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Advertising Banners

– Advertising with banners. A banner is a graphic that aims to capture the attention of the surfer to click on it and serve as a link to the advertiser’s website. Advertising with banners is very attractive, but the result can be obtained is very poor because the effectiveness ratios have declined to about 1% or less. If you decide to try advertising banners is advisable to hire advertising pay per click (Visits guaranteed) or a banner exchange campaign to ensure a target flow between both sites. Tips for creating a successful banner: The charging time a banner is critical, as soon as it loads, will have better results, should not have more than 10 kb in size, a standard banner is 468×60 pixels. Try to make your banner resembles the contents of a web page, for example if the background your site is white, he designed the banner with a white background and blue text or black, without borders.

The word FREE is key to the realization of the banners, if you offer something free on your website you mention. Avoid posting your banner on pages with many other banners and analyzes the results to see if it’s worth a future investment. The animated GIF banners are easier to capture attention without moving banners (static) as well which are almost the standard tax because the static have little effectiveness in the middle.