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When we are born we are all subject to two basic laws: the law of gravity and the law of basic or existential angst. About the law of gravity there is little to say because everything is obvious and easy; If you don’t believe it, try jumping without returning to land on the ground. On the existential angst we must clarify some points. If life is a journey, imagine for a moment that you’re standing in your vital road. Forward opens a whole unknown world that is represented by the fear to the future or fear of the future. If you look back, appears the fear of losing what is known, walked already, and if you take conscience of that moment, have fear of losing control of the moment or what is the same thing, fear of confusion. At a first glance, we can think that the human being is extremely vulnerable because it is surrounded by fears. If we reflect a little, we will see that if I didn’t fear the future me would never enable to confront him, if not afraid to lose what is known would never fight for nothing and if he had no fear of confusion never would enlighten me.

The people, Despite fears follows marrying, having children, signing mortgages, etc. Against this background, the most interesting is that a tension field between basic fears and the need to deal with them generates. This is inseparable from the human being, who is living in a permanent conflict and continuous decision-making (if I’m here can not be there). This can be summarized in a whole therapy basic axiom, whether or not online: have fear or problems is NORMAL, LO PATHOLOGIC is not confront them (the movement demonstrates walk. You have to deal with things and not worry about them, etc, etc). We all know that the anguish and anxiety has very bad press (especially for professionals) and wherever it appears they have taught us that as it happens with fever should eliminate it immediately.