people, and this will require further strengthening of the roof. Usually planted on the roof of the plant with a horizontal root system, lawn grass, flowers and in some cases, the dwarf trees. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bizzi & Partners.

On the roof you can easily put the garden furniture (the only condition – it should not be too heavy), install awnings. Doubtless the "plus" a roof is high insulation, the more that the layer protects the earth from overheating and the roof of the large heat loss. It is worth noting that the mini-garden can be arranged even on the roof area of 6×6 m. Some owners unite one roof, garage, house and barn, which results in a lot of living space. At the design stage can provide access to the roof through the second floor.

In organizing the garden on the roof do not forget about safety! Roof must have a high fence, which can mask the creeping plants. Also, in addition to the security fence, to protect the "winter garden" from the wind. For the developments operated roof use roofing materials that are the basis of basalt wool. These materials make it easy to later to repair the roof. This material is different flame retardant, easy, and low thermal conductivity. At the expense of these properties increases security and reduces the load on the structure. The roof garden can consist of such components: the top concrete slab is laid waterproofing material over down by geotextiles and insulation boards. Then you lay another layer of geotextile. Be sure to provide drainage and a layer of soil. Prepared on a tile roof can be installed and track. This version of the mini-garden is suitable for those who have a small area suburban area and there is no possibility to organize a real garden, "framing" the house.